The sunlight had faded into a soft orange glow coming through the windows into the main area of the Magic Shop. Anya had already left with Xander to their flat. Buffy was out beginning early patrol, or more likely with Spike. Dawn was home with Tara. Giles was home by himself reading as well as feeling a strange familiarity in the air this night. Willow was the only one left in the Magic Shop. She came down from the top shelves with a small volume that had called to her while she was dusting up there. She laid it out on the table and quickly found all the things she needed for the first spell in the book. If it did what it claimed then they all have the power to help stop the darkness and maybe Buffy wouldn't feel the need to ignore them anymore for their own protection. At least that's the only reason Willow could think of that her best friend wasn't talking to her much anymore, and seemed so cold. She was confident it would work and then they wouldn't be so useless to Buffy anymore. What Spike had said a few years ago had always grated at her. She needed to be useful after everything Buffy had done for them. She knew Buffy would realize it after this. 'Here I go.' She lit the candle and burned the nightshade in the air in a circle around her. She tossed the magic sand onto the map of Sunnydale and spoke the words with no regret. 'That's funny-' She fainted in her chair while a thousand lights of all colors flew out from where the flame used to be. It had begun. The chaos would reign in this town.

Buffy felt strange coming to see Spike again; she really shouldn't feel so comfortable around him. She figured it was a side effect of going through digging herself out of her own grave. She knocked on his door. He opened it rather quickly; he could probably feel her like she could always feel him. It was like a buzzing sensation around the sensitive skin of her eyes, finngertips, and elsewhere. "Hey, can I come in?" She asked shyly, hating the uncertainty in her own voice. What was he doing to her?

"'Course, love. Always welcome at ol' Spike's crypt. 'S long as you aren't here to play 'Kick the Spike'." He added sardonically. He didn't seem too fazed by it though so she could only sigh in relief. She sank into one of the beaten up armchairs and waited till he took the other. She didn't want to talk this time. And he sensed that and flicked the telly back on, Passions was on. If anything could make her life feel less complicated it was watching Passions with Spike. Spike let out a yell, it wasn't as loud as he usually would though in respect for how she was feeling, and said, "Oh come on! You both know you want each other! God if you weren't actors I'd bite you already for your bloody ignorance." She snorted and said, "Really Spike?"

"Bloody right I would. Can't stand to see people do this kind of thing. Show 'em they don't have all the time in the world to beat around the bush." He wasn't making much sense anymore so she just laughed and went back to watching. She wondered how exactly he got this show with his rabbit ears and busted up piece of junk. Probably demonic assistance was involved somehow. Suddenly the power went out. Spike cursed but got quiet when he felt a strange presence in his crypt. "Love, Buffy you still here?" No answer. She was out cold. He got up and went to her chair, she was still in it. He checked her pulse, nothing. No, that can't be right, she's alive now. "Buffy, no, don't leave me again. Come back." Suddenly he saw her eyes snap open, but no they weren't her eyes, not exactly anyway. "Sire?" She asks innocently. He shakes his head. "Spike." She says finally after looking at him without her vampire face on. She seemed wistful. "You seemed different. But you aren't the one who changed, are you?"

"No, love. 'M still the same old vamp you love to hate." He said with a slightly hurt tone to his voice. To his surprise she reached out for him and grabbed his hand. "Buffy?" he asks, unsure if she was still in there now. He didn't want to have to stake her. He probably couldn't to be honest.

"Yes, are you sure you didn't bump your head on the way over here?" She said and laughingly patted him on the head. He looked into her eyes, trying to find her spark. She was still in there, but only just. He asks, "You hungry, love?"

She pouted, "Actually, no. Um, I could use a soda though."

"I meant blood, love. Can't let you eat the fair denizens of Sunnydale but I've got some pig's blood-"

"Ew, no I think I'll pass."

"What do you mean ew? I know it's not kosher but it's all I got."

"No blood at all I meant."

