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"W-what do you thinks' going to happen to us?" whispered Arcee to her brother as they followed the Decepticon Medic to his Med Bay. Behind them, the Femme Dark Aurora strode along keeping a close optic on their backs to ensure they weren't about to run for it.

But frankly, there was nowhere for them to run, they were in the Decepticons base. And every single corridor they had gone through seemed to have at least two Decepticon soldiers. Even if they somehow managed to elude both Hook and Dark Aurora, they would soon be recaptured by the others.

Their forms and blue optics screamed Autobot, they only reason they weren't bothered was because of who was escorting them. But Hot Rod didn't like the way some of the Decepticons were eyeing up his sister's form, she was turning as beautiful and shapely as their mother. And in a place like this, that wasn't a good thing.

"We'll be okay," Hot Rod now said quietly to Arcee, knowing he had to reassure her. "I'll protect you Arcee, no one's going to hurt you."

Dark Aurora snorted behind them, "They wouldn't dare to lay a servo on either of you. For you see, you're under Megatron's personal protection now, they would very likely lose their servo."

This gave Hot Rod pause, 'Personal Protection?' But he was again faced with the question, 'Was it a good thing or a bad thing?' To his surprise Arcee spoke his other question,

"What's going to happen to us?" she barely squeaked out, looking back at the femme. Dark Aurora smiled kindly before speaking,

"Because you are both so young, most likely Lord Megatron will keep you under his protection, until he decides what to do with you both."

Arcee shuddered at this but Dark Aurora still smiled, "Would you prefer to be far game for all the Decepticon Soldiers?"

"No," Arcee squeaked immediately, shuddering at the thought of all those leering red optics.

"I'll kill anyone who lays a hand on my sister," Hot Rod growled fiercely which made Dark Aurora smile even more.

"Mmm, you're very fiery," she commented on, making Hot Rod flush at this. Arcee stared at her brother, was he actually embarrassed?

But she didn't feel like asking in, not in this tense situation. They continued along the long corridors until they finally reached Hook's Med Bay. Hook stopped and turned to face them, gesturing inside.

"I want the pair of you on berths as soon as we're in, no arguments. Or you'll find yourself chained to them."

They rushed inside not saying a word, Hot Rod lead Arcee to a pair of berths that were slightly close to one another.

"Hook?" Dark Aurora came in frowning, "Yes my Lady?" He inquired respectfully turning to face her.

"The mechling Hot Rod...he mentioned that Arcee was his sister. Does that automatically rule them out?" She asked cryptically. "No my Lady it does not."

He was about to turn to his patients, but turned back to her with an afterthought and pointed to a berth to the opposite, "I need to check you out as well, as it's only been a few hours and you were not to be outside either way. Let alone leave Med Bay," He growled at the sheepish femme.

"Alright," she said, holding her hands on in surrender. She knew that she wasn't meant to have done that but she'd felt fine and had wanted a drive. Besides, it was just as well she did or else these two may have gotten away unnoticed.

She walked over to a berth and carefully lay down on it. But before Hook could do anything, she said.

"Please check them out first, I can wait a few more breems. Lord Megatron will want the results as soon as possible."

"Very well but don't you dare move," Hook said sternly as he turned to the two siblings.

Against her better judgement and training Arcee asked her a question, "Where you wounded in battle?" she asked curiously.

"Hmm? Me? Oh no I was carrying." She said off-handedly, after a moment she looked over to see a stunned Arcee.

"You were carrying?" Acree breathed in surprise, "You're so young to have a mate and a sparkling!"

Dark Aurora chuckled as Hook rolled his optics.

"Actually, I was just acting as Carrier to two unbonded Mechs," she explained casually as Arcee's optics widened.

"Really, that's incredible," Arcee said, she'd never met such a young Carrier. Even Hot Rod looked impressed although he was trying to hide it.

Hook had grabbed a couple of things and now stood between the two siblings. He gestured for an arm each and they gave them to him and he inserted a needle into each before drawing up some energon blood. Arcee winced but it was over fairly quickly and Hook now injected the samples into a strange data pad he was holding.

A few breems later they could hear the fast heavy pede falls of someone rushing down the hall outside med bay. Without warning the doors burst open and there stood a furious Megatron, his cloak swaying from the rush.

"What do you mean they are not Orion and Ariel?" he bellowed, surely the entire Nemesis heard him.

"I'm sorry my lord," Hook said softly as Dark Aurora looked both confused and disappointed.

Arcee and Hot Rod sent each other looks, just who was Orion and Ariel? But they had other things to worry about, Megatron looked murderous, there was a chance he'd kill them in his rage. But then Hook spoke again.

"However, I did learn something very interesting about them, my lord."

"What?" snapped Megatron, his angry gaze sweeping over the two younglings who shrank back slightly.

"Trust me my Lord you will be very pleased-" Hook was cut off as Megatron swiftly moved closer in a threatening manner, the doors slamming shut behind him.

"Out with it Hook before I rip it out of your processor!" He growled dangerously before shooting a glare of frustration and disappointment at Dark Aurora who looked down at her berth silently ashamed, as if she was being reprimanded by her Sire.

"I learned they are the Sparklings of none other than Optimus Prime and Elita One."

Dark Aurora looked up in shock as Megatron stared at Hook who remained as calm as he could. Megatron's glowing red optics slowly moved to focus on Hot Rod and Arcee who were even more worried. They'd hoped that somehow, Megatron wouldn't find out about their parentage as there would be no way he was letting them go now.

"Prime has children?" Megatron now said softly, moving over to where they were lying. He still looked disappointed but now there was an unpleasant gleam in his optics. "Is that true young ones, you are his?"

"Yes," Hot Rod bit out, knowing it would be foolish to deny it. Arcee also nodded, too scared to speak.

Megatron smiled and said.

"Well, this changes things doesn't it?"

"What are you planning my Lord. We cannot just kill them it will be senseless." Hook said softly.

"Now, who said anything about killing?" Megatron stated almost pleasantly now as he came close to the two Autobots. "I merely know who they truly are and can act accordingly."

Arcee whimpered as Megatron reached out and stroked her cheek with one long claw.

His optics lit up but he didn't turn away from the young femme, "Dark Aurora?"

"Yes Megatron," She answered timidly, looking over at him examining Arcee.

"You have done well," He said smiling as he looked now to Hot Rod with fresh optics. He could now indeed see the family resemblance to Optimus and Elita. He finally turned to Dark Aurora and moved to stand next to her on her other side so he could still see the two Autobot younglings. He cupped Dark Aurora's chin smiling.

"Aurora, as a reward for their capture I return them both to you as a gift for your deeds."

She stared at him for a moment before smiling and leaning into his hand.

"Thank you my lord, I shall take good care of them for you."

Hot Rod grimaced but he supposed she wasn't the worst bot they could be given to. He was still worried for his sister, he had no idea if he'd be able to protect her while they remained captives but he'd do his damndest to ensure she was safe. Megatron now looked back at them, smiling broadly.

"Be good for your mistress younglings, or I may have to punish you. And you wouldn't want that, would you?"

"Yes Sir, No Sir," They said together compliantly, they did not want anything to do with 'his' punishments.

His smirked approvingly and then gently stroked Dark Aurora's cheek before turning to Hook.

"How is she, I know she left against orders." Megatron gestured to Aurora who looked sheepishly at the CMO.

Hook wordlessly stepped forward and scanned her, "She, as well as them, need Energon. Otherwise she is fine."

"Understood. You two, get up and stand before me," Megatron ordered, his servos crossed over his chest.

He still wore his cloak of black death, it was tattered and torn in a few places but it gave it more of an eerie presence. Hot Rod stood wordlessly and helped his sister off her berth, she quickly sought shelter in his protective arms as them moved in front of Megatron, Hot Rod stood straight looking braver then he felt. Megatron reached into his sub-space retrieving two rings, he put one on the berth Hot Rod had been and opened the one he was still holding.

It didn't take a genius to figure out what the rings were, slave collars. Megatron motioned for Hot Rod to step forward, against Hot Rods will he complied shuttering his optics as he felt the collar close around his neck with a soft hiss as it activated. Arcee was next and was trembling in his arms.

"My dear Arcee I need you to be a good femme and raise your helm please so we can do this the easy way," Megatron said pleasantly. With a whimper Arcee raised her helm shuttering from helm to pede, she too closed her optics as Megatron placed the collar around her neck. The hiss of activation sealed her fate of servitude.

"That's a good Femme," Megatron crooned, giving her cheek another stroke as she struggled not to cry as weakness flowed down her body before returning to its normal state. But she knew if she or her brother tried to escape, those collars would activate and they would find themselves unconscious.

And even if they didn't try to escape, any disobedience would probably involve an electric shock from that collar. They would be left in a lot of agony if that happened and suffer for the rest of the cycle. Hot Rod was desperately fighting the urge to do something rash, he'd never felt so angry in all his life but he knew he must stay calm.

Megatron would probably punish Arcee if he tried anything.

"Now come along you three, we have some business to attend too," He said stepping around them the tail ends of his cloak whipping around. He led them back out of the Med Bay and down the long hallways. They walked for a long time not saying a word until they rounded the corner and came to an abrupt halt. There in front of them was the TIC Soundwave, looking as mute as ever as well as deadly. He bowed deeply to Meagtron and Dark Aurora then stood and opened the big doors to the communications room.

"Oh no," thought Hot Rod, he had a very bad feeling about this.

And he was right as they were led into the room, Megatron barked out.

"Soundwave, open a line to the Autobot base."

"Damn," Hot Rod cursed mentally as Arcee gave a small squeak of horror, she knew what was going to happen now.

Autobot Base

"Any sign of them?" Optimus asked Jazz over the comm but the response was a negative.

"I'm sorry Prime, but we've found nothing so far. We'll keep looking, don't worry about that."

"Very well, contact me at once if you find anything," Optimus replied heavily.

"I know their alive," he muttered as there came a sudden beeping from the computer.

"Optimus," Elita said warily pointing at the console. The button that was beeping was the bright red one that indicated that the Nemesis was haling them.

Optimus sighed heavily and prayed to Primus that it was only sheer coincidence that Megatron was contacting him now.

His pray went unanswered because as soon as he made the connection and saw Megatron's sneering smile, he knew that their children were on the Nemesis. He didn't let any emotion show however and merely said.

