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Anyone who's lived a decent amount of time will tell you, life doesn't
exactly happen the way you want it to. You may make plans and hope they
go off the way you want them to, but inevitably, something will come
along that you didn't expect.

We call theses events, distrubances, and they can come in two types:
major or minor.

Minor ones are usually easily dealt with, while major ones can prove to
be quite an obstacle. Most of the time, it's pretty easy to tell the
difference between the two, but not always.

It's all a matter of perspective. Something major for one person, may be
minor for another. Or something comes along that you think is a major
thing, then something else comes along that makes the first disturbance
seem quite small in comparison.

Compared to what Ranma and his friends will face in the future, these
disturbances are very minor indeed.


Ranma 1/2: New Challenges
Minor Disturbances

Chapter 1

"I'LL KILL HIM!" came the scream from the bathroom. "I'LL MAKE

Five heads turned to watch the girl storm out of the bathroom
and enter the dining room. Nabiki glared at each of the people staring
at her. Each of them turned away and went back to whatever they were
doing and then she sat down at the table.

As Kasumi served breakfast, Akane couldn't help but think green
hair didn't really work well on her sister, but then again, it probably
wasn't her fault; most likely it was Kenji's. She sighed.

It had been a quiet couple of months since summer break ended,
but she knew that wouldn't last. True, a lot of the peacefulness had to
do with her and Ranma getting along. Also the fact that Ukyo and Shampoo
had given up and Kodachi was in a mental ward, so no one was busting
down their doors trying to get at him.

"Nabiki, did he...?" Akane started to ask.

"Yes!" her older sister snapped. "Somehow he did something to my
shampoo and now I have green hair!" She took a moment to calm herself.
"I don't want to talk about anymore. It's my problem, I'll deal with

Akane didn't say anymore. Neither did anyone else.

It had all started about a week ago. Kenji apparently owed some
money to Nabiki for something, but as a joke, he had payed her with
counterfit bills. She didn't find out about it until she tried to buy
something with the money and it dissolved in her hands. Of course she
knew where those particular bills came from and went to confront the
ninja trainee.

He apologized and tried to pay the orginial amount but, being
Nabiki, she charged him double for the little joke. Kenji refused and
said she'd see her money when she reverted back to the original amount.
It ended with an argument and vow to make the other one give in.

That's how the month of hell started. Kenji's practical jokes
vs. Nabiki's scheming

Earlier, Nabiki had borrowed some of those hypnotic mushrooms
from Shampoo and tricked Kenji into eating them. For the rest of the
day, whenever he heard a bell, he yelled out loud, "Nabiki is a

And that led to the revenge of the green hair.

And when everyone else heard of the brewing war, they made sure
to leap clear. After all, Nabiki was well known for getting exactly what
she wanted and woe to anyone who got in her way. Now there was an
upstart boy challenging her.

Due to the middle Tendo's closeness to the affair, Nabiki's
second, Tomoe, was taking bets on how it would end and when. Most money
was thrown in on Nabiki's side of course.

Akane sighed and grabbed Ranma as they headed off for another
fun-filled (and possibly very dangerous) day of school. Naturally,
Nabiki had already left to get an early start.

And let the games begin...

"Alright `niichan, what'd you do?" Yuri asked as the trio
walked to school. Kenji had snuck out earlier that morning and returned
just in time to get ready for school. He had a big smile plastered on
his face and neither she nor Ukyo could get him to talk.

"You'll see soon enough," he replied. "Just wait `til we get to

"Tell me you didn't do somethin' to Nabiki?" Ukyo asked. "You're
just asking for trouble if you start messin' with her."

Kenji didn't say anything, merely pointed straight ahead. Ukyo
and Yuri gasped as they neared the school gates and caught sight of the
figure waiting there.

It was Nabiki. With green hair.

"Kenji, you didn't..." Yuri started.

"He did," Nabiki finished as they approached.

"What'd I do?" the man in question asked innocently.

"Cut the crap, Kenji-boy," Nabiki commanded. "It's been a long
time since I've had a worthy opponent, and I haven't lost yet. You can
either pay me the money you owe, or I can make your life miserable."

"I'm more than willing to pay the orginial amount, but that's
all." Kenji grinned. "And I haven't had a worthy opponent either, so I'm
willing to go the distance."

Nabiki grinned like a chesire cat. "In that case..." She turned
around and put a megaphone to her mouth. "Oh woe is me! Kenji-san has
ruined my beautiful hair! What shall I do?" She made a few fake sobbing
noises and Kenji was puzzled as to what she was doing.

Absently, he noted Yuri and Ukyo were backing away from him, as
if they knew what was going to happen. Suddenly, the courtyard was
filled with angry women, cutting off all avenues of escape.