"Oh, wait- What?"

Buffy sighed dramatically, "Don't make me draw a picture diagram. I'm not craving the blood. Human or otherwise." He looked at her strangely. He knew she was definitely no longer with the living. 'But she would have been starving for blood. All fledges were.' He thought with a quirk of his lips, 'I was. Dru and I painted the town red that night.'

She coughed, "Anyone home? Jeeze Spike we have to figure out if this is an isolated event or-" He cut her off, roaring with laughter.

"Bloody Hell! You sound just like Soldier Boy." He added with a smirk, "Don't think he made much of an impression, personally." Instead of glaring at him like she expected, she laughed as well. She was bent over clutching her ribs from laughing so hard.

"But in all seriousness, Spike," She said after she recovered, "We should check on the others. I'm worried about Dawn."

"Right, pet. She's with Tara though," He said but she gave him a look, "You don't think Dawn or Tara have been effected too, do you? Come on, can you even imagine a vampire Glenda?"

Buffy sighed and dragged him out the door before he injured himself with his own thoughts.

Once outside they realized things were as topsy turvy as they'd ever seen them. She saw an arm trying to free itself from the soil of a fresh grave so she went over and yanked the fledge out of the soil. Only, she realized once the man was out that he wasn't dead like her. "You're alive." She stated as she listened to the man's laboured breathing and erratic heartbeat. She heard Spike snort behind her and she leveled him with a glare. 'Back to normal then,' He thought. "That's obvious, love. Why else would someone tear out of their own grave?" She counted to ten so that she wouldn't murder Spike and then waited to see what the new guy knew.

"Yeah, I am. But... I was dead. Somewhere else. It's a miracle!" The man seemed to jump for joy and she realized he was wearing priestly garb. She sighed, that would have been confusing, a vampire priest. "What kind of vampire sires a priest?" She asked to no one in particular. "Vampires?" The Priest asked her, "I don't remember any vampires. But- There was a strange woman who bit me after confessional. She was too strong, too fast. And spoke strangely."

Spike and Buffy looked at each other at the same time and thought simultaneously, 'Can you believe this idiot?' Spike put two and two together and whispered to Buffy, "It's Dru. But she hasn't sired anyone in a long time. What changed?" Buffy rolled her eyes and said, "Obviously she was lonely. Why else do vampires sire?"

Spike puffed up and said, "To build an army of undead against the slayer." Buffy just rolled her eyes and said, "Nice try." Buffy turned back to the idiot clergyman and addressed him as he was still dusting the dirt of his robes, "One thing's for certain. You can't go back to your old life now. What are you going to do?"

"Would you believe me if I said, Disneyland?" He chuckled, "I guess that'd be a bit strange as well." Buffy just sighed and then said, "Good luck with that. But I'm not sure you will be safe here, you should definitely at least head out to L.A. I have an associate there named Angel. He leads Angel Investigations. He'll help you out if anything weird happens." She handed the man a card, which caused Spike to laugh about Buffy being Angel's pimp, and turned away with Spike in tow.

It was a full ten minutes later that she entered her house on Revello Drive. Tara and Dawn were watching Scream 2 and laughing at all the corny 'scary' parts. Buffy sighed, they both seemed fine. Spike however wasn't so sure. Something seemed off. Dissonant somehow. "Hey, lil bit. Glenda." He said and leaned casually against the door frame to the living room. Tara turned to see them and they both freaked out to see that she wasn't human anymore. Her face was full on vampire face and yet she smiled as warmly and shyly as ever when she saw the two of them. "Had an eventful night, Buffy?" She asked with concern. But Buffy put herself squarely between Dawn and Tara. Buffy says dangerously, "Don't come near my sister!" Meanwhile Dawn is trying to get Buffy's attention but Buffy is ignoring her, as per usual.

