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Am I seeing things? Is that the exit? I must dreaming, because the whole time we were walking around in that forest I'm sure I kept hearing eerie music, and voices claiming my soul would be trapped forever in this viridian maze of horrors. Full of bugs that like to give me weird looks, and making Mist threaten them with a death glare, if that's even possible. Tale was useless as usual, just perched on my horns again, sleeping the whole way. Strangely enough, even while sleeping I can't seem to get him off my head.

The Farfetch'd we picked up, or Ray as he prefers to be called, did indeed know his way around this little slice of heaven. I swear he must know a shortcut or something because we were wandering around for hours and hours before that psycho Togekiss attacked us, and we were nowhere near the exit.

"Alright, here is the exit to the forest. Now honor your bargain and train with me!" I heard some weird laughter from Mist. Oh no, what is she plotting now? More torture? Maybe even turning the poor guy into rations? I wouldn't put it past her. Oh no she's looking directly at me.

"Very well, you will have your wish. Plum! Train with this meat will you?" I felt the wannabe swordsman sizing me up already, not again… putting me out to pasture again… using me as bait again. I want to go hide in a tree.

"Hang on, wait a minute. Why me?" Mist shrugged and sighed.

"Because you're the leader of course aren't you?" The hell I am!

"Leader?! So you're even stronger than this staryu here? I would test your mettle mawile, engarde!" Oh hell, another crazy. Without even waiting for me, the duck charges at me, leek in wing and tries an overhead slash aimed at my head. I don't have any time to defend myself and flinch awaiting the coming pain, but surprisingly it doesn't come. Instead, the limp figure known as Tale falls face first on the ground. Oh yeah I forgot he was there. Ray just stands there dumbfounded, his beak almost hitting the floor.

"Aww man… who the hell…" Then he realizes he is in pain, with a lump on his head, and the culprit standing right in front of him.

"Listen here good sir, I apologize for striking you on the head, and my opponent was to be this fine young lady here." Does he mean me? Did his trainer teach him to speak like this? It's just… weird.

"Blah blah blah all I heard is that someone wants an ass whooping!" The idiot screamed before slamming into the other idiot's chest, knocking him down and his leek falling out of his wing, landing wayyy away from his body.

Without so much as missing a beat however, he jumps up and grabs his leek, getting into a ready stance. "Very well, I shall be your opponent rude pidgey!" With that, Ray charged Tale, intending to slap him with his onion stick thing, who easily flew out of the way into the air above him and sent a small tornado of wind at the duckling, knocking him down and the leek flying from his wing. Again.

"You're gonna pay for hitting me! I'm gonna make you regret waking me up! I was having such a good dream too!" He was hovering several feet in the air and getting ready to dive bomb his prey, but not before Mist called out to him.

"Let me guess, Princess Plum was giving you a kiss as a reward for saving her from the evil king?" Needless to say Tale simply crashed and burned, with a deep blush on his face that he desperately tried to hide.

"Shut up! What kind of nonsense are you talking about!? Who would like a weirdo like her?! She's weak! And the only thing that's going for her is that her type protects her from certain types of attacks! She's terribly slow, and her defense isn't even that great either!" Mist chucked at his little outburst and I just kinda stood there and watched blankly. Hell, even Ray was just staring blankly at this little exchange.

"Wow, you sure know a lot about her, considering we haven't been together for that long. Is that a sign of love?" I didn't think it was possible, but the redness on Tale's face grew even well… more red.

"S-shut up! Shaddup! Just. Shut. The. Hell. Up." This only seemed to amuse the water type even more.

"Hahaha, well that's enough for now." Then she turns to the stunned ducky. I believe that qualifies as a round of adequate combat yes? He just nods with his beak just hanging open, before he recovers, jumps in a dramatic way and points his leek at us, which he seems to have found during that little exchange before.

"Fine, I'll accept defeat this time, but this isn't that last you will see of me! You are all my rivals now! And I will stop at nothing to defeat all three of you! I'll show up out of nowhere, where you least expect me and challenge you to a fight! While also making cocky and snooty remarks!" He waves his leek in some weird motion and acts like he's putting in away in a scabbard, and runs away.

