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Monkey D Haru and the Chamber of Secrets

By Emma Iveli

Chapter 1: The House Elf and the Naked Pirate

The King of the Pirates was someone to feared. Those who knew only his name trembled in fear. Those who knew him well enough often laughed at those who trembled in fear, as he was not only one of the nicest, goofiest guys around, he really wasn't scary unless someone pissed him off.

Though to be honest, he wasn't the only with such a title. There was also the Dark King and the Four Emperors. The Dark King was the King's fiercest enemy, while the Four Emperors were his closet friends.

But this story is not about the Pirate King Monkey D Luffy, nor about the Dark King or the Four Emperors. This story was about his adopted son Haru…

Haru wasn't an ordinary boy by pirate standards… and pirate standards have a high level of weirdness, no he was a wizard from another world.

Well wizard in training to be more like it, he was still in school learning how to be a proper wizard. It was the summer before his 2nd year, the Straw Hat Pirates had went all over the world to check up on things among friends and family.

Of course this isn't the first story and everything has been established already.

The last few days, Luffy met up with the 4 Emperors to learn what the Dark King, Black Beard was up to. However his whereabouts were still unknown.

So they had a big party to celebrate their reunion. And well this happened…

"Why does he do this?" asked Hina.

She was referring to one of the 4 Emperors "Red Hair" Shanks, considered one of the "old school" pirates he was Luffy's mentor as a kid. He along with Luffy, and the three other emperors Trafalgar Law, Eustace Kid and Marco… all unconscious from alcohol.

Shanks on the other hand was the only buck-naked.

Apparently like many times of drunken debauchery, Shanks stripped off his clothes and was in the nude.

"That's it!" yelled Haru, "I really don't want to look at the naked one armed man any more! I'm going to the Weasleys."

Haru not wanting to see this any more, whistled to his owl Sakura, who flew to him.

Haru created a portal which he jumped in.

"Take me with you!" cried Hina, but it was too late.

Hina sighed… "Well I minds as well mess with Law and Kid…" she sighed.

Oh how she enjoyed messing with Kid and Law's heads making them think that they did that while drunk.

Back in the other Dimension… Haru and Sakura arrived in front of a tall house that appeared to be held together by magic. He went up to the door and knock it. A plump red headed woman opened the door.

"Oh hello Haru! Here for a visit?" asked the woman who was Molly Weasley.

"Yes Mrs. Weasley." Said Haru.

Haru had visited al to during the summer. In fact, both families (so to speak) have had dinner at each other's… err…. Places.

"Your letters are on the table." Said Molly pointing to the small table.

Haru began to look though the letters, while Sakura reminded on his shoulder.

One was from Cormac. He hated those letters, it mostly talked about himself rather than being polite and asking what Haru was up to during the summer.

However he did enjoy the letters from Cho and Cedric. As Cedric lived in the same town as the Weasleys, he was able to tell Cho that Haru was getting his letters there. In their letters he found they were trying out to be seekers for their house team as well. Which made him happy that they had something in common, even though it made them rivals.

He also had one from Hermione and a couple from Neville… although one of Neville's were really for Usopp.

He wrote his responses too, but had yet to send them out.

That was when Ginny came down the stairs. She was the youngest Weasley sibling and had a bit of a crush on Haru. She was also the girl that Haru saw on the Hogwarts Express.

"Um… hi Haru." Said Ginny.

"Hey Ginny." Said Haru, "How have you been?"

"Great…" Ginny who began to blush a little.

Haru smiled, he knew that Ginny had a crush on him, and he thought she was pretty cute.

He was taught at a young age about girls. It made since as his father was obvious of his mother's feeling until an incident involving a giant cake, the log pose and being locked in a closet. Those were the only details he knew about and knew ever since he was little never wanted to know.

Sakura flew to Ginny's shoulder and made a happy hoot.

"I won't forget you Sakura." Said Ginny happily.

"Hey Haru." Said Ron entering the room.

"Yo Ron, what's up?" asked Haru.

"Some old, same old. What brings you the Burrow?" asked Ron.

"My dad had a wild party with the Four Emperors last night and one of them is passed out naked on the deck." Said Haru.

Both Ron and Ginny stared at Haru.

"I didn't need to hear that." Said Ron.

"Why didn't one of his crew members get him his clothes?" asked Ginny.