Spike notices however and asks the Little Bit what's wrong. She answers, "Tara's been like that for an hour now! She hasn't tried to bite me or anything! It's weird. Something up and it smells of old Warlock." Spike nodded in agreement and got Buffy to back down from a scared Tara. "She's fine, pet. They are both fine. Tara must be like you, or close to anyway. Dawn thinks its Ethan Rayne."

"Well if Dawn thinks! I think it's Willow. She's been... The magic is taking her Spike!" She looked distressed and he patted her arm consolingly. She continued, "I've been trying to ignore it, and her because of what she did- but not now! She's put me in my grave again and now I can't ever get out."

"We'll fix it. Spike'll find a way to put everyone back in their proper human bodies. You'll see." He said as he held her, 'it is nice to feel needed like this.' She pulled Dawn and Tara in, both of them still a little confused about what Buffy meant. But he knew, she was missing Heaven and now if she stayed a vampire... Well that basically meant you were destined for hell. No matter if you fight the good fight and don't eat the humans. Even that souled poof Angel knew that, 'Why else would he be so broody?'

She pulled back reluctantly from him and the others with an embarrassed smile on her face. He loved to see this side of her. One might say he reveled in it. She asked, "Tara, do you think you can stay here with Dawn, watch out for her and the like? I have to see about the others."

Angel was tracking Drusilla to Sunnydale, he didn't really want to be here but he also didn't want her causing Buffy any problems. Buffy, the name filled him with equal parts guilt and longing. Oh yeah, and the fact that she's all buddy-buddy with Spike, that idiot, didn't help with him wanting to be here. 'Why can't the girl find some normal guy to like? If it's got to be a vampire, it should be me anyway; she's mine, rightfully.' He was waiting for the sun to go down when it happened. He felt it beat, his heart started beating again. It was like nothing else, it was evidence that he was alive. He almost forgot to breathe, but quickly came to his senses. He picked up his dark black coat, threw it over the plain white shirt, and headed to Giles'. He'd need the Watchers help on this one. "If he doesn't try to kill me first," Angel said wryly to no one in particular.

"Angelus," Rupert Giles said when the vampire was at his door, "What brings you here at," He looks at his rather old watch, "7:39 PM?"

"I need your help. Can I come in?" He asked politely, not that he needed an invitation anymore. He breathed normally and it wasn't too long before Giles noticed this.

Giles looked at him skeptically and then noticed the carotid artery in the Vampire's neck was pulsing, as if pumping blood. "What kind of game are you playing at? Trying to appear human-"

"I'm not trying to do anything! I just- I just need your help because I have a feeling others have been affected. I may be a human now but... I don't deserve it. Not yet. But other people, they could have been turned into vampires tonight. Vampires with no sire... It's not a thought I wish to have." Angel said with a shake of his head.

Giles opened the door more fully but said nothing; it was a test to prove Angel wasn't lying. He entered and closed the door behind him while Giles made them both teas. Angel asked, "Do you know how much I missed the taste of tea?" He took a sip and then set the cup down, "Doesn't taste the same without a smidge of whiskey."

"Irish," Giles said like an insult to which Angel replied, "English." They both glared a bit at the other while drinking their tea. Angel asked, "Do you even have whiskey?"

Giles looked at him sternly, "Of course not. But you are welcome to substitute it with some of my scotch." Angel made a face at that to which they both laughed. "I thought as much."

Soon there was another knock at the door and then Giles heard an unpleasant voice say loudly through the door, "Oi! Emergency here! Open up Watcher"; followed by Buffy saying something that sounded a lot like, "Shut up, Spike!" Angel and Giles both made the same exact groan of displeasure; neither of them liked Spike terribly much.

Giles opened the door and Buffy and Spike came barging in, Buffy's eyes went wide when she saw who he was entertaining and didn't quite have any idea what to say, "Angel," She said with a catch in her voice. She hadn't wanted to go see him but she had Giles tell him she was alive, and look now she wasn't! But, she knew instinctively, he was.

