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Are you awake?


Come over. It's hot. I'm bored.

After twenty minutes or so of pacing his room, feeling stupid for sending such a forward message, Edward heard the distinct sound of his cellphone buzzing on the bedside table. Stopping immediately in his tracks, he lunged across his bed, snatching the phone with his sweaty hand.


Edward smudged the screen with his thumb, as if it would reveal a different message but it remained the same. He moved swiftly to his bedroom window, pushing as much of his upper body as he could over the ledge and looking down. There she stood. Bella Swan. Looking just as sweaty and flustered as himself, in nothing more than a pair of cotton shorts and a singlet, standing next to a blue rusty bike.

"Hi." Bella's soft squeaking voice seemed to travel slowly from the ground below, upwards to Edwards window.

"Did you ride here?" Edward replied in a sing-song voice, tilting his head to the bike next to her.

"Uh, yeah? Charlie would have heard if I'd taken the truck."

Edward snorted, watching as Bella's puffed out a breath, obviously flustered.

"What? Is it hard for you to believe that I can actually ride a bike?" she hissed, kicking the stand off, slowly wheeling the bike and herself out of his line of sight.

"No, Bella! Wait, hold on!" Edward half shouted, scrambling for a pair of flip flops before slipping out his window with ease, scaling the lattice on the side of the house to make his way to the ground.

Bella now sat on the bike, not looking at him, her face torn between a look of concentration at trying to stay upright on the bike and obvious annoyance at Edward.

Edward moved slowly to her, making his way around the front of the bike. Resting his weight on the handlebars, he leaned towards her face. "Thanks for coming over," he whispered and she smiled up at him.

Edward and Bella were in that awkward stage of a relationship where it's obvious that you're more than friends but you haven't actually acted on anything to label it that just yet. They both felt it. God, everyone around them felt it. But they had yet to do anything about it. The whole situation was just different. Bella Swan was different.

Edward had his fleeting romances with girls like Lauren, who had him pressed against a locker as soon as he showed any interest and had a hand down his pants on the second date. He wouldn't lie to himself. Those times were fun, but often left Edward feeling like it wasn't enough. It got boring easily. And to be honest, there was only so much Edward could talk about with Lauren Mallory. Bella, on the other hand, was smart and clumsy and artistic and real words actually came out of her mouth. She called out Edward on his bullshit. Often. Like the time he ignored her at Mike Newtons' party in favour of staring at Jessica Stanleys' cleavage with the boys. The following Monday at school, when he sat next to her in Biology and began rifling through her pencil case for a pen, she mouthed "FUCK OFF" popping her lips at the F's and shoving his hand away.

It took two weeks for Bella to forgive Edward.

It was after that particular incident that Edward thought maybe this friendship meant more to him than he realised. Those two weeks left him feel shitty and miserable to the point that not even a behind the gym dry humping session with Katie Marshall could make him feel better. If anything, it made him feel worse. Why was he getting so down about Bella Swan being pissed at him? He remembered his best friend Emmet McCarty throwing a hotdog at his head and shouting, "You're totally into that Swan chick dude, man the fuck up."

Edward suddenly felt the handlebars beneath him rattle, snapping him out of his thoughts. He straightened upwards, focusing his attention on Bella, only to send her and the bike off balance. Quickly reaching out, his hands found the flesh of Bella's hips, riding up the sides of her tank as he lifted her upwards, as she clutched to the bike, righting her balance.

"Glad you've come back to earth Edward," she muttered, exhaling loudly and blowing the hair out of her face

"Shut up, I just zoned out for a second," Edward mumbled back noticing the way the soft flesh of her hip felt under his thumb and forefinger. Bella looked down at his hands and blinked several times at what she was seeing, squirming as heat pooled down her chest, feeling embarrassed as she watched Edward's hands dart back to the handlebars.

An awkward silence fell between them as Bella pushed off her bike and slowly began riding down the street, Edward following at an even pace behind her. Edward couldn't help but laugh softly as Bella wobbled ever so slightly down the paved concrete, squeaking every time the bike rode across the many twigs and branches that littered the pavement. "I can fucking hear you," she muttered, turning ever so slightly and scrunching her face at him. Of course, in typical Bella fashion, just as she turned the bike around she lost her balance and toppled off, thankfully catching herself before she landed on the concrete. Edward ran, quickly catching up with her, lifting her up along with the bike.

"Let's just walk it…. You take one handlebar, and I'll take the other… Okay?"