"You ruined a girl's hair!?"

"How dare you!"

"A girl's hair is her life!"

"You traumitized a poor innocent female!"

"Prepare to die!"

He may have been a martial artist, but he was also subject to
the laws of anime. Therefore, Kenji was rendered totally helpless as a
hundred women proceeded to beat him into submission.When they moved off,
he could hear Nabiki's voice. He couldn't see her since one eye was
swollen shut and the other was staring at the ground and he couldn't
move his head. Actually, he couldn't move anything.

"See ya in class!" she said.

Kenji wondered if he should've just payed her.

"Kenji-san, are you alright?" came Akane's voice.

"argt hhvn iofsd," he tried to say.

"Ranma, you better get him to the nurse's office," she said.

"Why me?" came the reply.

"Because, he's an enemy of women today," she said. "So I can't
help him if I want my friends to speak to me."

Ranma sighed. "Whatever. Come on, man, let's get you patched

As Ranma picked him up, the pain became too much and Kenji,
thankfully, blacked out.

"Hmmm, I see," Miyo said at last. Her room had been repaired
since Ranma and Akane `dropped in' and now the magic circle was meeting
once again. She turned to Ariko and Hikaru. "Your magical abilites have
changed since the soul transfer. I'm not quite sure how, but you'll have
to discover that on your own."

"Hmmm, that would explain why my spellcasting abilities have
gone awry," Ariko said. "How's your telekinesis, Hi-chan?"

Hikaru smiled nervously. "Well, I have a little better control,
but it's still not that strong."

"I would suggest, that you find yourselves a master that can
help you study," Toshi suggested. "I was only able to further my
abilites because my parents trained me. They also posses my family's

Ariko sighed. "I guess we'll have to."

"Um, where would we find one?" Gos asked.

"Why not summon one?" Miyo half-joked. "Now, back to the
business at hand..."

"Are you sure it's this way, Dan?" the woman asked her husband.

"Of course I'm not sure, Kameko" Dan replied. "Thanks to you, I
can't get anywhere anymore!"

Kameko scowled. "Well you don't have to rub it in! You're the
one who still wanted to marry me even after I told you about..."

"I know!" he yelled back. "That doesn't mean I like it!"


Kameko promptly jumped on her husband and the two began to
fight in the middle of the dirt road. Punches and kicks were exchanged
while their traveling companion looked on and sighed.

She looked at the map again. "Um, actually, I think Tokyo's
this way," she pointed south.

The couple stopped fighting and the dust cloud settled. Their
arms were locked around each other's necks. They quickly let go and
smiled nervously.

"Heh heh, sorry about that," Dan apologized. "We tend to get
carried away."

Kameko smiled. "But I feel so much better now that I've been
able to release some of that tension. Don't you, dear?"

He smiled back and kissed her. "I sure do, that was great!"

"Now, why don't we let Sakura lead us since she obviously knows
the way," Kameko suggested.

The young girl beamed at that. "I'd love to! I can't wait to
meet your son, Ryoga!"

"I'm sorry, I thought my parents might be here, but I guess
they're still lost," Ryoga said as he sat down at the table next to his
companion in his house.

Akari smiled at him tenderly. "That's okay Ryo-chan, we'll find
them eventually. I understand you'd like me to meet your parents before
we get married." She put her arms around him and leaned into his chest,
sighing contentedly.

Ryoga gulped and laughed nervously, then slowly put his arm
around her too. Then it hit him. "M-married!?"

She disengaged and looked forlornly up at him, her lower lip
quivering. "What? You don't want to marry me?"

"N-no! That's n-not what I-I meant!" He took a deep breath. "I-I
was just caught off guard. I've never had a girl feel this way about me

She sighed and smiled at him. "I guess I can understand. I
promised to give you time and I will." She kissed him lightly on the
lips. "Just don't keep me waiting forever."

He nodded. "I-I promise." He frowned and looked up. "Hey,
what's that? I thought I heard the front door opening. Stay here and
I'll go check."

He stood up and left the living room. As he stepped into the
foyer and recognized the people standing there, his jaw dropped. "DAD!?

Dan turned around. "Son!" He flew across the room and gave his
son a hug, which was soon followed by his mom.

Ryoga's face turned blue. "Mom... dad... can't... breathe..."

They disengaged from the titanic bear hug. (Author's note: this
move has been banned in the WWF, for excessive brutality.)

"Sorry, son. How are you?" his mom asked.

"I've been doing great!" he replied. "I've met so many
interesting people and seen so many places." He then happened to see the
girl standing behind his parents. "Uh, mom, dad, who is she?" He
indicated the girl in the sailor fuku.