"Buffy-" Spike had run forward and punched Angel in the nose only to fall backwards himself with a splitting migraine, "Ow! What 'da 'ell, Spoik?" Angel said whilst clutching his probably broken nose.

Spike just laughed like a basket case. "Well, he's human, but not any prettier to look at." Angel glared at him and Buffy looked at Angel incredulously, that was the same look she gave Spike when- 'Whoa that's so not a thought you wanna be having, Buffy.' "Yeah I got that Spike, my senses aren't that dull." She said to distract herself from the image of the two of them- 'Stop these thoughts!'

Spike smirked when he noticed her faint blush, 'Oh yeah, I'm good.' He thought and while she was looking, looked between Angel and her and rolled his tongue behind his teeth. She blushed a little more, which made him wonder where in hell she got the blood to do that and turned her attention to Giles.

"Spike and I have checked on everyone else besides you and Willow, we couldn't find her. We know she was in the Magic Box but... She must have left. Xander is a vampire and I'm not sure if anything much is off about him, Anya apparently is a vampire with a soul, sans brooding, Dawn's human still and Tara apparently wants demon blood to snack on. As for myself, I'm also a vampire now but apparently I don't need or want blood and can walk into whatever domain I feel like. That about sums it up. Oh wait! We think Drusilla is back in town." She finished and plopped down onto the couch with Spike following soon after; if only to prevent Angel from getting to her first.

Giles cleaned his glasses and said dryly, "Indeed. Well, Angel has also been affected. Oppositely, one might say-"

"Giles, we really don't have time for this. Do you know of any spell that could do this?" Buffy asked with a hopeful expression.

He sighed, "No, I'm afraid not. But I do believe I sensed Willow doing the spell. And earlier I had the strange feeling that Ethan Rayne is back in town."

Spike snorted and said, "It's a bloody reunion. I just hope Darla is still dust-"

Buffy smacked him upside the head and said, "Don't Jinx it!" Buffy then turned back to Giles, who had taken seat in an uncomfortable looking armchair. "We figured those two were involved, especially when we couldn't find Willow. I doubt Rayne's going to stick around to watch the show this time. He must have learned by now, don't you think?"

Giles sighed and said, "No, he never learns. Not even when he's put in mortal danger. I've tried stressing to him that I don't want to see him in Sunnydale. But he always comes back."

"Well, that settles it. I just need to go out there and find him. Beat him up a bit and he'll tell me how to fix this." She said and made to leave. Spike and Angel both got up to follow her. She sighed and gestured for Angel to sit back down. "Angel, stay here with Giles. It's not safe right now for you to be out of doors." Spike gave him a smug smile and flounced out the door behind Buffy.

"Why'd it have to be me, Giles?" Angel asked semi rhetorically.

Giles handed him a glass of scotch and said emotionlessly, "Be thankful she's still mostly herself. She could have killed us both. I know Spike wouldn't have stopped her."

Angel took a large gulp, to which Giles raised his brow with some contempt, and said, in a depressed voice, "Only too true."

Drusilla was very happy that she'd gotten a replacement for that lovely priest she'd snacked on. She gleefully let the red headed vampire tear through the streets, eating everyone she could. "Such appetite! But save room for dessert, I have special cakes for you and Mummy will be displeased if you don't finish them all!" She swayed to and fro and giggled singing an old folk tune that her Mummy used to sing her. "No more sunshine! It's all darkness and stars! The moon is turning red...." She growled and dragged the red head inside a nearby mausoleum. "Wait here. The sun will rise soon and we don't want our dresses to get ruined! Then we couldn't have the dessert."

Willow nodded and climbed inside a sarcophagus, curling around the current occupant. "I won't leave bones for them to find me by."

Drusilla slipped into another empty one and sang the song her mother used to sing until she went to sleep. She ignored the young vampire crying herself to sleep.

Willow cuddled the dry bones and sucked on the blood crusting around her lips, 'They tasted better going down. Now they're in my head. It hurts.' She cried and clutched her head, the blood on her fingers going into her hair. 'Why does it hurt?'

