A Veela Tale: The Malfoy Line

Severus stood and was about to launch into the facts, connections and destiny as he saw them, but Hermione interrupted his train of thought so suddenly it startled him.

"Why aren't you affected, Professor? All this is new to me, but I remember when Fleur came to Hogwarts and every male around me, student and teacher, was affected by her presence. So why aren't you affected by me?" She asked him with no smile, in all seriousness, ending with a tilt of her head that resembled an animal more than it did a human.

Her Amber eyes were piercing and bright with intelligence, but there was something else, something …dangerous about them now.

He could feel the tension in the room escalate and was, for the first time in his life, at a loss of what to do and why this was so important.

He shot a look to Draco; his Godson was tense and his eyes were silvery vapor, his fangs were present and the purring had ended.

Draco was now moving slowly, lifting Hermione off his lap to sit her next to him, almost behind him; he never stopped touching her.

An errant thought entered Severus' mind at how graceful Draco's movement seemed.

"Draco!" Lucius barked and sat Narcissa in the seat he had vacated to stand between Severus and his son.

If Severus had not already been witness to a Veela coming of age with Lucius 20 plus years ago, he would have been afraid. Draco looked frightening and determined.

Draco stopped to look at his father.

Lucius made a guttural sound that spoke of authority and places in the pecking order; needless to say the younger Veela settled immediately.

Severus returned his gaze to Hermione and proceeded to answer her question, "I created a potion that suppresses my olfactory glands and inhibits the cerebral stimulation that provokes the medial insula, which is associated with 'gut feelings' and part of the anterior cinguate that respond to euphoric inspiration." He finished.

"When did you brew it?" she asked.

"Yesterday." He answered.

She nodded and scooted closer to her mate. She gasped when he picked her back up, placed her on his lap and once again buried his face in her neck this time kissing her softly.

He sat her sideways so that her hip was touching his stomach and both of her legs were together over his.

He wrapped one arm around her back and waist. She wrapped her arm around his neck and the other fell flat on his chest.

He was taking deep breathes; her fangs were growing and her eyes were closing.

His free hand was sliding up the outside of her thigh and she started to purr …loudly.

Everyone in the room could feel the energy the two emitted.

Narcissa started fanning herself and squirming while Lucius had to fight not to spread his wife's legs and immerse himself in her depths.

Severus had never wanted a wife to bed more than he did right now.

Once Draco's hand reached Hermione's hip and squeezed she hissed and brought her lips to his in a passionate and intense kiss.

When she moved to straddle him uncaring of their audience, Lucius and Severus stepped in to stop the display, but paused in thought at the best way to do this.

They didn't dare touch Hermione for fear of what Draco would do and they were hesitant to try to move Draco. He was underneath her for all intents and purposes, even if he was still seated, so moving him would be difficult.

After a quick mind meld between Lucius and Severus they decided that Lucius, posing no threat to either of them, would take Hermione while Severus cast the spell again on Draco and then on Hermione.

That was the plan.

Before it was executed Narcissa decided she was going to leave. All she could think about was feeling that stretch that Lucius provided. It was disturbing her also, that it was her son and his mate that provoked these sexual thoughts.

She cleared her throat and caught her husband's arm, "I will take my leave now, my love. Come find me when you are available." She said knowing that Lucius was aware of her current state.

He nodded with heat in his eyes and returned focus to his son and Hermione.

They waited until they no longer heard the clicking of her heeled shoes and set to the task of separating the two Veelas.

By this time, Hermione was indeed straddling her mate, her hands in his hair, her skirt riding high on her pale bare thighs and his hands resting firmly on her bum moving her forward and back in a subtle grinding motion attempting to ease the desperate need to feel her; their eyes unmoving as they gazed at each other.

Lucius acted quickly grabbing her around her waist while Severus pulled his wand casting, first the Petrificus Totalus on Draco before he could react.

Hermione screamed in rage as Lucius took two quick steps back holding her tightly and paying close attention to Severus' wand movements.

