A/N: this is gonna turn into a series of one shots co written by DinosaurShapedChicken. Give that person credit for every other one shot.

Title: Butt Grabs of Big Time Rush

Summary: every time one of the boys of Big Time Rush "accidently" touches another boys butt, we know the apocalypse is coming.

A/N: commence butt grabbing! Kendall/Carlos!

"Ahhhhhhh!" all the boys simultaneously yelled. Gustavo had found them digging into his pudding stash, and was about to make Los Angeles have another earth quake. Kendall, Logan, James, and Carlos started running for their money; literally, if Gustavo caught them, they wouldn't have that money. Kendall and Logan went one way, where as James and Carlos stared at each other's panic stricken faces. They embraced.

"If I don't make it out of this alive, can you tell my comb something?" James sobbed into Carlos's shoulder.

"Only if you tell my helmet something!" Carlos wept back. Both boys pulled back and said at the same time,

"Tell her I love her!" they both nodded eagerly, and parted ways. Gustavo had caught up by now, and was running, more like rapidly waddling, after Carlos. The Latino skidded around corner after corner, seeing Logan about three times and James twice more. Just when it seemed Gustavo had Carlos by his neck, said boy turned one more corner and leaped into Kendall's unsuspecting arms. The blonde yelped and started sprinting the other way, still holding Carlos in his arms. Gustavo growled loudly and began chasing after Logan who had just run past them all. Kendall was running down the hall for all he was worth, and Carlos was shrieking the entire way. The hall they were currently running down was littered with pudding cups and the peel of tops. After what felt like a marathon of sweat and randomly kicking pudding containers, they came to a stop.

"Why am I carrying you???" Kendall shrieked. Carlos finally realized the blonde had been carrying him the whole time.

"I don't know!!!" he yelled back, "do you care???"He added. Kendall simply shrugged. As the taller boy began to set the Latino down, his hand slowly slid down Carlos's back. Both of them were oblivious to Kendall's hand finding a finishing point on Carlos's ass.

"That was…interesting." Carlos sighed, relieved it was over. Kendall looked at Carlos and was suddenly hyper aware of everything position his ligaments were at. The round ass felt…oh god!

"Yes…very interesting." Kendall smirked. He slowly slid his hand front, back, and side to side, waiting for Carlos to notice. When he did, his face was illuminated by Christmas red and hot pink; Kendall didn't know those were colors of the spectrum. Kendall finally gave a firm squeeze and walked away. Carlos was madly turned on and still blushing from probably his head to his toes .Kendall just squeezed his ass. And strangely enough, Carlos had wanted way more. Maybe in different places? Kendall on the other hand had treated it as a joke and was currently laughing his ass off at the look on Carlos's face. He thought he was sly and nothing could top that prank. Ha-ha, he didn't know Carlos was intending to pull something similar to it…and as more than a joke.