"Megatron, what do you want?"

"Prime, is your beloved mate with you?" Megatron asked without preamble, and Elita stepped to Optimus's side with a sigh. She knew that this couldn't be good and could only hope that her son and daughter were unharmed.

"I am here Megatron," she stated when Megatron just leered at her.

"Good," I have something to show you," he replied, his face looking as though it might crack from all the smug smiling he was doing.

Megatron stepped aside and gestured for a terrified Arcee who was clinging to a wary Hot Rod, to step forward. Dark Aurora who was no longer pregnant fallowed close behind look almost as smug as Megatron.

Elita's optics widened in horror, not just because Megatron truly did have her beloved children but at the slave collars chocking their necks. She felt fury well up inside her and could feel waves of cold anger flowing over the Bond with her mate. She glanced at him and saw how stiff he was, his whole body was tense and his fists were clenched.

Smiling widely, Megatron said softly.

"As you can see Prime, Dark Aurora picked up a couple of younglings from a crash site and imagine my surprise when I found out just who they were."

Megatron continued after a few moments of tense silence, he was enjoying the pain in their optics.

Now they would see just what it was like to lose a close family member and being powerless to do anything about it. After stretching out the unpleasant silence for just a few more moments, Megatron now said almost conversationally.

"As you can see, Dark Aurora has delivered her Sparkling but she'll need a good rest afterwards. That's why I've decided to give these two to her, for her to use them as she will."

Optimus let out a low growl, not looking at anyone but Megatron.

"Now, now, Optimus none of that. You wouldn't want to endanger your own young would you?" Megatron questioned.

"Megatron let them go, they are but younglings!" Elita pleaded.

Megatron was still smiling but his face took on a rather nasty expression.

"Why should I, you were happy to keep Sparklings, why should I release your Younglings?"

"That was not my decision," Optimus said stiffly. "Wouldn't you rather prove yourself the better Mech?"

"Please Megatron," Elita begged softly. "Don't hurt them, they've done nothing to you."

Megatron paused as though considering their words.

Hot Rod dropped to his knees with a cry of pain, his sister backing away in fright. Surprisingly she sought the arms of a concerned Dark Aurora. Hot Rod was doubled over shaking, his black collar a light with energy. Twin spheres of electrical energy pulsed right at the mechling's vital energon lines at the command of his masters they would explode killing him instantly.

He struggled not to scream but it was next to impossible, he couldn't stop yelps of loud noise pass his lips. Elita cried in horror and Optimus snarled as they helplessly watched their son tortured before their optics. After a few more moments, the pulses suddenly stopped and Hot Rod was left half lying on the floor, gasping as his whole body shook.

"Megatron, I'll kill you for that," Optimus couldn't help but snarl, his parental instinct very much aroused.

Megatron laughed, "Really now?" He said moving to the beautiful young Arcee. "Do I need to demonstrate what will happen if you try to rescue them?"

As an afterthought, "You know Elita she is as stunning as you are...perhaps I will keep her for myself," he smirked gently stroking Arcee's cheek again. She was indeed beautiful and so corruptible.

Elita was the one that now snarled.

"Don't you dare touch her!"

"I never thought you'd sink that low," Optimus quietly growled as Arcee struggled not to cry.

Megatron just laughed, loving the fact they were so angry and helpless.

"Dark Aurora escort the young femme to my bed chambers if you please as it seems that is what her creators wish for her," Megatron ordered.

Anger replaced pain in Hot Rod's body and he rose up, "I will never let you hurt her!" He said hoarsely.

Megatron chuckled and gripped the young mech's scruff bare, "You're as fiery as your Sire. You will make a good mate for my dear Dark Aurora."

"Wha...what?" stammered Hot Rod, completely taken aback by this sudden pronouncement.

Dark Aurora was meanwhile frowning slightly but she was too wise to protest. She figured she could ask about it later on, Megatron was probably just taunting the Prime. He and his mate certainly looked pretty incensed right at that point as she turned her attention to the now weeping Arcee.

"Come on," she encouraged softly, doubting that Megatron would actually force interface with her but not bothering to correct the Creators.

"Hot Rod will remain here with me, in case I need...entertainment," Megatron chuckled darkly at the panting mechling. Hot Rod knew that Megatron had been kind in his earlier demonstration but no matter the pain he was put through he wasn't going to let him hurt his sister.

Optimus was barely containing his rage at this point and he knew Elita was struggling too, he could feel it through there bond. Neither dared to anger Megatron for fear of him taking it out on Hot Rod. Both feared however that Dark Aurora was really leading Arcee to his chamber and prayed to Primus that she wasn't.

"I want my children back Megatron!" Elita pleaded getting closer to the screen wanting desperately to reach threw and snatch her son away from the monster that was once her mates brother.

Megatron calmly said, "Never. You will suffer as I have knowing that they are so close...but there is nothing you can do about it."

They both knew instantly what he was referring too, never in their wildest dreams did they think their secret would ever put their own offspring in harm's way.

For one wild moment, they considered just telling him who they were, surely there was no way he'd attack his own niece? Or continue to torture his own nephew, he had always wanted to protect his little family. But there was no knowing how he would react, frankly, he'd most likely go into a murderous rage and end up hurting their children anyway.

"Megatron, don't hurt Arcee," Optimus said in a softly pleading tone, hoping the fact he was begging would please Megatron enough that he would not hurt the young Femme. "Please, don't do that to her."

"Perhaps I will, perhaps I won't," Megatron taunted in response. "I shall do as I please Prime and unless you want your children to receive worse, you will not try to interfere."

He was still gripped Hot Rod's scruff bar but his grip had loosened. The young Mech looked up at his parent's anguished faces and he couldn't bear to see them anymore. So he suddenly lunged forward and brought his fist down on the console, breaking the adults' connection.

Megatron roar with laughter, "Couldn't bear to see them anymore mechling? Haha, fiery indeed. You'll make a fine mate for Aura. Now mechling I want you to test something for me, I want you to open a connection with your creators threw the bond."

"Why?" Hot Rod asked suspiciously, even as he did as he was told, wanting to offer comfort to his creators. To his horror, he was met by a blank wall as his collar started to hum quietly.

"That's why," Megatron said smugly, chuckling at the young Mech's expression as he realised he couldn't contact his creators that way. He tried sending a little bond probe to Arcee and was relieved to find that he could make contact with her. Maybe it was because they were both wearing those damn collars or maybe because Megatron only wanted to prevent them from feeling their creators. Either way, at least they had that although he was getting a lot of terror and grief from Arcee's end.

Hot Rod clenched his fists in anger as Megatron continued to laugh, if he didn't have this fragging collar, he'd happily attack Megatron here and now. But of course, Megatron spotted the look in his optic and chuckled some more.

He unceremoniously backhanded Hot Rod and sent him flying a crossed the room. He advanced quickly his cloak rustling, he grabbed a stunned Hot Rod and dragged him into a nearby large room where the army met them.

"All Decepticon's hear me now, as you all know we have new prisoners on board. They are Dark Aurora's and my own servants. Anyone touches them they will answer to me, and my cannon," He waited a moment before continuing.

"Do I make myself clear?" He asked his soldiers as he sub-spaced his cannon.

His soldiers all nodded quickly, staring at the groaning Autobot Mechling who was rubbing his throbbing cheek. Megatron smirked and returned his cannon to sub space, his point having been made. He took a firmer grip on Hot Rod's scruff bar and pulled him to his feet although Hot Rod still had to tilt his head to look into the Decepticons's blood red optics.

"We're going to go meet up with Dark Aurora and you will see to her needs," Megatron commanded sternly. "She can controls those collars as well so don't even think of trying anything, are we clear?"

He gave Hot Rod a little shake and the young Autobot bit out.

"Yes sir,"

"Good," Megatron purred before saying maliciously. "Now, I believe your sister is waiting for me."

His soldiers chuckled darkly at this well Megatron pushed Hot Rod along and out the doors.
He shoved him along down the corridors until they were in what Hot Rod suspended was Megatrons private area as they passed to brutish guards that bowed to him respectively. Dark Aurora was waiting on an oversized couch with a timid Arcee. Megatron gave a mighty shove and hurled Hot Rod a crossed the room. Hot Rod managed to not fall on the calm Decepticon femme. He was however brought to his knees again by the collar being activated by Megatron.

"Here is your betrothed." Megatron said gesturing to Hot Rod.

"Thank you my gracious lord," She said respectfully feeling the power of control final being shared with her. She now had both Autobot's collars pass cords.

She still wasn't totally sure about her future 'mate' but she trusted Megatron. Besides, for an Autobot who happened to be Prime's son, he was rather cute. Not that she'd like him know that, she would allow no weakness of hers to be exploited. She reached forward and stroked his cheek, he scowled but didn't say anything. But she noted that he seemed a little flushed and thought that it might not just be due to pain.

This thought made her smile and she purred.

"He's a fine specimen, Megatron."

"Only the best for you my dear," Megatron said softly before turning his attention to Arcee who shrank back.

Hot Rod tried to lung at Megatron but was rooted to the spot the collar humming in defiance.

"Now now Hot Rod that wont due," Dark Aurora purred stroking his cheek again. Megatron smiled proudly at the young femme, "You will make a fine leader someday, my sweetspark."

He offered his servo to Arcee to help her up.

Arcee took it, trembling all over. She was sure he was going to attack her and wasn't sure how she could survive that. He was such a big and powerful Mech, she never dreamed she'd be with someone like him. Her optics were fixed on the floor as she stood, waiting for it to happen.

"Don't," Hot Rod managed through gritted denta but didn't dare say anything else.

"Hmm," Megatron said in mock thoughtfulness. "Are you untouched my dear?"

Arcee burned with humiliation, her throat seemed to close up and she could only nod jerkily.

"Good then that's how you will remain. You will grow into your full beauty and remain untouched. You will be the jewel of the Nemesis," He said stoically, shocking her and Hot Rod at the proclamation.

"If anyone touches you...I will personally kill them no matter who they are. You will every week be seen by Hook to make sure no one has touched you. You three will also start training with me three times a week to better advance your skills and I expect you three to spar with one another. I have plans for you three, especially you Aura, as you will someday take the throne," Megatron said lacing an arm around Arcee giving her a gentle squeeze.

