Darren's Little Secrete

When Darren's secrete gets out (all thanks to Kurda), it's a fight for his life against all of the vampires in the mountain…nowhere is safe…Just for fun. R&R Plz

Darren quietly slipped through the strangely quite halls. The half-vampire was on a mission and nothing was going to stop him. He flattened himself a wall as one of the vampires passed. Sighing silently he turned and snuck away from the main halls. He was looking behind him, making sure no one was following. His operation was going well until….


Darren froze. Oh, no, please no.

"Darren, where're you going?" Kurda walked over to him. "Huh? Huh? Where?"

"Nowhere, really," Darren told him nervously. "I'm just going down into the tunnels underneath."

"Can I come?"

Of course, Kurda didn't want to lose an opportunity to map. Darren wanted to say no, but he couldn't reject a friend. He forced a smile. "Alright, Kurda, you can come,"

"Great," Kurda grinned. "I'll go grab my stuff. Stay right here. I'll be able to tell if you moved." He warned. "Be back in a flit!"

Kurda quickly disappeared. Darren sighed. This is going to be hard, Darren thought, I think I can trust Kurda, but it could slip out.

"I'm back!" Kurda called. "Oh good, you stayed!"

"Of course," Darren sighed. "Anything for friend…"

They ventured deep under the mountain. It was so deep, even Kurda hadn't been there before. He was busy carefully mapping out the tunnels that they traveled. After a while, Darren stopped and looked at the blonde soon-to-be prince.

"Close your eyes, please," Darren told him.

"Why?" Kurda asked.

"Because I wanted to come down here alone…."

"So…" Kurda said softly. He wanted to hear the rest of the sentence.

"So no one would find out about this." Darren coughed. "Now please, close your eyes,"

Kurda sighed and closed his eyes. Darren disappeared into the darkness for a moment and then came back out.

"Alright, you can open them,"

Kurda gasped as he saw what Darren now held in his hands….a pine green box with white writing. "Are those…"

"No," Darren snapped. "They aren't. You didn't see this. You didn't see anything. Alright?"

"C-Can I have one? Please Darren?"

"I'm sorry, Kurda," Darren said. "If I give you one, I have to give one to every vampire in the mountain. It wouldn't be fair. Besides, this is my second to last box. I have to savor them."

"Oh," He frowned. "Alright,"

Darren felt really badly. I mean, Kurda HAD come down here with him. "Okay, okay, you can have ONE. But you have to promise not to tell ANYONE about this."

"Vampire's honor," Kurda swore. "Now hand one over!"

If someone can guess WHAT they are, you'll get a cookie! I'll try to update soon.