"Well that was interesting." I received a glare from Tale, who then turned and glared daggers at Mist. I'm guessing the reason why is from that teasing she did earlier. She isn't paying attention to either of us however, and is already heading out the exit. Of course I quickly chase after her, not wanting to be inside this stupid forest any longer. Tales does his usual grumble thing and follows after us.


"So where are we now?" I turned to our fearless leader. She proceeded to reach into the little black knapsack I was carrying and pulled out a map of the region.

"We just left Ilex forest, so this must be route 34. Just a little bit longer and we'll be in Goldenrod City." She hands the map to me and I take a look at it. There are drawings of different roads and landmarks, all in vibrant colors. The labels are all in a font easy to read so you don't strain your little eyes. I didn't even know we had this thing. I can't read maps anyway though, so it doesn't really matter to me. I place the map back into the backpack.

"Is everyone doing ok? Can we continue?" Mist pauses and turns to face us. Both Tale and I nod at her, and we continue our trek though the route. The sun is starting to set, so the entire road was covered in an orange like hue. I have to admit it is kind of pretty. There are several trainers battling. Many wild rattata running around, and kakuna, metapod and hoot hoot were hanging around in the trees. I think I saw a few mareep too. But none of them seemed to be paying much attention to us. Thank goodness. Along the way we come across a house owned by a human. There were a couple of them hanging outside just chatting it up as well.

I stopped walking for a moment to examine it. It was made of some type of wood in a simple cabin style. It didn't appear to be a normal house however, because there was a large picket fence connected to the house on the left side. The fence appeared to wrap around to the back of the house where there was gigantic backyard. It appeared to be some kind of ranch. What I saw inside the fence however was quite surprising. There were all different kinds of pokemon playing, while some were actually sparring as well. I noticed a human emerging from the house and ran up to an eevee who was playing with a sentret.

"Are you both ready to go home?" The trainer's pokemon looked absolutely riveted, the both of them jumping up and down, making all kinds of excited noises.

I think the most surprising thing about it, was that they both seemed really happy to be in care of a human. Deep down I knew all humans weren't bad, that they all weren't out to make my life a living hell. Some actually cared.

I knew all of this, and yet I just can't find it in my heart to forgive humans. But maybe, just maybe, I could give some of them a chance. I thought back to that girl whose hand I broke a while ago. I honestly felt bad about it. She caught me at a really bad time though. I sigh and decide that thinking about the past isn't going to change anything, and shove the thoughts into the back of my mind.

While I was lost in thought however, an elderly male human walked up to us. He had a huge smile plastered on his face that seemed like it never went away. It felt genuine too. Not the 'ok kids it's time to play' grin creepers give.

I felt Tale tensing up at his presence, expecting him to lunge out and attack or something. I didn't feel anything from Mist though, since she's unreadable as usual. I never know what that staryu is thinking. So mysterious.

"Well well well. What do we have here?" He knelt down to our level, since he was sort of towering above us. Tale backed up a little, and Mist just watched him. I finally get a good look at him, and he's wearing some simple blue jean overalls, some black boots, and funny enough, a cowboy hat on his mop of grey hair. His face tells of his age, full of wrinkles and a mole or two, and even a full grey beard. And yep that smile is still there.

"I've never seen a group of pokemon travelling together like this." He glances at all of us. And I feel his eyes rest on me.

I make eye contact with him and try to sense how he's feeling. His gaze is warm, like one he would give a grandchild. I don't feel any malice whatsoever from him. Judging from his age and this ranch, I'm guessing he has cared for pokemon pretty much his whole life. He gently pats me on the head, and calls me a cutie before turning to Mist and sizing her up. Good luck with that one old man, she has a mean poker face. I notice a surprised look appearing on his face, so I'm going to guess Mist is doing that telepathy thing again. I watch for a minute before getting bored and look over at the large field again.

Two Tauros are charging into each other head on, their horns getting stuck in the process. But then they wretch free and do it all over again. A few meters away from that a Miltank is talking to an Oddish who seems to be sulking against a tree all by its lonesome. I wonder if that Oddish is ok. Seems a bit lonely. I kind of have the urge to go and talk to it.

I hear the man start to speak near me, snapping me out of my trance.

"What brings you all here?" A slight pause, which tells me Mist is probably explaining our situation. Needless to say he was surprised for a moment, but quickly recovered.

"Well you all must be exhausted. Would you like to rest here for a spell? You all seem like you could use a quick bite to eat." I just looked at him a few seconds before glancing at Mist, silently asking her what we should do. Apparently she heard me and I heard a voice in my head.