Arcee unconsciously leaned against him as she sagged with relief, she couldn't believe his words. It was almost like something her father would do, he probably would kill anyone who tried to force interface with her. She was so relieved, she forgot to be shocked at Megatron's other words, the ones about training. But Hot Rod had and he was staring at him in disbelief.

"I will ensure to live up to your expectation," Dark Aurora said warmly before adding. "And I will make sure these two do as well."

"I know, my sweet," Megatron said softly before saying quietly. "You're Sire would be very proud of you, you know. You have far surpassed all expectations."

"Thank you Megatron. That means a lot to me." She smiled tiredly a small tear rolling down her cheek. Hot Rod saw the tear falling and with a careful movement he caught it. Megatron smiled approvingly,

"Hot Rod, carry Dark Aurora to her quarters. She needs to rest from the excitement of the day. She did after all give birth today."

Megatron ordered before gently leading Arcee to a door, "This will be your own room. I will add better accommodations in a few moments. The Trine will be here shortly to clear it out."

"T-thank you sir," Arcee said with a slight stammer, still in shock.

"Go and rest, my dear," Megatron said with a smile, reading her own to a little berth.

She smiled shyly as she sat down and he gave her head a little pat before leaving the room. He saw Hot Rod carefully supporting Dark Aurora before lifting her up bridal style. Megatron knew that the young Mech would be exhausted, both from his crash and the collars but he still managed to look strong. He was sure the young Mech wouldn't drop Dark Aurora, he had plenty of stamina left.

Dark Aurora gave a tired smile to Megatron as he cupped her cheek, "I must step away for a few moments, but when I return I will have energon for you three."

He turned now to Hot Rod, "You will bunk with Arcee tonight so Aura can rest peacefully."

"Yes sir," Hot Rod replied softly, figuring he owed Megatron that amount of respect at least.

Megatron smirked as Hot Rod stepped away and walked out the door, guided by Dark Aurora's instructions to where her quarters where. Yes, that Mechling would make the perfect mate for his beloved Aura. Once the two were gone, Megatron opened a comm to the Trine, ordering them to come and clean out Arcee's new room. It wasn't too cluttered, there was enough space for the young Femme to make it to the clean berth but quite a few pieces of equipment were too heavy for her to move.

Thundercracker and Skywarp appeared and immediately started to work. At first Arcee shrunk back afraid of them.

"Welcome to the Nemesis ma'am!" Skywarp said cheerfully.

Arcee smiled shyly,

"Thank you Skywarp."

This made Skywarp grin and he nudged Thundercracker smugly, saying.

"Hear that TC, we're famous."

"Infamous more like," Thundercracker said dryly.

Skywarp pouted before saying to Arcee.

"Don't mind him, he's a bit of a stick in the mud."

"A what?" she asked with a small frown.

"Its means he's a killjoy," Skywarp explained, earning a sharp elbow from his Trine mate.

"Ow! You know you shouldn't take your job so seriously TC," Skywarp argued rubbing his side.

"And you should take yours way more seriously Warp!" Thundercracker growled levelling a glare at his trine mate.

This made Arcee giggle, they seemed quite funny the way they bickered. They actually reminded her a little of Jazz and Prowl, those two were always having a go at each other. Skywarp turned to her and shooting her a smirk as he lifted a large crate, asked.

"Hey, who do you think is better looking, me or TC?"

Thundercracker rolled his optics and continued packing away some objects scattered over the floor.

"Hmm I don't know it's so dark in here to tell." In truth it was but to her surprise the lights came on.

"Oh how did you do that?" She asked, sitting up curiously.

"Like this," Skywarp said waving his hand by a crystal panel and the room going dark. A moment later the room was alight again.

"Oh," she said in wonder. She spotted a crystal panel next to her berth and waved her hand in front of it, making the lights dim before waving her hand again and they brightened.

"So, who's better looking?" Skywarp asked again, striking a mechly pose.

Arcee giggled and shook her head, they were both good looking and strong.

"I can't decide, your both so mechly," She giggled lightly then smiling. She was feeling better but still wary.

"What else is there to learn about this room?" She asked looking around. It seemed so bare but she suspected that there was more then met the optic.

"See this part of the room?" Thundercracker said, pointing to some blue tiling.

Arcee nodded and he pressed his hand against it and the blue tiling suddenly disappeared to reveal a door. And by the looks of it, it led to a bathroom which amazed Arcee. She smiled as Skywarp pressed a red panel on another wall and revealed a storage space which looked like it could hold quite a bit.

"Oh wow this much nicer then our old room!" Arcee giggled rising up and walking over to a nearby purple panel. It lifted up and dispensed an empty cube.

"Opps! I fix it give me a second," Skywarp cried out disappearing into warp.

"Wher-where did he go?" She asked Thundercracker timidly afraid of being alone with the seeker. Seekers where known for the interfacing. Without looking at her he continued to clean,

"He went to turn on your personal tap."

He grunted as he heaved a heavy crate out the door. Skywarp arrived nearly on top of it and had to dance out of the way.

"Yesh TC!"

"Don't blame me," Thundercracker said calmly. "You know better than to Warp into the middle of a busy room."

Skywarp just gave him a smirk before saying to Arcee.

"Try it now."

She did so and jumped as a now full Energon cube appeared. She stared at it before asking timidly.

"Does Megatron know about this?"

"I don't know, was he going to be bringing you some?" Thundercracker asked heaving another crate out and being to clean the walls from all the dust.

"You could be helping Skywarp," TC said throwing a towel at his fellow seeker.

"I don't know, I just don't want anyone to get in trouble because of me," Arcee explained softly and the Seekers gave her surprised looks.

"Hey, don't worry about it," Thundercracker said gently. "Chances are, lord Megatron would rather you consume here than in the Rec Room."

Arcee did hope she wouldn't have to take her Energon there, at least not on her own. She just didn't feel confident enough to handle herself unlike her mother or a Femme like Chromia. And she didn't then want to get into trouble with Megatron for doing something wrong and her brother punished for it.

Hot Rod's shadow now blocked the door, his shoulders we're slumped and tired.

"You look like you could use a cube there kid," Skywarp commented handing him a cube.

"Thanks but Megatron made mention that he was bringing some for us and Dark Aurora."

"Am I going to be in trouble?" Arcee squeaked holding up the full cube.

"No just consume it and put it back," Thundercracker huffed sub-spacing a chair to sit on in the room.

"This place is bigger than most in the Nemesis we can all sit here comfortably," Skywarp commented casually.

"Really?" Arcee asked motioning for her brother to sit down next to her, which he promptly plopped down.

Arcee offered her cube to him and he drank half in one gulp. The youngling's engaged in conversation with the two seekers as they awaited the return of Megatron.

Mean while, Megatron was meeting with Starscream and Soundwave.

"What news do you have on the mining and length of the vain?" Megatron asked sauntering in, his cloak whipping about as he sat down at the head of the table.

"Production and extraction has gone better than planned my lord. We have an over stoke here and have sent several shipments to Cybertron," Starscream smirked crossing his arms.
"We have found an additional cavern and vain as well."

Soundwave now spoke, "There is one problem, the new richer vain is directly under a human city."

"Why does this concern me?" Megatron challenged his TIC.

"Several sections of the city are patrolled by Autobot's, possibility of detection high."

"Hmmm...that does present a challenge, none the less we need that vein. The small stoke pile we have will not last long. The mining teams can have a nights rest but all teams will work together to extract as much energon as possible before the Autobot's detect us tomorrow. We will start digging at dawn, the Autobot's will have minimum patrols at that time. If all goes well we can drain the vein dry before sunset," He smiled looking over the survey maps of the area plotting the course more detailed.

"At least we have some hostages at our disposal," Starscream now pointed out. "Prime is just going to have to accept the fact that we will take that Energon vein."

"Mmm," Megatron grunted, still concentrating on the maps.

"My Trine already like the young Femme," Starscream carried on. "She┬┤s very sweet apparently."

"I believe you got my orders concerning her," Megatron growled, not looking up but Starscream still held up his hands in surrender.

"Nothing like that my lord, they merely appreciate her youthful energy. They will happily enforce your orders concerning her very vigorously. I would keep an optic on that Mechling, young Autobots tend to be very hot headed."

"That is why he is Dark Aurora's, he will be watched constantly. He has already tested and most likely continues to test the collar, he is not to be left alone," Megatron growled, but looked up to see if his point was driven home.

"As you wish my Lord," Starscream nodded in affirmation,

"Lazerbeak could keep an optic on him?"

"Hmm, that would be good," Megatron said after a moment. "A young Autobot like him will likely attempt to contact his friends, inform me at once if he does anything of that nature and he shall be punished accordingly."

Neither Mech doubted that statement, Megatron was always quick with retribution.

"Will Dark Aurora have any Sparklings with her new mate?" Starscream couldn't resist asking.

Megatron paused, thinking over that option.

"It is a possibility," he conceded. "But it will be up to Dark Aurora whether she is ready to become a mother."

Starscream bowed his head before proposing that his Trine and other Seekers be used as lookouts for the Autobots and also be the first line of defence against them.

"Rotate them so they stay fresh and send Rumble and Frenzy to the Autobot base to discover if they are planning a rescue for the Primes young. If they are, which I am sure they are, let Rumble and Frenzy...have some fun," He smiled looking at Soundwave.

"Megatron, I just received a report that all mining teams have returned to the base and are cleaning up and awaiting your orders," Starscream was now relaxed against his chair.

"Tell them to refuel and then recharge," Megatron ordered immediately. "They must be fresh for tomorrow when we begin mining."

Starscream nodded before opening a channel to issue the orders. Megatron examined the maps one last time before deciding he needed to ensure his new 'guests' were settled in for the night. That young Mech would try to escape if he was given the slightest opportunity. And now that Megatron had them, there was no way he was letting them go.

He gave final orders to his officers before leaving the meeting room, and heading to the rec-room to fetch the energon cubes he'd promised the younglings.

"Hail Megatron!" Several mechs greeted him, holding the cubes high.

He inclined his head slightly in acknowledgement before filling up two cubes. He had his own supply in his quarters which he only used for himself so as not to deplete the supply. As he left the rec-room and headed for the room the younglings had been placed in, he wondered if there was any chance of turning them into Decepticons. That would certainly show Prime, he'd know pain then.

