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A very enchanting evening to all. I know you had heard lots of fairytales already during your childhood but— this one that I am going to share to you is one of a kind. Have you heard of a story of a cat who would swim after his desires? No? Then, you shall meet him tonight. I am Tanaka, your storyteller... and it all started on a great party held by the queen for her favorite loyal nobles.

An outstanding orchestra was playing, entertaining important visitors, when finally the highest dark nobles all arrived at the same time, making everyone stopped and looked admirably at them.

"As expected, a waste of my time. This party's awful." Count Ciel exclaimed. He is the head of the Phantomhive family. Even at his young age, he's too mature and rational to be underestimated of.

"Relax, my adorable one. We are here to honor the queen, not them." As Viscount Pluto of the Laures family tried to calm his ill-tempered partner down.

"Woke up in the wrong side of the bed again, aren't we dear count?" Marquis Sebastian Michaelis gave the irritated child a mocking grin. This unable-to-resist lad loves to pick a fight on the annoyed boy, enjoying his cute and pouting face.

"Ne... Sebastian, pay no attention to him. He is only a brat." Whispered Baron Grell Sutcliffe, obviously wanting the Marquis' attention all to himself.

"You lowly animal. Do you want me to pour milk on you again?"

"Only if you'll want a bath of water yourself." The Marquis countered.

"Oi. Stopped this right now, you're both risking us here."

"Shut up Pluto, or do you want some Innuko in your mouth?"

"Don't join them, will you snake..?"

Yes... they are the queen's most trusted knights. Though these pair don't usually get along with each other, they were still able to solve their queen's distresses.

"Wow... look. The honorable men finally arrived. They are all gorgeous. Especially Marquis Michaelis." A young lady giggled, talking to her companion while looking dreamily at the noble.

"Oh, I heard soft whispers of your name honorable Marquis. How many harlots this time, will you bring with you?"

"I may bring none if you'll throw yourself at my feet." Sebastian's grin widened, as blush of embarrassment appeared on the soft cheeks of the young count.

"You —bastard!" Ciel cursed under his breath.

"Stop it already, let's just head away from them dearest." Said Pluto, then grabbing Ciel and distancing their selves from the other two to avoid more chaos.

"Hey Sebastian, why do you always give that brat some damn attention?" Grell asked with jealousy upon his voice.

"Who knows?" He slyly smirked again.

Who knows really? We'll —shall rewind some events for us to fully understand?


A certain clan of an animal deity formed an alliance to fight off their mortal enemy. It was the Umi's—the mermen's clan who rules the oceans. In order to strengthen the bond of the said alliance to the Inugami clan, which was ruled by hounds, the ruling princes were engaged.

The known enemy of the Umi's were the Li Shou's. A clan of black cats, ruled by their most cunning king, had also formed an alliance to the leader of the red snakes, Nure clan. The rulers of each clan took a secret, human identity and made a dwelling among the humans.

But before— the young count, actually admired Marquis Michaelis the most, even if he knew that he was betraying his oath to his fiancé, Pluto. Still, he can't stop his self from the strange yet marvelous feelings harbored for the handsome man.

As the forbidden feelings began to develop dangerously deep inside him, a striking event happened, thus, putting the beautiful prince to confusion upon his feelings to the man.

"I know that he's a mortal, he wouldn't understand the real me." The young count silently muttered. Nervous, since the Marquis will be visiting him today.

"Oh cut the crap! Open your eyes Ciel." He drank half of his milk then placed it beside him, as he carried out his ritual baths. His true form became visible as soon as his human feet touched the waters on the tub, turning himself into a beautiful merman.

"Oh no, what do we have here. An alluring sight of a merman prince?"

Ciel almost froze to death as he heard a strange voice entering his bathroom. He ordered the maids to not let anyone enter his room when he's taking a bath, aside from Pluto. But how did this man —?

"Who is it?! Show yourself, you lowly bastard!"

"Ouch... such hurting words you gave me, my little count." The hiding man finally revealed himself from the shadows.

"No... Marquis Sebastian —I was —this is." Ciel was stammering in fright, he could not make any proper excuses out from his mind.

"Do not bother yourself in making excuses. This is all clear to my head. If I had known such a beauty, I would've gradually bowed myself to him." He coed. As he approached the blushing merman, he gently touched his cheek, then —

"Marquis Michaelis —ah." A loan moan escaped Ciel's tempting lips, as the man of his dreams passionately kissed him while caressing his naked chest.

"I will satisfy this enticing body of yours, my adorable little one." He whispered, giving hot breaths into Ciel's back, and making him shiver in delight.

'This is bad, if Pluto will know about this —' He helplessly thought, but when his other hand shifted, knocking off his glass of milk all over Sebastian. . .

"Marquis Michaelis! I am so sorry! I didn't mean to —" Ciel was stopped, as the man in front of him changed his form.

His fangs grew, and became visible upon his lavish lips, his long tail wrapping around his slender waist and his black pointy ears twitched on the cold air. The young prince watched in horror —realizing who he has fallen for.

