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It was a rainy day that day so long ago. Not only was it raining cold clear water, but also fresh warm blood. The blood of the loyal servants, workers and friends of the Hellsing family was smeared all over the Hellsing's cemetery tombstones as the dark shadow of a beast laughed vicious and loud over his so longed for release from his bounds and chains. In fact the only one who was left standing was a young strawberry blond woman dressed in pit black clothes, which were now covered with the blood of her friends and comrades in arms. The tears from her sky blue eyes feel down in the still open grave of her master's former master, Sir Integral Fairbrok Wingates Hellsing, who had died with peace only a few days ago.

"Draculina…" a cold voice whispered lustfully into the girl's ear…

-Fifty years later-

The moon was high up in the clouds as a dark shadow jumped along the dim high rooftops of new central London,

"Target found sir. A young white male, most likely newly turned" the female gently spoke into the microphone on her ear, "He could become a high threat if his desire for blood isn't tamed".

"Just do your thing, Agent!" the man on the other end answered, "You hardly need any permission agent Victoria. After all you've been in this business twice as long as anybody else and you'll probably stay here for God knows how long!"

"Please spare your jokes for somebody else Mr. Jacobsen" a bit annoyed the woman prepared herself for battle.

"Aww, coman Seras how long haven't we known each other? Ten-fifteen years?" Jacobsen laughed, "You need to chill down a bit. There isn't a vampire alive who's as strong as you!"

"That, Sir…" Seras whispered quiet while smiling shy to herself, "Is just rubbish…"

The female vampire waited in silence as her pray slowly moved towards her location, before she walked over the edge of the building she was standing on and let her body fall silent towards the ground and into the shadows.
There she stood and watched as her pray drag an unconscious young girl into one of the many dark back allies in new central London.

"I'm so sorry Christina…" he almost screamed as he tore open the woman's shirt with his shivering white hands, "But ever since that weird woman did something to me, the only thing I can think about is sex! I have to have it, I just have to! You'll understand won't you? Of course you will! Oh Christina I can't wait to have you. Your warm body is calling for me, your delicate smell kills me, and your crystal flesh yearns for my hands just as my mouth yearns for your beautiful neck!"

But before he could get his white hands on the woman's bra, he was suddenly thrown against the wall by an instant brute force leaving him gasping for air he didn't need,

"The thing you lust for is not the pleasure of women, but the pleasure of blood, vampire" Seras appeared before him from nothing it seemed.

"What the hell are you talking about bitch? Since you like listening to other people's conversations let me tell you that if I don't get release, something weird starts happening to me…" the boy's bluish eyes slowly became smaller, "Something bad starts… Leaving nothing alive….Bitch"

"Get a hold of yourself!" The Draculina spoke with a dark voice, "Don't let your demonic side take over you, you are the master of your demons and you have to let them know that!"

The young man seemed like an insane ghost as he suddenly jumped towards the Draculina in front of him,

"Die you whore!" he screamed as he tried to hurt the "young" girl in front of him, "Women are only whores to mankind! And the may lord be my witness that I'm not going to give in to one of them!"

Before he even knew it himself he was thrown against the wall again, breaking both the wall and some of his bones from the impact.

"We are the shadows of humanity, the darkness in their hearts are our souls, we exist to destroy mankind, but without mankind we are destroyed, we are vampires, nothing less nothing more" Seras said without emotion while pointing the silver gun in her hand towards the head of the lost soul in front of her, "If you want to continue living your undead life you must swear it to the king. Then you will become one of the king's secret special agents; a hidden shadow that protects England against demons, children of Lucifer and our own kind, an agent for the Hellsing squad. Your other choice is to become dust under my foot, make a choice vampire!"

"The king is nothing more than a pimp with a lot of bitches! Hell I would rather die than becoming one of them!"

That was the last thing the young man said before Seras fired her gun, "May God bless your lost soul" she said low while the boy became dust.

And as the gray ashes slowly blew away with the wind she turned on her microphone again: "Another lost case, Sir…."

