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Chapter 01.

I 've never been the shy type, the ones that stray away from danger and the ones that are reluctant to take risks. On the contrary I am the complete opposite. I love being adventures and living on the edge for dear life. I live to feel the wind in my hair as I ride my Harley but these days a lot of that hasn't been happening. I am so cooped up with this chick. Don't get me wrong I love her, I really do but it seems like the flame is gone. The torch has done as much burning as its ever going to do.

I am unhappy with Rosalie Hale, what the hell is wrong with me? She fucking hot! And the best part of it all is she wants only me. I still cant wrap my head around it. I have small breast, an average ass, brown plain eyes and a police chief as my father for God sake. I grew up on the good side of the tracks and now that I think about it, I don't even think Forks has railroad tracks. I sighed heavily as I finished making mushroom ravioli for the miss's and I. She loves it when I cook for her. It turns her on! Used to turn me on too, until it was all that she seemed to want these days. Well that and sex.

I just wanted to cuddle, what the hell is so wrong with that? Sex this; sex that, sex after work and then sex in the middle of the night. I'm tired. I don't think I can cum anymore. Is that possible? To run dry? Well if any other lucky lady dated my luscious girlfriend I am sure it is possible. But I am also sure they wouldn't be mad about it, they would enjoy it. Bask in the ecstasy she gives them, fiend for it even; but spontaneous ordinary Bella doesn't.

I would give you details but I am sure once Rose walks into the room you will understand. Spoke too soon!

The voluptuous Rosalie swayed into the kitchen in nothing but half of her jumpsuit from the body shop she owns. Half of the jumpsuit was bobbing against her rump as she sashayed my way. She didn't need to act sexier around me but it seemed to arouse her, I couldn't take the fight out of her if I tried. Her happiness means more to me than anything in my life right now. I blushed as she brought her pointer finger to her mouth and parted her lips, she bit down softly and smirked.

"I've waited all day to see that blush; it's the sexiest thing in my world." She never failed to make my cheeks burn like this. Everything she said made my body come alive whether in a good or a bad a way. Her words filled me with such completeness that it was frightening in the beginning. As if you could picture me, the vulnerable and helpless type, as if! "Did you miss me gorgeous?" She asked as she sucked on her finger, already making me wet. Okay, so more or less I did say I wasn't happy but I didn't say she didn't make me want to do all the nastiest things to her with just one glance. Rose makes all the fierceness I can muster escalate to the surface. How the hell does she do that?

Breathlessly I nod and inhale her scent. I am so used to her job that even gasoline turns me on. I parted my lips to tell her so but was met with her lips crashing to mine. She loves being in control so I let her set the pace. This was passionate Rosalie, the one that usually rips off my clothes and takes me on the counter top. Always impatient and craving the touch of my skin but this kiss was a little different, more desperate. She was hiding something.

I pulled away quickly and looked her in the eyes. "Rose. STOP!" She halted her lips right where she left off kissing me and looked at me with shock. "What's wrong? Is everything okay? There's something different about you, about your kiss." Before I could finish my sentence my fingers caressed my lips and lingered there for a split second. "What's going on?"

When Rose doesn't get her way she huffs and puffs and this situation was no different. "Goodness Bella, what is so horrible about trying something new? I want to spice up our sex life, what is so wrong with that? I want you, is that so hard to believe?" I heard her voice rise an octave at the end and I cringed. She was really upset. Okay so maybe I had insecurity issues but who doesn't? Is it so bad that I freak out a little when her passion surpasses the days before? If your answer is different than mine, you don't know shit about love. This is just how it is for me. I love her but I don't love her ways. I'm stuck!

"It's not like that Rose, honestly! I just don't understand you sometimes. Why are we even together?" Most women hate being questioned about their relationship. Not Ms. Hale! She loves it when I got feisty with her; it just turned her on more. And in return, it makes me coward back into m sexual shell. How did I last so long with her anyway? It will be 2 years in less than a week. I honestly think God doesn't want me to be with her, or to be having so much sex all the time, he wants more for me. And please don't get me wrong, Rosalie is an amazing person. She loves me for me, always compliments me, and sticks up for me at every chance. She is everything a girl wishes she could have but I think she is meant to be a different type of girl in my life. A best friend would suit her, but I don't think she could even be friends with me if we ever broke up.

Rose and I never had a friendship. She was attracted to me once she saw me and the only reason I knew that is because she proclaimed it to the world when we locked eyes.

Two years and 8 days ago. May 24th, 2007.

I was walking into the stadium with my best guy friend, Jacob Black. We got to the game particularly late. We had flown all the way to New York City for a Mets game. I was in love with Jose Reyes and Jake just wanted to meet the love of his life in the city. He swore once he got on the subway she would be there. To say the least, we took ever single train in NYC yesterday evening. I was exhausted once we got there, the pledge of allegiance already sang and people were in their seats. We had pretty good seats, right behind 3 base and only 15 rows up. I was bending down to whip off my seat when I felt eyes on me, or rather my butt. I knew Jake wasn't a big like that so I scanned the stadium and was paralyzed in my spot when she smirked at me. Those lips made my mouth water and a sticky wet feeling between my legs. I never felt that before, not ever! I was so confused that I blinked a few times to make sure she was really looking at me. When I realized no one else was looking at us while Jose stole 2nd base, I finally smiled back. She yelled right after all the uproar ended, "You sexy as hell Swan, I'd like a piece of that ass."