As he brooded this idea, he realized that turning the youngster Hot Rod would be more then difficult, but his sister could prove much easier. She was so young, so innocent, and so perfectly corruptible. He would need to be delicate and most likely he will need to have Dark Aurora's assistance. As he walked his mind drifted to earlier in the day just before the crash, to when Dark Aurora was in labour.


Dark Aurora let out a high scream before gritting her denta as another contraction hit her. Megatron was there, holding her servo as Hook bent over her, keeping track of both her progress and the Sparkling's. Its Creators were clutching each other on another berth, their optics wide with alarm. Meltaron kept rubbing his chest where the Spark had once resided, wondering how painful it was to give birth.

StoneDrake grimaced with each gasp of pain, secretly glad his mate wasn't going through this. They couldn't wait to finally hold their Sparkling in their arms, they'd been waiting so long for this moment.

Dark Aurora's entire frame was covered in condensation, she was nearly crushing Megatron's servos. She growled shuttered violently and there was a sudden gush of fluids.
In Hooks servos was a wriggling mass covered in purple and pink fluids. Hook took the mass away to a nearby warmer were Starscream was waiting to assist him with cleaning supplies.

Meltaron let out a keening cry, he would have fainted if StoneDrake hadn't been holding him.

"Our very own Sparkling," gasped the Predacon, clutching at his mate as their Sparkling continued to wail in distress at the bright world it found its self in. "I can't believe it."

"Believe it," StoneDrake whispered back as the Sparkling was cleaned and wrapped up in a blanket.

Meanwhile, Dark Aurora was panting heavily as Megatron kissed her forehead.

"You did so well, my darling," he whispered to her as she dazedly smiled up at him.

Hook carefully lifted the whimpering bundle and brought it over to the lil group. He stood between them and showed everyone who was in the bundle. A pair of violet optic looked back at them from on an all silver face.

"She appears to be similar to an earth cobra," Starscream spoke coming over.

Without warning Dark Aurora cried out in pain and as Starscream turned to her there was another gush of fluids and another wriggling mass fell into Starscreams hands.

"Two!" Meltaron gasped as he was handed the silvery sparkling.

There was a clang and everyone stared as StroneDrake crashed to the floor. Hook sighed as he started to clean up the new, squalling arrival.

"The Spark must have split after being placed in Dark Aurora," he explained. "You now have two, healthy twin Femmes."

"Incredible," Megatron whispered as he stared at the slivery blue Sparkling who resembled more of a water creature than her elder sister. Dark Aurora smiled weakly, glad to have brought them into the world but very much hoping they were just twins and not triplets.

"Thank you Dark Aurora, for being the most wonderful carrier this old Predican could ever ask for!" Meltaron smiled widely as he held the all Silver sparkling well waiting for Hook to finish cleaning the other sparkling.

"Is there...anymore?" A wary StoneDrake asked slowly sitting up on the floor. He'd managed to pull himself up enough to rest his arms on the berth.

"I doubt it but I'll check," Hook said, giving Dark Aurora a quick scan and shaking his head.

"No, just twin Femmes."

"Thank Primus," Dark Aurora declared with a heavy sigh of relief. Megatron chuckled as he patted her arm as Starscream handed a now clean Sparkling to a trembling StoneDrake. Both Creators regarded their new daughters, love shining from their optics. It was a very uplifting moment.

End of flashback

Megatron smiled as he remembered, it was good the two Predicons had managed to have their offspring. He was amazed at Dark Aurora's speedy recovery, she'd looked like she'd never leave the Med Bay after Sparking two Sparklings. But it just showed what a strong and remarkable Femme she was and Megatron felt himself swell with pride.

He did agree with Hook she shouldn't have left the Med Bay so soon but if she hadn't, he wouldn't have a couple of valuable younglings awaiting him.

He passed his guards who nodded mutely to him, to which he returned the nod. The main rooms were dark except for some ambient light. He first went to Dark Aurora's room to leave her a cup for if she ever woke up. He eased the door open and silently crept forward heading for her bed side table.

As he approached, he suddenly heard her stir.


"How are you Aura?" he murmured softly as she sleepily blinked up at him.

"Tired," she said with a wide yawn. "If you hadn't sent Hot Rod to take me back, I'd have fallen asleep before I even reached my berth."

Megatron chuckled as he lightly stroked her head.

"Don't let Hook hear you say that or you'll get a scolding," he lightly teased, the only one he did that with. Since Orion anyway.

She chuckled lightly as she rubbed at her optics, "That cube looks delicious, may I have it?"

"Yes of course." He whispered handing her the still warm cube. She took the cube and had a long drink before sighing happily.

"What is the plan for tomorrow?"

"We are going to be mining under a human city," he told her softly. "We have found a very rich vein, one that will keep us going for a long time and we will have it before the Autobots. I will have the Younglings attend to you tomorrow."

"I'm just a little tired," she argued, making him chuckle.

"At least get a cycle of rest," he advised. "It wasn't an easy thing, bringing two Sparklings into this world."

"You're telling me," she stated with a soft groan. "Primus."

He chuckled again stroking her helm,

"Are you pleased by him?" Megatron asked keeping his voice low. She knew who he was talking about but was unsure how to answer him.

"I...I'm not sure," she admitted softly. "I mean, he is a fine specimen for an Autobot and appears to be quite brave and strong but...I don't know."

"Don't worry about it," Megatron assured her softly. "You need time, I understand. I just ask that you give it a go, I think he would make a good mate for you. You need someone fiery to tame."

She smiled back at him, feeling relieved.

"Now you need to rest, tomorrow will be a long day." Megatron soothed, he tucked her in and set the cube on her nightstand. As he waved his hand in front of the glowing panel he looked back to his adopted daughter.

"I love you Megatron, thank you for being there for me today and I'm glad you look out for me," She smiled sleepily.

"You're welcome, my Aura," Megatron purred softly and Dark Aurora smiled as she settled back down. Within moments, she was deep in recharge and Megatron quietly left.

He continued to the room he'd left Arcee in and found the Starscream's Trine just leaving. They saluted him and Thundercracker stated softly.

"They're both in there waiting for you, my lord."

"Good, you're dismissed," Megatron said and they left, allowing him to enter.

Megatron cycled air through his tanks before entering the room.

"How are you enjoying your new accommodations?" He asked with a smile

They both jumped a little at his abrupt entrance but Arcee managed to say.

"I-it's lovely sir, thank you," Arcee said with a small smile as Megatron came into the room.

"Good," he said, offering them a cube of Energon. "I thought you would be hungry."

They both said thank you but Hot Rod seemed a lot more wary than Arcee. But Megatron didn't care, he was sure he could still charm both of them.

"Tomorrow you will both attend to Dark Aurora and see to her needs. Hook will no doubt lecture me if she is not well tended to after delivering twins today," He chuckled lightly.

"She delivered twins!" Arcee gasped before continuing, "Aww, what did they look like?" She asked curiously completely missing her brother's half gapped mouth and bulging optics.

"Beautiful sliver creatures," Megatron said smoothly, very amused by the look on Hot Rod's face. "They were born to a Predacon couple so resembled animals. The elder looks like an Earth cobra while the younger resembles a sleek water creature although I'm not sure which one yet."

Arcee's optics were shinning with delight as Megatron added.

"They are both Femmes and if you are lucky, perhaps you will get to meet them."

"I'd love that," Arcee said with a sigh as Hot Rod found his voice.

"She delivered twins?"

Megatron barked out a laugh, "Yes twins and it was no small shock to the creators either. StoneDrake outright fainted, crashing to the floor." He continued to chuckle. Oddly it felt good to laugh openly like this and it lifted his spark greatly.

Perhaps he really would grow fond of these younglings. Arcee gave Hot Rod a sly look and hissed.

"Bet you'd faint if you had twins."

"I would not," he said hotly as Arcee continued.

"I heard that if a Femme has twins her first time, she'll probably have them again."

Megatron smirked at the horrified expression on her brother's face.

"I bet when you two bond you'll have triples or quintuplets!" Arcee teased her brother.

Megatron struggled not to double over laughing, perhaps this could be easier then he thought?

"It was probably because it was Predacons," Hot Rod argued back. "I heard that they are more likely to have more than one Sparkling in one go."

"You hope," Arcee said smartly causing Megatron to chuckle deeply.

"I'm sure you'll enjoy mothering whatever Sparklings he has," he said with a slight teasing tone to his voice, pleased that Arcee at least was much more at ease.

"Yup I will, I'll get to spoil them and take them for rides and show them how to have fun. Unlike Mister serious." She said pointedly at her elder brother.

"Well at least I'm gonna be mated some day. Unlike you madam virginity!" he snarled striking below the belt at his sister reminding her of Megatrons vow to maintain her virtue.

As Arcee's optics widened in shock and hurt, Megatron stepped in.

"Now now," he said gently as Hot Rod realised what he'd said. "It is my will that she remains untouched for now but that doesn't mean I won't find her a mate one day. Apologise to your sister Hot Rod."

"I'm...I'm sorry," Hot Rod said quietly to Arcee's back, she'd turned away from him, trying not to cry. "You know I didn't mean it."

He cautiously moved over to her and gently turned her to him,

"Hey, I really am sorry sis," He said making sure she saw in his optics that he meant it. In his helm he was kicking himself for his words.

He didn't want his little sister being mated off to whoever Megatron happened to chose, he wanted her to find someone herself. When she was a bit older of course. Her optics were rather watery as she stared at him but when she saw the serious regret in his own, she relented.

"I'm sorry for teasing, I shouldn't have provoked you," she admitted softly and Hot Rod smiled before drawing her into a hug.

"You wouldn't be my little sister if you didn't drive me up the wall."

Megatron felt a twinge of pain in his spark as he watched the younglings embrace. He cleared his throat getting their attention.

"Thank you Hot Rod. Now as soon as you're done with your cubes, please turn down the lights and go to recharge. I will be locking the door so don't try to escape," He said looking pointedly at Hot Rod.

He stiffened but nodded.

"Thank you for allowing me to remain with Arcee, sir," he said softly as Megatron rose.

"I will collect you in the morning and take you to Dark Aurora," Megatron stated before reaching out and gently stroking Arcee's cheek. "Be good and you will enjoy yourself here. Good night younglings."

It was then that he left, leaving the younglings together.