"Hmm… there have been a lot of them the last months…" Jacobsen answered while looking up into one of his many computer screens, "I will mark his location on the map, maybe we can pin down the location of the host vampire…You can go home Victoria, we'll just call you if we need you, good night…"

The word "home" that came in such an unconcerned tone from her microphone made the Draculina happier than anybody could know or would known,

"Good night Sir" she answered likewise and turned off her microphone again before her boss could say anything more.
"Home sounds…..wonderful" Seras thought to herself as she walked out from the dark back alley and out into the alive streets of new central London. Many things had changed over the past fifty years and she couldn't really imagine shining new central London go back to its original pale old uncolored state.

One would think that vampires would have been reviled to the world now that they had fought a fierce battle in the middle of one of the world's most important cities, or that at least somebody knew about them, but no.
The battle in London was never forgotten.
Even if many people had often tried to find out what really had happened, there were, as far as anybody knew, no records or whatsoever registered about anything.
Many theories had been made, but not a single one had been proved. Everybody there that night had died, the town had almost been destroyed, and who or what had fought there, was still a secret not known by anybody.
It had been marked in history as the "Red night of London".

And as far as anybody knew, Seras was just an average pretty girl with delicate forms and strawberry blond hair.
She was wearing a long open dark coat which showed her tight purple uniform. And with her long black tights she looked even more fantastic and mystical, yet at the same time she blended in with everybody else. One didn't even notice her if she didn't want to be noticed.
It was almost like she just was a shadow when the lights struck her pale skin that sometimes came forth between her coat and gloves. The only thing that could make you wonder, was if you caught a glimpse of her big scarlet red eyes that were perfectly hidden underneath her dark sunglasses.

"To think that I'm soon going to be a hundred years old…" Seras thought as she wandered out from new central London and into the older part of the city, "Hundred years old huh…"

But suddenly the Draculina could feel a pair of cold eyes smear themselves over her very well build body, not letting a single detail escape from their lustful gaze.
It was almost like they stared right through her very soul.

Even if Seras wasn't sure how long she had been followed, she definitely was going to end it as fast as possible.
Because if it was one thing she didn't like, it was when people took the liberty to stare at her body as an item of pleasure. It made her furious so to say. And she would show this stalker just how much she hated it,

"I guess I'm not going to go home tonight after all…" she thought annoyed to herself while slowly taking a left turn into a local park, "Let's see how good you are, vampire…!"

This young girl knew her town in and out, so this park would most likely be a good spot to reveal her stalker, since there were hardly any people here at this time of hour.

The very second later Seras came deep enough into the park she jumped high up in the air.

The Draculina had already found out where her stalker had hidden, and before it could react she quickly shot two silver bullets right into a nearby tree.
A huge shadow fell out of the branches and on the ground; as the shaking shadow slowly got up one could clearly see the two big holes in its body.

"Maybe I overdid it…" Seras thought a bit worried to herself when seeing how much the shadow shook, "He's probably just a…"

But Seras's thoughts were interrupted by the loud deep laughter that came from shaking shadow,

"Excellent Draculina!" the shadow laughed as he slowly transformed into a more humanlike shape, "You show no mercy just like a beast, you aim just like a hunter, yet you are as beautiful as a rose, you are truly a child of the night!"

His words annoyed the Draculina just as much as they scared her, because deep in her long dead heart she wished and hoped that they weren't true, even if she knew that they were,

"Don't flatter me, vampire!" Seras pointed one her guns towards her enemy, "If you don't tell me what you want I will kill you were you stand!"

"Such harsh words" the shadow was clearly amused over the girl's actions, "But as you know, I am already dead, so killing me would be quite…difficult so to say"

"Difficult or not, I'm gonna put a bullet through your head if you don't tell me right now what you want vampire!" Seras was getting even more annoyed as she aimed both of her silver guns towards her enemy's head.

"Who are you to use vampire as such a cursed word?" the shadow suddenly scolded with a harsh tone, "You, yourself who are a true Draculina, what makes you so much bet…"

"Enough! Stop trying my patience!" Seras suddenly screamed loud, "I want answers, not questions!"

"Police girl, if you want me to answer your questions, all you need to do is ask" the man spoke while letting the shadows on his body sink back into the ground, "But try to mind your tone, nobody would want to answer such a rude little girl".

The Draculina dropped both of her guns when seeing the tall man in front of her,

"…m…" she stuttered while her eyes almost fell out of her head, "…Maste-r, is that you?"

