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Chapter 1: First Blood


Sand Island

September 22nd 2010


Adrian walked through the halls of the Barracks, looking for his designated room. He finally came across it, turned the door nob, and opened the door.

He glanced inside, and noticed that it didn't really have much in decor. Other than the single nightstand next to the bunk bed it was pretty empty. However looking at the Bunk bed he made the guess that someone was still using this room, so that meant he was probably going to be sharing the room.

Blaze sighed, it wasn't that he didn't mind sharing his room, he just prayed that his new Roommate was better than his last one. That guy was a pretty big Jerk. He walked up towards the window of the room, and pulled the blinds up and looked outside. The room he had had a great view of the base, and had a perfect view of the Runway meaning Adrian had a good view on the planes as they came in and out. He liked it.

"So, I'm guessing your my new Roommate?" A voice behind him asked, surprisingly feminine. Adrian looked around, and noticed the woman who was standing by the doorway. She looked about 24 Years old, and stood at 5'7 in height. She had short black hair, and brown eyes with not to pale skin.

Adrian blinked a bit in surprise "Yes, My name is Adrian, Adrian Galland. My Call-sign is Blaze. And what's your name miss...?"

The woman smiled "Nagase," she said. "Kei Nagase, my Call-sign is Edge."

Adrian smiled at that, "That's a nice name," he said causing Kei to blush a bit, "You're from the Southern part of Osea are you?" he asked the female pilot who nodded.

"Yes I grew up in a town 15 miles north of Apito," Kei answered and then asked him, "What part of Osea are you from?," she asked.

"I was raised most of my life in Bana. But I'm actually Ustian," he said and Kei blinked in suprise.

"You're from Ustio?" she said clearly suprised.

"Yeah, but I don't like to talk about it much," he said grimly. "My...dad died back there during the Belkan War during the evacuation of Directus."

"Oh, I'm sorry." Kei said, but Adrian just waved it off. "Ahh, it's Ok." he said. "So, how long have you been a Pilot Kei?"

"About Three or so years." She said. "I joined up after the Continental War, after hearing what My sister did in the war it inspired me to Join up, so here I am."

"Your sister fought in the Continental war?" Adrian asked, and Kei nodded. "Ya," she said "Believe it or not she flew with Mobius 1 on a few of her missions."

"The Mobius 1?" Adrian asked surprised, and Kei nodded. "Ya," she said, chuckling a bit "When she came back home she wouldn't stop bragging about it. But it did convince me to join up in the Osean Air Force."

Adrian whistled in suprise, "Outstanding. So, you want to give me a tour of the base so I won't get lost? I already had a hard time finding this bunk room," he said sheepishly and Kei could only giggle.

"Sure, I'll show you around the base a bit, but I have to report to breifing in a hour, so...," she said and Adrian just waved her off.

"Say no more. Have to be there on time," he said with a friendly grin which Kei returned and after Adrian placed his things in the right places, the two pilots left the bunk room and Kei led the Ustian on a tour of the base.


Sand Island Base

Wreck Room


Kei lead Adrian into the next room of their tour after seeing much of the base. Inside was a Pool Table, some chairs and posters on the wall, and a Radio. There were already a few people inside.

"...And here we have the Wrech Room." Kei said. "This is pretty much where the Pilots go to relax before and after sorties."

Adrian looked around the room a bit, "Hmmm, nice and cozy, posters are okay, the pool table I like...," he said but was cut off by a voice.

"We're thinking about getting a computer with wireless internet access and a T.V. ," Adrian and Kei turned to the source and there was a tall man wearing pilot's coveralls who looked to be 29, and was by far, the tallest person there, standin at 6'2", he had brown hair in a Elvis Presley type hairdo and green eyes.

"Hey there new guy! Name's Alvin H. Davenport, callsign 'Chopper', but you can just call me Chopper!" the pilot introduced himself and he and Adrian shook hands.

"Nice to meet you Chopper!" the Ustian greeted, "Adrian Galland, Callsign 'Blaze'."

