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Ace Combat 5

A Warrior's Journey


March 27th, 1995

Directus, Ustio

Two days after the Belkan Invasion

"Shit! Not again!" shouted Ustio Army SGT. Derek Redner, age 25, as a UAF F-16 Falcon was hit by a missile from a Belkan Su-27 Flanker, and crashed into a building. After the discovery of natural resources in Ustio, Belka invaded in order to stimulate it's deteriorating economy. The Ustio Armed Forces were caught completely off-guard by this attack as the invaders were moving in on their capital, Directus.

"Ignore that Seargent! We have to evacuate these civilians!" shouted Captain Harry Gisborne, age 34, as he tried to coordinate the evacuation of the capital's civilian population to the country-side, as air-raid sirens sounded. Gisborne's thoughts were on his sister Andrea Galland and his 10 year old nephew Adrian. His brother in law was his best friend, and UAF officer, Colonel Matthew Galland, who's Air Force callsign was "Pack Hunter" because of his pack hunting tactics and that he treats his Squadron and family like a pack the same way as a wolf. He was greatly worried about them as he hoped that they will make it out of the city and into Osea. It was then his radioman caught his attention.

"Sir! Belkan troops are 50 clicks from the outskirts of Directus! ETA 25 minutes!" Gisborne paled at that. How could they move that fast in just five hours? He had to make a decision, and he had to make it now. "Liuetenant! Get any civilians left into the transports and destroy anything we cant take with us! Do it now!"

"Yes sir! You heard him! Let's get these people outta here! Lets GO! GO! GO!" The Troops carried out the captain's orders as they got the last of the civilians into the Chinook helicopters, and they lifted off. The captain looked out from the open rear hatch, and looked at his hometown, a painful regret in his heart.

'We shall return...'


Matthew "Pack Hunter" Galland, age 35, and Colonel of the Ustio Air Force was arguing with his wife about him staying in Ustio while she and their child escape to Osea. "Please Andrea, listen to me! I want you and Adrian to go to Osea without me." he reasoned with her trying to make her understand. Andrea on the other hand didn't like what she was hearing from her husband

"But why! Why do you have to be so damn noble!" Andrea screamed, tears in her brown eyes.

"Try to understand Andrea. I cant just leave while my men are fighting and dying for their country. I love you and Adrian as much as I love Ustio. But please, try to understand," he said softly, as he embraced his wife, stroking her black hair. She cried into his chest, pain in her heart for she felt that she would lose him. She looked into his gold yellow eyes, the careness, strength, stubborness, and kindness she grew to love.

"Please...Please be careful dear." she begged him as the engines of the C-130 roared behind them.

"I will, and I promise I'll come back to you," he took a locke of his copper brown hair and put it in her hand and then gave her a gentle kiss for the last time, "Now, hurry and get on the transport with Adrian, I'll try to contact you whenever I can." and with that he ran towards the jeep parked near the hangar and ordered the driver to go. Andrea watched as the jeep disappeared from her line of vision as it turned a corner at a hangar.

In the Skies above Directus...

Two F-16s of the UAF were going toe to toe with a pair of Belkan Su-37 Terminators painted in a yellow, black, grey, white camouflage pattern. The two pilots of he Terminators were working well as a team as they did manuevers only a novice pilot can only dream of. This clearly frustrated he two pilots of the Falcons.

"Come on! Just die already!" one shouted as he fired his 20mm Vulcan cannon at the elusive Yellow fighter. The Terminator then did something that many would think impossible, it fired a missile from the rear.

"WHAT THE FUC...!" he never got to finish as the missile slammed into his cockpit destroying the front part of the fuselage. The other Ustian pilot could only gape in shock at what just happened.

"What in the world! How did he do that!" he shouted in disbelief.

It was then the second Falcon was hit by the second Terminator, the pilot still in shock at the suprise by the first Terminator, didnt even hear the threat alarms. The 30mm rotary cannon shells tore through the Falcon's right wing and it sheared off from the rest of the plane. The pilot ejected as his multi-million dollar fighter jet went into a death spiral, straight toward a airbase.

On the Ground...

The jeep that Matt Galland was in rounded the corner, when it's occupants heard the distinct sound of a jet in trouble. The two Air force personnel looked up just in time to see a F-16 with it's right wing sheared off heading straight for them. Matt just smiled as he knew this would happen, although he did regret that he will not see his wife and son again.

'I'm sorry Andrea, Adrian, ...' were his final thoughts as the doomed fighter slammed right on top of the jeep, a huge fireball incinerating the two people inside.

A good distance away Andrea, heard the all too familiar sound of an explosion, she made the mistake of turning around.

"No.." Andrea said in shocked disbelief as she saw the black mushroom cloud rise into the sky, "NOOOOOO!"

"Come on! Theres nothing you can do now!" ordered the Crew Chief as he tried to get her inside the transport.

"No, I cant..!" before she could finish the Crewmember turned her around and slapped her bringing back to her senses.

"You want your son to grow up without a mother too! Wake up! He needs you!"

Andrea looked inside the transport and saw her son sound asleep on the metal bench. She knows she cannot leave her son, and moved over to his sleeping form.

'It will be alright, my little warrior. I wont leave you...,' she thought as she bent down kissed his temple and then hugged him, while the large transport plane took off from the airbase just as Belkan Troops stormed into it. The Belkan Air Force jet fighters above, even though seeing the transport take off, give no chase, seeing that the day was already won.

Little did te Belkans or Andrea know, that her child was to become the leader of one of the most legendary squadrons in the entire world...

The Belkan War

Blitzkrieg/Lightning War

March 27th 1995- Belka seizes control of 90% of Ustio, except for the Mountain range. The Ustio Government/Military that fled to Valais AFB, decides to hire foreign mercenaries to reform it's forces.

April, 1995- Belka's advance reaches it's zenith on all fronts. The Belkan Air Force attempts to destroy the Valais Air Base. The reformed 6th Ustian Air Division, repels the attack.

-With their resources stretched thin the Belkan Advance grinds to a halt

-The newly unified forces of Osea, Sapin, Ustio, and Yuktobania, conduct Op. Roselin to secure a vital highway through Belkan Occupied Arlon, Sapin, connecting Ustio with Osea, thus receivng vital supplies from the latter.

-Osean Campaign No. 4101

- The Newly Formed Allied Forces were ready for their attack, but needed a distraction to catch the Belkans off-guard. The 66th Air Force Unit, Callsign Galm, of the 6th Air Division is sent into the "Round Table", the most prized area in Belka's eyes, to wreak havoc.

-After the success of the diversion in the Round Table, the Osean 3rd Fleet with it's new capital ship the OFS-Kestrel moves through the Futuro Bay Canal, destroying the Belkan Forces Port Facilities, Defensive Positions, and the Naval Fleet stationed there.

May, 1995- By early this month, Osean and Sapin territory is liberated. All that is left is Ustio.

-On May 12th, the Osean 101st Airborne Division launches Operation Varsity, a paratroop mission to take Solis Ortis. The Belkans put up a fight, but were unable to hold the city and were forced to fall back to Directus.

-The following day after Op. Varsity, the Osean Army from the South, the Ustian Army from the North, and a civilian Resistance Group liberate Directus with the overwhelming support of the 66th Air Force Unit. During the battle the Belkan 23rd TFS, callsign "Gelb", engaged the Galm team, as the 66th AFU was called by the Allied Forces, over the Ustian Capital. The Galm Team is victorius and do a fly-by over the city to celebrate it's liberation. With the lost of Ustio, the Belkan Forces withdrew to the Hydrian Line, their last defense, and prepare for the inevitable counter-attack.

-South-Belkan Invasion

- At this point in the war, Belka is no longer the aggressor, but the defender, as the Allies prepare to invade Belka.