"Who else my little police girl?" the tall man in front of her answered, again clearly amused by his Draculina's clumsy actions, "Do I really look that terrifying?"

In Seras's eyes her master had always been terrifying, but there was still something about him that made him look fantastic and handsome, making her want him to hold her and kill her with all his might and bitter love.
His raven black hair was just as always hanging behind his tall and muscular body, in fact the only thing that had changed with him was his clothes.
His old red jacket and hat were gone, replaced with a pit black Victorian suit that made him almost disappear in the shadows.
Besides that everything about him was just as it had been fifty years ago, even his sharp glowing red eyes were still as piercing as ever, and his sharp thin lips smiled just as cruel as they always did,

"Well do I?" the man of a monster asked again.

"No…Mas…Alucard you don't…" Seras forced herself to answer while picking up her guns.

"Oho…I almost thought that you had forgotten all about me, Seras" Alucard smiled as sly as ever, "Or that you had forgotten all about us and our special bound".

"You mean that bond that's long been shattered?" Seras spat with a tone as cold as piercing ice, "There hasn't been a bond between us in fifty years, Alucard. Whatever business you have here I suggest you get it over with fast and leave from here, before I'm forced to take you out!"

The whole atmosphere changed the second Seras completed her sentence.
It was like mother earth herself feared the anger that dwelled inside the No-life king that moment as he clenched his fist together,

"Take me out?" he spoke a bit annoyed as he relaxed his shoulders and remained calm, "Listen to me, Draculina. You may be a free vampire, but I am still the kings of vampires. And you as a vampire, free or not, are to obey me, whether you like it or not. Because that is what servants do to a king, besides respecting himthat is, so you better close your pretty little mouth before you lose it for good".

"Whatever you say, your highness" the Draculina answered as she hid her guns in her jacket and wandered off, "Don't mind your slave, cause she ain't gonna be here"

If her ex-master had a bad temper before, it had only gotten worse over the years, or at least that was what Seras had excepted when she had walked away.
But no, her king and former master just stood there, looking at her with his usual cruel smile and sharp eyes,

"At least you could offer me a meal, that is, if you do not wish to clean up after me tomorrow" he was cold and sly as he walked up beside his Draculina, "Or what do you say my lady Seras?"

"It's not like I have any choice is it?" Seras answered while avoiding his cruel lustful gaze, "My home is this way…"

"Home? You have found a home? A place where you truly believe you belong…Now this will be amusing, my little kitten has found a home….." Alucard chuckled low as they wandered off into the night.

It was like the whole city sensed the tense atmosphere between the two shadows as they walked though the autumn filled city,

"Well…Here we are…" Seras said low after what seemed as an eternity of waiting for the Vampire King,

"This is the place you have made your home? This average, cold, metallic block in the middle of everything and nothing? You really surprise me Seras, what has your mind become, this is so empty and normal, even for you" Alucard was a bit disappointed as he gazed upon the tall building.

"Oh shove a stick up your ass and shut up, nobody made you come here oh great lord of vampires, so be happy that I'm allowing you inside!" Seras hissed angry as she pulled up her keys and opened the door.

"Mind your words, Draculina. That is, if you do not wish for me to punish you" Alucard warned again as he already stood smiling inside the building when his servant opened the door, "And why bother using such, human ways? I assumed that you had already given up your humanity a long time ago, but it seems that you have been humanized…What a pity, a vampire that tires to be alive again, such great pity".

Remembering some past experiences the Draculina held her tongue in her mouth as she went passed her former master, but her heart would always try once more to start beating, or at least she hoped it would as she refused to turn into a lifeless monster.

"I live up here…" she said low as she slowly walked up the stairs, leaving her master behind in the bottom of the stairs. He was standing at the top when she arrived, waiting for her show him which door was hers.

"Hmm… Your door is also average, almost like a normal human" he was clearly disappointed again, "And the foul stench of death and oldness fills this empty place, could it be? Are you living with old dying humans?"