"Blaze, hu?" Another voice said. "You the new pilot for Wardog?" The speaker this time was a 38 Year old man, standing at 5'12 and had short dark brown hair and brown eyes. "So that means you'll be flying under Bartlett...I pity you then, even though he's a friend of mine, he can be a bit ruthless to newbies sometimes." He smiled "The Name's Nathan Zachary, Callsign Fortune Hunter, I'm the Captain and Flight Lead of Valkyrie Squadron. And no need to be formal around me, Blaze. I hate the whole 'yes sir' and 'no sir' crap. I'm not the President," he said and Adrian nodded in the affirmative.

"Gotcha Nathan," he said and the Flight lead felt grinned, he liked this kid already.

"That's good. Let me introduce you to everyone else here," he said and Adrian nodded as he followed Nathan to a group of 5 people around a table, "Squad!" He said, grabbing their attention. "Meet Adrian Galland, 'Blaze'. He's gonna be in Wardog Squadron with Bartlett. Blaze, meet Valkyrie Squadron. Here is Ryu Trinity, Callsign Dragoon," the 23 Year old male with military crew-cut brown hair and dark green eyes grinned and nodded.

"Next to him is his un-identical twin sister, Jade Trinity, callsign Panther," the 23 year old with shoulder-length Red Hair and Dark Green eyes smiled and waved.

"Then we have Alicia Granger, Callsign Storm," the 24 year old woman with brown hair in a pair of ponytails and light brown eyes nodded.

"Then we have Matthew Takeo, Callsign Claymore," the Black haired green-eyed 25 year old shot Adrian a peace sign.

"And finally, Matthew's younger brother Jaden Takeo, Callsign Katana." the 23 year old boy with Black/Red hair and Crimson Red eyes grinned and nodded.

Adrian nodded "Nice to meet all of you." He said. "Nice to meet you too!" Matthew said. "Look forward to work with you and the rest of Wardog in the future!"

Before Adrian could comment, the PA sounded, "Attention. All pilots report for mission breifing. I repeat: all pilots report for mission breifing," the voice said and Nathan grinned.

"Well, showtime boys and girls! Let's go!" the Flight Lead for Valkyrie said and everyone wearing a pilot's patch on their uniform left the Wrech Room and headed to the Briefing Room of the base. Adrian was about to follow them when a hand from Nathan stopped him.

"Sorry Kid, not today. You and Chopper here," he motioned to said pilot, "Have to stay out of this one until we get you a proper plane. No offense but that F-5 you came in on, is not suited for this training" he said and Adrian looked insulted.

"And what's wrong with my F-5?" he said, "She can handle it," Nathan just smirked "Kid, no matter how you look at it, an F-5 fails in comparison of an F-16 Fighting Falcon." He said. "It just can't keep up. But don't worry, we'll get you your own Falcon soon. I wouldn't be too surprised if it wasn't already on its way."

"Then, what happens to my F-5 once I get a Falcon?" Adrian asked, and Nathan shrugged "It'll probably turn into a reserve unit, in case your Falcon doesn't work." He said, and Adrian sighed.

"Fine," he said as he felt a arm on his shoulder.

"Hey, cheer up man!" Chopper as he patted him on the back, "Come on! I'll introduce you to Grimm. He's one of the Reserve Pilots who doubles as a mechanic," he said as he dragged him along.

Nathan smiled and then turned and headed for the Breifing Room.

'I'm liking that Kid already,' he thought as he walked down the hallway. 'Keeps reminding me of myself back when I was his age. Well, best see what's today's 'mission' is gonna be.'


30 minutes later

Hanger C


Adrian watched as the Mechanics placed his F-5 alongside the BAE Hawk training jets that were in the haner. He sighed in boredom, knowing he wasn't going to fly today. A few minutes ago he was introduced to Hans Grimm, a nineteen year old Airman First Class of the Air Force Reserve, fresh out of High School with orange hair and freckles, and looked he was a little unsure of himself.

He turned his head a bit and saw something that made his eyes widen a bit. Sitting in the far side of the hanger was what looked like a MiG-29 with White, black and grey Aggressor, camo painting and the number 066 on the side, and to his shock, a Belkan Air Force Roundel. As he got closer, he noticed one of the wings was folded up like the Navy jets on Carriers and saw a tail hook on the end. It was then it clicked in his mind of what kind of jet this was.

"Nah, it can't be...," Adrian said as he placed a hand on the fighter. A voice suddenly got his attention.