"The ship's are pretty far away." Said Haru, "We docked as a really big island and everyone though it would be a good idea to dock as far as away from each other. Though… to be fair. I think we should start having back up clothes for him."

"This is isn't the first time this happened… is it?" asked Ginny.

"Nope." Said Haru with a big smile.

"Let's go back to my room." Said Ron.

"Later Ginny." Said Haru.

Ginny could only nod.

The two went up to the very tall house to the send to last level, where Ron's room was.

"So it was a meeting of your dad's best captains?" asked Ron.

"Yeah, even though their called the Emperors. Their title in a way means Lesser King." Explained Haru.

They entered the room to find a short thing with large bat ears.

"Oh no! It's Gollum! Ron! Protect the ring!" shouted Haru, he grabbed a nearby bat and began to bash the thing.

"Haru… Haru! It's just a House Elf!" yelled Ron.

Haru laughed nervously, "Ooops." He said sheepishly.

Haru knew about House Elves and the concept made him sick to his stomach. His family, especially his mother despised slave labor. It was especially hard to learn about the Hogwarts House Elves. She hated that the school had labor. But she learned that the Elves were happy and loved being slaves. She grudgingly accepted that was the way of things, after all she knew the suffering of being someone's slave.

"Since when do you own a House Elf?" asked Haru somewhat glaring at his best friend.

"It's not ours, I swear!" said Ron.

Haru sighed, "Why is he here?"

"You must not go to Hogwarts." Said the House Elf who seemed to get better.

"Okay… who are you and why are you here?" asked Haru.

"Dobby the house elf." Said the House Elf named Dobby, "Dobby has come to warn you about a terrible thing that is about to happen. You must not return to Hogwarts!"

"Why? What's going to happen?" asked Haru.

"Dobby can't tell you, it's too terrible." Said Dobby.

Haru sighed, "Did your owner came here to warn me?" he asked.

"No… Dobby came here on Dobby's own free will. Masters don't know Dobby is gone." Said Dobby.

"Uh-huh." Said Haru nodding, "So what's going to happen?"

"Dobby can't tell you. You mustn't return to Hogwarts!" cried Dobby.

Haru sighed, he created a portal under Dobby's feet, the poor House Elf fell though.

"He seemed to be scared." Said Ron.

"Whatever is going on must be dangerous." Said Haru he then gave a big grin, "It's going to be a fun year."

"I guess." Said Ron.

"I think I should answer my letter, then go back home." Said Haru, "We don't know if that House elf will be back or not."

"Hey can I go back with you?" asked Ron.

"Sure, you should really meet the Emperors. Easily Shanks." Said Haru, "He should be clothes by the time we get back."

Haru and Ron went down stairs, where Ginny was still paying attention to Sakura. Ron went to go tell his mom he was going to Thousand Sunny.

"I still need to send my letter girl." Said Haru.

Sakura flew to Haru. Haru grabbed his letters.

"One's for Hermione, one's for Cho, one's for Cedric, one's for Neville and one's for Cormac." Said Haru, "I'll be back for you later. Okay girl."

Sakura hooted and flew out the window.

"So you're leaving already?" asked Ginny.

"I'll be back to drop off Ron and pick up Sakura." Said Haru.

"Can I come too?" asked Ginny.

"Sure." Said Haru, "But you should go tell your mom you're coming with us."

Ginny nodded and went to the kitchen to tell her mother.

And so the three kids went to the pirate ship.

There they saw Shanks was conscious… but well…

"So you must be Haru's friends." Said Shanks.

Ron and Ginny stared at the one armed man, who was still very naked.

"Why didn't you put on any clothes?" asked Haru slapping hi forehead.

"I just woke up a minute a ago." Said Shanks.

That was when Ginny began to screams and cover her eyes. At the same time, two other screams filled the air as Law and Kid woke up next to each other.

Marco and Luffy watched this happening.

"We really have to cut back on the alcohol." Said Marco.

"Yeah…" laughed Luffy.

And such with the appearance of the House Elf Haru's second year truly began.

Next Time: Haru along with the Weasleys, Grangers and much of the crew go to Diagon Alley for shopping for this year's school supplies. But things go wrong fast! With finding out the new DADA teacher is a pompous celebrity author to meeting Draco's father. Things will go wrong fast. What will happen? Find out next time!