The night is still young

"The darkness sure is incredible," Marble, the Absol, looked at her mate, Canis, the Mightyena. Canis's human, whom he was raised by, knew all of the constellations that passed through the zenith. He taught her about the different legends associated with them. He told her that the moon wasn't made from cheese, that stars were trillions of miles away (even though he didn't really understand it though), that stars were named after Greek letters (or sometimes they had regional names), that shooting stars are actually called comets and made out of ice, that the Earth circled the Sun, etc.

"Yes it is," he replied. "The night is still young, though. It's going to get very cold, though." It was mid-January. He looked up and turned around. He pretended that Pegasus (the winged horse) was galloping across the sky, with Pisces (the fish) swimming away from Cetus (the sea monster/whale).

"What are you thinking?" she asked. She knew it when he was thinking hard.

"I'm pretending that Pegasus is galloping across the sky and that Pisces is swimming away from Cetus." He turned around again and looked north. He imagined that Leo (the lion) and Ursa Major (the great bear) were chasing Camelopardis (the giraffe) while Leo Minor (the lion cub) looked on and Lynx (self-explanatory) swerved to avoid the two giant predators.

"Hehe, you sure do have an active imagination."

"That I do," he barked. He imagined Hydra (the sea serpent) snatching up Cancer (the crab) and Monoceros (the unicorn) galloping to catch up with Pegasus while Canis Minor (the little dog) ducked under her legs. "Do you see anything?" he asked.

"I see Canis Major chasing Lepus and Lacerta running away from Pegasus."

"Haha, those are very good!" he barked happily. They all watched the sky slowly moving along the zenith, but just barely. Humans could never really see the sky moving, it was hard for them, but for the canine stargazers, it was obvious. They could almost sense the Earth moving on its axis, but it was just their imaginations.

The two yawned and huddled up together, to keep warm from the bitter, frosty air and ground.

A/N: Does anyone love stargazing? I love it! I love being able to see Ursa Major from my very own backyard.

P.S. Lacerta is the lizard and Lepus is the hare.