His father beamed. "Well, I know you have trouble with women,
so, I took the liberty of getting you a fiancee!"

Ryoga's eyes bulged. "You WHAT!?"

"I agree with your father, dear," his mother said, putting a
hand on his shoulder. "It's becoming time for you to find a wife and
start a family of your own. This is Sakura-san. She's also a martial
artist, so it's a perfect match!"

"You're Ryoga-kun?" Sakura asked. Her smile grew incredibly
wide, then she mimicked his parents earlier actions and flew across the
room, glomping him in a big hug. "I'm so happy to meet you! I've heard
sooooo much about you and I just want to say I no problems being your
fiancee and I promise to also be a good wife to you and I think you're
sooo good looking!" She took a DEEP breath, then stepped back and kissed
him on the lips.

Akari took that moment to walk in. "Ryoga-chan, what's taking
so..." She came around the corner and saw the man she loved, liplocked
with another woman. "Ryoga!"

The man in question managed to regain his wits and break away.
"Akari, it's not what you think!"

High up above, Bob grinned and patted himself on the back. And
being a kami (even a minor one) he could do that quite well. "I am soooo
good! Well, that should go well. Now, what else can I do?"

"Ryoga, who's this young lady?" Dan asked, confused.

"Uh, Dad, this is Akari-chan, my girlfriend," he said, then
thinking quickly (for once) added, "and fiancee."

Akari ran up and wrapped her arms around her man. "You hear
that, hussy?" Then she looked up at Ryoga. "We'll talk about this

Sakura fumed. "What did you call me!? You're the hussy! I've
been arranged to marry him via our parents! He's mine!"

Akari let go and stomped up to her new rival. "I've known him
longer and he loves me! Take that!"

Ryoga watched worridly as the two girls' battle auras grew.
"Uh, excuse me..."

"WHAT!?" came the reply in stereo.

"Uh, nevermind..." he said sheepishly, backing away.

"Fine!" Sakura said. "I challenge you! Winner gets Ryoga-kun!"

"You're on!" Akari yelled back.

"Mom! Dad! We have to stop this!" Ryoga looked back and forth
between the two girls. Akari was pretty strong, but he could tell this
Sakura was a skilled martial artist. He really didn't know if his gir-
fiancee could beat the newcomer.

"Actually, I think it's a great idea!" Dan said.

His mom piped in. "I agree. Our son deserves the very best and
this will help determine it! Girls, why don't we take this outside and
have a match." The girls were too busy glaring at each other, but did
slowly head for the door.

Outside, the two challengers stood apart and went through some
warm-up exercises. Kameko was talking to Sakura while Ryoga approached

"Um, Akari-chan?" he said nervously. "I-I just want to say, good
luck and I hope you win! And... I didn't know this girl. She's the one
who kissed me and..."

Akari sighed. "It's okay Ryo-chan. When I ground that that
hussy, it'll be all over."

"I-I know you can beat her. C-can I... well... k-k-

When she figured out what he said, she beamed and nodded. "Of
course!" He nervously leaned foreward and she met his mouth halfway and
kissed him deeply, more so than she had before.

When they parted, Ryoga was in a daze and could only say,

Akari giggled, then turned and stuck her tongue out at a
scowling Sakura as if to say, "Take that!"

Dan stepped between the two girls. "Alright, a friendly match
and the victor gets my son! The fight continues until someone is
unconscious or forfeits." Both girls snorted at that; no way would they
give up. "Begin!"

Akari slowly began to approach her opponent. She knew she could
beat the hussy if she could get in close and do some grappling. After
all, she trained Katsunishki and many other sumo pigs. And from looking
at this other girl, she knew she had her beat in strength and endurance.

Sakura surprised her by leading off with the first attack.
Dashing in, she struck multiple times with her fists and Akari was
unprepared for the speed of the attack. Ryoga winced as she hit the

The fuku-clad girl smiled in triumph and approached her fallen
opponent, lancing out with a foot while Akari was still getting up. She
grinned as Akari took it in her stomach, then grew shocked as Akari
grabbed the foot and yanked the other girl to the ground. Jumping to her
own feet and not letting go of the foot, Akari flipped Sakura over her
head and slammed her into the ground again. Then repeated the move. And
repeated yet again. By the fifth time, Sakura had gained enough
concentration to snap her other foot into her attacker's head.

Both girls went down and rolled, breathing steadily after
coming to a stop. Both trying to regain their strength before the other.
Akari was first, though Sakura got to her feet before Akari could reach

With a might warcry, Sakura launched into the air and delivered
a powerful jump kick to Akari's head, who just barely got her forearms
up to take the blow. Ryoga covered his eyes as his the woman he cared
for stumbled backward drunkenly. Sakura followed it up with several
lightening fast punches and kicks. Akari stumbled backwards into a tree
and tried to recover her wits.

