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"The coffin is mine" she answered, once again falling asleep.

The No-life King awoke slowly, not really wanting to end his, once again, surprisingly dream-filled sleep.

Opening his eyes; he found his bride comfortably sleeping like a child in his arms. And he couldn't help but chuckle when he saw that, for reasons unknown to him, some of his black hair was stuck in between her rose-colored lips.

"It is time to awaken my love" he purred, nuzzling her strawberry-blond hair, "Tonight will be filled with learning."

Receiving only a low grumble, Alucard smirked as he started to nibble on her ear, moving further and further down his lover's lustful and responding body.

"Or" reaching her exposed and shivering chest, "If you wish my Queen, we can continue from where we-"

His words were cut off when his bride suddenly placed her hand roughly over his mouth,

"That's enough" Seras said with a dark half-awoken voice, "Hands off."

"Such a hot-tempered kitten" her lover teased while allowing her to slip out of their coffin, and disappear down to the bath, "A naughty, lustful, hot-tempered kitten…"

Seras sighed, never before had she slept so well, not to mention awoken so relaxed. Hadn't it been for the fact that her stupid master suddenly decided to chew on her, she would have happily slept through the whole night.

"Perverted bastard…" she mumbled as she made her way down towards a hot bath.

"Whom are you talking about my love?" Alucard asked, tilting his head teasing to the side, pretending not to understand while he sat in the warm water, "Will you tell?"

"Take a wild guess" his queen growled, stopping before the water, "And while you're at it, get out."

"Hmm?" the No-life King questioned while admiring his queens snow-white body.

"I said, get out" turning her ruined blouse into a towel, Seras waited for her master to leave, "I don't want you here, get out."

"But dearest" her king pouted, his face expression that of a child, "I am bathing."

"I don't care" telling her betraying eyes not to stare at her master's tempting body, Seras tried her best not to blush, "I want to bathe."

"But by all means" opening his arms, Alucard gave his lover a misleading grin, "Do join me."

Realizing his intentions, Seras quickly turned around; only to be captured in his bare and wet muscular chest,

"No! Let go! Stop! Master!" His love fanatically yelled as he pulled her with him; gave her a wide grin, and threw her playfully into the water.

The Draculina could feel her shadows melt away as she hit the water, leaving her defenseless against her master's intense and lustful stare.

"You bastard!" Seras coughed, already blushing, "D-don't stare you pervert!"

"Ah, but you forget again my love. Every single part of your body has been seen by my eyes, touched by my hands, not to mention tasted by my tongue" licking his lips, Alucard smirked when his bride backed away, her wet back being stopped by the pool edge, "But it is still not enough, I lust for more, so much more."

Her body not willing to respond and flee left Seras trapped between the edge and her rapidly closing master,

"Y-you wouldn't dare!" She threatened, "I swear you'll regret it if you get any closer!"

Yet she only received a chuckle from her partner,

"What will you do?" He asked teasing, placing himself over her wanting body, "Punish me?"

Pulling her into a wet and lustful kiss, Alucard started to roam over her warm body with his greedy hands; touching everything he got across as if he tried to claim it his, even if they both knew it already belonged to him. And as he started to play with her tongue he couldn't help but chuckle, as her body already had given in, making her sweet moans rise louder and louder. Slowly he pushed his body further against hers; his manhood brushing against her inner thigh, causing her to gasp.

"Such innocence, yet so much lust" he whispered into her ear, before an idea formed in his mind.

Smirking for a little while, he bent closer to his panting bride, their scarlet eyes meeting:

"Seras I want you to wash my body" Seras's eyes widened and she blushed even more, "We do not have much time before the dinner meeting begins, so you will have to clean my body, as it is you whom have made me so dirty."

"…w-well…" his bride answered, a strange tone to her delicate voice, "…then…"

"Then?" the No-life King was surprised, had his lover finally succumbed to his wishes? Had he finally managed to capture her soul? Was he finally getting what he had longed for for so long? "Then what?"

"Then…" Seras continued, her body stiffening as her muscles were ever so tense, "…Then we should start with your filthy mouth!"

Her lover being surprised from her submissive play, Seras managed to shove one of the shampoo bottles down his mouth; the bitter purple liquid ruining his senses as he fell backwards and down under the hot water.

"I warned you" she reminded him angry while walking away, "Touch me again and you'll wish you were dead-you bloody pervert!"

Leaving her stupid master to drown, the No-life Queen passed through the wall and managed to find her way to the elegant dining room. Already being dressed when she entered, Seras seated herself in the smaller chair to the right; waiting patiently for the food, but,

"Master you jerk…" her whole body was going insane, making waiting really, really hard, just as hard as her master's… "It was…huge…how could that possibly get inside…"

Seras's eyes widened and her whole face burned red,

"…Wah! Don't think about such things!" Now she was really going insane, her own thoughts being filled with cruel, painful and not to mention lustful acts, "Stop, stop, stoooop!"