They collectively sigh with relief as the door slide shut and they could finally relax so to speak.

"I want mama and papa," Arcee whimpered trying not to cry, she suddenly gasped and looked to her brother,

"I can't access the bond Roddy!"

"I know," he said grimly as he drew her into a hug, "Megatron asked me to test it earlier and it didn't work. It's because of these collars, they don't want us plotting any escape together. But we can still feel each other, Cee."

"Yeah," she said tearfully. "But...I really want to feel mama, I need her, Roddy."

"I miss them too," he said gently. "But we'll see them again, don't worry."

"Okay Roddy. What do you think Megatron has planned for our training?" She asked trying to calm herself down.

"Not sure," Hot Rod said with a small shrug, still a little surprised by Megatron's declaration. "Probably hand to hand combat, I don't know if he'll allow us near any weapons."

She nodded, pondering how hard it might be.

"'ll probably be useful," she offered and Hot Rod nodded.

"Kup would think it a perfect training opportunity."

"I don't know but we should pay attention to it, we might need it if we want to esc-" he started shaking violently and fell to the floor writhing in pain as the collar hummed.

"Roddy," Arcee shrieked, falling to the floor to clutch at him as he moaned. "What happened?"

"I don't think we're allowed to say a certain word," Hot Rod said through gritted denta. "Slag it."

Tears were falling from Arcee's optics as she hugged her brother, trying to soothe away the pain.

"I'm so sorry," she wept as he tried to recover. "I wish we weren't here."

"Me too," He panted trying to ignore the last tingling sparks. He sat up slowly keeping his mind clear of that 'word' just in case.

"Cee, we will be okay we just need to keep our heads down and be patient. Till things happen that will benefit us in a certain way. We just need to do as we are told, so we don't get punished. But no matter what, I will do everything in my power to make sure nothing happens to you."

"I know you will, Roddy," she whispered, giving his helm a kiss as she helped him stagger upwards and onto a berth. "Let's go to sleep, you need to rest."

Hot Rod nodded, she was right plus he wouldn't put it past Megatron to come and check up on them. He settled back on the berth and beckoned to Arcee who eagerly lay down beside him. Slipping an arm around her and holding his sister close, he prayed that they could get through this.

And find some way know what.

Megatron rested the back of his helm against the metal tiles of his shower. The cascade of water over his face and frame were incredibly soothing as he reflected on the days happenings. He thought back to how his spark was warmed at seeing Dark Aurora deliver twin healthy Predican sparklings, the hilarity when StoneDrake fell to the floor, the worry when Dark Aurora disappeared from med bay, the excitement when the Autobot's ship broke apart in its decent from orbit, the mix of emotions that rocketed through him when Dark Aurora comm'd him thinking she had stumbled upon Orion and Ariel.

The disappointment in finding out that the two younglings were in fact not for Orion and Ariel, but the discovery that's it to your means were in fact optimus prime in Elita. Ones offspring. This and more rampage through his mind as the water continued cascaded over him.

He honestly hadn't thought those two might have reproduced but there wasn't much reason why they shouldn't have. Megatron didn't know how long they'd been Bonded, they could have Sparked just before the War. Still, it did feel a little strange to know that he had their children, stranger than it should have been. He felt he had made a little progress with them, they knew he was in complete charge but there was still the chance for a relationship to develop.

Putting aside who they were, he liked them well enough, Hot Rod looked like someone who would take great care of Dark Aurora and his sister. Arcee was a sweet little thing full of life and if he could only gain her loyalty, would be a valuable assert. How sweet would revenge be if he could do that, he would finally deliver a blow to the Prime like the one that had been dealt him. Physical wounds the Prime could take but a stab to the Spark...let's see how he handled that.

Megatron lay down on his berth after towelling himself dry. He smiled as he drifted off to recharge looking forward to the next day.

The next cycle

Mad laughter echoed through the cavern as the twins of destruction, Rumble and Frenzy, set to work at the hard rock with their pile-drives. Decepticons emotionless watched as the rock split and then crumbled under the relentless pounding. It was nearing mid day and so far, things had progressed well for the Decepticon mining team. The only minor annoyance was as rich as this energon vein was, it was also incredibly long, disappearing into rock and stone.

But this was mining and they all accepted it, they just had to keep expanding the tunnel to keep up with the vein. So far, they had worked quite uninterrupted, as neither the humans nor Autobots had detected them. But this didn't concern them, they had the Seekers keeping a optic on things.

Lazily hidden under willow trees, Spike and bumblebee chatted,

"So that fireball last night was it really a meteor right or was it something else?" Spike inquired.

"It was something else," Bumblebee said a little sadly. "One of our transports managed to reach Earth but when it entered the atmosphere, it broke up."

"Oh no, what happened?" Spike exclaimed, sitting up.

"A crash landing, in different parts," Bumblebee said grimly. "So far, most of the bots have been recovered or at least made contact but I heard at least two got captured by the Decepticons."

"Rats," Spike said with a grimace. "I hope they'll be okay."

"Depends," Bumblebee said quietly. "On who found them and how important they are."

"You mean you don't know who got captured? " Spike asked curiosily, Bumblebee was a scout, a guardian and most of all his friend. He found it hard to believe that bumblebee didn't know who was captured or at least had an idea who it might be.

"No," Bumblebee said with a frown. "The higher ups are keeping it under wraps for some reason but I don't know what. Maybe they think it'll be easier to negotiate their relief if everyone doesn't know about it. But it is really strange."

Spike nodded, he could imagine. Here on Earth, the Autobots and probably the Decepticons, soon knew each other's business. To have two prisoners of the Decepticons that weren't known to the general Autobot body was extremely strange. It made him really curious about whom they were but he figured they'd know soon enough.

He did hope whoever they were, they'd be okay.

"Real mystery," Bumblebee sighed before smiling. "Wait until you see who has arrived, I heard one of them is Kup. He's a bit like Ironhide and Ratchet, rolled into one but much worse and a hell of a lot older. Which actually makes him even worse."

-phwam, phwam,-

The heavy ricochet of metal against metal reverberations echoed through the halls of the Ark. A mighty roar preceded one particularly loud crash and all who heard it scattered if they were nearby.

"How long have they been in there?" a disquiet Elita asked her femme SIC, Chromia.

"My guess, hours." Chromia replied a little perturbed in her unrest.

"What's wrong with you?" Elita ask raising an optic ridge.

"IronHide said we should not come in when Optimus is in this bad a mood."

Elita frowned, Optimus was taking the fact that their children were Megatron's prisoners hard. Especially as Hot Rod had already been tortured in front of them and the fact Megatron had threatened to rape Arcee. So to relieve himself of stress, he'd done what he usually did, started a high level training exercise with Ironhide. The old solider had always done this with Optimus ever since he'd first become Prime and been having trouble controlling his new, adult emotions.

But Elita was a little worried that Optimus might be so angry he'd either hurt himself or Ironhide. Or frankly, both himself and Ironhide. She knew her mate needed to work the rage out of his system but she was starting to feel he'd done enough for one cycle.

"Has Ironhide said whether he'd any better?" Elita asked her SIC.

Another loud roar rang out but this time the crash was against the door buckling but not breaking it.

"Let's leave them be a little longer, IronHide knows how to handle the Prime," Chromia sighed.

Optimus picked a lance like weapon off the wall and spun it. In response IronHide picked a hook like axe with a menacing sharp spike on its tip.

"Primus wouldn't allow it, Optimus." IronHide smoothly replied as he firmly gripped the axe.

Optimus was circling his mentor his mind heavily distracted.

"He won't allow an innocent young Femme like her be hurt," Ironhide continued calmly. "He wants to hurt you Optimus, hurt you with words and the worrying they'll cause. We've never heard of him hurting anyone in that way."

"And what if he makes an exception?" Optimus snarled back, gripping his weapon tightly, a sign he planned to use it. "What if the next time he calls, it's to show me her ravaged body?"

"Like ah said, Primus won't allow it, especially not an uncle and his niece," Ironhide said softly as Optimus let out a cry of anguish.

"Damn it, I don't know," Optimus yelled, launching the lance so hard that Ironhide almost got skewered on it.

IronHide had easily moved out of the way having had anticipated the throw. He looked around the room at the mangled equipment and the dents in the walls and doors. IronHide checked his Chronograph and chuckled, "We have been in her nearly six hours. Heh, that's the longest we've been in training in ages."

Optimus just growled, he didn't care how long they'd been there, frankly it didn't feel long enough. His mad energy was starting to wane but he still felt so angry and helpless. It was meant to be the Prime, responsible for the whole of Cybertron and especially of his Autobots but he couldn't even protect his children. Damn it, he and Elita should have only started dating by now, they shouldn't be seasoned adults with two near grown children.

This wasn't slagging fair.

"I want this to end, I can't cope," Optimus suddenly snarled. "I want to tell Megatron who I am, I want to stop all this damn war."

With a viscous snarl IronHide flung the hook axe like a spinning scythe aimed for Optimus's neck. Purely on instinct Optimus bent straight back letting the hook axe glide over his face-plates a mere inches from his nose.

But he had no time to recover as Ironhide smashed into him, pinning him to the wall as he gripped his leader's arms in a vice like grip. As Optimus struggled, Ironhide growled.

"You know what'll happen if Megatrons finds out who you are, he'll go on a rampage and probably kill us all. Get a grip Optimus, you are a Prime, Primes do not give up."

Optimus struggled but he was held fast and Ironhide wasn't letting go.

"You're not going to break Optimus, no matter how much it hurts."

After struggling a bit long but to no avial Optimus finally rested his helm against the wall. He wanted to sob but IronHide was right he was Prime, he wasn't going to break, he couldn't break. Not if he ever wanted to get his children back. And by Primus he vowed he would get them back, even if he had to severally hurt his own brother to do it.

Ironhide saw that his leader was softening but still waited a few moments until Optimus's body was completely limp. He then released him and then gently pulled him into a hug, murmuring softly.

"Ah know it's hard Optimus but ya just can't give up. We'll all here for ya and we'll do everything to get those kids back. Don't beat yerself up over what happened."

"I...I can't help it," Optimus muttered and Ironhide smiled sadly.

"Ah know but ah think that's enough stress relief for now. Come on, Elita will be worried about you."