"You! —Lowly animal!" Anger is now racing up his chest.

"Now I'm a lowly animal, huh? A minute ago, you were just deliciously moaning my name, dear prince." He teased.

"And it was a great mistake! Pluto!" He shouted. Then a howl was heard, as it swiftly moved towards their location.

"Ciel? Are you alright?" He worryingly asked his fiancé, then facing Sebastian with fuming eyes.

"So, you are the ruler of cats. What a bold move to attack alone."

"Oh —I am not alone, even if I wanted to —this creature always follows me."

"Absolutely correct! Eh Sebastian, let's go already. I am tired."

"So —Grell is the leader of the snakes? No wonder he always have this foul smell."

"What?! You brat! You'll pay for —"

"Enough Grell. Let's just leave for now."

"But —!"

"Fine, I'll leave you alone." Then with a last smirk and lick on his own luscious lips, Sebastian vanished then followed suit by the pouting Grell.

"That bastard." Ciel cursed again, remembering the shameful yet fiery act they had a while ago.

"My Ciel, you're blushing. Did he do something to you?"

"No Pluto —you came on time." Ciel replied.

"I am glad then." His fiancé gave him an embrace of relief, making Ciel guilty again from his unfaithfulness.

'It's that damn bastard's fault!' He thought with teary eyes.

End of Flashback...

"There you go again, giving him seductive glimpse."

"Grell —I am only enjoying myself with his cute irritated face."

"Why? Don't I have a cute face too?"

"A horrid face honestly."


"Nothing. Let's just enjoy the party, shall we?"


'If I had known that such a fish existed, I wouldn't have declared war on their family. But I guess, I can still make up to the things I did.' The Marquis thought.

Then he remembered their almost-love-making memory. If that milk hadn't been knocked down all over him and changed his form, maybe he already had his way to him. Yet he could never forget his flushed face and charming moans. Sebastian just smirked.

"My Ciel? Are you feeling alright now?"

"Yes, thank you Pluto." He smiled sweetly to his fiancé.

But this time, the young earl caught Sebastian staring at him intently, then he gave him a glare of disapproval.

'That cat is watching me again. Does he have some fetish to his meals? Geez! If only they didn't treat us as food then —wait! Forget your feelings already!'

"Uh —Ciel my dearest? When do you think you'll be ready of giving me an heir?"

Ciel choked upon hearing this, the other visitors eyed the poor young count worriedly, Ciel hurriedly went out to the balcony to breathe fresh air, then Pluto followed suit.

"I wonder what they're talking about?" A noble asked.

"No idea." Then the whispers continued.

Meanwhile, at the balcony. . .

"Are you trying to kill me Pluto?! Why did you ask me that all of a sudden?"

"I was just wondering, it's been some time since we were engaged but we haven't been talking about our wedding. I am so excited to have children Ciel, when will my adorable fiancé give me successors?" He gently massaged Ciel's soft hands.

"I told you didn't I? Not until I solve my clan's mysterious killings. I've got responsibilities to attend to."

"But we're not even sure if the Black cat's clan were the real one whose causing the plague. You just suddenly accepted a war of wits against them."

"I am sure it's them! One of my loyal subordinates told me. And I trust his loyalty." Ciel countered back.

"It's just... we haven't solve this problem yet and our mating season is almost coming."

"Pluto. Are you giving up on me now? Does my love cannot wait any longer?"

"My love —I am just saying that we should produce an heir anytime now, it'll be great to complete our little family."

"Oh, I can hear pleads from a dog in heat here." Sebastian smirked, overhearing their conversation, and with Grell at his side giggling.

"Shut up." Ciel furiously answered him.

"I will. But a little reminder for you viscount, if you suddenly impregnate your fiancé, the queen will wonder as to where her favorite guard dog may be in times of her needs."

"You must, at least, consider the risk." Sebastian continued.

"Marquis." Pluto glared, but unconsciously considered his advice.

"Eh Sebastian, when do you plan on giving me heirs too? I am ready now." Grell winked at him.

"If my furs turned white."

"Eh? But when will that be?"


"Mean!" He pouted again.

"May I call the special guests on tonight's celebration? They are the proud nobles of the queen!" An announcer acknowledged them outside the balcony, then claps followed, signaling them to reenter the halls. The four of them sighed.

"Okay were coming. Geez. These fans of mine." Grell walked inside.

"Let's head back now." Said Pluto.

But as the count ventured to follow his fiancé, the fisherman who caught his heart, suddenly held him back.

"What the hell?!" Ciel gave him deadly glares.

"Shouldn't you be thanking me now for saving your womb from your horny fiancé?"

"And why must I? It's none of your concern anyways if I get pregnant."

"Oh, believe me it is my greatest concern. There is still a great possibility that I might the rightful father of your forthcoming offspring." A nasty grin dominated his face.

"Maybe, but only when my scales turned black!" Ciel snapped, gradually blushing upon their little chat, swiftly following Pluto.

"Oh my. Indeed. When your scales turn black. Eh?"

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