Welcome to my first Princess Resurrection. I know this is my first time writing a fic on this category, but I know this is going to be a risky attempt in writing this as aside from very few fics (20 as of this time), most of the fics feature most romantic elements between Riza Wildman and Reri Kamura, though there are a few Hiro x Hime pairings.

Though I read some of the fics, it did lack a few action-adventure oriented stories, so I thought I should give this a try, and though I finished watching the 26-episode anime and read some chapters of the manga, I'll be incorporating some original stories to help make this fic interesting. So feel free to send me some feedbacks if you feel like something is missing or needs improvements.

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A few weeks after Severin's death at the hands of Hime, everything looked peaceful in Tokyo, as Hiro Hiyorimi continues to attend classes while the same goes for Reiri, still basking the status of being the school idol, while Hiro still gets repeated taunting and abuses from his schoolmates.

Riza visits her brother, Lobo's grave once in a while though she still has top find out who murdered him and vowed to find out who forced him to fight Hime. Other than that, she seem to be in peace as she gets to ride on her motorcycle whenever she feels like it. Of course her friendship with Hiro remained strong while she and Reiri continue to exchange verbal tussles, much to Hiro's attempt to pacify the two.

Sawawa remained clueless as to what situation she is in, though it was fortunate that she wasn't being targeted by several factions within, and outside the Royalty Kingdom, as most are targeting Hime and her allies. However, one person seem to found a weak spot, after seeing Hiro attempting to kiss Hime which she slapped down the stairs of the alley.

"Hmm…that boy…I wonder why Lilianne chose him as her Blood Warrior…but that gave me an idea on how to kill her…and without having getting myself physically involved…and that maid will be a key factor in my schemes…"

The mysterious person was holding a binoculars and is situated on the rooftop of a building watching the usual café shop where Sawawa usually frequented, and through the use of his spies, he learned that Sawawa was Hiro's elder sister. With her clueless about her employer's real identity and that she herself is clueless, it would be an easy start to execute her plans.

"Master…what are your orders…?"

"Bring that woman to me once she leaves that joint…and make sure she is unharmed and no one else sees you…understood?"

"As you wish…"

After a few minutes, Sawawa left the café carrying vegetables she bought from a nearby market and decided to take a shortcut through the alley, where the mysterious person's servants awaited her. As she was walking gingerly while thinking of what to cook for her "mistress", the assassins, all resembling frog ninjas and used a heavy net to capture her.

"EEEKKK!!!!! What's this???!!! HHHEEELPPP!!!!!"

The Frog Ninjas used sleeping gas to silence her and within minutes she is subdued and is taken away. Within the shadows, the mysterious figure can only be seen through his smile and eyes, as his plans are set in motion and now he can make his move to use someone to get through Lilianne, and he knows how to get her HIS way.

- - -

At school, Hiro was at the school grounds, about to return to his classroom when he turned around towards the east, as of he heard someone scream for help, and he couldn't help but feel uneasy about this. He wondered of he is hearing things or is just a premonition, and even his schoolmate Reiri seem to notice her friend feeling a bit apprehensive.

"What's wrong, Hiro? You looked like you seen a ghost..."

"Ah...no, I thought I heard someone screaming for help..."

"Eh...? Even ididn't hear anything...maybe you're just hearing things..."

"I guess..."

(Whispering) "Maybe you're running low on Hime's Royal Flame of Light..."

"Ahh...no...I'm fine..."

By then, the school bullies confronted Reiri and opened their pants zippers hoping she'd zipped them up like she did to Hiro several months back, but she ignored them and left, andm the bullies then threw their frustrations on the hapless Hiro.

"Owww!!!! What's that for???!!!"

"How come she zipped your pants and not ours???"

"She did that because I was carrying items!!!!"

"Don't give us that excuse!!!! What's your secret???!!!!!"

"I'm not doing anything perverted!!!!"

But the bullies (about five of them) did not pay attention and kept on beating him until a teacher passed by and saw this and had the bullies sent to detention while Hiro was sent to the clinic. He sighed in relief as he didn't want to give away the fact that he is a Blood Warrior and feared he might end up hurting his fellow students.

- - -

Dismissal time came and he was eager to get home so he can get some rest and hope Sawawa wouldn't notice the bruises on his face, but a few meters after leaving school, someone threw a medium-sized box at him and he tripped, and upon opening the contents, he was shocked with worry about seeing the box's contents: Sawawa's maid uniform, and a note was attached to it.


Not knowing what to do, he went to the meeting place and hope that Sawawa is unharmed and wondered who would take interest in his elder sister, unaware that he'll be in a big fight of his life and the life of his elder sister is on the line.

To Be Continued...

Looks like a new adventure (or for Hiro's case, a new situation) is set for Hiro, and he gets to shine in this fic, but what wil he do to save his sister if he is demanded that he meets his sister's captors alone...?


Hiro meets up witbSawawa'a captor...and a ramsom demand which will give Hiro a very difficult predicament which he might be unable to find his way through...