-On May 17th, the Allies launch Op. Hellbound, an attack on the center-piece of the Hydrian Line, Glatisant. The Allies suspected that Glatisant was not just a fortress, but a production facility for nuclear weapons. The mission was pegged as a nuclear inspection, which the Ustian Mercenary Pilots found laughable. Despite the heavy AA fire from Glatisant, the Mercenary Forces were able to neutralize the defense capabilities of Glatisant.

-With it's main fortress neutralize, the Belkan Military withdrew to their second defense line in the Schayne Fields. Even though it was deep in South Belkan Territory, the Plains offered no defensive cover.

-Hoping to capitalize on the weakness the Schayne Plains present, on May 19th, the Allies launched an air raid on the defensive positions. The operation was a success, but then the force was ambushed when the Belkans deployed the Excalibur Laser System against them. Most of the attack force was destroyed by Laser Ordinance before they could escape, but some managed to make it through, including the Mercenary Galm Team.

-Excalibur soon became the Allies main priority target, as the withering fire from the laser tower kept their forces from advancing. Casualtie figures were placed high, as this was Belka's pillar of defense. On May 23rd, Ustian Mercenaries attacked Tauberg, were Excalibur was built, deep inside North Belkan Territory. Although there were 4 radar jammers, and Excalibur's defenses were fierce, the Ustian forces were able to destroy the weapon. With Excalibur out of the way, the Allied Forces could once again moved foward to the North.

-Then on May 28th, Osea announced it's permanent abrogation of the non-aggression treaty in front of the Assembly of Nations, then commenced Op. Battle-Axe , a large scale Air Sortie into the Round Table, which is still in the strong grasp of the Belkan Air Force. The Battle was going well in Belka's favor, having destroyed more than 40% of the Allied Air Forces air strentgh, when the balance swung in favor of the Allies Court when the Demon Lord of the 66th TFS, as his moniker describes him, flew into the fray and routed the Belkans, even defeating the infamous 'Vulture' aka Dominic Zubov and his Schwarze Squadron. After this victory, morale for the Allies sky rockets, the Galm Squadron members, Second Lt. Larry 'Solo Wing Pixy' Foulke, and Cpt. Able 'Cipher' Cunningham, aka "Demon of the Round Table", both recieve the Medal of Valor from Ustio, and the Medal of Honor from Osea for their efforts.

-Around the same time, South Belka was beginning to become weary of the war. Disillusioned of the patriotism and nationalism that lead them into the war, as well as having there land be torn up for defense line after defense line for the "Fatherland" in the north, South Belkan cities began to surrender and disarm peacefully. Unable to set defense positions, the Belkan Army retreated north to the Waldriech Mts. and the border between the Belkas. The end of the war was drawing near.

-The Dark Days

-The Allied forces then started to make the destuction of Belkan war productions their main priority. On June 1st, the Allies launch a heavy bombing raid on the industrial city of Hoffnung. The bombing run wasnt a surgical strike, but Saturaton bombing, where the bombers released ton after ton of unguided bombs on Hoffnung. In turn, the Belkans began to sabotage the facilities, to let nothig fall into the Allies hands. The mission was a 'success', but with a terrible cost to civilian life. After this Operation, public opinion regarding the war dropped, as protests against the indiscriminate bombing erupt in Allied Cities, including Oured and Cinigrad, the capital cities of Osea and Yuktobania. Galm Team wingman, Larry Foulke is hit the hardest by the unnecessary destruction, as his unit was charged in protecting the bombers. The Ustian President is furious that his countrie's military was used in a act of genocide, and threatens to withdraw Ustio from the Allied Forces, should this happen again.