"Yes, this is a nursing home" Seras answered cold as she unlocked her normal green door, "And before you complain again, I'll tell you that this is a perfect…"

"Cover up?" Alucard asked low as he moved closer to his Draculina, "Nobody here will know for how long you live, because they will be rotten corpses in the ground in perhaps ten-fifteen, maybe five years? And as they crumble away, new dying souls will come and replace the old ones, and so will the circle of human life go on, while you will never wither, never die, you will stand and look over them as an everlasting shadow, as the queen of shadows you are".

"A quiet calm place….. This a perfect quiet calm place, my neighbors go to sleep early and they mind their own business, as somebody else should learn to do too" Seras grabbed her king's jacket, clearly angry, "And don't you even try to mention anything about death and withering, these people are kind and humble souls, they're too good for you to try to pull them down to your level".

"Do you not mean our level?" Alucard grabbed his servant's silky hair and pulled her head roughly backwards, "No matter what you try to tell yourself, you will always be a monster, a killer, a grim reaper, a deliverer of death and sorrow, you are a vampire Seras Victoria, never forget what is hidden inside your dark soul, behind those shining red eyes of yours lies powers that makes mankind shiver in fright, you are the queen of darkness, my queen of darkness and I will make you remember that!"

As if time itself stopped up to watch as the No-life King moved down towards his queen's unwilling tender red lips,

"I will wake you up from these human dreams of yours, I will make you remember, I will mark you so that you never forget it again, you are and will always be mine Seras Victoria!" he whispered, no, engraved into her mind as her hands slowly fell down from his jacket, as her will was fading away,"Together we will spread darkness in their weak hearts and terrorize their dreams, making them wish they never had to sleep, or that they never had been born for that matter, you and me, we shall be one forever…."

And just before he gave her his marking kiss of death, a small annoying sound came from the inside of her normal humble home, making Seras snap out of his dark spell of lust,

"H-hello?" her whole body shook as she had run and grabbed the telephone, realizing what her former master almost had done to her,

"Agent? What's wrong? You seem a bit…" Jacobsen asked a bit worried at the other end of the line,

"Nothing is wrong Sir! I just…I mean I'm just tired Sir, I haven't gotten so much rest lately, my neighbors have been coming to visit and…" Seras had forced herself to calm down.

"I understand Agent. Actually I just called you to tell you that we have terminated the host vampire, she tried to attack division two, but they terminated her on the spot!" Jacobsen was clearly proud, "That division two, they really have improved since you trained them last time! I really think you should try to group up with them. I'm sure you'll like it, they are quite the team of hunters!"

"Sir…" The Draculina sighed, "I'm glad on your behalf Sir, but I don't really feel like discussing these kind of things right now"

"Yes, yes, no business after eight, eh? But I actually have something else to talk to you about!" Jacobsen joked before he got serious, "His Highness the King of England summons you tomorrow. He wishes to talk to his top Agent, you that is, the unspoken leader of Hellsing"

"Rodger! Stop talking nonsense! The leader of our squad is you! " Seras almost screamed, completely forgetting who was now sitting in her chair, "How many times do I have to tell you that Rodger? I'm just a normal agent, you are the leader of Hellsing! That's why you sit in the office and I run around killing vampires all night, do you hear me?"

"Heh, I hear ya' loud n' clear Seras, but then you should stop calling your boss by his first name and go back to addressing him properly, Agent" Jacobsen laughed, "The audience is at midnight, be there sharp and be sure to get enough sleep, that's an order Victoria!"

"Yes Sir!" Seras smiled, "I'll be there on time, good night!"

"Taking a liking to your superior? Tsk, tsk, police girl, that is not how a real servant should behave" Alucard spoke, hiding his inner anger as he almost slammed the phone to pieces when he turned it off before another word was exchanged between his bride and the human,

"It's only professional, Rodger is a nice man, and compared to you he's like an angel….." Seras growled back as she walked away from him and towards her refrigerator, "What do you want? I've got A plus, AB negative, and 0 negative"

"I really do not feel like eating cold manmade blood" Alucard purred low as he placed his hands over his queen's shoulders, "I desire something fresh…"

"You bastard!" Seras snarled as she pushed him away and reached for her guns, "You said that you weren't going to do anything!"

"Do not worry about your little human friends, I desire something even more rare and delicious than warm human blood" Alucard whispered as he again reached out for Seras, "I desire you, you and your soul, you and your blood, you and everything about you, I want you Seras, and I want you to give yourself to me!"