Bella took the right handlebar and watched as Edward's left hand curled around the other. She wondered for a moment what it would feel like for his hand to curl around hers. Or what it would be like around her shoulder, or her waist. The heat that pooled through her chest trickled down into her belly and she immediately flushed with embarrassment. Thank god it was dark.

Edward didn't say anything as they casually made their way into the main part of town. Everyone else seemed to have the same idea as the two teens, with many locals wandering around, seeking comfort from the heat of their homes. No one had a need for air conditioners in Forks, and the two day heat wave had left the town disgruntled. The all night diner near the gas station caught Bella's attention and she steered the bike and Edward in the direction of a cold drink and maybe some ice cream. Getting Bella's idea, Edward picked up the pace as they walked into the fluorescent lights that spilled across the concrete. Leaning the bike against the entrance, Bella watched as the neon of the diner sign seemed to reflect onto Edward's pale skin.

They moved inside quickly, both turning to look at each other on realising it was, in fact, just as hot inside the diner as it was out. Bella made a quick dash to the bathroom as Edward ordered an ice cream and a coke to go, preferring to be outside with the slight breeze than in the humidity of the diner.

Bella took her time in the bathroom, tyring to make the most of her appearance, her insides still feeling gooey from her earlier thoughts of Edward. Washing her hands and splashing water onto her face and neck, she made her way outside, immediately panicking when she couldn't see Edward. Her heart thundered in her chest but stilled on hearing a knock from outside. There stood Edward with his eyebrow raised, an ice cream cone in one hand and a coke in the other.

Bella made her way outside, immediately snatching the ice cream from Edward's hand and taking a long lick, laughing as vanilla trickled down her hands. She looked up at Edward whose tongue was peeking out of his mouth, staring at her as she licked the ice cream off her hand.

"Ready to go?" She smirked, passing the ice cream back to Edward and taking the bike from where they had left it. Bella hopped on again deciding to give the whole bike riding thing another go, and just as she began to peddle forward, she felt Edward's weight next to her holding on to the handlebars. "C'mon I'll help," he said putting his hand on the handlebar and slowly walking alongside her.

As they peddled back to the quiet side streets where they lived, Edward marvelled at how little had been said on their midnight rendezvous. The ice cream and coke had long been gone. He smirked, remembering Bella attempting to take a bite out of the cone and peddle at the same time. He enjoyed this quiet that he shared with her. It was strange, but he liked it. Beside him, Bella began singing softly but loud enough for him to make out the words:

Soak my head in the sink for a while

Chills on my neck and it makes me smile but

My bones have to move and my skin's gotta breathe

You pick up the phone and I'm so relieved

He laughed at her, poking the fleshy skin of her side as she began the verse again, pushing off him and riding the bike quite successfully down the pathway. Bella swerved the bike side to side as if she was dancing down the footpath, her hair flowing behind her, her words traveling to Edward as he walked behind her laughing. Her voice suddenly got louder as she came to the last line of the verse half shouting "You pick up the phone and I'm so…" but the relieved part didn't come out as she suddenly came crashing to the pavement, letting out a squawk. Edward sprinted to her, thanking the streetlamp, giving him enough light to check she hadn't hurt herself too bad.

"I'm okay. I'm okay," she muttered, wincing as Edward pressed his thumbs into her legs.

"Took a bit of a tumble there, Miss Swan," he said brushing the hair out of her face, as he inspected her legs and arms. "I think you're okay, just got some nasty scrapes on your knees. Nothing a band-aid won't fix." Edward's thumb traced soft circles around her thigh and again Bella felt that feeling in her lower belly. She felt herself turn red, and prayed the street light wouldn't give it away.

Edward looked at his hand and then up at her, noticing the way her breathing suddenly increased. "Is this okay?" he asked, his hands now splayed across her thighs. Bella nodded, sucking in a breath as his hands inched higher up her thighs, the tips of his fingers grazing the skin beneath the frayed edges of her cotton shorts. She was sure she was panting by now, looking down to her chest and to Edward's hands, watching as her whole body seemed to move as if some slow wave.

