She walked back as slowly as she could. The Jeffersonian never seemed as close as it did right now. All Ange wanted was some time to think. Or to not think as the case was. Thinking just brought the demons around. Everyone danced around the subject of Kirk and it drove her crazy. No one came around to check if she was okay. They would ask each other if they knew how she was, but never to her directly. No one wanted to ask her how she was. Sure, they DID ask her, but it was more to be polite. They didn't want to talk about him, or his death. Or any death for that matter, which was hard given their profession. Any time a case that even slightly resembled Kirk's, they would walk on egg shells every time she stepped into the room. Except Brennan. She could count on her to remain the same. Everyone else treated her with kid gloves. It's like they were afraid to get their hands dirty. Get into the muck and the grime. Get to understand someone. Show some feelings. Let someone bare their soul and not run away. Whether she wanted to talk about Kirk or not talk about Kirk, she needed someone who was going to stick with her through everything. Let her talk when she wanted to talk. Let her cry when she needed to cry. Let her laugh when she ran out of tears, and to laugh along with her. That's all she wanted. Someone to accept her, and to let her be human again, flaws and all.

The more she thought of what she needed, the clearer the picture became in her head. His eyes never seemed as blue as when he was in the same room as her. Granted she couldn't know that for sure, because how can you see someone's eyes when you're not in the same room with them? But she knew, she could tell by the way he would act when she would walk into the room. He stood a little taller, held his head a little higher. She could almost smell his cologne, the smell that was, well it was just him. She could almost feel his gentle touch on her shoulder as he would stand over her at her desk, just trying to get her to smile. She started to smile and slowly raised her hand to her shoulder and stopped dead in her tracks when she felt said hand.

If she were Brennan, he would've been laying flat on his stomach with his arm so far up his back he could've seen the smallest of lines in his palm. But she was Angela Montenegro. So she just stood there. Panic and comfort, can those be felt at the same time? She wasn't sure what exactly was happening even when she felt fingers interlacing with hers and saw a set of brown curls come into view. Her breathing started to get back to normal. She regained movement to her body, and with that movement she hauled off and slapped the adorable looking entomologist. People stared, Ange laughed, and so did Jack, though he was nursing his jaw, he still laughed.

"Geez, Ange, was that necessary?" The gleam in his eyes showed that he was sort of expecting it, but mostly that he was glad she was laughing.

"Hodgie. You scared the living crap out of me!" She could feel her cheeks turn slightly red. She didn't know if it was from the "near death experience", or the fact that he was still holding her hand. She didn't really mind the latter.

"I've been calling you. For about 3 blocks now. I was heading to the diner to grab a little something and I saw you turn the corner." He tried to suppress a smile. They were still holding hands.

"Sorry, guess I was just lost in my own thoughts" Her mind drifted for a second, wondering if her thoughts were appropriate. Wondering if she were allowed to be standing in the middle of the sidewalk, hand in hand with Jack Hodgins.

"I thought you were getting lunch with Dr. B, you guys haven't been gone that long, you eat already?" Still giddy about her hand in his, he managed to let out a small smile.

"We got there and Booth showed up, and you know how distracted Bren gets when Booth is around. I figured I'd let them do their thing. I'm not really hungry anyways." Her smile got a little bigger at the thought of the "twisted tango" Booth and Brennan were dancing. They were so meant for each other.

"Well, I'm gonna get something for Zack and I, you wanna come with?" Jack turned to motion walking in the opposite direction.

Ange slipped her hands from his, feeling the slight resistance in his fingers. She the looped her arm into Jack's and followed his lead. They walked without saying another word. Jack was content with his position of escorting the most beautiful heartbroken woman he knew. Well, heartbroken or not, the most beautiful woman in the world. Ange was content in feeling something other than loneliness or pain.