"Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday to Jason..."

It was my 16 years-old birthday celebration; my parent, together with few close friends and relatives planned a surprise birthday celebration for me in our cosy little living room.

After some usual birthday celebration ritual of mingling, well wishes exchange, candle lights blowing, wishing and cake cutting (including consuming), the climax of every birthday celebration finally came.

"Open the presents, open the presents"

Tommy, my younger brother, 2 years younger than me, eagerly chanted and pointed towards the pile of the presents neatly stacked on the coffee table. Bobby was seated next to Tommy, cuddling together, look at me with the usual big and sparkling eyes, wanting to say something, but never open the mouth and stayed silence. Just look me in the eyes and stay focused. By this time, the rest are started to crowd around me anticipating to share the joy.

"Wow, the latest model BMX-CW. Thank you Dad". Dad winked.

"I loved this one too. It's the laser sabre from the Starwar movie." The birthday card read:

Hi Bro,

Happy 16th Birthday!

From: Tommy & Bobby.

"Thanks Tommy and Bobby", I overjoyed with a teary eyes.

Tommy and Bobby responded with their equally round and teary eyes, the one emitted from joy as well. We just embrace each other and laugh...

What a night!

Quick and heavy knocks on our door.

"Who is this?" dad rushed out from the bedroom and opened the door.

"Mr Lim, Bobby was knocked down by a car at the corner of the street" My neighbour, Mrs Leong said hurriedly.

"What? How does it happen?"

"I am not too sure, you better come out quickly..."

After waking up Tommy and me, we rushed out to the scene, Bobby lying on the pool of his own blood and both the legs were bended inward in an unusually curvy shape. His breathing is wake and getting weaker..., blood streaming down from the mouth, Bobby is in a lot of pain....

"NO....." we screamed when we first saw the state that Bobby is in.

"Somebody call the ambulance, PLEASE" dad turned and talked to the crowd.

"Sons, take it easy, let's hope for miracle" dad sobbed and we embraced each other next to Bobby, which remained motionless.

The crowd is getting bigger but the vehicle that knockdown Bobby is nowhere to be seen.

There is no miracle, after all. Bobby didn't make it and our whole family are deeply saddened by this unfortunate turns of event. After the simple cremation ceremony, Tommy and I weep for many days and nights that followed. We missed Bobby a lot...

Till today, Tommy and I still pay Bobby regular visit at his makeshift tombstone, at our backyard, it reads: