Chapter 4: How It Should Be

Alex went straight to the lair when she came home.

"This isn't what I wanted at all!" She screamed and still crying, she grabbed the spell book and threw it aggressively onto the small, fragile coffee table almost causing it to collapse from the sudden weight. That was how Alex felt right now. She was fragile, easy to break, just like the flimsy coffee table that she had just thrown a heavy book on to.

Tears streaming down her face, she flipped through the pages frantically. She pulled back as she got a paper cut. "Ow!" She cried, waving it around to reduce the pain. When she stopped, she stared at the book and it was blurry. She wiped her eyes of tears and looked at it again.

Just like before it was at the same page it had opened at yesterday. She had been so sure of herself, she believed she would be able to make things right, the way she wanted them to be. But she was wrong, no surprise there, she couldn't do anything right when it came to magic...

Tears forming in her eyes again; she glanced at the book and quickly recited the reverse spell. "Things are not the way I wanted them to be, change back my reality!"

Alex sank to her knees thinking about how coldly Justin had been to her as she continued to sob endlessly.

With a blast of bright light, and for the second time a sudden glowing feeling overcame her body, only this time it felt like tingling, like snow blowing in her face. She sneezed.

Before she knew it, she was sitting on the couch. A sappy movie playing on the T.V in front of her and popcorn all over the place… just like it was… like she had never performed the spell.

"You know, Alex… there are better things to do then sit around and pig out in front of the T.V." Justin said again, apparently the cloudy day of before was replaying.

Alex glanced at Justin and smiling, she reached under the couch cushion pulling out of the remote control and turned off the T.V. "You know what, Justin? You're right." She snaps her fingers, making the mess of popcorn vanish instantly. She grinned. "Let's play a game."

Justin gasped in excitement. "Really? Then let's play chess!" He headed up the stairs, not even scolding Alex for using magic to clean up her popcorn disaster. "It'd be nice to play chess with someone who's not a robot for a change." He continued with a laugh.

"Right…" Alex commented slowly as she followed him.

Alex still felt very hurt about the way things had turned out in her alternate reality but it helped her to realize something very important. Justin was her dorky older brother and she wouldn't want it any other way.

The End

I know, I know… that's kind of a cheesy ending but this is how I had planned to end it. I hope you liked it despite the shortness and I plan to create more Jalex stories in the near future! Hopefully longer ones than this!