"What do you two think? This human seems nice enough, but you never know." I heard Tale do a little scoff.

"The human cannot be trusted. They're all like this. Treat us well a little and they think we'll do whatever they want. I say we keep moving." Mist nods and turns to me.

"What do you think Plum?" I glance at her and then back at the old man, who seems to patiently waiting for us to discuss things first. I honestly don't know. I used to trust humans, even like them. But after what happened before with my trainer, I'm finding it very difficult to ever trust any human again. But hate only creates more hate right? It's a never ending cycle. Like Zangoose and Seviper. They try to make up sometimes, but there is always one on either side who never lets their hatred go. Then it festers and spreads to their comrades and starts the entire cycle once more. It has to end somewhere right? I just hope I won't regret this later.

I will try to not let my hatred for Lyle spread to other humans. That is between me and him. Lyle actually wasn't always a self-absorbed prick who only cared about winning. He actually used to play with me, and hell even smile. But that was a long time ago. It's all in the past. That confrontation is for another day. For now, I will give trusting humans another try.

"I say we give him a chance." And just as I expected, Tale gives me a look mixed with confusion and anger.

"What is wrong with you!? Don't forget how humans have treated you! They're all nothing but liars and cheats! They all just want something from us, and they'll act all nice to get it from us!" I turned to him with a serious look on my face.

"I don't remember ever telling you about my past. Even still, it's none of your business. That is between my trainer and me. But I can't let my hatred for him affect all my other relationships with humans. I do understand where you are coming from, but I can't be controlled by my own hatred and anger. And you shouldn't either Tale." He looks away, acting like I just slapped him or something.

"That settles it then." Mist turns to the old man and gives him the message that we'll take him up on his offer. I swear I saw that smile of his get even bigger. Is his face stuck in a smile or something?

We follow the man inside his house and he offers us all a seat. I jump up on the couch, which was facing the tv. Mist sat next to me, and Tale just landed and stood on the table, sulking. Did what I said earlier get to him? I did notice none of us really talked about our pasts. I just figured that we would talk about it if we ever wanted to. Maybe it's time I actually ask about his.

It's been quite a while since I've been inside a house. It actually felt kind of unnatural. The couch was made of simple polished oakwood, and was covered with plaid green fluffy cushions. It was pretty bouncy too.

On the television though, there was a program talking about pokemon trainers. A news bulletin saying that Champion Lance had defeated another challenger, and that he has been undefeated for 3 years now. The camera panned and showed his partner, a large light orange dragon pokemon with a cream colored belly and rather small wings compared to rest of its body and on its head, a horn and antennas. I had honestly never seen one before. I wonder if the pokedex works even when the pokemon is just on the television. I tried it, pulling the red device from my backpack and pointing it at the tv. After a few agonizing seconds, the device lights up.

"Dragonite, the dragon pokemon. It is the final evolved form of dratini. Dragonite have a kindhearted disposition and are said to have human-like intelligence. They have been said to save people from drowning and lead ships that have been trapped in storms to safety. If angered, however, they are capable of going on uncontrollable rampages with devastating results. Despite being bulky, Dragonite are incredibly agile and fast, and the speed of their flight is so immense they are able to circle the globe in sixteen hours."

Well… that was interesting. I never would have guessed that large creature can fly that fast. Or something with a derpy face like that is capable of going on rampages. I noticed Mist was listening very closely.

"You see that Plum? That there is our goal. That dragonite is the champion's strongest pokemon after all." I nod at her and look back at the tv. The program cuts there and then starts talking about pokestar studios or something. I lose interest there and look behind me, seeing the old man walking toward us with a basket full of berries. He sets them down on the table in front of us and tells us to help ourselves, while walking back into the kitchen. Well that was nice of him, I think I will try one of those pecha berries. I jump off the couch and grab the delicious looking pink berry and bite into it. The flavor is full, fresh and very sweet. These are obviously homegrown.

I hear the door open up and a girl walks in. She has pink hair and she's wearing a white and red blouse with blue shorts. She also had on some simple red and white shoes and some black and blue knee high socks. She was sort of dressed as a softball player. I wonder if she's on a team? Or maybe just a deranged fan. And those shorts are ridiculously short.

"I'm home!" She yelled out, and the old man from before walked out to greet her.

"Ah, welcome home Whitney! How was shopping?" Whitney shook her head and sighed.

"It was pretty boring, nothing on sale at all! Aww man I wish I had some challengers! I haven't had any in a week!" She walks over and sits at the table Tale is standing on. And he's just starting at her with an angry look on his face.

"I see." The man walks over and sits at the table as well, across from her.

"Well we seem to have some guests today. Say hello to Whitney you three, she's my granddaughter." At that moment we all looked at each other, the girl just noticing Mist and me just hanging out on the couch.

I nervously wave at her, since she is giving me a really intense stare. After a few moments…. She runs over and picks me up, then hugs me tightly!

"Oh my goodness, oh my god, you're so cute! You're adorable! What's your name cutie?" In between each statement she nuzzles her face against mine. What a funny human. I think I'll humor her.

"Mawile, Maw." I say cutely. She proceeds to squeal very loudly, telling me how cute I am. This actually feels kind of nice. But I won't go admitting it.

"You are just too cute! Can I keep you? Can I please?" I started squirming in her arms, as to tell her no way. I finally wretched myself free, and fell back on the couch. Tale looked angry and disgusted at that little scene and Mist just watched, seemingly amused. But she quickly stood up and started speaking telepathically to the girl. Luckily she including me in the little psychic link this time.

"I heard you mention challengers. So are you the gym leader of this city then?" Whitney stared at Mist looking all surprised and dumbfounded. Man that face is never going to get old.

"Whoa, are you talking to me? Y-yeah I'm the gym leader. My name is Whitney, what's yours?"

"My name is Mist. And I'm obviously a staryu. These are my two friends, Plum and Tale. Plum is a Mawile, the one you were hugging earlier. And… well I sure hope you know what a pidgey is." She just nods, still looking dumbfounded.

"Good. Now listen, we're traveling around the region to collect the eight gym badges, and-"

"Say what?!" Whitney screams loudly before Mist can finish her sentence. I flinch at her high pitched squeal.

"You're telling me pokemon are training themselves? Wow! I've never heard of that before! Soooo cool." I swear I saw Mist twitch a little.

"Umm yes, anyway as I was saying-"

"So how many badges have you won so far? Is it tough? Isn't it scary out there with all those trainers out there wanting to capture you?" She glanced at me as she said the last part and I winced. Don't tell me this hyper woman wants to catch me?! I almost start to panic, before remembering that I was already 'captured' by another pokeball already.

"Two, sort of, not really." Mist answered each question in order and tried once again to speak but was interrupted yet again…

"Now that I think about it, this is the first time I've ever talked to a pokemon before! This is amazing! Hey, can you tell me what Plum thinks about becoming my pokemon? I'll treat her really well! Well I usually train normal type pokemon, but actually I would like to have any kind of cute pokemon! And boy is your friend a cutie! But your other friend seems like a bit of a grump. And…"

The old man gently pushed the crazy motor mouth pink haired twintailing little s- I mean lady back and told her to calm down and give us some space. Thank you sir, I was starting to lose it. And she was about to lose that pretty little pink hair of hers.

The kind old guy explains our situation for us, and Whitney gets a weird gleam in her eyes.

"So they are my new challengers? Hahahaha, well that is certainly interesting. Ok as the Goldenrod gym leader I accept your challenge!" All three of us perk up, excited. Finally, our long awaited battle for the third gym badge was about to begin! I'm so fired up! After irritating me like that, I couldn't wait to unleash my rage upon her pokemon.

"Is what I would normally say, but it's getting kind of late, so how about you all stay the night here and we have our match in the morning?" I almost fall over on my face and glare at the mad woman. Guess we don't have a choice. Mist's red core lights up with a dim red glow.

"Very well." Whitney picks her up and spins her around the room.

"Yay! How about you guys meet all of the pokemon in the ranch? I'm sure they would be glad to meet you all!" And then she sets Mist down. And continues her babbling. Did I forget to mention Tale throughout all this? Well he left the house a while ago, and honestly I can't blame him.

"Maybe you could tell me what Miltank is saying? I always wondered what all those moos meant…. And clefairy! I heard they came from space, maybe she could tell me about how it's like in all that empty space!"

I'm sure Mist wished she knew minimize right now.

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