"It's exactly what is son," he turned and saw Pops grinning at him, "That's a Belkan Navy Carrier Type MiG-29K from the last war, one of he rarest of the MiG-29 family," he said as he joined him. "I managed to get my hands on this one by pure luck, since it was abandoned at one of their bases. Since then I've kept it here, and occasionally I take it out, and fly a few rounds around Sand Island." He then extended his hand "Name's Peter N. Beagle, but everyone Calls me Pops. I'm the Mechanic in charge of the Planes."

Adrian smiled and accepted his hand and shook it. "Nice to meet you," he said. "Adrian Galland, Callsign Blaze." He said, and Pops raised an eyebrow at that.

"Galland? Long time since I heard that name, you wouldn't happen to be related to Colonel Matthew Galland would you?" he asked and he saw Adrian look a bit solemn at that.

"Yeah, he was my father," he said sadly, "He died during the Belkan Invasion of Ustio back in '95,"

"Oh, sorry about that," the Mechanic said and Adrian shook his head and smiled, "It's okay," he said and looked back at the MiG-29K.

"I gotta say, you've got to be the luckiest guy on the planet. Every Merc Pilot would kill each other just to get one of these," the pilot said, and Pops chuckled at that.

"Well, she flies good, but she needs a little adjustments to be combat-ready again," he said, "I already installed a 20mm M61 Vulcan Gatling gun, and new pylons to fire missiles of Osean design like Sidewinders and Sparrows. I just need to finish installing the hardware and Electronics package and she'll be good to go,"

Adrian whistled at that, "Geez, old man. Getting ready for war or something," he said and Pops could only shrug.

"You'll never know," he said, it was then they heard the sound of jet engines firing up, "Ah! It's sounds like they're taking off. Wanna go watch?"

Adrian grinned "Hell ya!" He said as the two left the hanger to see the planes of Valkyrie Squadron take off. On the Runway were six F-16C Fighting Falcon's were lined up on the Runway. On each fighter's tail wing was the Image of a angelic winded woman with Silver hair and wearing gray armor, armed with a shield and a lance. The Lead Falcon that Adrian made the guess was Nathan's, had some nose art of a Fortune Teller Lady with her hands around a Crystal Ball, and the words 'Gypsy Magic' right under it.

The Ustian pilot wondered what the art meant and looked to Pops who said, "Nathan is a strong believer in luck,"

Adrian nodded and looked back as the F-16C's thrusters ignited and the jet moved down the runway until it gained enough speed to lift into the air. The rest of Valkyrie Squadron followed suit, and took off after their Squad Leader's plane.

"There goes Valkyrie," Pops said as the final jet lifted into the air, "They and Wardog are our only real combat-ready Squadrons we have here, and are the best. Everyone else here are Rookies, Trainers and Nuggets. I've asked the Base Commander if we should bring in more Professional Squadrons here, but he always says we don't need them, since theirs not a war going on."

Adrian frowned a bit at that, and then sighed, "Did you know after the War, the President of Ustio and the Assembly passed a Universal Conscription Act?" he said and Pops nodded.

"Yeah, I heard about that," the mechanic said they saw another group of F-16C's and a F-4G making for the runway, this group with an emblem of a black lab dog with it's teeth bared, "It was rather smart of them if you ask me. All of the schools teaching military training, and should war come to Ustio again, all of the citizens will be part of the Ustio Militia. That will make it harder for anyone to invade Ustio again."

Adrian nodded in agreement, "Yep, and the Militia is divided into two branches, Militia Army and Militia Air Force," he said, "I even met a kid still in high school who is able to fly a F-15C Eagle like a pro!'"

Pops could only shake his head, "That small nation is a land of prodigies," he said, "Demon Lord just being one of them. I wouldn't put it past them to have an air force as powerful as the Belkan's were. Speaking of that, if I remember correctly a few Belkan Aces defected to the Ustio side after the war, and have been helping their air forces recover after the beating they had."

Adrian nodded "Yes, their the 901st Tactical Fighter Squadron." he said. "Their pretty much members of other Squadrons that had survived the Belkan War, oddly enough most of the members are people who managed to survive encounters with the Demon Lord like Gelb, Grun, Indigo, and Silber to name a few. Even a few members from 'A World With No Boundaries' have joined up like Espada, and Sorcerer."