The No-life King entered the room, a sore and forced smile-like expression across his face, but when seeing the fanatical and quite obvious blushing face of his lover, he could only grin victorious. Once again he had won the battle in their love war.

"What is wrong, dearest" he asked, placing himself behind her chair, "You look somehow redder than I remember."

His bride jumped out of her seat, landing on the table before turning around,

"St-stay away!" she shuttered, her whole body already wanting him merely by the sound of his voice.

Chuckling, Alucard flicked his finger; commanding her to sit down in her chair.

"I see that you remember last night's training…" his cold breath sent chills down her neck as she sat down, while his words were confusing her soul, "Does the little cat want more?"

Then it came, that awkward silence, it filled the entire room,

"Happened yesterday…?" The Draculina mumbled, "What…oh…"

Suddenly Seras's whole body started to shake, and the redness, oh what a deep red color her face got, like a flowing river of crimson blood it spread throughout her whole body. Yet she couldn't run away, hide, nor could she say anything, she just felt her body lose every form for control and her thoughts becoming small balls of clouds; flying away from her mind.

Alucard; her king, lover and master, kept her in place, or kept her from falling over to be more precise.

"My, my, was my queen not thinking about last night's playing?" Now this was a pleasant surprise, a most pleasant surprise indeed, "Then what could have possibly caused your soul to redden so deeply?"

Was this perhaps the No-life Kings chance to finally read his lover's mind? Her mind block was just as strong as his, and even though he could communicate with her without problems, he hadn't been able to venture further down, behind the wall and into her deepest thoughts. But now, as she was devoured by sinful thoughts, would he manage to find out anything?

There was at least no doubt that he would try, as he quickly and possessively placed his hands on the side of her face; lifting it so that their eyes met. And with a single flash he was inside of her head, traveling further and further down, behind her cracked barricade and into her darkness. He already knew that he would most likely regret his hasty action, as a strange feeling of guilt awoke inside of him, but it was quickly controlled by his everlasting possessiveness towards his lovely bride.

Yet Alucard found nothing. Or at least nothing of interest. Her memories were left alone, as they were still protected, but inside her darkness, that sweet darkness he longed for, there was nothing; it was completely empty. Of course there were some lost souls wandering around, but compared to what was usual, what was to be expected, what he expected, there was nothing. It was like an empty, black cold plain.

So he returned to his own body. It had only passed a minute or so, but he could already sense his emperors slowly coming closer, giving him no time to discuss his findings with his Seras. Growling, he released his bride and placed himself next to her, quickly changing her clothes into a green dress after a single glance.

"Disobedient little kitten" he spoke into her mind, making her to come back to reality, "Naughty thoughts and naughty clothes, such a naughty disobedient little kitten."

"….h-huh?" it took her a little while to return, but when she did her face exploded from redness and the shock almost caused her body to break down.

"Do not run away" her master ordered before she could react, "Stay with me."

The Queen sat almost shivering in her chair, not really daring to look into her master's eyes, not even wanting to look at him, as the thoughts of their previous night still roamed around in her head. She had literarily been screaming while he, he…had played with the kitten, and only the cliché way of saying what they had been doing was enough to drive her insane.

"Oh…God" she couldn't stop panting, nor could she make her heart stop beating through her chest, "Don't think about it…don't think about it…why can't I stop thinking about it?"

Seras could feel something inside of her burn like thousand flames, and that warmth was now spreading further and further down, until it suddenly stopped when her master kissed her on the cheek.

"I will not permit any other being to see you as you are now, my lovely Seras" he whispered, his low voice somehow calming her down, "For such a beautiful face should only be seen by the one who owns it."

"Why you…!" she suddenly growled, crimson tears already falling down from her eyes, "You, you bastard!"

Attacking her master out of inner anger and embarrassment, Seras still couldn't find any real strength as she tried to push him down on the floor, resulting in her simply being caught in his chest,

"I hate you, I hate you!" she sobbed as she hit him over and over again, trying desperately to hurt him, "I fucking hate you! What have you done to me?"

Yet Alucard only let out a small sigh, then he chuckled before he caught her hands; lowering them down while trying to calm her. But nothing seemed to work; she was fanatical, her virgin mind insane, and her body, oh how her body lusted for more, it was like a cruel demon that could not let her be until it was filled, satisfied.

"Your body is not pleased with my performance" he spoke, a hint of disappointment and anger in his dark voice, "And your soul is frightened by the feelings inside of you."

