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Road to a better Life?

Their feet pounded into the ground as they flew off into the night through the empty desert. Jasper could hardly believe this was happening, he was leaving everything he had known. Jasper felt as if he wanted to scream at the top of his lungs at the huge weight that had been lifted of his shoulders, he couldn't remember the last time he had felt so happy. Peter grinned back at him as they continued to run clearly aware of his change in mood. They both looked forward and Jasper could see Charlotte worrying her bottom lip before smiling softly and bolting towards them. She took a flying leap, launching herself into Peter's arms, who seemed to catch her without a second thought. She wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him deeply on the lips.

Jasper was stunned by the kiss; it was nothing like the kisses he had received from Maria. Her kisses had been harsh, demanding and dominating and while Peter and Charlotte's kiss seemed desperate he could feel the love.

Pulling back they both smiled before Charlotte's eyes hardened as she reached up hitting him on the back of the head "I can't believe you talked me into waiting for you," she hissed angrily.

Peter chuckled as he kissed her cheek "you had nothing to worry about, no one saw us." She only continued to glare at him as a small smile crossed his face as. He chuckled again as he leaned in kissing her cheek again in an effort to turn her mood around. Her hard look melted away when he smiled at her again then he lowered her to the ground.

Jasper watched as Charlotte's eyes shifted over to him scanning the length of his body. He stood nervously as her eyes scrutinized him waiting for whatever judgment she was going to pass.

"Peter wouldn't stop talking about you," she said simply in a quiet voice. "He was very adamant that we come back for you," it was clear to him that she did not trust him.

He ducked his head to them, a clear sign of submission they would both understand. "Thank you," he said sincerely knowing that his words would never be enough. "I am indebted to you both." He glanced up without lifting his head to see Charlotte was watching him intently clearly still trying to decide if he was threat. Jasper knew he would have to work hard to gain her trust as he had been harsh and cold when it came to the newborns, as he believed that it was better to control with fear.

He breathed a sigh of relief when she seemed to come to the conclusion that for the moment he was not a threat and turned her attention to Peter. "We need to leave."

Peter nodded in agreement as he took her hand then turned and nodded his head north to Jasper before they both took off at a run. It was not long before Jasper noticed that they did not seem to have a decided path, everything seemed to be decided spur of the moment. After killing a man who had been hunting, while they cleaned off in the river Jasper could not help asking, "Peter were are we going?"

Peter looked up, watered down blood dripping from his mouth from where he had started washing. "What do you mean?"

"I mean what state, or city or town are we going to?"

Peter's eyes twinkled in excitement as he shrugged. "I don't know."

"Shouldn't we have a destination?" he questioned confusedly.

"Why?" Peter challenged with a large smile.

Jasper opened his mouth to respond and shut it when he realized he did not have an answer.

"That's the beauty of it Jasper," Peter said as he cupped his hands in the river and bringing water to his face to finish washing off the blood. "We don't have to go anywhere."

Jasper sat for a moment letting the thought sink in. He started to laugh the sound rumbling from deep in his chest, a sound he had not heard in decades. Peter looked at him as if he was crazy but Jasper did not notice as he shot up from the riverbed leaping over the river and running into the forest because he could. Not because someone was chasing him or because Maria had ordered him to do something but simply because he could. He burst through the thick tress smiling when he came into a clearing. He closed his eyes as he breathed in through his nose smiling as the smells of the forest filled his nose; his moment of peace would not last long.

Weeks had passed and he found that his jubilant mood was souring quickly. They had just killed a family of five, a father, a mother, two sons and a daughter. They had been stunned speechless, lured in by their beauty, unaware that death followed at their heels. Their deaths had all be quick, but filled with terror. The children had watched their parents die before they too were met with same fate.

Jasper stared into the bathroom mirror trying to shake the memory of his latest kill, while his bright red eyes only made the memory more real. She had shrieked, her full-blown scream was cut off when he sank his teeth into her neck. She had tried to push him away as her whole body shook in fear, her pulse hammering away under his tongue. After a few mouth fulls of blood her hands slid from his chest as her whole body went limp and her eyes rolled to the back of her head.

He closed his eyes and shook his head as he tried to find a reason it would bother him. Peter and Charlotte never batted an eye when they killed and he had never given killing a thought until he had left the south. They both seemed at peace with their live style though he felt it was far from peaceful. They were still monsters, still killers; the only difference was they were no longer killing their own kind.

Jasper gripped the sink as he forced his eyes open, shuttering when the scars on his body seemed to scream out to him. In his mind he was the biggest monster. Maria had turned him into a complete killing machine, slaughtering humans, their enemies and then his own teammates. There had been time when had had worn his scars in pride, a clear sign of his power and skill; they had been a clear warning to his kind to stay away. Now they were his punishments, his sins, marked upon his skin for the world to see.

He pulled his eyes from the mirror landing on the pile of clothes that sat on the toilet. Reaching down he grabbed the pants and pulled them on. The father had been a large man so the pants were actually a bit baggy on him, which he was grateful for, as it meant they would last longer; tighter jeans tended to rip when he moved too quickly. He pulled the long sleeve shirt over his head trying to ignore the lingering smell of the man then turned and left the room without bothering to look himself over.

He moved lightly through the dark house (all the shutters were closed tightly) walking to the kitchen where he had last seen Peter and Charlotte. Pushing the door open he stilled in the doorway at what he saw. Charlotte was sitting on the counter top with Peter standing in front of her, their mouths fused together in a heated kiss. The dark blue dress she had either taken from the mother or the daughters' closet was sliding off her left shoulder. The hem of the dress was severely frayed with a large chunk of dark blue fabric at their feet and another strip of fabric tied around her waist; all modifications to help the dress fit her small frame.