He was not aware exactly when the tides turned and Hermione stopped struggling to get back to the arms of her mate, it was a delayed reaction that registered in his mind only when he shifted his gaze and met her now soul less black eyes level with his grey ones.

"Severus." He said hoping the man would finish soon.

"Severus." He hissed a second later with the distressed tone of a man about to meet his maker.

She took his shoulders in her small hands digging her claws- literally- into the dense muscle of the tall wizard and growled.

It was not in a measure of threat that she did this, it was so he couldn't get away.

Lucius howled in both anger and pain, but held fast.

Severus finished with Draco and turned to 'harpy Hermione' casting the same immobulus spell on her that he cast on Draco moments before.

Lucius breathed a sigh of relief and scowled at Severus' chuckle.

After a moment of the snarky potions master continuing his mirth at the expense of Lucius he cast the separation spell and released them both from the immobulus.

"Miss Granger!" Severus snapped in his snarkiest professor voice, "If you're quite finished assaulting your mates father, we can continue."

Her finger nails and fangs receded and her eyes returned to a bright Amber color.

She gently pushed away from Lucius and he set her down to sit next to Draco, "yes professor." She said hastily blinking her eyes as if to clear her head.

She turned back to Lucius and waved her hand healing the wounds she had inflicted.

Lucius was more surprised than Severus as Severus had known for quite some time of Hermione's talents using wandless nonverbal magic.

Draco pulled her close, but did not sit her on his lap. They both looked to Severus for the long awaited information he would share.

Lucius plopped into the chair nearest him, called for another Brandy, for both Severus and him then nodded for Severus to get on with it.

After a much needed gulp of the warm smooth liquid Severus began.

"Hermione, you are not completely muggle born." He let that sink in, "you come from generations of witches – Veelas, but the last actively magical being in your ancestry was your great, great, great grandmother Amalthea Waite nee Malfoy."

It took exactly three seconds for all three Veelas in the room to connect the dots, "WHAT!" they shouted together.

Severus held up a hand to stay their ire and spoke, "I'll explain." He said authoritatively.

"Generations ago the Malfoys were the heads of one of the four ruling Veela clans in the wizarding world; Pax and Branwen Malfoy nee Waite married, uniting two of the powerful clans. Pax and Branwen had three children: Alexandros, Amalthea and Alecto."

"Alexandros?" Lucius asked.

"Yes, your great grandfather." Severus confirmed and forged ahead, "Amalthea and Alexandros were very close and unusually intelligent. Alecto, the youngest did not get along with his older siblings and was considered slow minded when compared to them. Pax and Branwen, taking pride in their older children favored them above Alecto, which resulted in a rift – if you will- in the relationship between the three siblings.

When actions were taken to ensure the dowry for Amalthea and the wedding for Alexandros was nothing less than magnificent there was little gold left for Alecto.

He was petitioned by his parents to stay at home to take care of the aging Veelas – though, they were young yet, they knew once age caught up, they would need care.

This meant that Alecto would be a prisoner to his parents never to find his mate and live out his life as a caregiver. He was extremely bitter and cursed his brother and sister.

Alexandros' blood line would only be allowed one child, a son to carry on the name, but no other.

Amalthea's curse was harsher; her line would be allowed only one female child per generation and on top of that not be allowed to share her strengths and gifts condemning them to bear squibs until such a time when the fates decided to end the curse. Alecto seemed to be really angry with her for some reason." Severus added, silently wondering what the woman did to piss him off to that length.

"Alecto died at a rather young age. It was noted that he died of a broken heart, never being allowed to find his mate, but other written documents imply he took his own life.

Whatever the case, before he died he called upon Aphrodite herself, the Goddess of love.

He asked that she grant him his dying wish; that when two Veelas, unknowingly of the same line unite, the clans recognize them as sovereigns bringing the warring powers together becoming one. The two must be of opposite thought and can only join after overcoming ten years of strife. Then, and only then, will the curse be broken." Severus ended with that and paused again to monitor the faces of the three.

