Chapter One

Fresh Start

(Derek's point of view)

I woke up well not really vampires didn't exactly need sleep. I just got dressed, and walked down the stairs. I sat down and drank the glass of blood my mom had left

on the table. While my sister Melissa who was sitting across from me stared at her glass not even touching it. I was extremely thirsty that day so one glass of blood

wasn't enough for me. I reached over and picked up my sister's glass.

"Go ahead," said Melissa. I put the glass to my mouth and began drinking. And didn't stop until I was finished, my thirst was satisfied.

"You're a pig!" my sister teased.

"At least I'm normal for a vampire and drink blood, unlike you!" I shot back at her.

"Well at least I don't have to worry about eating my friends," Melissa says fiercely with some sarcasm. Mom walked down the stairs.

"What is all the commotion about?" She asked.

"Nothing, except for that Melissa didn't drink her glass of blood," I said my eyes still glaring at Melissa.

"That's only because you took my glass away from me and drank it!" Melissa exclaimed.

"Pig," she muttered under her breath.

"That's only because you said I could drink it, otherwise I wouldn't have," I stated clearly.

"Freak," I whisper to Melissa in a very mean tone.

"Fine be that way," she said back to me.

"At least I'll have friends," she lipped, "mmm."

Just as I was about to say something our mom said, "alright game over it's a tie."

"Fine," we both said.

"Now, Melissa it's unhealthy for you not to drink blood for so long, and Derek you really need to learn how to control your thirst," Mom instructed.

"Yes, Mom." We both said in sync.

"Since you both seem to have opposite problems maybe you could help each other out," Mom advised.

"Ok," we both said n sync.

"Now off to school you to you don't want to be late," Mom said pushing us out the door, and tossing us our water bottles that were filled with blood. Melissa walked to

school, while I took the bus . Naturally I got there first, with Melissa walking in two or three minutes after me. I went to my look for my new locker, which wasn't to

hard to find since one of my new teachers said to me," You must be Derek, your lockers right over there." I walked over to my locker; I got my books for math class.

Then the boy standing next to me said,

" Hi I'm Tony," and held out a hand. I shook it, and said,

"Nice to meet you I'm Derek." I took a deep breath and began to smell the blood Michael who was standing right next to me whose blood was intoxicating. But no way

was I going to drink his blood no mater how good it smelled that was just gay. So I tried to brace my self, for the worst. I was holding my breath for a minute, while

Michael was chatting to some of his other friends. Finally I needed some air I took a deep breath, and the smell of Michael's blood came back to me. This time the smell

was too much to intoxicating, I couldn't control my self much longer I was about to lunge for his neck, Michael turned around and then I fainted. I woke up in the

nurse's office with Michael standing next to the bed I was laying on looking over me.

"Now get to class Michael and let us let Derek sleep a little longer," said the school nurse. I closed my eyes and fell back asleep. I woke up again at 10:30, I sat up

yawned and stretched, sat there for fifteen minutes before asking the nurse if I could go back to class. I got off the bed and asked the nurse if I was ready to go back

to class, she said I was so I walked back to class and the nurse handed me a slip, which I was suppose to give to my teacher. I put away my math stuff and got my

stuff for English. I walked into class and handed my teacher the slip, and sat down in the empty seat. There was a girl who sat next to me she had blonde short super

curly hair, she had an hourglass figure, but her blood smell wasn't all that new to me it just smelled like the usual blonde, slightly spicy cinnamon, with a splash of

grapefruit. The cinnamon probably showed her sassy side and the grapefruit her slightly bratty one. But I swear when I was done 'checking her out' she was just

staring at me. As a matter of fact when I looked around all the girls were staring at me. It wasn't too bad I mean girls at my old school did this to me too. But after five

strait minutes of staring I was starting to get creaked out. Plus it was getting annoying. So I decided to see what some of the other girls blood smelled like. Some girls

blood smelled way too sweet like someone threw a jar of honey down your throat. Others smelled so sour that you could barley find any sweetness in them. This

other girl who was brown had an hourglass figure like my neighbor, and had a bob cut and side bangs. Omigod her blood smelled better then any else's in this room, I

mean I had smelled better considering I ran into Tony today. Her blood smelled like apple pie with cinnamon that wasn't too spicy, I could probably control myself for

the time being. I swear I don't even think I was listening to what the teacher was saying but whatever. Finally class ended, I went out in the hallway, to get my stuff

for the next class and put my books away and I swear that literally 2 minutes later there were girls crowding my locker. The girl who had been sitting next to me I

found out name was Kiley, and the girl who's blood smelled like apple pie name was Nicole. I turned and saw a girl walking to class in the hall. Her back was toward

me so I couldn't see her face. But her body was slightly curved but not hourglass shaped it was more to the slim or athletic side but not completely strait she had a

slight curve, her height would probably reach in between my neck and shoulder. Her hair was a light reddish golden brown, that reached her shoulders and curved in

slightly it was, and she had side bangs that brushed along the left side of her forehead and ran naturally back to its original form. Then she turned around and I saw

her face her eyes were hazel, but slightly wore on the brown side. Her skin was a mixture of a slight tan, peach, and a little bit of paleness, her eyebrows looked as

though they had been elegantly painted. Her cheeks were peachy, and her lips were a light orange- pink. Her lips were full but not to big, and her nose was perfectly

shaped. God he couldn't get enough of this girl. Then all of a sudden our eyes locked. We looked at each other intently even though they were so far away they were

like this for two minutes. Then I finally looked away when I heard giggling and was reminded that giggling girls surrounded me. I turned and walked to class the group

of girls still surrounding me.