He turned around walking back out of the kitchen knowing that their activities were not going to end with just a kiss. He wondered off into the living room glancing around at the small space uncertainly. When his eyes landed on a dark oak bookcase he moved through the room his eyes scanning the spins of the books. Their collection was very small and after one sweep of all the titles he pulled one at random moving over to the couch.

He attempted to read finding that his attention was focused on thoughts of the couple in the other room than the book. In all honesty he was becoming jealous of their relationship knowing it was something he would never have. It was not helping that he was constantly walking in on them, as they were still not use to having someone else with them as the last five years it had just been the two of them.

Almost an hour had past and Jasper had managed to read a few chapters, before Peter walked out of the kitchen and Charlotte disappeared into one of the bedrooms. Peter walked around the couch settling in next to Jasper. "What are you reading?" he asked looking over his shoulder at the book.

"Journey Into Fear. I was trying to give you two some privacy."

Peter smiled as he nudged his shoulder "you'll understand when you find your own mate."

Jasper snorted and looked over at him with unbelieving eyes. "No one is going to want me," he said without a hint of humor.

"Why do you say things like that?" Peter asked looking concerned.

"If they aren't disgusted by my appearance they'll be disgusted by the things I have done. I've sinned enough in my life Peter, the last thing I need to do is blacken the soul of a woman." He stood throwing the book onto the small table in front of the couch and started to walk away. He did not know what it was but his emotions seemed to be going haywire. He had his moments when was he fine but lately those moments were getting shorter and the time in between was getting longer.

"We need to dispose of the bodies," Charlotte said as she walked into the room. She stopped several feet from the couch eyeing both males "Am I interrupting something?" she asked Peter.

"No" said as he continued to watch Jasper then stood from the couch, moving to stand next to Charlotte. "You helping us Jasper?" he asked hesitantly not wanting to upset him more.

"Yes," Jasper mumbled as he turned and followed them to collect the bodies. Charlotte grabbed the two smaller boys while Peter threw the father and mother over each shoulder. Jasper scooped the daughter into his arms and walked over to Charlotte who was trying to figure out the best way to carry both boys. "I'll take one," he said as he started to shift the daughter so he could hold them both in a more dignified manner, but Charlotte did not give him the time and dumped the boy on top of his sister.

She turned sharply, her fair blond hair following the movement like a curtain of silk and trailed behind Peter out the front door. Jasper glanced down at the two bodies, closed his eyes and shook his head then followed them both out the door. The sky was lit red as the sun set in the horizon while they walked through the forest looking for an area to bury the bodies.

They stopped several yards from the house where there was a decent patch of flat ground to dig. Charlotte and Peter both dropped the bodying uncaringly on the ground then began to dig. Jasper grimaced down at the bodies lying like broken dolls in the dirt as he squatted down setting the girls' body on the ground then moving her brother off of her.

He spared one last glance then moved to help dig the hole. They dug the hole so it was about ten feet deep to accommodate the large family. Once the hole was dug they all jumped out, Peter walked over grabbing the man by the throat and chucking him into the hole. His body made a sickening crack when it collided with the side of the wall then crashed to the bottom. Charlotte was just as carless with the wife grabbing her by the arm and flinging her into the hole.

Jasper walked over and scooped up the daughter staring down at her pale face as he walked her to her grave. He turned stopping slowly flinching when the small boys flew into the hole smacking against the wall before tumbling down and landing in a mass of tangled limbs at the bottom. He sighed as he squatted down sliding her down as far as he could before letting her go.

"You okay?" Peter asked watching the act in confusion.

"Yes," Jasper said as he stood his eyes still trained on the hole.

Peter and Charlotte exchanged a look before walking over to the pile of dirt and began filling the hole. Jasper moved away as the hole began to fill and helped them cover the grave. Once it was filled they covered the ground with leaves and branches so it blended with the rest of the ground. Once the ground appeared to be undisturbed they fled off into the night.

Months later he felt as if his emotions were trying to tare him apart, all fleeting moments of contentment were gone. Two dead men lay at their feet, their blood drained bodies contrasting in the dark ally.


Jasper looked up at Peter from the ground, his red eyes shinning with guilt.

Peter watched his friend sympathetically "It seems to be worse after you feed,"

"I don't know what it is," Jasper said hoarsely. "I—I feel like I'm back at the time I was changed. The fear…I feel like it is suffocating me."

"So when you feed it brings back memories," Peter said trying to follow his train of thought.

"No," Jasper whispered. "It's like I can feel their fear."

"Feel their fear?" Peter asked in confusion. "That's not possible Jasper."

"I can't explain it any other way," he said tiredly as he closed his eyes and pressed his forehead into his knees.

"Okay," Peter said as he looked back a Charlotte in confusion.

"We could hunt for you Jasper," Charlotte said.

"Yes," Peter agreed with a smile as he turned back to Jasper "We'll hunt for you."

"No," Jasper said as he shook his head "the last thing you need to be doing it babysitting me."

"Jasper it's fine--"

"No!" Jasper snarled back, he did not like the idea of having to rely on them. He took a deep breath trying to calm himself down. "Look you guys don't need me tagging along anymore."

"Jasper," Peter started to protest.

"I need time alone," Jasper said as he pushed himself from the wall.

Peter looked like he was going to protest and looked back at Charlotte for suport. She shrugged her shoulders as she walked foreward linking her arm with his. "We can't force him to stay," she said softly.

He sighed as he turned back to Jasper and held his hand out to him "we'll be sad to see you go."

"Thank you for letting me travel with you," Jasper said as he shook his hand. He look down at Charlotte wishing he felt good enough to smile at her "I am glad I could earn your trust Charlotte."

"Take care of yourself Jasper," Charlotte said with small smile.

Jasper nodded as he walked around them, disaperaing off into the night.