Words were useless, she still couldn't calm down, her whole body started to shake within his grasp, and the crimson tears had already left deep red stains on her dress. The No-life King would not waste any more time, quickly he bit down on his bride pale neck; the warmth inside of her pouring out of her, and into him. It was a weird, yet delightful sensation, but even the No-life King could not withstand the great annoyance it brought with it, that small tingle he could feel slowly rise the more of his lovers blood he drank,

"Finally" he spoke, his fangs still dripping with her warm blood, "You have calmed."

Slowly Alucard placed her down in her chair, watching her calmed body breathe out and relax. Sinking back into his own chair, the vampire king let his bride rest her head on his shoulder, a possessive smile across his face when her dead heart once again started to beat. He knew that he would enjoy this.

A mere minute later a loud knock came from the door, followed by servants bringing goblets and blood. And as the moon slowly rose up from the mountains four dark shadows rose up from the floor.

"Your highness" the four emperors said as they bowed, honoring the king. But they all seemed to hesitate a bit when seeing the passionate blaze in their king's eyes. Then again, who wouldn't react the same way? Even if they were "emperors" they were no match for their king. He was the first, the strongest, and the most feared. He could destroy anything he wished without as much as hesitating. And seeing him now, so gentle and passionate towards his bride, it was a side of him they never knew even existed.

"My emperors" Alucard suddenly spoke, allowing them to sit down by the table.

His dark voice woke Seras up from her sleepish state, but the first thing that appeared before her eyes was not exactly, how to say, what she expected, not at all. For between the tight fabrics of her master's pants rose a big bulb, a big almost exploding bulb which hid her master's swelling manhood.

"Holy shit…" she thought, quickly rising up from her comfortable position, "Oh my God, Master…"

Every single little fiber in her body wanted to look at it again, one more glance, just one tiny winy little look, only to see if it was really what she thought it was, just one glimpse,

"No, no, no, no, no" The No-life Queen refused; there was no way she would look down at it again, "What if he has to stand up…oh my God…it's huge…"

Once again the Draculina's betraying eyes had drifted towards the direction of her partners neither regions, but before anybody noticed she managed to control her urges, though her cheeks suddenly got a much redder color. Noticing a golden goblet filled with blood in front of her, Seras grabbed it slowly and tried to focus on the contents instead of the other place.

"If I may ask my lord, when will the formal introduction be held?" the old warrior suddenly asked, his strong voice breaking the silence in the room, "My house, all of our houses in fact, are dying to know, so to say."

Chuckling, Alucard flashed the muscular man a grin,

"On Hallow's Eve" he spoke, possessively taking Seras's not-so willing hand in his, "As it is already a day filled with celebration, why not give the masses something more to acclaim?"

"Splendid idea your greatness" Casimir said, a weird smile across his face, "We will start the preparations immediately."

"Yes, it will be a spectacular feast" Tristan added, "One that will be remembered in history."

"Of course" Aella spoke, "Nothing but the best is expectable for the King of vampires".

Gazing over at the surprisingly quiet and blushing Seras, the red-haired woman continued,

"And his Queen" her discordant voice had a hidden anger, and her plum lips formed a strained smile as Seras's surprised eyes caught hers.

As if a giant veil had been lifted away, everybody stared at Seras, something which annoyed Alucard beyond belief,

"Ah, yes. Lady Dracula, what an honor to share this meal with you" the blond man spoke, "And may I add that you look as beautiful as ever."

"Indeed" the lord of the snake's eye added, "Our King could not have found a more fitting bride."

"Yes, you are a very lucky Draculina your highness"

"I agree, many women, vampires and humans alike, would kill for your position, you are surly blessed!"

"Indeed, but who can blame them? The vampire king is…"

The ridicules conversation seemed to go on for hours, something which annoyed Seras just as much as it amused her lover.

"What the hell are they talking about Master?" placing her hands over her chest, the No-life Queen once again gave her lover the death stare, "You're the one who's lucky to have me here…!"

"Very well my emperors" The No-life King's voice was filled with amusement, "It is time to return to your duties."

With a quick bow the emperors disappeared, leaving an angry bride and an amused king behind in the dinning-chamber. But before Seras could even think about dissolving through the ground, she felt two strong arms wrap around her,

"You are most right my kitten" purring he almost gobbled her up, "I am the one who is blessed with having you here my dearest Seras."

"Th-that's not what I mean!" Her blushing face gave her away, "I meant that you're lucky to even be alive considering all that you've done!"

Chuckling, Alucard bit her ear, her instant approval music to his ears,

"We have much to prepare for the formal introduction" he spoke, carefully continuing his teasing, "But we can always make room for the more enjoyable training."

"What? No! Get away!" Kicking herself loose, Seras quickly dived through the floor to escape from the enjoyable training, whatever that was. But for some reason her knees almost gave in when she landed, resulting in a very weird and painful "face-first" landing on the floor.

