Hey guys, wow i can't believe i am writing another short one shot 'bout the Winchester boys rants.

Two in one day! i'm proud:D

...although i should be studying for maths...**groan**

well anyways...Read and enjoy

Lucifer's Spawn

"Ew, what is that?" Dean said his face scrunching up in disgust.

"What Dean?" Sam questioned as he walked over to his brother, peering over his shoulder to see what Dean was looking at.

"Look at it Sammy," Dean stated, "that sure is one ugly mutha."

"Dean, don't be mean to the poor thing," Sam said as he gave Dean a stern look.

"What?" Dean said raising his hands high, "don't look at me like that Sammy, I know you're thinking it too."

"And what am I thinking Dean," Sam said, annoyed.

"What kinda fugly hell bound creature gave birth to such a revolting creature...if you could even call it an animal..," Dean said with disgust.

"Dean!" Sam practically yelled, making bystanders on the street send them wary glances. Sam made himself calm down before turning back to his brother who was standing outside the window still peering in.

"Hey Sammy," Dean said as he continued to stare into the glass, "do you think it's some sort of demonic rat?"

"What?" Sam said as he turned and looked into the window.

"I mean, look at it," Dean stated as he pointed into the window, "what kind of psychopath must you be to want to buy such an ugly creature…it's like Lucifer's own spawn right there."

"Dean," Sam said in a frustrated tone, "it's a chihuahua."

"And one ugly fucker I should say too," Dean added, "did its mother mate with a demon dog cause it could sure pass off for one."

Sam sighed, knowing that Dean would just continue to ramble on about the origins of the chihuahua in the pet store window as he walked off down the street. Dean soon followed whistling Givin' the Dog a Bone by AC/DC.

Dean stopped and turned around and shot a quick glance back to the pet store before he thought to himself, now I know why Paris Hilton reminds me of Lillith and her hell hounds...

Yes so as you can tell, I don't like chihuahuas or Paris Hilton...both piss me off sooooo much..

Sorry if i have offended anyone that owns or likes chihuahuas but hey, this is only my opinion.

Over and Out!