Spike was dozing on the hood of Bumblebee, who was also sleeping. Unknown to them deep under them Rumble and Frenzy were hard at work. Megatron, Dark Aurora and her escorts had just arrived to inspect the mine.

"Stop," Megatron ordered looking at the vein. It was becoming severally thin, and he suspected that they were near its end.

"Just one more push," he said softly but everyone heard him. "And then we will be through and we can mine the whole lot. But this area is right under a human city so it is likely that our presence will be finally noticed."

He turned and looked his Mechs square in the optic.

"Be prepared to work fast and probably to fight. The Seekers are waiting for us but chances are, Autobots will get through. They will try to either destroy this vein or take the Energon for themselves, this is unacceptable. The Autobots are not getting a single scarp of this Energon."

There was a loud murmurer of agreement, they'd all worked too hard for that to happen.

"Starstream be ready with air support take out any Autobot incoming to this position make sure they do not get into the energon tunnels," Megatron ordered.

"Your will shall be done my lord you have our word." He signalled to the Trine and they lifted off the roof tops along with the other fliers.

"Miner's are you ready?" Megatron asked, some of the mechs grumbled. "I know the work has been hard. But you are the reason we will finally be able to pull ahead, you are the reason we will not go hungry for yorns! Now with your help we will win this war!"

A great cheer echoed the chamber as Megatron nodded to Rumble & Frenzy who dived right in to the rock with a new life to please their leader. There was a loud rumble as Rumble broke through the wall into the chamber and the mechs surged forward. The room began to shack and Rumble and Megatron looked to the twins who were not moving.

"Stop! Pull back!" Megatron yelled grabbing mechs by the scruff bar throwing them away from the entrance and did it several more time's to other Mechs and the last few moved away from the entrance just before the tunnel opened up above them and sun light started streaming in.

Arcee cowered in Hot Rods. Arms as he sheltered her and Dark Aurora from falling debris.

"W-what happened?" she squeaked in alarm.

"Cave in," he yelped as a small chuck of rock hit his shoulder. "They must have cracked a support or something."

Even as he said this, he drew both Femmes into a safer part of the mine, a slight overhang that was much sturdier than the area up ahead. Megatron growled as the hole above expanded even more, the humans must have built over a pit or tunnel and never filled it in. He had no idea if this was the present or past humans fault but he still cursed them for the stupidity. Now the Autobots would know exactly where they were and would have a way inside.

Meanwhile, on the surface, both Bumblebee and Spike received a rude awaking as the ground shook and groaned.

"Hey, what's happening?" yelped Spike as he clung to Bumblebee's hood as the earth in front of them started to contort and disappear, like mud down a drain.

Bumblebee hit the reverse as more earth disappeared into the hole.

-Beachcomber you better coming here!- he comm'd his organic loving friend. He then switched channels,


"What is it?" Optimus replied, his tone strange as he was still with Ironhide who'd been trying to soothe Optimus's almost defeated spirit.

"Something's happening in the city, the ground is opening up," Bumblebee yelped back as his front wheels almost got caught in the encroaching hole.

"Get out of there Bumblebee, it maybe the Decepticons," Optimus ordered. "I want you to scout the area once your away, see if you can detect any Decepticon presence."

Spike was clinging on for dear life but it was almost to much to bare. Finally Bumblebee stopped backing up.

"Phew! That was close," Spike sighed, thankfully they were still under the willow tree. Spike slide off Bee's hood as his friend transformed and lifted him into a nearby tree.

"Stay here, it could be the Decepticons."

"But what would they be doing?" Spike asked as Bumblebee started contacting those nearest as well as scanning.

"Who knows but my guess would be Energon," Bumblebee said grimly. "If they found a vein of the stuff, they wouldn't care who was above it."

"Damn," Spike murmured, seeing the sheer size of that hole.

"I better get going," Bumblebee said. "Spike, if you spot any Decepticons, just get out of here. I'd take you with me but I have a feeling that I'll be running into a few of my own."

"Megatron are you alright?" Dark Aurora call into the dust. They couldn't see anyone more dirt had fallen in and she she was worried.

"I'm fine," came his gruff reply, a little husky due to the thick dust in the air. "Don't worry about me Aura, just stay back where you'll safe."

"Alright," she replied sadly, wishing she were a bit stronger. Hot Rod still held her and Arcee protectively and she was grateful to him. Perhaps she would offer him a little reward later on.

"We're going to have to work quickly," growled Megatron, seeing that cave in had finished. "Start from this end and work backwards, deeper into the mine where you'll be safer."

"Yes sir," his men replied, gathering themselves up.

A shadow fell over them blocking the sun light.

"Holy Primus! It the Decepticon army!" Bumblebee shrieked in shock before he was tackled away from the hole by Thundercracker.

The mechs surged forward again knowing they had little time.

"Bee!" yelped Spike, seeing his friend wrestling with Thundercracker before realising he couldn't help like this. He slipped down his tree and crouching low, began to run, hoping he could find and Autobot and direct them towards the battle.

"," Bumblebee snarled, trying to throw off the much larger Mech.

"No chance, Autobot," Thundercracker snarled back as Bumblebee kicked, punched and scratched every bit of the Seeker he could.

"There's more Autobots coming," Skywarp called from above. "We're going to engage them."

"I'll keep Bumblebee busy! Tell Megatron who is coming." Thundercracker yelled before receiving a punch to the face.

Skywarp flew higher to scan who was on coming.

"Megatron, , Elita One Chromia and IronHide, oh pit it's the 'Hatchet!' It looks like the main fighting force Sir."

"Understood," Megatron responded, knowing that he would need to fight. He had to keep Prime and his mate from getting to their children, he was not losing his prizes. But perhaps he could use their presence to his advantage. Now was the time to start sowing the seeds of distrust in Arcee and Hot Rod's minds.

"Soundwave," Megatron now called to his faithful TIC who quickly responded. "Make sure no Autobot gets anywhere near Dark Aurora or her prizes, keep one of your creations with them."

"As you command," Soundwave replied with a bow.

In less than a breem over half the rubble was cleared away from the chamber opening and others were already stuffing their subspaces and buckets full and hauling them back down the long tunnel to another team ready to haul away the energon to the Nemesis. In this way they could clear out the chamber quickly.

Above the chamber, the sounds of battle could clearly be heard as the Seeker battled with those Autobots that had so far arrived. This included Optimus and Elita who were desperate to get below and face Megatron. They wanted to make him pay for hurting their children. But the Seekers were doing a very good job of holding them back.

"Decepticon's keep mining and do not stop no matter what happens up top. I am going up to join the seekers." Megatron snarled as he activated his thrusters' and shot up the opening in the earth, He was Immediately spotted by Elita.

"Megatron!" Elita snarled breaking free of Skywarp by hurling him into a tree stunning him. She advanced quickly towards Megatron.

Using his thrusters he rammed into her driving her into the ground. Despite this, she clawed at him, yelling.

"Where are my children, Megatron?"

"Safe and sound," he snarled back, gripping her wrists in a vice like grip which made her wince in pain. "And they will stay that way if you do as I say."

She glowered up at him, longing to punch him right in the face. He would never hurt another member of her family again, she would kill him first.

"So you didn't rape my daughter?" she spat back.

He barked a laugh, "Even I could not sink that low. In fact she is now our gem and no one is allowed to touch her."

This took Elita off guard and she was momentarily stunned in shock, Perhaps she was wrong about his disposition.

Megatron smirked at the look of shock on the Femme's face, his decision had been a good one. Of course, even to hurt Prime he wouldn't have sacrificed his principles on that account but it was still good to see how well things had turned out. He chuckled before saying.

"Of course, I can't guarantee that Hot Rod will remain untouched, I believe Dark Aurora has taken quite a shine to him."

This made Elita snarl, "I will never let that happen!"

"Really and deny your son a future mate strong and cunning and proven to bare healthy young?" He snarled back as she tried to kick him. But he had her pinned and Optimus none the wiser that Megatron we even there as more Seekers flew in to join the battle. Several were taking on the angered Prime who was roaring battle cries, leaving Megatron to deal with Elita.

"It's not a question whether or not she can bare young," retorted Elita, struggling to free herself from him.

"It is about whether he actually wants to be her mate."

Megatron chuckled, even as he continued to pin Elita to the ground. He couldn't hurt in this position because if he let go of her for even a single moment, she would attack. But it didn't matter, he was content to hurt her with his words.

"Perhaps he is reluctant now but he will be unable to resist her as time goes on. And then he'll be mine forever Elita, as will sweet little Arcee."

"I will not allow it!" Elita screamed thrashing violently. Megatron held her fast and bent low on top of her.

"You will allow it, or by Primus you will watch as your son is tortured within an inch of death and Arcee is shut away from the world," he whispered in her audio forcing her to listen to him.

"In fact if you or Optimus so much as look at them again and make any attempt to save them from their new home. Their fates will be sealed, by 'You both' is that clear sweet Elita?" He asked a wicked triumphant smile upon his denta.

Elita stared up at him in both shock and horror. Never be able to look her precious Sparklings in the face again or attempt to rescue them? How could he ask such a thing of her? But even as she thought this, she could see in his optics that he was being deadly serious. He'd hurt both of them in the worst possible way.

As tears filled her optics, she dimly wondered where they were right at this moment. In fact, Hot Rod was still protecting both Femmes but itching to help his fellow Autobots.

"What's the matter?" Dark Aurora asked as she saw how twitchy he was. "Are you missing the thrill of battle?"

He didn't respond, just set his jaw. He hated standing helpless, especially when his parents were so close. If only they weren't being so closely watched, he'd take Arcee and run. Well, after finding some way to get rid of these Slave Collars of course.

He went ridged and grunted low as he shook violently. He refused to fall as he still had his arms around both femmes keeping them away from battle and the mechs charging by with their loads.

"Roddy what's wrong?" Arcee asked seeing condensation blossom on her brother's helm and hearing him panting. She looked over to Dark Aurora who was also studying Hot Rod.
"My guess, he was thinking something he shouldn't have been."

-Above ground-

Optimus finally got the upper hand and sent Dirge flying a crossed the ground, knocking into someone. As Optimus looked up panting hard, he snarled viciously seeing Megatron on top of Elita. A brief image flickered a crossed he optics as his processor teased him with the thought of wondering if he had been on top of Arcee like that? This fuelled his anger as he charged from the ground rushing towards Megatron.

