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"Ok Carlos, we have to be so ninja that were ninja." Kendall whispered. Carlos nodded eagerly. Kendall slowly opened the white door, praying silently that it wouldn't groan or creak. The boys both sighed in relief when it didn't.

"Oh my…I never thought I would get to say it but…we are in Katie's room!" Carlos whispered screamed and Kendall smiled slightly. He pressed his finger to his lips and began taking cautious steps around the room.

"So we got in, now we have to find it, and get out!" Katie had sworn to prank James and Logan after they "accidently" used her toothbrush to clean the toilet. Ugh. Carlos had heard her saying she would use a weapon of mass destruction to get them back, and they were going on this insane odyssey to try and find it before it was too late for the other members of the band. Carlos plopped down on a bean bag chair and Kendall started rummaging throw Katie's room. The blonde glanced over at the lazy boy idly paying with a Rubik's Cube.

"You could help you know." He said under his breath. Carlos shrugged, and Kendall came across a rather curious object.

"Hey Carlos look at this…Katie has a Ken Doll." Kendall said, holding up the said toy, which was currently stripped of its miniscule clothes."And it's naked…" All of a sudden, Carlos burst out giggling, tears springing to his eyes and his face turning red. Kendall frowned at him.

"What's so funny?"

"Kendall…Ken Doll…they sound just the same!" Carlos slipped in between desperate fits of laughing.

"Ha-ha. Very funny Carlos. It's so funny I'm laughing my ass off on the inside and on the outside is having a nervous breakdown at hilarious that was." Kendall said with sarcasm threading his voice, and moving his hand in twitch like motions to prove his point as to the nervous breakdown. He chucked the Ken Doll at Carlos, which was deflected by his helmet. Carlos simply picked it up and looked at its face.

"It looks just like you Kendall." Carlos said with awe, then cracked a smile and snickered.

"Again with the mega funny. On second thought, I think it's more of an uber funny." The blonde tossed back to Carlos over his shoulder. The Latino was preoccupied with moving the dolls arms and legs in motions to make it look like it was moving. Kendall glanced at him and shook his head slowly, turning back to his hands which were shifting through Katie's things.

"Hey…check this out…" Kendall trailed off and Carlos walked over to him.


"I think I found your helmet…from 5 years back….and is this James old lucky comb? Oh please, she even has Logan's 5th grade math book!" Kendall was pulling all of this out and showing Carlos. He scoffed and walked away. "Stalker much?" he muttered. Kendall cracked a smile and kept looking while Carlos got fascinated with the anatomy of the doll. And he was doing the weirdest thing.

He was ass raping the doll. Thinking and hoping it was Kendall instead of his alter self. Kendall finally looked back at Carlos with an object in his hands and froze. God, what Carlos was doing looked hot. He quickly turned around and kept searching. Carlos had seen him turn around. He stood and walked to Kendall, and crouched down next to him and stopped the blondes' hands from moving. And placed his palms against Kendall's butt. The taller boy slowly turned his head toward Carlos with wide eyes. Carlos smirked back.

You wouldn't believe where that doll ended up later.