Spike was forced to stay with Buffy and Tara in the basement while it was sunny outside. They figured it'd be safer to stick together. They fell asleep sometime around noon after watching television and playing cards. Spike was the first up, he needed far less sleep then they did as new vampires. He went upstairs and heated up a bag of blood in his customary mug. He smiled slightly remembering when he'd been chained up in that tub. It was a terrible time for the most part, except for when she'd been there. He'd convinced himself back then that the reason he'd looked forward to her coming over was she was a worthy verbal opponent and the fact that she'd give him more blood then Giles could stomach to give him helped. She was just so alive back then. He'd been only too happy to bask in it while he could. He was such an idiot, he realized later, when he'd betrayed her to that hunk of junk Adam. 'I helped a bit in the end though.'

She pranced upstairs behind him and grabbed a diet coke, making a face at his half a mug of cooling blood. "Might want to get to that before the next Ice Age," she said and poked him in the ribs, "I'm not rich enough for you to not finish what you take."

He chuckled and drank the last bit quickly, his face going instinctively bumpy. He looked at her with his yellow eyes to see she'd also gotten bumpy. "See something you like, love?" He smirked and bared his fangs while doing his trademark tongue curl.

"Gross Spike! I am so not attracted to you while you are like that!" She said, not realizing she had given away a bit more then she had intended.

He leaned forward, backing her against the fridge, and said, "But you are attracted to me, then." He turned his head and moved as if to suck her blood but stopped at her ear. "Tell me no and I'll stop." He licked and nibbled on her seductively. He wasn't in any rush. She didn't keep silent for long and he could hear her biting her lip to keep from making too much noise. He licked a particularly sensitive part of her neck, where her pulse would have been, and asked while pulling away to stare into her eyes, "How about now, still not attracted to me?" His yellow eyes focused on her intently.

He didn't get to hear her answer though as Tara came up the stairs at just that moment, "Who's ready to k-kill some demons? I got bored waiting for you guys to stop f-fooling around."

Spike looked pretty abashed for an evil vampire. Buffy straightened her skirt reflexively, even though she was wearing leather pants today and said, "Sure Tara, you sure you want to come? It's pretty hectic out there. I'm trying to make sure I'm not killing anyone vampire or otherwise until we can figure this out and get it reversed. Mostly, we're going to go out looking for Willow." Tara actually pouted at that.

"Don't worry Glenda, I'm sure we'll find a nice demon snack for you." Spike said to which Tara brightened up. It worried Spike that she wasn't worried about Willow; he guessed she really didn't care about her now that she'd gone through the change. Or perhaps she was angry Willow had had a hand in this mess. Either way, they needed Tara to help with bringing Willow back to fix what she broke. He only hoped his intuition was wrong and she wasn't with Drusilla. It'd be a bitch of a time getting Red away from Dru, who was always very protective of new pets.

"Right, let's go." Buffy said with a slight tremor in her voice. She exited out the back door with Tara and Spike following behind her. She so needed to find Willow and fast if she wanted to keep her distance from Spike.

Meanwhile Spike was thinking they needed to find Willow before Dru did. As well as thinking that the slayer really needed to wear leather pants more often. He pulled his eyes back up to look around a bit, not that eyes were vitally important in the dark. In truth he relied primarily on his hearing, it didn't work as well on other vampires, experienced ones in any case. But he just might hear Red breathing erratically after killing some dumb human. "We should... look for where there is trouble. She'll be at its center. I always pegged her to have a real whimsy and talent for death."

Buffy glared at him, but he could tell she knew he was right. She was just worried for the girl. "Spike, you barely even know her. I'm one of her best friends-"

He scoffed, "Fat lot of good that did ya. Witch needs to learn magic has consequences. Maybe dying will have gotten it through that head of hers."