"You will do as I say," Megatron was hissing to Elita as she silently cried before noticing how the ground was shaking. Looking up, he saw that Prime was charging straight towards him, looking beyond furious. Megatron smirked and rolled off Elita, leaping to his feet to meet the angry Prime.

Since Optimus had been going to fast, he smashed straight into Megatron who was knocked off his feet but rolled as he hit the ground. He narrowly avoided Optimus's fist as it smashed into ground, cracking the tarmac and almost ending up buried. Megatron laughed as Optimus glared at him with hateful optics as he mocked.

"Something the matter, dear Prime?"

"No one touches my mate like that," spat Optimus, growling under his breath as he advanced.

Megatron sneered, "Oh but Optimus she is such a lovely femme."

Optimus snarled charging forward colliding again with Megatron, this time Megatron used Optimus's momentum against him and spun him around locking his servo's behind his back. A very dangerous mistake by Optimus, all Megatron would have to do would order one of his men to shoot him in his unprotected chest.

Megatron grunted with the struggling Prime, "Elita why don't you tell your mate about our bargain, wont you?"

He said forcing Optimus to look at his mate who was just rising from the ground.

"Elita?" grunted Optimus, he wasn't going to make it easy for Megatron to hold him. If Megatron had tried to proposition her in any way...

"Optimus," she said softly, trying not to stutter as tears continued falling down her face.

"If...if we try to free our children or...or even look at them, Megatron will hurt them."

"What?" exclaimed Optimus in disbelief as Megatron laughed.

"That's right," he sneered in Optimus's audio, twisting the captive arm cruelly. "If you do either, I will toture Hot Rod to an inch of his life and lock Arcee in the deepest part of the Nemesis. I promise no one will touch her but the only contact she will have with the world will be me. I will break both of them."

"No!" Optimus snarled biting back pain from his twisted arm. He was refusing to believe until Elita grabbed his jaw,

"Optimus I cannot bear the thought of losing my Sparklings that way!" She cried forcing his attention.

"Please," she begged as he stilled slightly. "We have to do what we must for their safety."

Optimus stared into her optics, feeling the agony of what she was going through as she said those words and knew there was no choice.

"...Alright," he said at last. "We will do what you say, Megatron."

"Excellent," Megatron purred, giving Optimus's arm a mocking stroke with his free hand. "I knew you'd see things my way, Prime."

-Megatron the vain has been cleared as well as the cavern,.- Soundwave confirmed. All of his cassettes where busy with one task or another.

-Good have Rumble and Frenzy close up the opening to the cavern till later and pull back,- Megatron ordered quickly still struggling with Prime.

"Now Optimus, why don't you be a good Prime and pull your soldiers back and away from my sink hole," Megatron ordered into Optimus audio.

Optimus growled loudly at this but knew he wasn't in a position to argue. So he opened a comm and ordered.

-Everyone, fall back."

-Are you sure, Prime?- came Ironhide's response to which Optimus said shortly.

-Yes, now do it-

"You got your wish, Megatron," Optimus growled, his body still tense and ready for anything else Megatron might pull.

Megatron knew he was pushing his luck now with the Prime, knowing that if he angered Elita she could easily take the upper hand against him.

"Decepticons fall back to the rim of the pit," Megatron called out to his mechs, all of whom did as ordered. They ringed the outer edged of the pit guarding it with ferocity snarling and snapping, waving their guns in a toting manor.

"Now, when i let you go Prime...walk away," Megatron ordered in a whisper. Watching the other Autobot's pull back with confusion mixed on their faces. Elita had heard him and had already started away and quickly transformed digging deep roots into the grass as she left them. Chromia followed suit as well as several others, only Optimus and IronHide remained.

Ironhide had lingered to ensure Megatron or any other Decepticon didn't pull a fast one. Megatron shot Ironhide a sneer before carefully letting go of his rival's arm and stepping back. Optimus rubbed his now free arm as he slowly began to walk away although he was unable to resist shooting Megatron a glare.

"I'll let your darling children know you dropped by," Megatron called after him in a mocking tone. "But for now, this is goodbye."

"For now," Optimus muttered darkly as Ironhide placed an arm on his shoulder as the two walked away from the Decepticon tyrant.

Several soldiers start making snide comments and cackling loudly, taunting the humiliated Prime.

"Enough, let him walk away with what dignity he has left," Megatron sneered, "After all he is such a proud father and Prime."

Optimus stopped in his tracks, Megatrons word cutting deep. He bawled his fists preparing to turn and face his Nemesis.

"Ah-uh Prime none of that, you wouldn't want to go back on our agreement," Megatron chided smiling wickedly, as several soldiers whooped and hollered.

"You'll git him next time, Prime," Ironhide hissed to his leader. "Don't let him win."

Optimus gathered all the patience and will power that he possessed to say softly.

"Goodbye Megatron."

Before any more taunts could be thrown his way, Optimus transformed with Ironhide and they roared off. Megatron watched them go, a wide smirk adorning his face. This cycle could not have gone better, not only had he secured the Energon vein but he had thoroughly humiliated Optimus Prime. What's more, neither Prime nor Elita could do anything to rescue their children and eventually, they would be his.

Yes, things were starting to look up.

He turned to his mechs,

"Well done mechs, this has been a good victory for us all! Now Trine I want you to do a thorough sweep of the area to make sure no Autoscum are in hiding and spying on us."

As the Trine took off Megatron and the others slipped back down into the sink hole to inspect the chamber. Rumble quickly cleared the hole so Megatron could step through.
The chamber had been a glittering geode of energon crystals, were now it was just any other cave. Its walls scrapped clean of any trace of energon. He looked at the walls carefully before hearing several pedes behind him, two sets were soft and the third heavy; he knew instantly who they belonged to.

"Are you hurt at all Megatron?" Dark Aurora asked worriedly knowing full well that anything could have happened up top.

"I am quite fine my dear. Now come take a look at these you three." He said as he swiped away some loose dirt exposing the hard rock behind them. One long pinkish link run horizontally well a thick purple line ran vertically.

"Tell me, each one of you, what do you see?" He asked crossing his arms over his chest. He was testing their knowledge and skills at surviving and none of them knew it.

The three of them examined it, by the looks of it, Dark Aurora knew what it was but she didn't say anything. Clearly, she was allowing both Arcee and Hot Rod a chance to answer first. Arcee was the first to say something and she was very hesitant.

"The...the pink line is an indication of an Energon deposit?" she tried, her face screwed up as she tried to remember her lessons. "I can't remember what the purple line means."

Megatron smiled but didn't answer.

Hot Rod was also frowning, thinking about his answer.

"The pink line is an indication," he said at long last. "And I know that purple line is important but I just can't think."

Dark Aurora now spoke.

"I believe the younglings are correct about the pink line and judging by how the purple line runs, this area has suffered some tectonic upheavals. This is an Amethyst deposit."

"Very good, my dears," Megatron said approvingly. "Amethyst deposits are produced from volcanic materials and do you know why this is important?"

"Because...large enough deposits are a good indication that energon is nearby?" Arcee offered nervously looking up into the blood red optic of her father's arch rival. Her father, why hadn't he called out to her and Hot Rod from up top?

Megatrons voice drew her attention from her wondering thoughts. "Very good, Arcee. Now Hot Rod what else can you tell me about the Amethyst deposits? "

"Their edible to us," Hot Rod said softly, he wasn't thinking of their parents at that point. "If we were trapped under the earth, we could survive using these deposits. And it could also lead us to real Energon which would be even better."

"That's right," Megatron said with a proud smile. "You've had good teachers. This is knowledge which could save your life someday, do not forget it."

As Arcee shook her head in agreement with the others, she wondered. Did her parents not realise they were down here? Why hadn't they called to be sure? She didn't understand this at all.

Megatron was about to speak again when his communications officer Soundwave entered the chamber. His shadow fell upon young transformers backs sending cold shivers through they're nero-spines.

"My apologies for cutting your lessons short my Lord, but long distance internal communications are down. I am the only unaffected underground. Chief medical officer Hook is requesting your immediate presence."

"Very well Soundwave," Megatron responded with a short nod before turning to the trio. "Dark Aurora, I think it would be best if you returned to your quarters, you need more rest."

She grimaced slightly but bowed her head in acknowledgment. Megatron noticed that Arcee was a little pensive and smiled to himself. Did she notice the lack of any parental response? He certainly hoped so because that would mean the seeds of doubt were planted and ready to grow.

"Come," he said softly, and they all left the empty cavern.

Back at the Nemesis.

A medium sized Mech crept towards a storage unit in the medical wing of the Decepticon base. It was difficult to discern his colour, he was either a dark grey or a pale shade of black. It didn't really matter, it helped him blend in with the shadows better. His name was Cynntrx and he was on a mission of profit.

Hook was waiting impatiently for his commander, his arms crossed over his chest. He was noticing that he was starting to miss some valuable supplies. To prevent the more rare items from disappearing he had locked them in an unassuming cupboard with his own personal alarm attached to it.

They may have just secured a valuable vein of Energon but that didn't mean they could allow anything to go missing. Especially if it was medical which was three times as hard and expensive to replace than any other supply here on the Nemesis. Most of it they had to import, jacking up the price and labour costs even more. All the Decepticons knew that stealing was no tolerated and yet it still happened.

Mostly, just little, stupid things but sometimes, it involved important things. Hook could not allow this thief to continue, not when the war was in such a critical state. The Decepticon army had come so close to ruin, it could take just one blow to destroy them all. So when his personal alarm suddenly began ringing shrilling, he didn't waste any time but hurried to the scene.

He was quiet on his pedes for his size and bulk but surprisingly stealthily. As he rounded the corner he could barely make out the outline of the intruder. In the intruders servos was one of Hooks most valuable equipment, nanobytes. More specifically energon nanobytes, those little bugs could be directly injected into the fuel lines to repair damages that were to small for Hook to see.

"Put those back," Hook growled and the intruder jumped in shock. He recognised the Mech as a low ranking solider who mostly did scout work named Cynntrx.

"Hook," the Mech exclaimed, trying to act innocent. "What are you...?"

"Don't play dumb with me," snarled Hook, taking a threatening step towards him. "You're the one who've been stealing my supplies, have you any idea how serious that is?"

