Chapter 6 – New Advances

"Hello there! Have I got a deal just for you!"

"Really, tell me more,"

"I'll let you have a swell Magikarp for just 500 PokéDollars! What do you say?"

"Is it really strong?"

"Yes it is so is that a yes then young man,"

"Yeah absolutely!"

The next day in Mount Moon...

"Magikarp Splash!"

Magikarp, a reddish-orange medium sized fish. Large heavy scales, mostly white fins and long barbels. Its splash attack was it just flopping around uselessly on the ground not doing anything exciting at all. Ulrich stared at it dumbfounded and then got really angry.

"Clefairy Pound!" the Lass shouted.

Clefairy shot towards the Magikarp and started beating it with its tiny arms. It fainted as soon as Clefairy began and even Clefairy looked confused. Ulrich pointed his Pokédex at Magikarp.

Magikarp the fish Pokémon. Type: Water. In the distant past, it was somewhat stronger than the horribly weak descendents that exist today.

"Is that all you got?" the Lass said, started to laugh uncontrollably.

"I'll show you!" Ulrich shouted shaking with anger.

He took Nidoran's Pokéball and threw it onto the ground then returned his Magikarp.

"Nidoran you're up! Poison Sting!"

Nidoran immediately charged towards the pink Pokémon and used its horn to strike Clefairy and poison it.

"Clefairy Pound!"

Clefairy used its hands to strike Nidoran repeatedly. Nidoran avoided its attacks then charged at it with its horn, striking it.

"Good Nidoran Horn Attack!"

"Clefairy Sing!"

Clefairy started to sing its deceptive melody but wasn't able to continue when Nidoran charged at it and speared it with its horn. Clefairy fainted.

"I lost?" the Lass said surprised.

"Yeah so get lost," Ulrich said rudely still angry at her.

Ulrich was about to walk off when his Nidoran started to glow with a bright light. Its shape changed and when the light faded it was different but slightly similar to its previous form. To start with its was larger than its previous form, the horn, ears and spines were bigger as well. It now had large fanged teeth and three clawed toes instead of two. Ulrich pointed his Pokédex at it.

Nidorino the Poison Pin Pokémon. Type: Poison. An aggressive Pokémon that is quick to attack. The horn on its head secretes powerful venom.

"Aggressive huh, but you're still my buddy right Nidorino?" Ulrich said.

Nidorino snorted at Ulrich and began to walk away from it.

"Hey, wait up!" Ulrich said running to catch up with Nidorino.

Nidorino stopped at a hole in the ground that was a couple of metre from where they just had their battle. It sniffed at it then Jumped down the hole. Ulrich sighed then climbed down the ladder to follow it. They were deeper underground now and the cave was simple to follow. It was a basic path that eventually led to another ladder that went down again. Nidorino jumped down it and Ulrich followed.

They were now in a cave isolated from the others. It was a large area and was empty with the exception of a man dressed in black with a big red R on his shirt and carrying a whip on his waist. He had a Sandshrew and they were both smashing against the cave wall looking for something. Ulrich walked to him curious about what they were doing.

"Hey, what are you doing?" Ulrich asked.

"We, Team Rocket are Pokémon gangsters!" the man said aggressively turning around to face Ulrich and Nidorino.

"Who the hell is Team Rocket?"

"That's none of your business now get out of here or I'll make you!"

"Make me then," Ulrich said smugly.

"Sandshrew Sand Attack on that kid!" the Rocket Grunt commanded.

"You're getting your Pokémon to attack me? You can't do that!" Ulrich shouted at him.

"I can do whatever I like kid!"

Sandshrew started to throw sand, directed at Ulrich eyes. Nidorino got in the way and used its Poison Sting attack on it. The attack wasn't very effective but that was all, was needed to prevent Ulrich from getting hurt.

"Sandshrew Scratch!"

"Nidorino Horn Attack!"

The two Pokémon charged towards each other wanting to deliver the first blow. Nidorino got there first and struck Sandshrew with its horn. Sandshrew jumped back recoiling from the attack. Nidorino took the chance to once again attack it with its Horn Attack, this time knocking it out.

"Sandshrew return, go Rattata!"

"Nidorino hold back, Charmeleon you're up! Use Ember!"

"Rattata Tail Whip!"

Charmeleon threw a ball of flames at the mouse Pokémon before it could complete its attack.

"Quick Attack!"

Rattata lunged towards Charmeleon at an almost unseen speed and struck at it before it could retaliate. Charmeleon flew backwards till it crashed into the cave wall. The Rocket Grunt smirked at Ulrich. Ulrich got angry.

"Charmeleon Ember again!"

Charmeleon once again aimed a ball of flames at Rattata this timed burning it till it fainted.

"Shoot! Zubat go!"

"Charmeleon Ember!"

Charmeleon shot a ball of flames at the bat Pokémon, injuring it badly at contact.

"Zubat Leech Life!"

