Takes place after Breaking Dawn, Emmett is single,Rosalie is with is in High else is the same.

Jacob POV

I was watching a baseball game when I smelled was like all of the seasons 's snow,Fall winds,Spring flowers and summer rain's and beaches.
I got up and followed the human, prepared to scare it away from the Cullen was about 14 or 15. She was just walking. Breathing in the moatain 's when she stepped in the moonlight.

She had an old fashioned wedding dress on. I saw her go from jeans and a tee shirt into a 18th century wedding dress in seconds.

"Hey!!" She whipped around. One look at me and she took off. I ran after her,. She looked over her shoulder and saw that I was easily keeping stopped and tried to catch her breath.

"Great, a human on sterioiods.I'm gonna get it for sure." She grumbled. I started laughing.

"What are you laughing about human? I know people that could kill you in seconds." She looked very threatining.

I just shook my head." I'm not human." Her eyes narrowed."Prove it."

I stepped back, took my clothes off and phased. Her eyes grew huge. Then she smiled a motherley smile that put almost Esme to shame.

I grabbed my clothes then phased back. "Shape shifter, I thought they died out. I'm glad to see that I'm wrong."

I rolled my eyes and sat on the ground,melting the snow."Now that you know what I am what are you? And what's your name?"


"I am not alive and not dead.I live in the grey world, or as humans call it, Limbo."

She was from the in between? Whoa..I am really gonna need some time to wrap my mind around this.

"Um, why don't we go inside and sit down."

She nodded then walked back up to the house with me.

Once we got in she started looking like she hadn't sat down in years.

"Why don't you sit down? And I will get some drinks."

"Thank you is really kind of you."

I grabed some iced tea and a beer for me.

Just as I handed her the tea, the Cullen's and Nessie came back from hunting.

Alice came bouncing in and Summer politley Stood up.

"Good Evening.I take it that this is your lovely home?"

Alice nodded like she was on a caffine overdrive.

She blinked her eyes, then her jaw hit the floor.

"Alice? Alice Brandon?"

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