Pops nodded his head at that, "Good Squadrons, glad they don't have anyone from Schwarze Squadron," he growled out the name with disgust.

"I agree with you," Adrian said, "If they recruited one of those criminals, especially Zubov...," he shivered at the thought, he then turned back to the runway and saw the F-4G moving into take off position. He could clearly make out the nose art which showed a playing card bearing the Ace of Hearts being cut in two by a knife.

"That there is Bartlett's plane." Pops said. "Today he's taking up some Reporter up with him and some of the Nuggets including Nagase out. He wants to get a story on Jack's abilities to train the greenest of rookies into fearsome fighter pilots. Albert Genette I think his name was. Valkyrie's going up with them so they can start up a mock Dogfight. Come on I got a radio back here so we can listen to their chatter," Adrian nodded and followed the mechanic to a table where a group of mechanics along with Chopper and Grimm were gathered around a radio.

"Alright everyone! Keep your traps shut and just listen!" Pops ordered as he turned the radio on and dialed in the right channel.


With Wardog and Valkyrie


"Alright everyone, listen up!" Bartlet shouted from the seat of his Phantom II. "This is gonna be a standard Mock Battle. My team against Valkyrie as usual. Let's give Mister Reporter boy here a good show now, alright!"

"Yes sir!" Came the combined reply of all of Wardog and Valkyrie Squadrons. The Fighters of Valkyrie Squadron Broke apart from Wardog and moved away from the rest of the Formation of Fighters. But before they could begin the mock battle, a light on his control panel blinked and a beeping was heard in his helmets earphones.

He sighed in irritation at this, "Give me a break! I'm baby-sittin' Nuggets up here!" he said and Albert Genette was curious about what he meant by that.

Meanwhile with Valkyrie Squadron, Nathan also recieved the call as the voice of one of the Command Room personell sounded in the earphones of their helmets.

"Command to Wardog and Valkyrie Squadron," said the voice, "We have leakers, aircraft Type Unknown, Crossing the Border at Cape Landers. Bearing 278 to 302. Captain Bartlett, Captain Zachary, your Flights are the only ones close enough to make the intercept."

Bartlett sighed "Alright, Baker! Svenson! Go trail, and stay close!" he said. "The three of us and Valkyrie Squadron will go high and make the intercept. All other aircraft, stay low and out of the fight."

The other pilots acknowledged as the Rookiee's that were following them moved back, and dived below while several F-16C's formed up around Bartlett's F-4E. Albert recorded this with his Camera as a Falcon flew close by the Cockpit.

Then, the fight of Fighters accelerated forward, to make the intercept with the unknowns. Up ahead, Bartlett could clearly see what he was dealing with. About ten MiG-29A Fulcrum's, however none of them held any insignias as to where their from. They were moving steadily towards them.

"Unknowns confirmed to be MiG-29A's, but there are no signs as to where their from." Bartlett said. "Alright, let's see who these guys are. Nathan, you know what to do."

"Got it." Nathan said as he flipped his Radio to an Open Channel "This is Nathan Zachary of the Osean Federation Air Force to Unidentified Flight, you have entered restricted airspace. State your intentions now."

The MiG's didn't reply, they just continued their previous flight forward towards them. "I say again," Nathan repeated. "You are in Restricted Osean Air Space. If you do not Reply or Turn Back you will-"

Nathan was cut off from what ever he was about to say as the Warning Alarms on his Cockpit went off, and one of the MiG's fired a missile at him. "SHIT! Their opening fire!" He shouted as he broke left and launched flares to shake the missile off him, which thankfully worked. The rest of the MiGs then accelerated forward and began firing their nose cannons at the other Osean fighters.

"What the hell? Have those guys gone nuts!" Ryu shouted as he put his F-16C into a diving Barrel-roll.

"Shut your mouths and fire back!" Bartlett Shouted as he sped forward in his Phantom II, arming his SAAM AIM-7F Missiles. "Nathan! Take your squad and engage the first five Bandits, me and Wardog will take on the other five."

"Got it!" Nathan said "Come on Valkyrie's! Let's show them what we're made of!"

