Secret Recipe

It has been a few weeks since Director Godwin trusted me to take Jack Atlus under my wing. Jack seemed a bit "lonely, insecure, and uncertain" when he first arrived in Neo Domino City from Satellite.

I sighed as I unlocked the keys to my apartment room. I offered Jack to stay at my place since he didn't have anyplace to stay. I've felt a little nervous since it was my first time living alone with a boy. I've tried to put this thought aside. Jack needs a place to stay after all and would be inhumane to let him sleep on the streets.

I turned to him with a greeting smile. "Make yourself comfortable as always. Just call me if you need anything."

"Mm, thank you…" he replied bluntly. "Err…."

"Sagiri Mikage."

"Right…. Thank you, Mikage."

"You're welcome." I smiled.

He turned away with a frown and walked towards the couch where the T.V. is. I chuckled a little. Jack always acted tough and not show any weakness. It might have been my imagination, but his cheeks turned a little pink.

I walked towards the kitchen and wondered what to prepare for dinner tonight.


I tapped my fingers against the cupboard with my cheek rested on my palm. I stared off into the distance, then frowned. What am I gonna make for dinner? I glanced towards the blue clock with a white cat in the middle. It was almost 7:30pm and…. I'm sure Jack was getting hungry about now. I pursed my lips then an idea hit me.

I rummaged through the bookshelf that held the cookbooks then picked a random book. I flipped through the pages looking for some ideas until I stopped. I smiled. I put on a pink apron then rushed to the refrigerator and took out the ingredients, then opened the cabinets and took out the pot. After that, I began to cut the vegetables into the right pieces according the book…. Then I stopped.

A memory crossed my mind of my mother sometime before she passed away. I smiled as I remember the spicy, but delicious smell of her curry. Seeing her sweet smile, tasting her curry that was always made with love made my heart ache; but blissful.

I closed the cookbook and placed it back on the bookshelf. I went back to work and tried to follow my mother's recipe.

As I chopped the vegetables and spices, a thought of Jack suddenly crossed my mind. I eyed the kitchen's entrance from the corner of my eye, then back to my business.

During the few weeks since his stay here, I somehow couldn't resist this feeling I have towards him. Once when he glanced at me with those violet eyes of his, it seemed so demeaning… he was handsome, I admit. My cheeks suddenly turned warm. I also remembered once when I saw him in my dream….

I shook my head to return myself to reality. I smiled inside and suddenly thought, what does Jack think of me?


I stared at the blonde that sat across from me at the dining table. The candles in the middle gave the bouquet of roses a warm, colorful glow. It's almost romantic, except me and Jack…. weren't together officially.

I watched him take a bite of the curry. I bit my bottom lip nervously. What if he doesn't like it? I frowned, almost sorrowful. I consciously sighed sadly.

His eyes widened. Oh…. Gawd…

"Hey, Mikage."

"Ah, yes?" I snapped out of my thoughts and returned to reality. My heart raced as it pumped nervously. I swallowed the lump that was formed in my throat and tried to ease my breathing.

He paused for a moment. "What's your recipe? I mean your secret into making this curry. If you don't mind telling me that is." He sounded straight and wanted to get to the point of the matter; but with a little politeness.

My cheeks flushed a crimson color and became startled for a moment. I then smiled as my heart beat raced rapidly.



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