"Mawile use bite!" The trainer was a young boy with red hair down to his shoulders. He wore a simple dark blue shirt and jeans combo. The small pokemon slowly made it's way to it's opponent, a fairly small gecko looking pokemon.

As the mawile approached it's target did it use the jaw like appendage on it's head to bite at it's opponent.

"Treeko! Dodge it!" Another young trainer yelled, this one with brown hair, wearing blue jean shorts and a white t-shirt. As the boy finished yelling his command did his partner treeko, easily dodge the attack aimed at it.

"Yeah! Now use pound!" The same trainer yelled right after, pointing at the mawile. The small gecko pokemon quickly made it's way over to the opposing mawile, who was stumbling from the missed bite attack. As he got closer, the treeko leaped high into the air and slammed his tail on the head of his opponent, who fell down, knocked out from the powerful blow.

"Yes! I win again!" The brown haired boy screamed with enthusiasm, while jumping up and down.

"I can't believe I lost again..." The red haired trainer said, as he fell to the ground pounding his fist into the ground.

"Hey" the brown haired boy said as he pointed his finger at the red haired young man.

"That is one weak mawile man. I mean it's a steel type and it can't even take attacks it's supposed to be resistant against!" The boy said as he started to laugh.

"You should get rid of that weakling." The young trainer told the losing trainer, as he started walking off with his treeko right behind him.

As soon as the boy was out of sight, the young man got to his feet and walked over to his defeated pokemon.

"Hey get up" the boy called to his pokemon, but there was no response, the mawile appeared to be out cold. "Hmph, return you weakling." The boy mumbled as he started to pull out a pokeball, but then he stopped.

"That guy was right, you are a weakling, and I should just leave you here.." the red haired trainer put away his pokeball and proceeded to walk away, leaving the pokemon out cold on the field they were in

That Evening...

I slowly opened my eyes, feeling a sharp pain throughout my body, I felt like a train had hit me.

As the pain vanished, I managed to slowly pull myself to my feet. I started to get a good look at my surroundings, and I noticed it was already dark. How is it dark already? I couldn't have been out for more than a few minutes, right?

I rubbed my throbbing head, the pain making it's known return. I took another look around me, the more I looked around, the more I got worried, I was alone wasn't I? My trainer finally just left me as he said he would if I lost again. I pulled my arms around me as I felt a cold breeze blow by. Why did he just leave me here? I knew he was always saying he was going to abandon me, but he was always bluffing, just saying it to get me to try harder I suppose.

That Morning...

"That is the tenth lost in a row..." a boy with red hair sighed, sitting on a bench with his head down sulking. He was resting in the pokemon center in Violet city, as he had lost to the gym leader there, Falkner, for his third time.

"I can't be that bad of trainer right? I'm always trying my best to win." the boy whispered to himself, then he stood up, hearing the alert that sounds to tell you that your pokemon are finished being treated. He crept his way to the counter and put his hands on the counter, while waiting for the nurse to come out.

"Your pokemon are all healed up Mr. Cheri." The nurse tells the boy as she walks up with a smile, putting the tray, holding his only pokemon mawile, on the counter.

"Thanks, but call me Lyle nurse joy." The boy known as Lyle told her. Lyle grabbed his pokeball and started to walk away as nurse joy stopped him.

"Where do you think you are going?" Nurse Joy asked the young trainer with a serious tone, as she fixed him with a stern look. Lyle's eye twitched, and he slowly turned around to look at the nurse, dead into her blue eyes. He could tell she was being serious.

"I'm going to train." He simply told her, his serious look faltering under her strong gaze. The nurse shifted her weigh, and put a hand on her hip. "Well that's fine, but you should try to take it easy." Nurse Joy tells the boy while still keeping that stern look. "Of course ma'am." Lyle says, his eye twitching again. He quickly made his way out of the building before she could say another word.

As Lyle left the building he started to run onto the nearby field, taking a look around and making sure there wasn't anyone around.

"Come out Mawile." Lyle called as he threw his pokeball into the air, and out came his loyal partner.

"Mawile~" the small steel type said cutely. The red haired boy gave the pokemon a dark look. "If it wasn't for you..." he kicked the little pokemon to the ground "being so damn weak!" he continued his assault on the poor thing, as it started to cry.

"Shut up!" Lyle fumed as he kicked his companion harder. He was starting to shake from the anger, and his mawile, shaking from fear.

"You are completely useless! Can't even beat a weak pidgey!" The red haired trainer screamed louder, stomping the poor thing. Mawile continued crying, whimpering it's name "mawile..." the sounds becoming muffled as he covered the pokemon's mouth, as he started to choke it.

"You are going to win, you hear me? You are going to win no matter what... if you don't..." he heard someone coming so he quickly put mawile back inside it's ball.

"Hey you! Are you a trainer?" A boy with brown hair asked Lyle.

"Yeah I am", the boy told him, standing up from the ground.

"Then we have to battle!" The young trainer practically screamed, throwing out a pokeball.

"Fine." Lyle grumbled, pulling out mawile's pokeball.

"And you better win this time." the red haired boy whispered to mawile in it's ball.

Back to Present

I guess he was really upset this time, I mean more than usual.

I did lose in one hit after all. But I was upset, and I didn't really want to fight... I perked up a little, HA! What do I need him for? He only took care of me, fed me, and is everything I've ever known... but he also beat me, abused me, and yelled a lot.

It wasn't always like this. Before he became a trainer, he was always so nice, so caring, always playing with me. I started to panic. I'm all alone, no one is coming for me, I'm all on my own, nobody cares if I'm gone.

I'm just a weak pokemon nobody cares about... so I did the only thing I could do at the time. I cried.