She barely spared him a glance as she busted into yet another crypt, hoping to find Willow. She sighed, no one was home. "This is a total bust. I guess we can try your idea."

Spike stiffened, someone had been here, maybe 15 minutes ago. "Dru was here. And, Gods, so was Willow. She cried a lot when she was around me... kind of used to the smell of her tears now. You know that sounded just as weird in my head as out of it."

Buffy sniffed too, she definitely noted a certain amount of Willow odor. It wasn't until he said anything that she noticed. "And now I'm officially weirded out. As soon as we get her back she going on a serious magical sabbatical." She sniffed a bit more, "There was quite a bit of blood on her too... Not her own though. Bleh."

Spike smiled slightly before realizing that humans dying, probably not something to smile about. Even if you were right about someone's vampire personality. He put on his best stern face and shoved his hands in his jeans to keep from picking up where he'd left off in the kitchen. Although he didn't see the big deal about it, he wanted to show her he was willing to adapt. Plus, it was only a matter of time before she would see she was meant to be with him in the night. And then she'd be only too willing to- Hold up there! Mission time, focus. "We should go to the Bronze."

"Spike, we don't have time for a drink!" She looked exasperated with him and he could only chuckle and wait for her to connect the dots. "Oh right... I'm still an idiot; yeah that's where the people are. Walking, talking happy meals and all. Come on, this place is dull."

Tara piped in, "Well, it IS a crypt."

The Bronze was packed with people and vampires alike. And who knew how many humans were originally vampires and vice versa. It was a PR nightmare. If Spike actually cared about such things, which he didn't, as if reading his mind Buffy said, "Look, don't kill any vampires unless you have to. We are here for Willow."

Tara spotted her first, grinding against Dru provocatively in a sea of other bodies. She squeaked and turned away from the sight, understandable considering. Spike brought the two girls with him to speak with Dru. They had little trouble a most were inebriated humans, easy to push out of the way. "New pet, love?"

Dru turned her dark eyes on him and growled a bit. "You've been naughty, Spike. No cakes for you." He restrained from growling at her in turn, the woman was mental. He used to really love it, but now... Who was he kidding; all the women he was into were bloody nutcases. The whole screeching evasive lot of them; but he needed them around, so that he wouldn't be alone.

"Willow, you did this you know that right?" He asked softly, "You can take it back, reverse it." She looked at him with equal parts hope and despair.

"Fix me, I'm broken. All- all loose threads and I keep stitching the cloth together but my hands are wet with their blood. Help me, Spike. It hurts now. Their voices, they call me unclean. Make them stop." She whimpered and sucked on the blood on her hands like a child would of sweet covered fingers. She pulled away from Dru, who looked really put out and tried to hit Tara who stepped up to protect Willow from the older vampire.

"These are my girls, Dru. You don't touch them." He said and punched her out. Thankfully she hadn't been turned into a human so he was pain free. He led them out while Dru was still unconscious. He didn't want to go against his sire in a full out battle. He wasn't that foolish. He stole a glance at Buffy who was laughing quietly, "Spike, that was the worst sucker punch in history."

He laughed too while Tara let Willow cling to her for comfort. It wasn't the perfect moment but for Spike it felt very close.

Soon the entire Scooby Gang, and a few more besides, was gathered in Giles' apartment. Giles', Willow, and Tara were getting the magicks going while Buffy was eyeing up Spike in a naughty way. 'Damn it must be me being a vampire myself... It'll all blow over once they fix this. Right and pigs will fly which, on the Hellmouth, is probably not the most unlikely thing to happen.' Spike took that exact moment to look back, curling his tongue provocatively at her. All thoughts of pigs flew out the window.

"You are so going to be even more damned if you don't stop that." She said threateningly. At least she thought it sounded great in her mind. Her voice had other plans and made her sound more coy than killer. Good thing he wasn't likely to kill her either, at least not tonight.

