author note:

So I've decided to end this story here, with the plot of DA:O:A (Damn, that's a lot of colons for one title).

Maggie, Anders, and the Wardens will return in a new story, Apostates of Amaranthine, which will be up... um, soon. Maybe today, but early in the week if not. The first chapter is about halfway finished at this point, and a good chunk of the plot is outlined. (I'm in my last month of the semester, and taking fifteen credits of nothing but 400 level English classes means I'm writing something like thirty plus pages a week for class alone. Poor planning on my part? Oh yeah. And I'm doing it all again next semester before I can begin the fun that is grad school. Thankfully I type very, very fast. ;)

I absolutely cannot begin to thank all the people who marked this as a favorite story, added it to their alerts, and especially the reviewers. You all get gold stars and (metaphorical) cookies.

I hope everyone who enjoyed this will add me to their author alerts so they can follow the continuing adventures of the Wardens as they work on rebuilding the order while dealing with the darkspawn, Chantry, and templars (oh my!).