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Edward POV

Life with Rachel here was fun. And Emmett couldn't be happier. No one could deny that they were perfect for each other.
She had already forgiven Rose for attacking her the first night she came.
She fit in with everybody so well.
Ray matched Bella for reading,Esme for gardening,Jacob and Rosalie for cars,Jasper for history,Carlisle for art and myself with music.
Ray also had a gift similar with Renesme. She could show people her thoughts too, only a little differently. Nessie can only show you what she wants you to see. With Rachel if you made a request and she saw it, she can put it in your head just by touching you.
"Hey Rachel? Can I ask something?"
She got off the couch and sat by me. "Sure what's up?"
"What did your killer look like?"
Her face went dark, if I was human I would have been scared out of my mind.
"Do you really want to know?" I nodded my head. She took a deep breath.
"Ok, close your eyes." I did as I was told. But really nothing could have prepared me for what I saw.

Alice POV

I was in my room with the girls planing a room for Rachel when Edward screamed in rage and I had a vision of Jasper,Emmett,and Edward ripping apart and burning Demetri Volturi "ARE YOU INSANE EDWARD?" I screamed as I ran downstairs to face him.
He was crouched and shaking with anger. All the males in this family had a connection with Rachel. Carlisle became a dad,Edward,Jasper and Jacob became brothers. Emmett was her crush.

"He was the one who killed her Alice." That made something snap. I saw red, soon I was growling, wanting to rip that bastard apart. I felt calm trying to wash over me. "Hush Alice, hush." I felt Jasper rub my back soothingly, I calmed down almost instantly.

"We need to talk to is no way he will stand for such a monster to be in his guard. "
Edward nodded. "Agreed, but first we need to talk to Carlisle."

Rachel stood up. "What is going on? Who is Aro? Ali please tell me." Oh shit, this is gonna be hard.
"Um, Ray why don't you sit down. Can I trust that you will be open minded about this and trust me?"
Her eyes narrowed. "It depends on what about." This girl knew me too well.

Rachel POV

She was up to from the looks of it I was not gonna like it. I sat down on the couch, waiting for her to start talking. She took a deep breath. "Rachel the bastard who killed you, is apart of the Volturi. He is a tracker for Aro. Carlilse is a close friend so we might be able to convince Aro to kill Demetri."

My body was frozen. The Volturi? She was gonna walk up to them willingly? What about all the things she said? How awful they were?

(Flash back)

Alice and I were in the back of the classroom talking about shopping for chocolate for the kids when she had a vision. When she came out of it, she was shaking in fear."Alice? Alice? What's wrong what did you see/"
"Ray you know how I saw myself become a vampire?"
I nodded my head wanting her to continue. "Well the vampire world has sort of rulers and police. They are called the one who breaks the law is killed. And if a human finds out about it, they have to become a vampire or die. And they kill humans. They bring them in by the dozens." My eyes were wide on how cruel and heartless these vampires were. "Aly, that's not gonna be your vampire family is it?" "Oh gosh no! My vampire family drinks animal blood." I smiled and sighed with relief.

(End Flash Back)

Alice saw how my body froze so she spoke quickly. "Ray they won't kill are just trying to keep the peace.I was so scarred back then because I didn't understand. Now please, let's show Aro what kind of people he is trusting in his guard."

I smiled thinking I was gonna have justice on my death after all these years. Demetri Volturi karma is gonna kick your butt.

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