So wrapped up was she in making eye contact love to Spike that she didn't notice the small light reenter her chest. And then she realized, it didn't matter that he wasn't all good. She wasn't either truth be told. He was trying; even without a soul he was trying to be a good man. But she couldn't do this to him; make him do it only for her. She dragged him bodily out of Giles' Apartment while the rest were still recovering from their re humanizing. "I don't love you." She said plainly.

"I know, pet. But a man has to try don't he? You are everything to me." He spoke in that way of his that made her insides turns gooey.

"But... I do care about you. You deserve to find out what being good really means without looking over your shoulder wondering if I'm going to come along and smack you on the nose for every wrong move." She was trying really hard to make this easy and pain-free.

"Are you?" He looked incredulous as he said, "Are you breaking up with me?"

"Technically-" She started to say but even in her own ears it sounded harsh. Brittle. The words wouldn't come. She felt bad, guilty; he wouldn't feel this bad for her.

"Right, then. Remind me next time not to go to the sodding trouble of cleaning up after Red. Some things are better off left done." He looked like he didn't care but if she had learned one thing about Spike, and that would be an understatement; it was that he did care. He cared a lot more than some humans she'd known. Like Ben, which by the by she hadn't seen since the whole Glory thing. Strangely she wasn't too worried that some nasty might have made him its dinner.

"Spike, it's not so bad we can still-"

"If you bloody even think of finishing that sentence I'll end you." He said while getting up close to her face.

"I suppose not... Mortal enemies again, then? Since we seem to be on threatening terms." She asked with a shade too much enthusiasm. Inside she felt it though, it was wrong to do this. But nothing was right anymore, if it ever was.

"This can't be as easy for you as you are making it out to be." He said holding himself back just barely from crawling on his knees, begging her not to do this. "I finally have you back, alive again. I did it for you. But more importantly for me. I need you Slayer, alive and well and kicking."

"You don't though, you need perspective... And as long as I'm in the picture, your whole world will revolve around me." She said quivering slightly as he leaned in closer.

"You are the sun Buffy. Even in the darkest night you light the way. Is it so bad to want that?" He asked.

"Only if you are a vampire with a nasty allergy to sunlight."

"I'll burn up knowin' I was the closest thin' to happy I'll ever know."

"I can't let you." She said pulling away from him.

He nodded, seeming to take some invisible cue she hadn't sent out. "I'll wait until you will. You are the one I would wait an eternity for..." And he tried to leave, people really needed to stop saying poignant things and leaving her to stew.

"You are an idiot, you do realize this right?" She said while pulling him around into her. "You don't get to do cool walk away, for one thing it's nearly dawn."

"For the other?"

She kissed him sweetly; it was slow and unrushed, as if the sun couldn't touch them. She pulled away first and said, "For second, I was lying when I said we could be enemies. I need you here, dead but not dusty and most certainly kissing me." It was enough for now. There would be time enough for plans and arrangements after the coming storm.

They both came back in and waited whatever admonishments were to be inevitably made. Giles did not disappoint. "I'm glad you both could join us. We still need to decide what to do with Ethan Rayne. I can't have him tied up in my tub for weeks like Spike," He looked a cross between amused and exasperated. "It was bad enough the first time."

Spike, leaning against the stair post, said, "Feelin's mutual, Rupes," He gave Buffy a cocky grin, "Though some parts weren't half bad."

She sighed and did her best to quell the butterflies in her stomach. He was ungodly good at making her feel like a giggly schoolgirl. "Right, the part where you almost got a crossbow bolt to the groin was a particular highlight."

He blanched, "You're right. I hate this place."

Meanwhile Giles' was trying not to have a fit. Angel spoke up, "No one's keeping you here, Spike." Most everyone was in agreement. At least all the males were, the females however stood up to him. Dawn in particular.

"Just so we're clear. I'm against you being back in town again." Her little sister spoke fiercely, "So don't begin to act like your opinion still matters. You left her; you don't get to use the jealous boyfriend card when you were the one who gave up on her."

