Hey guys! Unfortuntely this is the final chapter, so a big thanks to everyone who ever reviewed this fic.
Italics = JD's narration
Bold = JD's imagination

JD had decided something. He had decided that Dr Cox was probably the best mentor he could've asked for, even if he was evil to him half of the time. But moments like before made him remember that he didn't hate him, and now he knew that it was just a release he'd been holding in since he was a child.

I guess that every doctor needs a way of relieving the stress of work – even me. Dr Cox chooses to take it out on the interns and anyone below him. I could take it out on something more useful though, like Rowdy. No! I can't believe I even thought of that! Okay, I could start shouting at commercials. That seems like it could be better. Although I don't want to be cynical... okay, okay, I'll figure something out. Later.

JD blinked a few times. It had been a couple of minutes since either of them had spoken, and for now they had been in silence. Dr Cox was enjoying it, though, and JD had realised that although he wanted to talk to him, he should leave him be for a while.

"I need you to know something, Newbie." Dr Cox spoke quietly, but as he continued, his voice gradually got louder and angrier. "You better not dare let any of what I said to you outside these walls, and I know that your feminine brain can't handle the amount of love and sharing I seem to have given you over the past two hours but you know the rules. You squeal any information to your boyfriend or Barbie and I will personally see to it that you are squeezed like a giant sponge until all of the bodily fluids within you drip down the corridor."

I listened with my mouth hanging open, firstly because I wasn't used to him being his normal self anymore and secondly because he had switched from fatherly to angry in as many seconds as it takes a bi-polar patient. I tried not to look too goofy as that would just fuel his rage.

"I would then pay re-he-ealy good money for the Janitor is mop up your remains and rebuild you so that he can make a quip about your bad hair and then pour hot, hot, hot coffee all over your face. Do I make myself quite clear?" Dr Cox finished.

"Yes, sir." JD gulped. "Anything else while I'm still intact?"

"Yes." Dr Cox narrowed his eyes and folded his arms. "You ne-hever remind me –ever! – of our time in this godforsaken death closet."

"Okay, Dr Cox, I understand." JD nodded dumbly. "I get that you're a frustrated man who likes to take your stress out on other people, so I don't mind anymore."

"What in the hell are you talking about, Natalie?"

"You've taught me one or two things, morals, if you will, whilst we've been stuck here." JD began, matter-of-factly, like he always did when he thought he knew something. "And one of those was that I need to direct my stress into one healthy area. Also, that cookies can be eaten without need for chewing."

"Suzanne, I don't care!" Dr Cox waved his hands about. "Anyway, look behind you. Blondie to the rescue."


I turned towards the metal door to see Elliot waving enthusiastically through the box window. She smiled and then just simply walked in. I don't know why I was expecting a grand entrance the nedd for a giant key, but either way she came in with certain significance to me. Of course, she was shortly followed by Turk with his arms open waiting for me, and Jordan giggling behind, apparently unable to stop.

"Aw, why did you bring the Witch?" Dr Cox complained.

"Perry, this is funny!" Jordan explained. "I mean... ha-ha! I'm sorry. Actually, you know what? I'm not. By the way, keep shouting at me, I'm turned on already."

"Sure thing, hag." Dr Cox raised his eyebrows before realising that everyone was looking at them. "Avert your eyes or die."

"Vanilla bear!" Turk grabbed JD into a hug.

"Chocolate bear!" JD swooned. "Ooh, you smell like sterile gloves."

"You know it." Turk let go of the embrace. "Now c'mon, we gotta catch the last episode of M.A.S.H. so we can see what English sitcoms are like."

"Sure thing, C-Bear."

"Uh, excuse me, but I'm the one who actually cared to find out where you are." Elliot intervened before JD could leave.

Oh, my God, she actually cares about me! Now, now, Dorian, don't ruin it. Just act cool as usual and walk away. And remember to say thanks.

"Many thanks to you, Dr Reid." JD said in a weird put on voice that was supposed to make him sound awesome. It really didn't.

"JD, why are you acting so weird?" She asked, before her pager beeped. "Frick! Okay, basically one of your patients was asking after you, the old woman. I gotta go."

And she ran off as quickly as she'd appeared. Ah, Elliot. We could be so great together. I wonder what our future holds... JD was getting ready for work as Chief of Medicine whilst Elliot struggled over an olden days type stove whilst rocking a baby in the other arm. She wiped the sweat from her head and wished him a good day. JD nodded and walked out, only to actually be going to the donut store with Turk to order the special pink-glazed one time offer custard filled donuts... Yeah, that would be awesome.

"Ghandi," Dr Cox addressed Turk. "I need you to check out my failing liver patient to see if there is any need for surgery. Go, go, and go!"

Turk nodded and ran from the room. Jordan gave Dr Cox a kiss on the cheek and whispered something in his ear. He half smiled and then shouted as she went: "Tell that to your mom, and by the way Jord-a-roo, your Botox makes you look 60! Have a nice day, sweetie!"

"You have strange ways of loving one another." JD frowned before trying to leave. But Dr Cox put his hand out in front of him and pushed him back a little. "What is it?"

"I need to talk to you." Dr Cox sounded pained.

"Go ahead." JD fought the urge to smile.

"I just wanna say that... you're an okay resident." Dr Cox sighed. "Hell, you're a brilliant doctor. Don't let little things get you down. And if you still feel stressed, you've always got me to argue with. That's if I don't kill you. Is that alright... JD?"

Oh, my God he just called me by my name! Okay, what do i do now? A hug? No, too soon. A nod? No, too subtle! I know; a friendly pat on the shoulder. That's perfect!

"I thought you knew this by now – You don't touch me without being punched in the face." Came Dr Cox's reaction as he stared at the hand on his shoulder. He then lifted it with his pinkie finger and index finger, dropping it as if it was a piece of garbage. "Thanks very much, Shirley."

"No, Dr Cox... thank you."

"Too cheesy." Damn it, I should've known.

"Anyway, Dr Cox, I really would like to thank you."

"Save it. We're outta here now and I think that indicates that..." He made a dinging noise with his pen against JD's head. "... Whatever happened in here is over. I am ve-hery certain that you would understand."

"I do understand."

JD and Dr Cox began to walk from the morgue together, both having developed an underlining respect for the other. JD attempting to put an arm around his mentor, but it was shrugged away.

"Too much, Tanya."

"Yeah, I know..."

And I did. Dr Cox had to put up his hard front and it wasn't my place to destroy that. I'm sure that I could survive the rest of my Residency with him. The next day, I came to work with a whistle in my head that I couldn't help but share with the others. The Janitor had been otherwise engaged – Dr Cox had broken into his house last night and stolen all of his keys, locked every window and door and left him to it. Then, Elliot agreed to take on all of my patients because of her work days being slow recently, Carla made sure I got a drink every morning and everyone was being generally friendly.

I knew this to be the work of Dr Cox and I didn't object - especially as Turk gave me an extra long edition of 'Eagle' in the parking lot after work. As always, there is a moral to this story. Next time you spill coffee on the floor, don't go running into a place with only one exit! No, seriously, this moral is: don't beat yourself up about things. That's what I learned. Stress can be battled too, if you already have it, you just need to have some awesome friends, like me.