Sakura charged with the aim of finishing off her opponent. Her
punch should have struck the head and knocked the other girl out;
instead, Akari grabbed the fist, sidestepped, and slammed Sakura head
first into the trunk of the tree. While her opponent was dazed, Akari
spun her around, picked her up, then slammed her into the ground in a
mighty piledriver. Ryoga winced.

The sailor fuku-clad girl kicked out with her foot, catching
Akari under the jaw and snapping her head back, forcing her to let go.
Sakura drunkenly regained her feet and managed a couple of punches to
the other girls head. For a full minute afterward, neither girl did

Then they both collapsed.

Ryoga was in motion before Akari hit the ground. As he reached
her side, he dropped to the ground and lifted her head into his lap,
checking her vitals. It looked like she would be okay, but she was still
out of it so he picked her up and started carrying her to the house. His
father did the same with the unconcious Sakura.

"Hmmm, they seemed evenly matched," his mother noted. "What'll
we do know?"

Ryoga lay another damp washcloth on Akari's head as she lay in
his bed, recovering. His dad sat near him while his mother tended to the
unconcious Sakura. Looking at her face, he felt a sharp stab of pain in
his chest, something he had never felt before. It was if a part of him
was wounded along with Akari. It was similiar to what he felt whenever
Akane was hurt or in trouble, but stronger.

"So, what'd you think of Sakura?" his dad chimed in. "Very
skilled and a pretty good looker, too."

"Dad! How could you do this to me!? To Akari!"

"Now boy, a man like you has got to play the field," he
admonished. "At least consider your options."

Ryoga bared his fangs. "I don't want options, I want Akari!" He

His dad frowned. "Tell you what. We'll have a rematch in two
weeks. If Akari can beat Sakura, then your mom and I will settle the
fiancee business with Sakura. I'm sure she'll agree to another all-or-
nothing match." He stood up and headed to the door. "After all, you
deserve a strong wife, son."

The lost boy sighed as he watched his father leave. "Fine." He
looked down at Akari's unconcious form. "I swear I'll make you strong
enough to beat Sakura."

Akari stirred and opened her eyes. "Y-you promise?"

Ryoga jumped. "Akari! Are you okay?"

She smiled weakly. "I've taken worse. So, you gonna make me
strong enough to take down that hussy?"

Ryoga slumped. "Uh, yeah. But, I don't think I'd be the best
person. I actually think there are a couple of people who could train
you better." He nervously scratched the back of his neck. "You see, I,
uh, well, the only training techniques I have work best for guys. I
think you'd be better off to be trained by women."

She pondered that for a few minutes. "So, is it anyone I know?"

"Yeah, and I think it'd be good to see them again." He smiled.
"When you're feeling better, you and Katsunishki can lead me to the
Tendo Dojo to see Ranma and Akane."

She smiled. "Oh goody! Ryo-chan, you're as smart as a pig!"

Ryoga barely fought back the wince.

"You want me to what?"

Nabiki sighed. "I said I'd like your help going through some
old books that belong to the Kuno family. There's a lot of strange stuff
in them and, since Cologne is gone, you're the next best thing to
dealing with them. Or so I've heard."

Miyo blinked, then smiled slowly. "I suppose I could help you
out. If it concerns the mystical or the occult, I would be very

Nabiki smiled back. "Great! I'll send Tatewaki-kun by your
place later with some of the volumes so you can get started." She turned
to leave.

Something else was on Miyo's mind and she wondered how to
phrase it. "Uh, Nabiki-san, I was wondering about your hair..."

Nabiki turned back around and leveled her eyes at the other
girl. "It's green."

Miyo knew she didn't have to be a fortune-teller to catch the
hidden message that said, "Say any more and you won't like the results."

"Ok then, see you later."

From a hilltop, a lone figure glanced out over the town that
was spread out before him. This was the place, the ward of Tokyo called
Nerima. He exhaled and smiled. Yes, this would be perfect! A nice quiet
place for him and his son to do their work.

Reaching into his shirt, he pulled out a small map with an
address on it.

Walking back to his van, he whistled a small tune.


Author's notes:
I read in a fic somewhere that an author didn't like Akari as a match
for Ryoga because it seemed too easy and convenient. Well, who says it
has to be? Of all the reasons not to like something, that's one of the
poorest I've heard. I have no problems with Ukyo as a match for Ryoga,
because they showed some interesting chemistry in the anime. In the
manga, however, it is very clear that Ukyo won't give it chance because
she's too hung up on Ranma, but Ryoga clearly gives up on Akane for

So, I thought I'd liven things up for the pair. :)