Growling low, the vampire queen stood up, quickly trying to get rid of the warm feeling inside of her,

"Arg…gaddammit…" she half mumbled, her cheeks already red, "All perverts can go to hell!"

"You should not swear so much my love, it is so unfitting for a queen" Alucard's voice was still filled with amusement, and had a hint of tease, but overall it was a strict command, "Perhaps instead of using all of your energy to run away from me, you could just give in and enjoy what I have to offer."

"Go to hell pervert."

Chuckling, Alucard commanded her to sit down in the chair while he placed himself behind it; his hands slowly massaging her stiff shoulders while his mouth found its way to her delicate skin.

"You are so cute when you resist" his tongue slowly tasted her snow-white neck, "So sweet and innocent, yet still so cunning and lustful, not to mention resisting…this love war of ours is soon coming to an end."

Stopping his teasing before he couldn't control himself anymore, Alucard slowly withdrew from his queen and placed himself in the big chair behind his desk,

"Two weeks from now we will hold a formal introduction" he spoke in a serious tone, "Until then you will have to learn the formal ways of a vampire queen, that of course being hardly a challenge compared to the vampire training itself, as I have neglected my duties as your master for the past fifty-or so years."

"…And you think I'll agree to this because?" somehow Seras couldn't manifest any strength in her body, leaving her pretty much stuck in her chair while her body slowly drove her mind insane.

"Because you have no choice my love" Alucard smirked, "Your faith has already been decided, and our wedding will only be a small step in fulfilling your destiny."

"Wedding-what wedding? We're getting married? W-what? When did-what are you thinking? Why would I marry you?" Alucard could feel it again; her inner anger manifesting itself through her harsh words. Had he still not got rid of her inner demon? Was her hatred to him really so strong?

"A formal introduction is the same as a royal bonding, or a wedding if you will" he slowly explained, his sharp eyes waiting for her reaction, "It has no real purpose, and is not prohibited by law. Yet in higher ranks it is a way of showing that two are bound together as lovers, or married if you wish, which in our situation would simply tell the others that you are mine."

"I'm not yours! How many times do I have to tell you!" her reaction was exactly what he was expecting, yet he somehow couldn't manage it, "How could you even think that I would marry you? Why would you even tell people that we were to get-when did you even plan this?"

"Have I not told you before? This is not my doing, it is your fate Seras Victoria" his words, though spoken ever so filled with passion, were like harsh ice cold-spikes as they fell towards her; freezing her completely, "From the moment you sealed your soul with mine this has been your destiny, the sole purpose of your existence, the reason you feel, the reason you move, the reason you think, everything is because you are mine, because you are created for me, as I am created for you."

"But I…"

"Why do you resist? Why do you complain? What is it that stops you from giving in? Do we not both know how you feel? How you feel towards me? Can we not both feel the passion inside of you? Can we not both see how you react towards me? Are we not both aware of our love? Tell me Seras, explain it to me, because even in my deepest thoughts I cannot understand why!"

"I…I…don't…don't…" the last words wouldn't come out, no matter how hard she tired they were stuck on her tongue, "…I..I don't…

"I don't want to"

"And why is that?" Alucard nearly hissed, his frustration getting a hold of him, "Why can you not do it?"

"I just don't want to…"

"WHY?" Alucard snarled, both he and his shadows leaping over the table and surrounding his bride, roughly grabbing her by her fragile shoulders, "Tell me!"



Slowly she swallowed, her big scarlet eyes filled with crimson tears, and her whole body shaking, yet not from fear, but something hidden deep down inside. And to both of their surprises her voice lost the fragile and broken tone as she started to speak,

"You never…"

But it was not a voice filled with hatred, nor with coldness, it was however a soothing voice of a lover,

"You never let me decide."

"What?...Have I not always made the right decisions? Have I not always made you happy? Given you what you really wished for? Fulfilled all of your desires, your nee-?"

Without neither voice nor thoughts Seras silenced her lover by simply kissing him softly on the lips,

"I cannot love you if you do not give me the right to choose if I want to" she explained to the child in front of her, softly placing her body against his; her dead beating heart filling both their bodies, "Love is like a mirror, it reflex what you do, how you feel, but if it's broken it will take a long time to heal, and right now our mirror has not had the time to even start healing, even though you've done a good job fixing it…"

For a second Alucard placed his long arms around his Seras, pulling her closer, and their shadows, oh how they collided, like two swirling foxes they jumped around in the room, biting, kissing and twirling together as one,

"Then I ask, will you marry me?"

"…No, no, I can't…"

He didn't need to ask why, he simply dissolved through the ground, leaving both her and her shadows alone, for now he was the one who needed to think…


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