-With the fall of Hoffnung, Sudentor was the last major South Belkan city still under North Belkan control. Resistance there was fierce, due to weapons from the South Belkan Munitions Plant that was in the city. To put down Resistance, on June 6th, the Allies call upon the Ustian Mecenaries to meet up with the Allied ground forces south of the city. On the way there, they flew over Stier Castle, when a large bomber formation appeared to the north. Supposedly, it was carying a nuclear bomb destined for Ustio. Through valiant fighting against improbable odds, the Mercenaries were able to destroy the entire formation, which, curiosly, was being attacked by South Belkan fighters as well. Although they had stopped the bombers, several smaller fighters, including members of the infamous Grabacr Squadron, made it through, and dropped their payload. During the chaos, Larry Foulke betrays Cpt. Cunningham and disappears.

-Seven nuclear bombs were dropped on the Waldriechs, killing over 12,000 people. The EMP discharge from the Nukes made communication difficult for several days, but that did not keep the world from knowing what happened. Everyone was stunned by the Belkan's grand act of self-sacrifice. Having lost the will to fight anymore, after watching the tragedy unfold before their eyes, the Allies quickly agreed with the Belkan High Command for a cease-fire. For the most part, the war was over.

-Some Belkan officers, however, refused the cease-fire order, and began to regroup in the Yering mine region near Mt. Schirm. Ustian Mercenaries were sent to quell the resistance, but found it to be much larger than anticipated. Nevertheless, the mission was successful.

-On June 20th, the official peace accords of the Belkan War were held in Lumen, South Belka. At the same time, another group of Belkan insurgents appeared on the Belkan coast near Anfang decrying the peace accords. Due to the circumstances, the Allies sent in mercenary forces to take care of the insurrection. Although, as, one of the pilots pointed out, there was too much resistance to be simply a insurrection, the mission was successful.

-The treaty signed at Lumen was one that heavily favored the Allied Nations. Belka lost all it's southern territories, leaving only North Belka, which was renamed the Principality of Belka. It's military was heavily restricted as well, to ensure that Belka would never again be a threat. Then the diplomats then proceeded to squabble over the same resources that had ignited the war in the first place. Nevertheless, the world seemed to be at peace, with the Belkan War behind them.

-The diplomats squabbled with each other for six months without any developments. Six months of void.

-A World With No Boundaries

-On Christmas Day, 1995, "A World With No Boundaries" revealed itself, by first attacking Lumen, the signing place of the peace accords, and Valais Air Base with the XB-0 Hresvelgr, Belka's experimental bomber. The Galm Team engaged the XB-0 and it's escorts and were able to shoot down the massive bomber.

-Although the bomber and it's escorts were destroyed, it was discovered that AWWNB had control over Avalon Dam, a secret V2 Nuclear Missile test launch facility. A strike force was quickly assembled, and made it's way to Avalon. Although the Strike Team suffered severe casualties, the Galm team made it through, and was able to destroy the V2 controls. Then, Larry "Solo Wing Pixy" Foulke, in his ADFX-01/02 Morgan, engages Cpt. Cunningham, in his F-15C Eagle. The two fight each other until the "Demon Lord" manages to destroy the Morgan, although, Larry Foulke survives and is rescued by survivors of the Nuclear Detanations. Cpt. Able "Cipher" Cunningham, aka, Demon Lord of the Round Table disappears into history. He will not be seen again for another 10 years, during the Usean Conflict. The Battle of Avalon was, arguably, the last true battle of the Belkan War.

-Some Technicians who worked on the V2 did not join the terrorist organization as they were fervent Belkan Nationalists. They would only reappear later in history.

15 years will pass as the Fanatic Nationalist Group, known as the Grey Men, plans their revenge against the two super powers that helped defeat them in the war. They would make them fight each other until they are economically, militarily, and physically exhausted. And when the time was right they will try once again to conquer the southlands. They will do anything and everything that is necessary for 'The Restoration of Belka!'

But, unknown to the Grey Men, a certain former native of Ustio is about to embark on the road toward his destiny.

15 Years after the end of the Belkan War

August 1st, 2010

Sand Island Base

Osean Federation

0800 hrs.

