Jack pushed down on the intercom button.

"Walter! Can I see you in my office?" His voice was unnaturally calm and Walter could sense the urgency in the General's request.

"Yes, sir!" Walter replied quickly, knowing his boss would hate the delay.

Jack waited in his office patiently, although his patience was not needed as the sergeant arrived immediately at his door and began knocking.

It always astounded Jack how well Walter was always on top of things and there when he needed him. His job was done quickly but thoroughly and was always where he is needed at a quick pace.

"Come in!" Jack closed the open file on his desk and threw it into the open draw before slamming it shut.

"You wanted to see me, sir?" Walter entered the room.

"Yes! Shut the door and take a seat." The sergeant did as he was told.


"Walter, what I am about to tell you, is to be kept confidential, even…no, especially from Major Carter! Do you think you can do that?"

"Sir, most of my work is top secret. Yea I can keep it confidential."

"Of course! Sorry, Sergeant. I'm just…" Jack searched for a word, "not sure if I want to do this."

"Do what, sir?"

"I'm retiring, Walter." He watched the sergeant's jaw drop. "Oh come on, it's not like I haven't already and knowing my luck, they'll call me back but I need to do this. No just for me. I'm 53 in 2 weeks and I'm still killing aliens, travelling through Stargate's and getting my butt kicked…sometimes."

"I know sir, but what about who's going to run SG-1?"

"Major Carter is a very capable woman."

"Even though you don't want her to know!" Walter guessed.

"Exactly! You see, I want to do something big this time to show everyone that it's, hopefully, the last time."

"Well…we could throw a going away party…" Jack shot him a look, "or not."

They both sat there for a few minutes pondering then Jack stood up and slammed his hands onto the desk.

"I've got it!"

The sergeant still looked surprised from the older mans action.



"I said I've got it! We hold a talent show! Sa…Major Carter wont have a clue until I announce it at the end of the show. Yes! I knew there was a reason the ladies love me!"

Walter held back a retort.

"Of course we're going to need Martin Lloyd's help…"

Jack reached for the phone and dialed the number for his favorite movie executive.

After 3 rings, Martin picked up.

"Martin Lloyd!"

"Marty! It's Jack!"

"General O'Neill?"

"Hey! I was wondering could you do me a favor?"

" Yeah, sure. I'm kind of busy though…"

"It's only a small favor really…It's ah, something I want you to help with that needs your expertise."

"Ah okay…my expertise?"

"Yeah! So get here pronto!"

Jack hung up the phone with a huge grin plastered to his face.


"Yes sir?" Walter was slightly nervous; the smile on the general's face was unnerving. He is capable of many things, and not knowing what he was going to do next, was something that scared anyone especially the sergeant.

"Organize the canteen to be empty tomorrow, and have food and drink ready at, oh, say 1300 hours. Enough for almost the whole base. Don't worry about everything else."

Walter saluted the general, then walked out of the small office. Oh yes. This would be fun.