"Yes sir!" The Pilots of Valkyrie said, as their F-16C's moved forward to engage the MiG's.

Bartlett had only one thought for this situation.

'Well, this turned into a interesting day,' with that he and the other two F-16C's engaged the MiG's


Back on the ground


Everyone who listening was shocked as the sound of the Nuggets' pilots nervous voices and the gruff veterans crackled through the radio.

Adrian cursed feeling useless. Here he was, grounded and all he could do was stand around and listen while allied planes were put in danger by these unknowns. Pops saw the look on his face, and knew what he was thinking "I know how you feel Adrian, but theirs nothing we can do now." He said. "All we can do is hope they get out of there alright."

The young Ustian took a breath to calm himself down, "I hope your right," as he continued to listen to the radio chatter.

"Valkyrie 1, Fox Two!" shouted Nathan's voice, "Gotcha!"

"Valkyrie 1, Enemy kill confirmed," one of the command crew confirmed.

"Yeah, nice one boss!"

"Valkyrie two engaging bandit...Guns guns guns,"

"Missile on me! Launching Flares!"

"Panther, you alright?"

"Ya, the Flares worked...what the hell's up with these guys!"

"HAHA! I got one! Matt, did you see that!"

"I saw it little brother, but we'll celebrate later."

"This is Svenson! I got one on my six! Evading!" said one of the instructors, frantically, "Missile Lock! I can't shake it! I can't sha-*static*"

"Svenson is down! I repeat: Svenson is down!" said Bartlett and everyone froze at that, but what they heard next caused everyone to panic, "This is Edge! Bingo 6 Bandits at our twelve o'clock! They're firing!"

Adrian's eyes widen at that, as well as everyone else.

"T-This is Cavalier! Enemy plane at my six! Somebody! Hel-,"


"DAMMIT! All Nuggets, this Heartbreak One! get out of the area, NOW!"

"I can't! He's on me! AAAAAGGGGGHH!"

"They're getting slaughtered up there!" Chopper yelled, "Who's the idiot who missed those Bandits! The Nuggets should have been warned before they even arrived!"

Adrian wasn't paying attention, for he was more worried about Nagase, and how was she going to get out of there alive.


In the battle


Edge Swore as she dodged a burst of Machine Gun Fire from one of the MiG's that passed over her. Only herself and two other F-16C's were left, all of the others had been shot down by the six bandits.

'Shit! How could this happen?' she cursed and called out to her fellow nuggets, "Alright you two we're gonna make a run for it! Let's get low to the deck and get out of here fast!"

"But they'll get us! We won't make it!" said one Nugget, clearly afraid.

"You got a better idea Wheeler?" said the other surviving Nugget in a female voice, "We stay here, we're dead! If we run we at least have a chance at surviving! So do you want to die, or do you want to live?"

"R-Right, alright Susan." Wheeler said. "A-And if we make it to Sand Island, their Anti-Air Defenses should keep them away, right?"

"I hope so," Edge said. "Both of you, follow me!" The three F-16C's dived and got as low to the water as they could without crashing. the six enemy MiG-29A Fulcrum's banked left to intercept them.

"Here they come!" Wheeler shouted in fear as the Unknowns followed after them.

"Don't panic! Just keep moving!" Edge coaxed the frightened Wheeler, as they raced back to Sand Island, "Come on, hurry up! MOVE!"

While Edge led her fellow Rookies back to Sand Island, the Flight Lead of the six Unkowns issued orders to his squadron.

"Don't let them escape," he said calmly into the mike of his mic, "Down'em all,"

"Yes sir," the other MiG pilots said as they continued pursuit of the Wardog rookies. In the cockpit of Edge's F-16C, Nagase's eyes continued to switch between the MiG's approaching them, and to her two friends as they maxed their throttles to get out of there, and get close enough to Sand Island for their Anti-Air Network could defend them.

She looked back, and she saw the enemy MiG's were in hot pursuit of them, trying to get close enough to use their guns since they were too low to use missiles. Then one of the MiG's got in close, and opened fire with its machine gun, but the shots mostly only nicked their planes since he wasn't close enough.

"SHIT! Their firing again!" Wheeler panicked.

"Stay Calm wheeler!" The pilot of the third Falcon said. "We're out of their gun range! Just keep moving, and don't break!"