Captain Jack Bartlett, age 43, stood near a hangar on the North side of the runway waiting for the new nugget from Hierlark AFB. He was a veteran of the Belkan War 15 years ago, and, after the war, Command decided to make him an instructor. Teaching FNGs how to avoid ending up in a body bag. He was deep in thought, thinking about how his old girlfriend Natasha would feel seeing him like this.

'Hmph. She'll probably say "At least you're not doing anything crazy like getting yourself shot down,". Man, I wish I could see her again.'

It was then a voice from his past caught his attention. "Thinking about Natasya, Jack?" Bartlett turned his head back and there, holding a mug full of coffee, was his old friend, Second Lieutenant Peter N. Beagle, age 54, also known as Pops. They met when they were flying over the B7R region aka "The Round Table". They were then engaged by a squadron of fighters, known soon as the infamous Grabacr Squadron that will eventually bomb seven helpless Belkan towns and kill 12,000 people, the two managed to lay a couple of hits but one particular fighter shot them both down over enemy terrain. Being in a remote area were communication is very bad, they had no choice but to walk.

They had to walk at least 40 miles back to their own lines, when they got back they met a Osean Army patrol that mistaken them for Belkan pilots. It was tough trying to convince them they were on their side, but eventually they manage to convince them they were not the enemy. Since then, they've been best pals, always watching each others back when trouble was brewing. He then answered his old comrade with his usual smirk.

"You always had a knack for reading peoples minds, Pops. And to answer your question, yeah, I am thinking of her."

Pops just shrugged his shoulders, he knew that Jack and Natasha were meant for each other, the problem was they are both too stubborn to admit their feelings for each other. He placed his hand on Jack's shoulder and was about to give him some helpful advice. But couldnt do it right now as the sound of a jet engine came overhead.

"Must be the new guy," Pops said, as he casually drank his coffee as the fighter, a F-5E Tiger II, did it's routine checks before landing.

"Yep, just another green recruit to train," Bartlett replied as the small fighter landed on the strip and slowed down enough for it to taxi to the nearest hanger. Bartlett couldnt help but notice the artwork on the nose of the plane. It looked like a fiery Phoenix in a mad dive blazing down in glory.

'Hmph, kid must be a little cocky to have that painted on his plane' Cpt. Bartlett thought as the pilot came down the ladder that was put there after he stopped, and jumped off the last third step. When he removed his helme, Bartlett immediatley got a good look at him. He was 5' 11, had dark brown hair, pale skin, fine muscled toned body, and if he was right looked about the right age of 25, but what interested him the most were his dark eyes. They held a fiery edge to them and he could tell if any body messed with this kid, they be in whole lot of hurt. The young pilot spotted them and immediatley snapped to attention and gave a salute.

"Second Lt. Adrian "Blaze" Galland, transferred from Capital Distict Defense Command, sir!" he introduced himself and Bartlett could tell already that this one was gonna be a handful. He returned the salute as he gave his name, rank, and position.

"Cpt. Jack "Heartbreak One" Bartlett, pilot instructor. Welcome to Sand Island Air Force Base, Kid," Bartlett said and then held his hand out for the young pilot and when they shook, Jack suddenly felt a shock ran through his body suprising him.

'What was that?'

"Uh, sir? You alright?" Blaze said as he saw Cpt. Bartlett turn pale.

Jack shook his head a bit and noticed the New guy giving him the 'Are you OK?' look.

"Uh, to Colonel Perrault's office. He'll get you settled in."

"O-Kay...Thank you sir," After that and saluting him, he turned and went to the Base Commander's office. Jack just stood were he was, thinking about the jolt he got from Adrian. Somehow, he knew this place was going to get a whole lot more interesting.

And so the journey begins for Blaze as he arrives on Sand Island. Just what was the bolt of electricity Bartlett got from him when they shook hands? Well, that will telling now would it?

Next chapter, we meet the traitor Cpt. Hamilton, Kei Nagase, and Chopper. Wish me luck on this next one. Good-bye for now!