They were all shocked into silence so Severus took the opportunity to continue, "I believe you two are the sovereigns."

"Can you… Would you back up a moment and expand on my family after Amalthea?" Hermione asked her brows furrowed trying to absorb all the information Severus was throwing their way.

He nodded, "Pax and Branwen Malfoy had three children: Alexandros, Amalthea and Alecto.

Amalthea married and had a female child, Amelia. When Amalthea and her husband, who remains a mystery, discovered Amelia to be a squib, her husband left in shame never to return. This prompted Amalthea to leave the wizarding/Veela world and seek comfort in the muggle one changing her name to her mothers' maiden name –Waite, and raising her daughter alone with only a key to pass down from generation to generation.

Amelia Waite, having no knowledge of her heritage of being half Veela, married a muggle named William Sharpe.

Amelia and William Sharpe had a daughter named Genoa, your grandmother, Hermione. Genoa married Victor Peters and they had a daughter named …"

"Jane." Hermione finished for him.

"Yes your mother – all of them squibs. Four generations of magical souls born into daughters who couldn't call it forth, indeed weren't even aware of it. Which would explain why you, the first daughter born of the Malfoy line are so powerful. It has been building for over 100 years, trying to get out." He paused, "You performed the Calling ritual alone, Hermione – that is power!"

"You helped me, Severus." She said not wanting to acknowledge the sheer force of her power just yet to Lucius and Draco.

He was having none of that, "I brewed the potion. You performed the ritual. Were you aware that the last couple of times that ritual was performed it took two grown wizards and one virgin witch to Call successfully?"

She could feel Draco's eyes on her and she avoided his gaze by looking at Lucius' smug expression. She made a face at him and met Severus' knowing stare.

She sighed and looked at the table in front of her, but Draco startled her with his sudden question, "Does this make us related?" he asked his face scrunched up at the thought of almost mating with a relative.

"Yes and no." it was Lucius this time who answered, "Amalthea was the only true Malfoy, her child and child's child and so on were just distant cousins. Four generations of distance means you and Hermione are not related, but since her origins are technically Malfoy, then she is from the Malfoy line."

The younger Veelas nodded in understanding and relief.

"There is something else, Hermione." Severus said sounding grave, "There are very few Veela females. You and Draco are both one-eighth Veela, which means that other Veelas can sense you. The Veela culture is a male dominated one, for good reason." He said

"I don't understand." She said looking from Lucius to Severus.

"Amelia, Genoa and your mother were killed by men not of Veela blood. The pull is very strong and often drives men to obsession. Many Veela males have had their mates taken from them unexpectedly by obsessed males seeking to alleviate their distraction."

"I thought her parents were killed by deatheaters." Draco asked.

Severus looked uncomfortable, "Augustus Rookwood saw Jane Granger at a muggle bookstore. She spoke to him in passing and after that every thought centered on her. He followed her for weeks finally carrying out his obsession one night. Your father was killed trying to protect her. It had nothing to do with Hermione." He finished quietly.

Her breath caught and she fought back tears. It was a relief in a way; she had blamed herself for her parents' demise and come to find that it was some weak minded obsession. She wanted to laugh- a crazy hysterical laugh, but a laugh none the less.

Draco squeezed her hand in a show of support, he could feel her turmoil.

She turned watery eyes to his and his heart felt like it was being squeezed to death by the hand of Merlin, he could barely breathe, his affection for her was so great.

"So why aren't Veela males in danger?" she asked.

Now it was Lucius' turn to answer, "Because feminine mates not of Veela blood handle it better." He said derisively.

She snickered this time and all three men rolled their eyes.

"So their obsession manifests in more of a nurturing manner rather than a destructive one." She stated quite proud to be a woman at this moment. She wore a smug expression that rivaled the one Lucius wore earlier.

"Obviously." Severus said pronouncing each syllable resurrecting the tone he used when Dolores Umbridge questioned him about his failing to become DADA professor Draco and Hermione's fifth year.

