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Ho ho ho. It's been a long time isn't it? Please do forgive this forgetful man. Let me make it up to you by presenting the awaited continuation of the romantic story of Swim, cat! Swim! So, will the Count Phantomhive accept Sebastian's offer?

"Oh! There you are! Why are you here? And where's the marquis?" The viscount asked him.

"Well, when you're gone. The marquis and I got into a fight again, I told him to just go home. Then I came here to cool myself off." Ciel lied.

"Really? Why can't the two of you just be friends? It will end this shallow clash, you'll both have a peaceful kingdom, and we'll be ready to create a happy family." Pluto suggested.

"It will be never that easy, forgive me."

"I know. Come now, my love. Let's finish our breakfast?" Pluto just gave him a loving hug, making Ciel more sorry for his betrayal.

When they went back, Merien entered the room again.

"Marquis Michaelis, you're free to go." She informed the hiding deity.

"I know." He replied, sadness painted his handsome face.

"Sir, my prince truly loves you. We both know it. He longs only for your love." Merien assured him.

"I know, it just pains me to see him gone with somebody else."

"But there is still a way, declare the end of this war. Then fight for your love."

"No, that would only make their marriage come sooner."

"But sir, my prince got only three more days left before his pregnancy becomes obvious. If master Pluto discovers it, he will surely kill your child!"

"Like I would let that happen." Sebastian flatly stated.

"So how —?"

"Merien, tell my dearest Ciel that he really needs to come to my party. We must talk again, tonight."

"Yes, Marquis Michaelis!"

Later that night . . .

"My love, are you okay?" Viscount asked his fiancé when he noticed his pale and tired face.

"Yes, I am alright. I guess that I just got tired from the long carriage ride."

"Really? You're not like that before. Are you sure that you're not sick? Should we visit the sage tomorrow?"

"No Pluto! I —I mean, there's nothing to worry about. Trust me." Ciel replied, hiding his panic from the hound.

"If you insist."

"Oh, you finally arrive. Welcome Count Phantomhive, Viscount Laures, to my manor. Please do enjoy your stay here." A very handsome Sebastian greeted them, making Ciel blush.

"T —thank you." Ciel stuttered.

"Eh? Why are you stuttering, my dear count? Am I too handsome for your eyes?" Sebastian couldn't help himself but tease the young one.

"As if! Please, don't think too much of yourself!"

"Hey, calm down my love. And as for you Marquis Michaelis, please do restrain yourself because my dearest is having a bad mood tonight."

"Really? Did something happen to him?" Sebastian suddenly became worried, fully aware that the pregnancy might be too hard for Ciel.

"No, he's easily getting tired. And he's mood is constantly changing."

"Oh, I see. Count Phantomhive, I do apologize for my rudeness. So please, if there's anything I can do for you tonight, let me know."

"T —thanks. But it's really nothing, I can handle myself perfectly." Ciel said with a flushed face.

"Okay, let's go inside. The feast has already started."

The banquet was great and well-organized. The music was amazing, entertaining everyone fully. The food was delicious, and the different wines were remarkable. Still, the young count couldn't help his self from being sad since the marquis' attention was not fully focused to him. He's been dragged around, entertaining guests and acquaintances. The ladies also have been flirting with him all night long. It made Ciel want to leave, just go home and rest.

"Ciel, try this wine. It's incredible!" Pluto proposed.

"I can't. Forgive me love but my stomach can't handle liquors tonight." He opposed.

"Well, that's odd. I know how much you love wines."

'Damn this. Pluto will become suspicious of me if this keeps up. Oh, god! And what's that horrible smell? That wine is making me sick!'

"Young sir, I do believe that the wine your offering to him is too strong for his taste, and I can clearly see that his nose does not agree to its aroma." A stranger noted, approaching them both.

"Really?! Oh, I'm so sorry my dearest! Let me take this away from you." Pluto gave the wine to a passing servant.

"Thank you sir for explaining it to my partner, he's sometimes slow." Ciel faced, and thanked his savior.

"You're welcome. However, please do excuse me young sir, but you smell delectably sweet." He whispered to him, while wearing an attractive smile.

"I do not know what you're trying to imply."

"I think you do. Oh —wait. Are you hiding your delicate state from your partner?"

"What —?!" Ciel was terrified by his knowledge.

"Good evening sir, but I do believe that we haven't properly introduce ourselves. I am Viscount Pluto Laures, and he's my adorable partner Count Ciel Phantomhive." Pluto interrupted.

"A pleasure to finally meet the both of you. I am Baron Ash Alford. I am Sebastian's—".

"Cousin? What are you doing here? I thought you're with the Lady Middleton?" Sebastian cut the stranger's sentence off.

"Oh? So you're his cousin. Wow—you two looked absolutely different." Pluto noted.

"I know, we always get that same opinion every now and then." Ash agreed.

As Ciel studied Ash's appearance, he agreed to Pluto's comment. They were the exact opposite of each other. His Sebastian, fully clad in black, owns a mesmerizing scarlet eyes, raven locks, and a teasing lips. While Ash, clothed in white suit, possesses a mystifying grey orbs, ashen hair, and an alluring gaze. Yes. . .a white cat.

'They look like total strangers instead.' Ciel thought.

"So, are the both of you enjoying the party?" Ash asked.

"Sure I am! But do excused my grumpy partner, he's not really used to this kind of event." Pluto explained.

"I can clearly see that. I'm even doubting that he's on the right mood. Do you want my cousin's company instead, count?" He mused, grinning at Ciel playfully.

"Why would I even want that?" Ciel lied.

"He's right baron, why would my partner want that?" Pluto asked curiously.

"Damn it cousin, shut your mouth or I'll make you." Sebastian whispered to him.

Ash just let out a loud, and heartily laugh that shocked the three of them.

"Hey, why are you all so serious? I'm just joking around." The baron said.

"Ash-san! I missed you so much!" Suddenly, Baron Sutcliffe interrupted the tension. (thankfully). . .

"Oh, Grell. . . It's been so long, huh? It's great to see you again."

"Me too, I missed your sweetness, you know. Unlike Sebastian who's been so cold to me all the time." Grell complained, pouting at Ash.

"How mean of you cousin. Let me make it up to you, would like a dance Grell?" Ash invited him.

"Oh, sure!" Grell enthusiastically exclaimed.

"I'll take my leave now. And Count Phantomhive, I do wish to be more acquainted with you. Sooner, I hope?" Then with a last, alluring smile, Ash left the young merman prince. Making him sure that their next meeting will be much more intriguing.

Ho ho ho, I know it's kind of short but I do hope that it aroused your curiosity. What will be the part of Ash's sudden appearance to Ciel's life? Will Pluto finally question Ciel's oddness? And will Sebastian achieve what he's been planning to in persuading his lover? Well, let's all discover the answers from the next update. Ho ho ho. . .

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