"Oh no you don't, Charmeleon Scratch!"

Charmeleon jumped up at Zubat who was just starting to swoop over to Charmeleon. Zubat managed to sink its fangs into Charmeleon's shoulders just as Charmeleon slashed at Zubat's stomach knocking it out.

"I blew it all! Darn it! My associates won't stand for this!" the Rocket Grunt moaned.

"Yeah well your problem not mine," Ulrich said.

Ulrich smirked at him then returned Charmeleon. He then attempted to return Nidorino but Nidorino just bounced the Pokéball back at him. Ulrich sighed then went back up the ladder with Nidorino following. They went up the second ladder and back up onto the main floor.

Nidorino then led Ulrich through the cave, Ulrich had to jog to keep up with Nidorino. A couple of hours they saw another ladder and Nidorino led Ulrich down it. They arrived in a small cave and the ladder was only couple a feet away from the one he just went down. Ulrich and Nidorino went down the ladder again and arrived at another isolated cave with another Rocket Grunt in it digging for something. Ulrich sighed.

"Better take care of this guy as well, Nidorino you're up,"

The Rocket Grunt turned around at the sound of Ulrich's voice.

"We're pulling a big job here! Get lost, kid!"

"Nah, I don't feel like it," Ulrich replied smirking slightly.

"Zubat go and get that kid!"

"Nidorino, do whatever you want to it," Ulrich said in a fake exasperation.

Nidorino grinned at this and charged towards the bat Pokémon and slammed it to the ground. It then used its horn to repeatedly attack it till it fainted.

"Ekans go!" the Grunt said not wasting a moment.

"Nidorino Horn Attack!"

Nidorino charged at Ekans and slammed its horn into its stomach.


While Nidorino was still close Ekans wrapped its body around it. Nidorino attempted to get out but didn't quite manage to. Ekans began squeezing Nidorino. Nidorino struggled to get out of Ekans grip but found it impossible. The Grunt laughed evilly. Ekans loosened its grip after awhile. Nidorino dropped onto the ground then took the opportunity to attack it once more. Nidorino used its horn to strike at Ekans, making it faint afterwards.

"So your good, if you find a fossil give it to me and scram!" the Grunt said.

"Like this one?" Ulrich said showing the Grunt a moon stone that he had picked up from the ground.

"Yes! Hand it over kid!" the Grunt said advancing towards Ulrich.

Ulrich smirked then shook his head at him and jumped up the ladder with Nidorino following behind. The Grunt yelled at him and tried to follow them. But, Nidorino ran back to the grunt and slammed its horn into its stomach making the Grunt yell and collapse in pain. Ulrich gave Nidorino thumbs up and laughed at the Grunt then climbed back up the next ladder.

Ulrich continued running when they got off the ladder till they bumped into a youngster who was standing innocently.

"Ouch!" he said "Did you come to explore too?"

"Not really, I'm looking for a way out of here. Sorry about that," Ulrich replied.

"Well if you go that way there's another ladder that leads to Cerulean. See ya," he said walking away.

Nidorino and Ulrich followed the Youngster's directions till they reached another ladder. They climbed down it and down another ladder till they reached a clearing. Nidorino led Ulrich through the cave. It was simple to follow and went in one direction.

After a few hours they came in sight of the ladder that led to Route 4. But in their way was what looked like a grey boulder. But it wasn't a boulder because it had bulging rocky eyebrows and muscular arms with five fingers. It was a Pokémon, a Geodude. Ulrich decided to catch it. He took out a Pokéball.

"Nidorino use Horn Attack on Geodude ok," Ulrich said.

Nidorino ran towards Geodude and used its horn to strike it. Geodude then retaliated by smashed itself into Nidorino. Nidorino stood its ground then slammed itself into Geodude. Geodude got slammed against the ground and Ulrich took the opportunity to throw the Pokéball at it. Geodude got instantly engulfed by the Pokéball and then the Pokéball rocked on the ground for some time before stopping.

"Yes! I caught Geodude! Something went right today!"

Ulrich picked up the Pokéball containing Geodude then climbed up the ladder with Nidorino following. They soon emerged out of Mount Moon onto Route 4. It was early morning, the next day. Ulrich stretched his arms then broke into a run.

Cerulean City

Haru after training his Pokémon a bit in Route 4 was now standing outside Cerulean City Gym. Ready to take on the Gym Leader he entered. The inside of Cerulean was deigned to be an indoor swimming pool. Fortunately for Haru though there were platforms for him to walk on. The Gym Leader was at the other end and was a ginger haired girl about his age.

Haru got onto the platforms and began to walk towards her. When he was about a quarter of the way there someone grabbed his ankle, and then jumped out of the water. It was a man dressed in swimming trunks and wearing a swimming cap.

"I'm first up, let's do it,"

"I guess it's going to be like this in every gym," Haru said to himself sighing "Ekans I choose you,"

"Horsea start off with Bubble!"