"Before you complain about me and my so-called dream world, snap out of your own! Do you really think that I would come crawling back to you after all these years? Go back to that hole you have been in for the last fifty years and never come back you ugly piece of shit!" she slapped away his hands, nearly breaking the bones in the process "I'm not just a toy for your amusement. Maybe I'm not alive, and I might even be a monster, but I still have feelings, I'm a real person with thoughts, and even if I'm not human I still can feel and think like one! So get out of my house and never come back here again! Do you hear me? Never!"

Not a single word came out from Alucard as he pulled back his hands,

"If that is your wish, I am afraid I cannot grant it" his eyes narrowed, "You shall be mine Seras".

"I would rather die!" Seras growled back,

"But my dear Draculina, you are already dead" The No-life King's mouth slowly formed an evil grin, "And dead you shall be forever, to the end of time, with me"

Sound and time stood still as the two predators' glazed at each other, each planning a way of defeating the other, before both of them finally struck fast and swiftly.
They both jumped at each other with massive speed and power; blood started to fly all across the small apartment, as they both had managed to wound the other.

"You have improved my dear" Alucard licked away the fresh virgin blood on his hand, ignoring his own gaping wounds,

"You're not bad either" Seras ignored her own pain as well.

The battle continued.
Again the only thing to be seen was the blood that spat around the two shadows as they moved with speed beyond human laws,

"Give up kitten, this is a fight you cannot win!" The No-life King laughed as he replaced his fallen arm.

"I should say the same thing to you! Give up before you perish!" The Draculina snarled back as her wounds healed,"This is your last chance Alucard! Get away from me!"

"Never" was the answer she got back, "You will be mine".

Seras jumped up again, ready to cut her former master in pieces as her eyes glowed in the dark and she unleashed her inner shadows, but darkness itself had another plan.

Alucard was suddenly gone and in the matter of seconds the Draculina felt him behind her, jamming his hand into her back.
In a swift second all of her shadows stream out of her body, leaving her panting on the cold floor,

"You basta-rd, what have you done to me….?" She gasped as her former master placed himself over her,

"Merely released all of your darkness, quite tiring is it not?" he panted low as he fast and roughly pulled her into a cold hard kiss.

The Draculina struggled all she could as he forced his tongue inside her mouth, cutting both her and his lips against their teeth in the process,

"Does it not taste lovely? My ancient dark blood, and your fresh virgin blood, mixed together into a bittersweet cake" he purred in the back of her mind right before she gathered the strength to punch him away, breaking his jaw away from his head.
It wasn't to much help, as it grew back again in the matter of seconds.

"W-what are you doing you bastard! Get off me! Is this only a game to you?" Seras snarled when Alucard suddenly grabbed her jaw and forced her to look him into the eyes,

"Not a game, a test. You have passed without a single fail. And now you shall be mine forever" Alucard chuckled low as he slowly pushed her head away, revealing her pale neck, "I grant you my everlasting kiss".

Just before his lips touched her skin his head was jerked backwards,

"NEVER!" Seras spat as she pulled his long dark hair backwards, forcing his head to follow,

"You mean forever my everlasting queen of darkness!" Alucard purred passionately as he let his hair grow and his fangs sink fast into her beautiful flesh.

Seras's whole body jerked from the sudden and sharp pain rushing through her,

"S-stop, it hurts!" she hulked as Alucard refused to stop draining her, instead he swiftly put his hand under her back, forcing her body upwards while her head was still pressed against the floor, making it end like a deadly tango.

"Give in and the pain will disappear" he grabbed her head making his fangs go deeper in,

"No-o, it hurts stop!" tears appeared in her red fading eyes.

"Bare it a little longer, it will be over soon" he whispered lustfully through her blank mind as he felt her hands sink deeper into his flesh.

"I ca-n't, it's too much….!" she gasped as her strength slowly faded away, making her hands slowly fall on the ground.

"Who am I?" he asked as the sweet blood ran through his body,

"M-y Mast…ar" Seras somehow managed to say as everything went black around here.

"Good my bride, you are once again mine, and mine you shall be forever" Alucard lifted his queen up from the bloody floor and wrapped her in his darkness, "Let us go back to our home"…


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