Edge hoped Wheeler would listen to their squad mate. She looked back at the MiG's chasing them, but then noticed something was off...there were 5 MiG's now, what happened to the Sixth...

"PLANE AHEAD OF US!" Wheeler shouted. Edge's eyes widened as they snapped forward, and there was the Missing MiG, which had somehow gotten ahead of them and was flying strait towards them, firing its guns and a Missile.

"He's locked! I Can't-" Wheeler never finished what he was about to say as the Missile the MiG fired hit his F-16, and it exploded.

"Wheeler!" Nagase shouted, as her friend's fighter turned into a fire ball. The other F-16 Pilot swore as she managed to avoid being hit from another missile the MiG in front of them fired as it passed between them.

"Damnit...Nagase, we need to step it up!" She said, but recieved no answer from her fellow rookie, "Nagase? Edge say something! Kei!"

In Edge's F-16, said pilot was silent as the image of Wheeler's Falcon blowing up kept repeating in her head, over, and over. Then without noticing it, something snapped...

The Rookie then hit the airbrakes to her multi-million dollar jet and flipped the fighter backwards until it faced the opposite direction. She then hit the throttle and the Falcon screamed forward, suprising her wingmate and the MiG pilots.

She then pressed the trigger for her M61 Vulcan, and fired 20mm Rounds at the incoming MiG's. The enemy fighters had to break off or get hit by the bullets. Edge then homed in on the MiG that shot down Wheeler, and stayed on it like a hawk as she switched to her AIM-9 Sidewinder Missiles, and waited for a lock which came quickly.

She then fired the Anti-Air Missile, which quickly closed in on the MiG. The enemy plane tried to evade, but was too late as the Missile slammed into his aircraft, destroying it.

One of the other enemies now tried to engage Edge, getting behind her. Keyword: Try, as Edge executed a Pugachev's Cobra and the plane flew under her, shocking the enemy pilot as he got a good view of the F-16C's afterburner. As the MiG cleared, Edge nudged the nose forward, accelerated and unleashed hell with her M61 vulcan cannon, shredding the right engine of the MiG which went into a death spiral and crased in the ocean.

Edge's surviving wingmate's eyes widened as she could'nt what she saw as her friend performed a maneuver only a select few aircraft could pull off.

'Impossible! Only three types of aircraft Osea has could pull off that manuever, and Edge did it with a F-16C!' her thoughts were interrupted however as Edge shouted on the radio.

"What the hell are you doing?" the female pilot said, "Get going!"

Not waisting any time, she took Edge's advice and immediatley headed back to Sand Island.

As she saw her wingmate leave, Edge immediatley went against the other MiGs, and gave a yell as her fighter accelerated forward.


Back with Bartlett


Jack cursed as he dodged the tracer rounds from the MiG.

'Can this day get any worse?' he thought, and it was at that moment he heard what happened to Wheeler and Edge engaging the 6 MiGs who were chasing them while her surviving wingmate got away.

"Dammit! Stupid rookie!" the Belkan War Veteran cursed, "Zachary! I hate to say this, but I need two of your squad mates to help me bail out a Nugget!"

It was at that moment that the MiG chasing him was shot and Nathan's F-16 flew alongside him, "You don't need to ask Jack. Katana! Claymore! Go with him!" he ordered and the mentioned pilots flew next to Jack's Phantom, while Nathan continued the engagement.

"Alright you two, let's go!" and with that the three fighters turned and headed to where Edge was at, 'You better not die on me, Nagase!,' he thought as he and the brothers headed in Edge's direction. Jack had only thought going through his mind.

'It looks it just got worse,'


With Nagase


Kei's F-16 twirled and dived as she evaded the Unknown MiG-29s' attempts to shoot him shoot her down. She managed to shoot three of the MiGs, including the two from earlier, while she damaged one more forcing it to retreat. Now she was dealing with the last two MiGs, and her plane had some damage to it's wings, and to make things worse, she had only one missile left, and half of her vulcan ammo was gone.

'Dammit!' she cursed, 'At least Katrina got away,' she thought as she dodged another missile and before she could counter-attack, a missile came out of nowhere and hit one of the two MiGs.