Haru released Ekans onto the platform and a small light blue seahorse with tiny scales came up onto the surface of the water. It then jetted countless bubbles towards the snake Pokémon, attacking it.

"Ekans Poison Sting,"

Ekans launched itself at the dragon Pokémon and sunk its fangs into it releasing poison into its system as well. Horsea shrieked in pain and fell backwards into the water.

"Horsea get up and use Bubble again,"

Horsea jumped out of the water again and used its Bubble attack. It was noticeably weaker than before but still managed to damage Ekans.

"Ekans Wrap,"

Ekans stretched itself to Horsea then wrapped its entire body around, it then started to crush it with its body. Horsea attempted to get out but couldn't succeed. After awhile Ekans let go of it, Horsea dropped lifelessly back into the water.

"Horsea return, Shellder go!

A small shell like purple Pokémon emerged from the Swimmer's Pokéball to face Ekans.

"Ekans return, Zubat I choose you,"

Haru released his Zubat to face Shellder.

"Zubat Bite,"

Zubat swooped down onto Shellder and sunk its fang into it. Shellder jumped backwards from the pain.

"Shellder Tackle!"

Shellder launched itself at Zubat, but Zubat just flew higher into the air to avoid it attack.

"Zubat Supersonic,"

"Shellder Withdraw!"

Zubat started to beam ultrasonic sound waves to Shellder but the attack as rendered useless when Shellder retreated into its shell. The Swimmer grinned at Haru.

"Bite again,"

Zubat once again bit Shellder just as it emerged from its shell, but this time Shellder flinched from the attack.

"Shellder Tackle!"

Shellder refused to carry out the attack because it was suddenly to scared to attack Zubat. Zubat took the opportunity to bite it again and again till it fainted.

"That can't be," the Swimmer said disappointed.

"Well it is," Haru concluded.

"Misty is going to keep on improving. She won't lose to someone like you!"

"We'll see about that," Haru said beginning to walk away from the Swimmer.

Haru slowly approached Misty who was having a conversation with another girl. Misty was dressed in a white and red two piece swimsuit and had sea green eyes and short ginger hair in a side ponytail. She was about a year or so older than Haru. The other girl was dressed in a girl scout outfit and had long black hair. They both looked extremely upset and angry. Haru stopped to a couple of feet away from them to listen in.

"I will never join or help them! No way! Nada! Never! Can't they get that into their thick skulls?" Misty shouted.

"No and I think they're the type not to give up easily, what are you going to do Misty?" the girl replied.

Misty paused for a second to think. "I don't know really, the Pokémon Association ain't being much help and I'm not strong enough to take them on myself."

"You're Misty the Gym Leader right I've come to challenge you for the Cascade Badge. My name is Haru Oak," Haru said stepping in.

"I really don't have the time right now!" Misty said. "Sorry, it's just I've got a lot going on,"

"I kind of heard," Haru replied accepting her apology. "What exactly is Team Rocket doing in Cerulean then, I heard about a robbery,"

"Team Rocket do you know much about them then," the other girl asked.

"Not a lot, just about what've they've been doing in Viridian and Mount Moon," Haru replied.

"Team Rocket is blackmailing me to join them. The robbery was part of it and they've also had the nerve to dump one of their stupid grunts right outside of Cerulean to recruit kids to join them! They make me so angry!"

"Blackmailing you huh,"

"If they're doing this to me then I don't know if I can trust the other Gym Leaders. If I can't get their help then what am I supposed to do? Brock is constantly in his Museum and in Mount Moon, Lt. Surge I don't know him that well, Erika is acting strange, Sabrina & Giovanna are AWOL, Koga is difficult to contact and the same goes for Blaine," Misty continued.

"Really, I guess this does make the situation difficult but you can definitely trust Brock and you can't trust Giovanni. The Pokémon Association aren't doing anything apparently; I don't know what to do about that. As for the stuff in Cerulean, I can help with it can you tell me more?"

"Will you really help me? Thank you so much," Misty said gratefully.

"It's really no problem I'm investigating Team Rocket with some friends of mine from Viridian Pokémon School," Haru replied.

"Could you defeat those guys that are north of Cerulean and make them go away please and could you find out more about the robbery. I know the man that was robbed had a lot of Technical Machines; I want to see how bad the loss is. Thank you Haru Oak,"

"Alright then I'll be going now," Haru said beginning to leave.

He walked away from Misty and out of Cerulean Gym. Waiting outside of the gym was Kyra. She looked up when she heard Haru come out of the gym.

"Hey Haru, have you got the Cascade Badge now?" she asked.

"No I'm doing something for Misty first, there are Team Rocket members recruiting Pokémon Trainers north of Cerulean and I'm going there to see them,"

"I was going to tell you about that how did you know?" Kyra said surprised.

"Misty told me and apparently Team Rocket members are blackmailing her to join them as well and that's part of it,"

"We've got to go quickly then,"


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