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Time to Heal

It was winter in Mega Kat City and a blanket of snow seemed to coat every square inch of the city, but life still went on as always. Jake Clawson was looking through the rubbish at the junk yard trying to find things to help modify the turbokat when he heard something moving around.

'Must be just another junk yard raccoon' then a loud crash caught his attention. 'Some raccoon'

He went to investigate and found a strange she-kat laying in a dumped over pile of junk.

"Hi…" she said sounding quite awkward.

"Hi yourself, how'd you get down there?" Jake asked

"I kinda got lost and fell… you wouldn't happen to know where I could find a Chance Furlong?" she asked

"Why do you ask?"

"Oh there is a paraplegic she kat at the entrance of the junk yard and she is looking for him… she says she's a former Enforcer"

Jake looked confused for about a second

"Wait, dark grey stripped she-kat, paralyzed from the waist down?"

"Yep, that's her"

"That's his sister, Raven Furlong; she was a pilot that was injured in a test flight"

The strange she-kat went with Jake to the entrance to the junkyard where they found the young she-kat sitting in her wheelchair waiting.

"Raven, are you okay?" Jake asked

"I'm doing okay, what about you, Jake?" Raven asked

"All things considered, I'm fine… let me guess you didn't come to catch up with me" Jake smirked "come one, there's a clear path to the workshop where Chance is."

"Okay, Jake, I've got things I want to tell him about" Raven sighed

They got inside

"Hey Chance, we've got company…" Jake said, "…or should I say you have company"

"Who would come here just to visit me?"

"How about your baby sister" Raven grinned

"Raven, what brings you around here?"

"I have important news… I'm taking part in a research study that may allow me to walk again," she said then waited to hear her

"Sis, are you sure you should…"

"They say I'm a prime candidate for the procedure, Chance… besides, if I don't try I'll never fly again, and Chance I miss being able to pilot."

Chance looked at his little sister his mind racing to when the tragedy happened that cost his sister her ability to walk and a promising Enforcer carrier.

She was taking a test flight of a new plane with Jake Clawson in the bomber seat. Nothing in that flight went to plan, it had started with sluggish controls and sites that were way off. That set up a chain of events that led to his sister almost losing her life.

"Raven I'm not sure about this… it sounds dangerous…"

"Chance, since when did something sounding dangerous ever deter you?" Raven asked

"Yeah, but… Raven you're my baby sister, I can't risk you like this?"

"You let me fly an Enforcer Jet, Chance, how safe is that?"

Chance sighed she had him there

"Yeah, but you know I only tolerated that because you loved flying almost more than I do… and you were just as good"

"I was taught by the best" Raven smirked "and bro, I do get to walk again I can start flying again… I doubt that I can rejoin the Enforcers, but I can fly public transport planes or private jets."

"Are you sure you won't want to go back to your hotshot ways…" Chance asked, "You never know, Feral might let you back into the Enforcers."

"With a brother like you, I seriously doubt it" Raven laughed, "but it could happen"

"Yeah, neither of us had a really good Enforcer track record" Chance observed


"Hey Raven, ya want some milk?"

"Sure, if my big brother doesn't mind I hang around" Raven grinned

"I don't mind" Chance chuckled, "besides; the shop is quiet today… so milk all around"

"Sounds like a plan to me" Jake chimed

They went into the living area and began to catch up on old times. Raven didn't know that her brother was a SWAT kat; it was all to keep his identity secret.

"You know that I've been working with an investigative team lately," Raven said

"Really, that sounds cool"

"Yeah, except here's the strange thing my boss has some weird rules that he asks that we go by… one of them, rule nine is always carry a knife" Raven said

"Why carry a knife?"

"You never know when you could use it… like maybe for leverage on something, or in place of a screw driver, or as a knife"

"So do you carry a knife?"

"Yes, a pocket knife, but yeah I carry one"

"If that's rule nine, what's rule one?"

"Never screw over your partner" Raven replied "he also has a rule about secrets 'the best way to keep a secret is to tell no one, second best tell one kat. There is no third best.'"

"Sounds like a reliable way to keep a secret"

"Yep, that is rule 8; he also has a rule that says never be unreachable, rule 3 if I remember correctly"

"Yeah, you may be needed at any time… so it's always good to be where someone can get in touch with you" Jake said

"Yeah, but sometimes you don't want to be reached… like by Feral" Chance said

"I'll add a big amen to that, I still have to deal with Feral on occasion… not pleasant, believe me"

After Raven left, she got a phone call that something wasn't right where she worked and she needed to get there right away.

"Oh crud…" she muttered and headed into the office

"What did Commander Feral screw up this time?"

"You mean besides the fact that he doesn't know, and therefore doesn't heed rule 9" her coworker Abby Manx (no relation to Mayor Manx) replied "A lot, I think the SWAT Kats should be here soon"

"As usual…" Raven smirked "and no, he's never heard rule 9, it's not an Enforcer rule, it's one of our boss's ideas"

"Good point… how do you know that?" Abby asked

"Well I was an Enforcer, and so was my older brother, and when I mentioned rule 9 to him he looked at me like I had lost my mind," Raven laughed

"Your brother is Chance Furlong, right?"

"Yep, that's him" Raven said "whoa… cats alive"

"What is it, Raven?"

"That tom kat, the one flying the turbokat, can we get a good view of him?"

"Let me see, yep, why?"

"Nothing, I though he looked familiar…"

"Okay, Rae, now you're scaring me"

"Can it Abs" Raven gave her friend a playful shove

'Could that have been Chance?' Raven thought 'No, it couldn't be… my brother can't be T-Bone"

To Be Continued…