Cynntrx sneered back in response.

"I don't care what you think Medic, these are mine now."

Hook growled again and they suddenly charged. Cynntrx was caught off guard and yelled as he was tackled to the ground. But he wasn't out of the fight yet, with a snarl, he punched Hook in the face. The medic grunted with pain but didn't let go of the struggling Mech.

Hook bite down viciously on anything he could get his denta on, he was luck to find he'd managed to bite down on Cynntrx's nose, crushing it with a gush of energon. Cynntrx screamed in agony as he fought more viciously, clawing at the medic leaving a deep painful gouge on his side. Hook managed to get his servos around Cynntrx's neck and used his anger to start crushing Cynntrxs vulnerable neck struts. Cynntrx gagged and kicked trying with all his might to throw off the CMO before he crushed his neck.

"," Cynntrx managed to choke out as he continued struggling for his life. He sub spaced a vibro knife and wildly slashed at the Medic, causing Hook to almost howl with pain. This gave Cyntrx a chance to knock him off but he didn't get very far when Hook seized him by an ankle, clutching at his wounds.

"You're...not...getting away," Hook spat out, his sensors screaming warning signals.

"Oh yes I am," Cynntrx snarled as he kicked Hook in the face and started crawling for the door.

And that's when the door opened.

Megatron's shadow fell over the blood soaked scene, without missing a beat Megatron pulled his gun from subspace,

"Hot Rod go get a stretcher from med bay immediately. Soundwave help Hook up and asses his damages."

His optics and gun never left the beaten and bloodied mech lying on the floor.

"M-my Lord," Cynntrx started to cough out.

"Save your pathetic excuses, you waste of metal. You will be dealt with shortly." He spat, his glower darkening as his anger grew rapidly.

Cynntrx cowered on the floor as Soundwave rushed over to help Hook. The Medic was badly hurt but with instant medical attention, would be fine. Megatron felt anger growing inside, hot dangerous anger that threatened to bubble over. Sadly for Cynntrx, this was the kind of anger that precluded brutal, bloody murder.

"Here," Hot Rod called a short time later, carrying a stretcher and taking it straight over to Hook. Carefully, both Soundwave and Hot Rod lifted the groaning Medic onto the stretched before lifting it up. As they headed in the Med Bay's direction, Megatron called out.

"Once Hook is taken care of, I want both of you in the Rec Room."

"As for you," he added, turning his gaze back on Cynntrx. "On your pedes, now!"

Cynntrx shackingly stood up clutching at his wounds. Arcee wanted to rush over to him and comfortable his wounds.

"Stay behind me Arcee," Dark Aurora whispered pulling the light pink Autobot away from the haggered mech.

Megatron opened an intercom to the entire base,

"Deceptions assemble in the rec-room immediately, we have a traitor in our midst."

"What's going to happen to him?" Arcee questioned as Cynntrx was forced to walk in front of Megatron.

"You'll see," was all Dark Aurora would say, even though she knew this would probably change the young Femme's life.

All too soon, they'd arrived in the Rec Room where Decepticons were pouring into. They all watched as the bleeding Mech was forced to the centre of the room with Megatron still standing very close to him. Cynntrx was on his knees now and trembling as all the soldiers stared at him, wondering what he might have done.

"This traitor," Megatron began with a growl. "Has just been caught stealing nanobytes."

There were hisses and mutterings at this, everyone knew how important they were. But Megatron wasn't finished.

"And when caught, he attempted to kill Hook."

"I didn't," began Cynntrx but received a backhand for his trouble.

Dark Aurora had her arms around Arcee's trembling shoulders. They were at the front of the throng of hissing soldiers. Dark Aurora was very much protecting Arcee from the crowd and herself. Megatron was glowering dangerously at the back of Cynntrx helm.

"You lie!" The gratted voice f Hooks carried over the mob as they parted for Soundwave and Hot Rod as they carried the stretcher to the front. Two other soldiers pulled a long table next to Dark Aurora, were Soundwave and Hot Rod layed Hook so he could testify.

"You would have left me to bleed if Lord Megatron hadn't arrived," Hook said hoarsely. "And this isn't a one off incident, you've been stealing several times."

There were angrier mutterings at this, stealing was regarded as a low, scummy thing to do. Megatron let the sounds wash over him for a moment before stating.

"Not only have you been stealing essential supplies that are vital to our cause, you almost killed out head Medic. You have attempted to undermine our cause in one of the worst ways possible. Only by being in cahoots with the Autobots could you have committed a worse crime."

As Cynntrx trembled on the floor, Megatron now hissed softly.

"You know what the penalty for that is?"

Megatron turned away from the crowd and without anyone seeing he pulled a red hot seething energin blade from his sub-space, if the blade was any hotter it would melt. Steam rose up around him from the blade meeting the cool air in the Nemesis making his body appear to be steaming. Megatron closed his optics letting his anger wash over him and the anger of his soldiers too fuel what he had to do.

Cynntrx looked up to Dark Aurora and Arcee with pleading optics, "Please help me!" He begged of them.

Arcee made a move to help him but Dark Aurora held fast, "Arcee."

Hearing the plea from Cynntrx daring to ask for help from the crimes he committed only pushed Megatron over the edge. With a ferocious roar that struck all to the very spark he spun the molten blade over his helm his back still to Cynntrx. He spun once more and brought the blade down through the crook of his arm straight back and through Cynntrx's spark chamber splattering a thick coating of blood over Dark Aurora and Arcee. With a mighty heave he ripped the sword from Cynntrx's chest. Megatron spun his entire body around bring the sword up as he did this and arced it over his helm. With practiced grace he forced his sword into a smooth descending arc and decapitated Cynntrx's helm.

Cynntrx never even had a chance to scream a death cry but Arcee did. Hers was the only scream and it was high and frightened as blood splattered her body. Her brother had made a noise of shock as he was also partially coated with blood but it was lost as Arcee screamed again as Cynntrx was beheaded right in front of her.

She had never seen anything like it, a Mech had just been brutally slaughtered right before her very optics. The poor Femme had leapt backwards but her wide, tear filled optics continued to stare at the grisly sight before them. Megatron slowly lowered the blood soaked blade, optics burning with murderous lust and hatred as he surveyed the ruined body.

As Dark Aurora tried to comfort the shell shocked Femme, Megatron said darkly.

"Let this be a reminder for anyone who dares to bring us down."

He let this threat sink into everyone for a few moments before finally speaking again,

"Brawler, Gridlock you know what to do. As for the rest of you, you are dismissed."

Brawler and Gridlock Move forward picking up the broken and battered body And again dragging it down the halls away from everyone else. It was destined to be completely dismantled for parts for future use during repairs from battle wounds.

As the other troops filled out, Megatron now barked out.

"Soundwave, Starscream, take good care of Hook, see that he receives all the attention he needs."

Both bowed in acknowledgement before lifting up Hook and carrying him away. Megatron now turned towards the trio and saw how badly Arcee was trembling, tears pouring down her face. He reached forward and gently stroked her cheek, saying.

"I'm sorry you had to witness that youngling but everyone on this base must bear witness to an execution."

"H-he begged you," she stammered out, not understanding it at all.

"And I ignored his worthless pleas," Megatron replied coolly. "Come, I have need of you three in my quarters."

Hot Rod put his arm around his shaking sister as they followed Megatron out of the room. Surprisingly little blood was on Megatron, most of it was being transferred from his soaked blade which had cooled down.

The blade was resting on his shoulder, blood slowly dripping down his frame. Anyone who was in the halls ahead bowed deeply before retreating. They were at Megatron quarters before either of them knew it. Megatron set the blood covered blade on a table in the middle of the room. Before turning to face the trio. He read their body language mutely. Hot Rod was quiet shock as he tried to comfortable his sister. Dark Aurora's faceplates were quiet resolve a she understood and knew the laws of the nemesis. Arcee was another matter entirely her body shook Violently still coated in the blood of Cynntrx.

"Dark Aurora Take her to the showers and get her cleaned up," Megatron said soothingly before turning his attention to Hot Rod, "You have the honour of cleaning my blade and my armour while I shower."

Hot Rod grimaced before swallowing and saying.

"Thank...thank you, sir."

Megatron smirked before gesturing at a supply cabinet where Hot Rod could get what he needed. Dark Aurora gently led Arcee away to get a quick shower, knowing she needed that Mech's blood off her. As Hot Rod went to get what he needed for the cleaning, Megatron headed into his personal quarters and began to strip off his armour. The young Mech was trying to stay strong but his processor was wheeling from the shock of what had happened. He just couldn't' believe it.

But as he headed back to the blade, Megatron suddenly called.

"I require a servo with this, Hot Rod."

Hot Rod sighed before heading into the room where Megatron had taken off his arm plating's. Biting back another sigh, Hot Rod stepped forward and started to help the Decepticons take off his torso armour. But as he did this, he suddenly caught sight of Megatron's bare protoform.

He gasped in shock nearly dropping the armour. Megatron looked of at the shocked mech and realised what he was witnessing.

"Is there a problem?" he asked a little sourly.

"N-no sir." Hot Rod stuttered before carrying the armour out into the main room and laying the torso armour on the table. He went back into Megatron's other armour pieces and stopped dead in his tracks, staring at Megatrons protoform.

Scars littered the strong, muscular form, from terrible deep looking ones to criss crossing ones. Megatron's body had clearly suffered a lot of abuse over the yorns and Hot Rod could hardly believe what he was seeing. He knew that in War, you got scars but this was beyond the norm. Especially as some of those looked way older than this war.

He continued to gather up the armour pieces, avoiding Megatron's optics. No bot should have suffered those many injuries and Hot Rod found himself briefly pitying the Warlord. As he walked back into the main room, he saw Dark Aurora taking something from a cabinet. As he stared, she spotted him and said softly.

"I'm giving Arcee something to help her sleep."

Hot Rod nodded in gratitude before rushing back to help Megatron with the last of it. He tried to avoid staring but couldn't help himself. And so he jumped with Megatron spoke a few soft but simple words.

"This is War, Hot Rod. This is War."

Author's note. Well, I hope you all enjoyed that, we certainly enjoyed writing it. What will happen in the next chapter, can Arcee and Hot Rod recover from what they've seen? What other secrets does Optimus have to tell about his past? Find out next time, until then.