"Dawn-" Buffy began to say but her sister just turned to look at her with that determined look that all Summers' women share.

"It's true Buffy." She turned back to glare at Angel. "I trust Spike more than this pillock. And he doesn't even have a soul. What does that say about his quality as a person?"

Buffy was shocked her sister would so vehemently dislike Angel. "Dawn, that's enough. I think he gets the point." 'And what's a pillock?'

Dawn looked surprisingly hateful, "Not yet, he hasn't." She turned to give her sister a hug. Dawn must have gotten it out of her system because she smiled politely to Angel after that. Teenagers are so temperamental. 'Oh my god, I've become Mom!' She shared a private smile with Spike as the rest debated very loudly what to do about Ethan Rayne. She heard Giles cough and look pointedly at her, clearly her word was necessary to resolve this matter. "I don't care; toss him into a nest of vampire bitches. Though, come to think of it, he might like that."

Giles immediately began rubbing his glasses furiously. Clearly recounting his own close encounter with the horny damned. "Indeed, but let's not be too quick to discount that as an option."

"What I want to know is how he got out from under the initiative's grasp." Spike said while giving the hallway to the bathroom a contemplative glance.

Buffy nodded and said, "Or what they left behind in him."

"They wouldn't chip a human, Buffy. They were strictly testing on demons I'm sure." Giles assured her.

"They wanted to do some nasty tests on me, Giles. And I was just as human as anyone else. And remember the debacle with Oz?" She looked to the door. "I'm going to ask the man himself."

Ethan Rayne looked up with that eerie smile on his face when she came in. He made no move to struggle in his chains. That's what she liked to see. "Gonna stay gone if we let you go, Ethan? Or am I going to have to feed you to Spike?"

"I'd like to see him try. He's neutered, or so I've heard." Rayne smirked behind her; presumably Spike followed her to the interrogation room. Spike stayed quiet at that to her surprise.

"Yeah... But he can eat you once you're dead. My Spike has been feeling quite peckish lately." She said in a tone eerily reminiscent to Drucilla. She knew it would frighten the man.

"You aren't still suffering from my spell, are you Slayer?" He asked looking slightly worried. "I thought Rupert would have fixed it right away, the spoilsport."

She leaned closer, staring him down. "I don't need fangs to take you out. You've worn out you're get out of jail free cards. I say the word and any of them will take you out in the most brutal ways you can imagine. And some you can't." Spike leaned into her and put his hands on her shoulders in a sign of protection.

"I would gladly endure the pain to snap your neck personally. And don't worry; I wouldn't eat you, to mature for my tastes." Spike said and rubbed her stiff muscles in a counterpoint to his vicious words.

"Mmmm. Right, so are you prepared to speak or should I kill you now?" She sounded very relaxed for a person making death threats.

"I'll tell you. Whatever you need to know." He said, clearly frightened beyond proper speech. She wondered if she smacked him if he would turn into a gibbering mess.

She stepped out of Spike grasp lest she become incoherent herself. "First, I want to know how you got away from the initiative. Then I want to know why you came back to Sunnydale when everyone has made it painfully clear that if you do come back your time will be cut short. Speak."

"They let me go. Said they had no room for me, that I would be of no use to them locked up with the 'animals'. I guess they think nothing of what a human can do. Blinded fools. But I took them up on their offer and left. Your boyfriend, Riley, walked me out. Didn't he ever tell you that? Must have slipped his mind." Rayne smirked in his usual way, certain he could weasel his way out of trouble.

"Is that all?" She gave him a cold look, "If you thought mentioning Riley would help you... Well, you were dead wrong." She left the room with Spike following and motioned for Giles to do his best. She had had enough with negotiating with the coward. She needed a spot of violence and some alone time with her favourite vampire. "Let's go. Cya guys, I'm going to patrol." Angel followed, like she thought he would. She let him, he would leave soon anyway and there were quite a few things she needed to clear up between them.

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