Suprised to turn to the source of the missile and breathed a sigh of relief as she saw her Captain's Phantom along with two of Valkyrie Squadron. The pilot of the final MiG realized he was outnumbered and beated a hasty retreat.

In the Phantom, Jack watched as the MiG retreated while Jaden and Matthew went after him so that he wouldn't try anything. He sighed as he brought his plane next to Nagase's.

"You alright there Edge?" he asked gruffly.

"Yeah," Kei said softly, "My Plane's banged up a little, but I can make it back to the base just fine,"

Jack nodded at that, "Alright, then get going, I'll be right behind ya" he ordered and he could see Kei nod as she banked her plane and headed home.

"Jack," came Nathan's voice, "The other bandits are withdrawing, area is secure,"

Jack nodded at that, "Read ya loud and clear, Valkyrie 1, RTB" he said and Nathan acknowledged. The Ace could only sigh at today's encounter.

"This was one hell of a day," he said and immediatley headed for home.


Back at Sand Island, 2 hours later


Adrian sighed in mixed frustration and exhaustion. Eight people in all have died due to today's encounter becaus the command room had misplaced some zeros. Among those killed were 6 Nuggets, and two instructors. One was KIA, while the other survived the fight, but crashed on landing. Only two of the trainees made it out alive, including Nagase, and Bartlett also made it. Valkyrie Squad also made it out alright with just moderate damage to their planes.

As he was making his way to the wrech room after helping Pops out with the repairs to Valkyrie's Falcons, he caught sight of Kei standing by her Falcon, which was numbered 007.

He walked over to her and called out.

"Hey! Nagase!" Kei immediatley turned in his direction and Adrian could clearly see that the female pilot was as white as snow, "You okay?" he asked softly, and Kei nodded.

"Yeah," she said, her voice almost a whisper, "Just a bit shook up,"

Adrian nodded and sighed, "Well, come on. Let's get to the wrech room," he said and the woman nodded as the two left the tarmac and toward the main building.

All of them thinking of what his incident could mean for the fifteen year long peace that costed thousands of lives.


Patriot-112:And Done! I hope you all enjoyed this! Sadly this took longer than expected, and 117Jorn had to leave because his folks blocked him from the site until his school year is up, which is 27 days. Until then, here's a Battleship that the Osean Navy will be using as an answer to the Yuktobanian Battleship we see in Desert Lightning! They'll be used as heavy escort vessels for the Osean Carriers, and the Osean Military thought it would be a waiste to scrap them.


Oured-class Battleship

Name: Oured-class

Type: Battleship

Ships of the line: OFS - Oured, OFS - Apito, OFS - Bana, OFS - McNealy, OFS - Ulysses

Builder: Osea

Operator: Osea

First Deployment: Late 1940's

Length: 920 feet, 6 inches

Beam: 121 feet

Draft: 36 feet, 1 inch

Equipment and design features:Radar, range unknown;

Propulsion:CODAG system, Electric propulsion pods

Fixed Armaments:12 x 16 inch (406mm)/50 cal Mark 7 guns, mounted in 4 triple gun turrets; 20 5-inch/54 cal Mark 16 gun mounted in dual gun turrets; 10 x Phalanx M61 20mm CIWS; 15 x Tomahawk Cruise Missile Launcher;

Aircraft:2 x SH-60F Seahawk; or 1 x CH-46A Sea Knight;

Technical and Historical Notes:Built in the late 1940's, the Oured-class was due to be scrapped by the end of the year 2011, but then the Circum Pacific War happened and the Naval Brass of the Osean Self Defense Force, decided they would be best suited as heavy escorts for the few Aircraft Carriers that survived the initial Yuktobanian Suprise attack, and after the sinking of the Vulture and Buzzard in the Eaglin Straights. Two of these ships were also used to provide bombardment support for the invasion force during the Invasion of the Yuktobanian continent, on the Bastok Peninsula.

Known Captain(s):Eugene R. Winters, Jackson E. Sanders, Ātemisu Takakaze.

Colors:Blue grey deck, red keel.

Appearanc:Based on the cancelled Montana-class Battleship the last Battleship designed by the US Navy. I looked at this ship, and I was peeved the Navy Cancelled it. It could've gone toe-to-toe with the Yamato-clas


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