"Hey Charlie have you ever thought of taking the weekend off?" Ted shut off his laptop and looked up at Charlie who was immensely occupied eating an apple.

"No, not really." Charlie shrugged as he took a bite. "And didn't you just get back from Spain?"

"Well yeah, but you know that Olivia and I didn't work out so well and you and I need to blow off some steam, especially you. So maybe it would be good to think of it now." Ted insisted as he was tired of being cooped up in Los Angeles ever since he got back from Spain. Moping around wasn't his idea of clearing his head. It was time for a boy's trip. "I think we need a boy's trip." He declared to Charlie.

Charlie stopped chewing and swallowed. "A boy's trip? To where?" To be realistic, he had no time for a boy's trip. He was a homicide detective; he didn't even have time to sit down and enjoy a meal without being on call. He wasn't even in the mood for a boy's trip after what happened with Roman and Rayborn. To be honest, he was tired, no he was really exhausted. All Charlie wanted was some down time.

Ted saw Charlie's expression of unwillingness. "You know what, never mind."

Charlie rolled his eyes. "Come on just tell me what you had in mind."

"No, its fine. I don't want to force you into something you don't want to do." Ted shook his head and began to walk away.

"You got me curious about your idea. Just tell me Ted." Charlie set the fruit down and wiped his hands.

Ted hesitated and took a breath. "How about Vegas?"

"Vegas?" Charlie rose a brow and mulled over the idea of spending a weekend there. It did sound indulging and oddly enough there really haven't been any homicide cases in the past two weeks. He and Reese had been doing a few patrols here and there but it was nothing big.

Ted clung to Charlie's thinking gaze and he hoped that Charlie was thinking about all the fun they would have. Gambling, women, and drinks. That was the kind of weekend Ted had been wanting to have for a long time.

"So?" Ted said with a hint of impatience.

Charlie nodded. "Sure, why not."

Ted's mouth formed into one big happy smile with a sign of relief. "Great! I already got the hotel booked and everything. Now go pack, we are leaving tonight!" Ted slapped Charlie's back as he was very surprised that Ted had all this planned already. Ted walked away a very happy man as Charlie resumed eating his fruit completely dumbfounded.

"Come on big money! Big money!" Ted shook the dice in his hands and threw them as far as he could on the table.

Charlie stood close by a poker table and looked around as the dealer flung out the cards. Endless thoughts consumed his mind like they always did. It was mostly on what had happened a few weeks ago. The whole Roman and Rayborn situation. Also Reese went through his mind again. She seemed to get back to normal after all that she had been through with Roman. Was it normal for that to happen? Charlie took another drink of whiskey. Then again, what was normal?

Before Charlie picked up his cards, Ted was already back. Charlie looked at him and rose a brow. "You lose already?"

Ted nodded ashamed. "Yeah, karma is certainly a you know what."

Charlie took another drink and took a look at his cards. It wasn't a favorable hand. He folded his cards and left the table. "Let's go do something else." He suggested as Ted followed him out into the strip.

"Like what?" Ted took out one of those tourists pamphlets and skimmed through it.

Charlie took the pamphlet from Ted and tossed it aside. "Lets go party."

Ted had certainly no objective to that. "Sure, okay its Vegas." He shrugged and followed his friend.

Next Day

Charlie fluttered his eyes open as the sudden bright light flooded into the suite. He stared out the window for a few minutes and came to the sudden realization that his head was pounding really hard and the bird's chirpings was unusually loud. He hadn't been hung over in awhile. The last hang over he had was way back before he was wrongly put into prison.

He decided to get up and cure this as soon as possible. When he turned over his eyes landed on someone laying next to him. She was very much asleep as her chest rose up and down in a calm steady rhythm. Charlie continued to stare while he tried to recall what happened last night. But of course that is another symptom of a hang over, no memory of the night before.

Charlie decided not to wake the sleeping woman. Well, he certainly didn't have a one night stand with a plain girl and she certainly did not look like girl a guy would pick up at a bar, much less a hooker. Charlie examined her closely. Her hair was black, very black and it was short. The length was right above her shoulders, there was a chic style about it. Charlie really liked that. Her skin was snowy white and her pink lips complimented her skin. By the look of it she worked out and she wasn't too skinny. By looking at her, Charlie saw an aura of grace about her. He liked that too.

Now he really wanted to see what color her eyes were. He guessed that they were Brown. She looked like a woman with brown eyes. But he still didn't want to wake her. So he got up and looked around for her purse. He found it on the floor next to her shoes. He flipped open the black clutch and saw that she only had a few items in it: lipstick, compact, some new phone that was in style now called a Blackberry (that had twenty missed calls, ten emails, and five text messages) and a credit card. He looked back at the bed as she was still sound asleep. Fortunately he found her driver's license and it was a California one too.

Charlie skimmed down to see her name. "Andrea Maddox." He whispered as he skimmed to the color of her eyes. Brown. Andrea Maddox had brown eyes. Charlie felt satisfaction as he had guessed correctly.

He looked over and she began to stir. He quickly put everything back. As he slid her driver's license back in, her Blackberry began to vibrate very loudly. Charlie looked for the shut off button but he was really still lost with technology. Luckily he managed to shut it off by some miracle. He placed it back in the bag and looked around as if he was examining a crime scene.

Her beige dress was across the large room. His dress shirt and pants were right next to her dress. It must have been very heated.

From the corner of his eye he saw a paper next to her clutch. He looked at it and clearly see saw Marriage Certificate written on it. Charlie immediately read the contents of the piece a paper. Not only did he sleep with Andrea Maddox, he was now married to her.

"How wasted was I last night?" Charlie asked himself and he looked back at the woman wrapped up in his sheets.

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