She snickered again.

Even Draco was smirking.

"What does this mean for me and…" she let the question trail off

"I don't know, I will continue taking the potion when you are around, but it will be up to Potter and Weasley to decided whether they want to take it or not. Other than that, I presume that the three of us will do everything in our power to keep you safe as well as call upon you to repress the Gryffindor urges to rescue every living soul from damnation." Severus said with a soft smile.

Lucius chuckled as did Draco.

She huffed, "I don't want to rescue every living soul…" she said with an eye roll.

Severus looked at her, "Black. Lupin. Shacklebolt. Me. Lucius. Draco. Zab…"

She threw her hands up, "OK! I get it."

"I need some time… alone, to think about everything." She said and then looked to Lucius, "Mr. Malfoy may I key in my address in your floo so that I can floo home?"

"Lucius, please, we are related after all…" after he saw both Draco and Hermione cringe, "I meant… well, we will be anyway, yes, of course you may." he ended making his way to the floo to unlock it for her.

She stood and with Draco following her she entered her address. When she went to take the floo powder Draco nuzzled the back of her neck, "See you tomorrow." He said softly.

She reached back with her other hand and gently ran her hand down his cheek and turned her head closer to his. She nodded.

Before she left she thanked Severus and Lucius.

"Granger Home!"

Draco looked like he had been condemned to life imprisonment after she left. He just stood there looking at the floo.

"Draco, go to bed. Get some rest, think about all of this. We have a long day ahead of us tomorrow." Lucius said. Draco nodded sullenly and left the room.

"Lucius. Good night." Severus said and floo'd home.

Lucius was alone, "CISSA!"

He rounded the corner to her sitting room and saw her in the corner by the window reading quietly.

She stood when he entered.

He walked briskly into the room, picking her up by her waist and planting her on his shoulders.

She squealed.

His face was squarely level with the apex of her thighs and the skirt of her dress was covering his face. The backs of her thighs were resting on his shoulders and his hands were under her bum holding her up.

He took two steps to the wall and her back came in contact with the cold brick and mortar.

She laid her head back and searched the wall for something to keep her steady.

He was taking long breathes and purring. The vibration from his purring was driving her insane and the heat from his breath made her want to spread her legs wide and hold his head there for eternity.

He pressed forward and ripped her panties off of her.

He licked tentatively, listening to her gasp in pleasure.

His erection pushed painfully against his pants, but he needed to taste her first, to make her cum raining her scent on his tongue.

He gripped her bottom harder and sucked on one of her nether lips. She moaned.

He turned his face slightly and tucked in. He opened his mouth licking every inch of her sweetness taking in every drop of her essence. He nibbled her lips, nipped her thigh, flicked her bud and entered her opening with his tongue.

She was screaming his name in pleasure begging him not to stop.

He moved his hands so that his long fingers were hovering near both her tight entrances. His finger played around the small star beckoning him to push forward. She yelped and moved down to fully sheathe his digit.

He inserted two fingers in her wet hole and listened to her breathing become even more labored. She started to pump gently by stretching her legs a bit.

His fingers inside both of her caves, his tongue flicking and circling her swollen clit. She was going to cum, "OH LUCIUS! OH AAAHHHHHH."

He lapped up her juices and waited until she came down. She slid down his body slowly in a daze.

He held her steady when her lips were level with his and kissed her, moving his tongue against her mouth the way he did to her center.

She wrapped her legs around his waist and was surprised to feel his bare erection against her thigh. He had disrobed and was waiting for her.

He entered her swiftly and pounded her in and out. She gasped at the rough but erotic treatment of her body. He growled as the pressure built inside of him.

They came together with a grunt and a sigh.


He apperated them to their bedroom and proceeded to part his wife again and again throughout the night.

She was exhausted when they finally managed to sate themselves in the early morning light.

To say that Narcissa was a satisfied woman would be the understatement of the century.