Edward moved closer to her, his breath hot against her neck as his hands moved all the way up her shorts, moving around to gently squeeze her behind. Bella let out a soft groan without even realizing it, the noise tumbling out of her mouth before she could contain it. She'd felt like this before, but this right here, right now, laying on the concrete outside Mr Crowley's house was nothing like she'd ever felt before. Bella suddenly felt too hot, like she was suffocating and she also was suddenly aware of how ridiculous she probably looked, all sweaty and sticky, laying on the side walk. Edward immediately noticed her body stiffen as she turned her face away from him. Removing his hands from her shorts, he placed them on her hips, turning her face towards him with his own. "Are you okay? Was that too much?" he breathed into the crook of her neck.

Bella leaned up onto her elbows, so they were face to face. "I'm just so….sticky. God this is embarrassing. Why is it so fucking hot?" she huffed, throwing herself back onto the concrete and covering her face with her hands. Edward looked down on the girl beneath him, a big grin slowly making its way across his face. His chest seemed to expand with every passing moment that he looked at her thin white arms covering her face, her hair fanned out across the bitter grey concrete, mumbling about being sticky and embarrassed. Edward didn't care, because it didn't matter that they were both sticky and sweaty. He had never been so sure about something than in that moment, so he leaned down and kissed her square on the mouth. He waited, praying she wouldn't beat him across the head with her hands, and instead was surprised to find her lift her head, so they were at eye level with each other and kissed him back. She moved her hands to his shirt, scrunching the fabric in a tight fist, while his hands found their way back to her thighs, revisiting the curve of her behind as they fumbled and writhed on the concrete pathway, tinged by the yellow glow of the street lamp.

"Edward, we better get up," Bella panted between kisses, removing her hand from his shirt. Edward groaned as he continued palming her ass underneath her shorts, his other hand finding its way under her tank top, rubbing the skin under her bra with his thumb.

"C'mon, we need to get back." Bella shoved Edward off her gently, her whole body tingling from their impromptu make-out session. Heat coursed throughout her and she sighed, running a hand through her hair as she picked up the bike. Edward stood awkwardly, his face scrunched, taking a few breaths before following behind her as they walked the short trip back to Edward's house.

"You should come inside, let me disinfect your knees for you."

Bella frowned. "But, I should get home. Charlie?"

Edward looked down at her scraped knees.

"Okay, okay," she mumbled as they made their way through the Cullen backyard, Edward boosting Bella so she could scale the lattice and enter his bedroom.

On finally making it into Edward's room, Bella sat on the edge of the bed as Edward roamed around his bathroom looking for supplies to clean her knees. She watched him, opening and closing cupboards, his face scrunched up in thought, a smile washing across his face when he found some anti bacterial cream and two band-aids. Turning off the bathroom light and shuffling towards her, he kneeled down at the foot of the bed and went to work at cleaning her knees. Bella hissed as Edward slowly wiped the cream across one knee, covering it with a bandaid. He soothed her by tracing circles on her upper thigh with his thumb whilst attending to the other. With both knees cleaned and bandaged, Edward stood upright, moving towards Bella and placing an open-mouthed kiss on her bare shoulder, nudging her back slightly to lay on the bed.

Bella watched as Edward moved back towards the bathroom. Tracing patterns on his sheets with her hands as she waited for him to finish cleaning up and return to the bed. Sucking in a breath, her stomach flipped as Edward's weight sunk into the mattress, his hand ghosting her side.

"I should go home…."

"Stay? Please," Edward mumbled, shifting his weight and pressing her into the mattress. Edward placed hot open-mouthed kisses down her neck, laughing quietly as she squirmed beneath him.

"Ugh, I'm so sticky. You're making it worse," she whined, yanking on his hair, bringing his lips to her own. Deciding to try something new, she took his bottom lip into her mouth, sucking on it before letting go, grinning at the sound it made.

Edward groaned above her and Bella felt heat creep up in her face.

"Ugh, was that okay? Did I do something wrong?" She mumbled, snatching her hands away from Edward's hair to cover her face.

Just as her hands had covered her face, Edward picked them up swiftly, placing them above her on the mattress.

Bella's mouth opened as if she was to say "Oh" but no sound came out.

"Just lay here with me for a bit, and then I'll walk you home. Okay, please? Enough about you being sticky. I'm sticky too. We're both sticky."

Bella huffed beneath him and gingerly lifted her head to give him a soft kiss on the mouth. Letting go of her hands and pulling her towards him, Edward sighed into the kiss, rolling them to their sides so they could face each other.

Edward traced the outline of her face in the dark, placing soft kisses on her chest and neck as he listened to her soft breathing that filled up the room. He'd get her home eventually, but for now he was content to touch Bella in the dark.

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