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Chapter 19: All is Right Again

Ginny managed to clam down enough, Haru managed to grab the sword, the magical hat and the busted diary.

"Are you ready?" asked Haru.

Ginny nodded, wiping away a stray tear.

Haru created a portal to the other side of the door.

"Ginny!" yelled Ron running to his sister, "Are you okay?"

Ginny nodded, "I'm fine."

"So what happened?" asked Hancock.

"It must have been big if you're letting Ginny wear your hat." Said Hina.

"Is that really important?" asked Ginny.

"You have no idea." Said Hina, "He doesn't wear his hat as much as dad… but he's just as protective."

Haru began to explain what happened in the chamber… to say the least everyone was shocked.

"I can't believe you were possessed." Said Ron.

"Okay… that is weird…" said Hina.

"What is?" asked Ron.

"Maya predicted that something like that would happen." Said Hina, "It scares me…"

"So what are you going to say about Lockhart?" asked Haru.

"We have decided to stretch the truth." Said Hancock with a smile, "That he was going to attack us in order for us to keep quiet that he was fraud."

"What happened in here?" asked Ginny.

"Mom turned Lockhart into stone then smashed him… basically killing him." Said Hina.

"He tried to attack us." Said Haru.

"Okay…" said Ginny.

Haru created a portal, they entered though the hallway.

"Ginny!" cried a voice.

That was when they noticed Arthur and Molly running towards them with Luffy, Pro. McGonagall and Dumbledore.

"How did everything go?" asked Luffy well aware that his wife went into the chamber with Haru.

"It went well." Said Haru, "I got bit by the Basilisk, but Fawkes saved me."

"That's good." Said Luffy.

"So what happened?" asked Arthur.

Haru once again explained what happened and said "If you have to expel Ginny! I will leave this school."

"Haru…" whispered Ginny.

Dumbledore chuckled.

"Don't worry Haru… I have no intention of expelling Ginny, after all it was Tom Riddle's fault." Said Dumbledore.

Haru smiled when he said that.

"Now… Haru, Ron… I hereby award both of you 200 points each for your heroic deeds." Said Dumbledore, "Also you two along with Hancock and Hinagiku will gain an award for special services to the school."

"All right! Cheered Haru.

"Ginny should take a rest. She went though a lot." Said Hancock.

Molly nodded to the pirate empress.

"Haru, there's something I wish to talk to you about." Said Dumbledore.

"Okay…" said Haru, he turned to Ginny, "I'll tell you when I want my hat back."

"Okay..." said Ginny.

Ginny walked away with her parents.

"What have I told you about dark objects?" asked Arthur.

"I'm sorry…" mumbled Ginny.

Dumbledore, Haru and Fawkes all went to Dumbledore's office.

"Would you like to know more about this sword?" asked Dumbledore.

"Yeah… I guess." said Haru.

Dumbledore showed him the name "Godric Gryffindor"

"It belong to one of the founders?" asked Haru with a whistle.

"That's right, now whenever a true Gryffindor needs the sword, it will come out of the Sorting Hat and aid them." Explained Dumbledore.

"I see…" said Haru, "There's also another thing I need to ask you about."

"What?" asked Dumbledore.

"When I destroyed the diary, a familiar feeling came over me." Said Haru, "You see… when I was 6 and I first learned Haki… I went into a weird coma... but before I did… I felt something came out of my body… it's hard to describe… But…"

Haru took a breath…

"But when I destroyed the diary… I had the same feeling… but this time… only it didn't cause me pain." Explained Haru.

"I think I know what you are talking about… however I think you must wait until you are older." Said Dumbledore.

"What come on! I'm almost 13!" shouted Haru.

Dumbledore chuckled, "However I believe that I should bestow something to you for the time being."

"What?" asked Haru.

"Until the next time the Sword is needed by a True Gryffindor. I will give you the sword." Said Dumbledore.

"Really it's cool I guess… I guess I can have Zoro teach me how to use it…" said Haru, "But why?"

"I believe that for the time being, you are the one who should hold it." Said Dumbledore.

Haru was confused by this action, he was about to ask when someone came though the door… Lucius Malfoy… along with Dobby following close behind.

It was when Haru realized that Dobby belonged to the Malfoys.

"What are you doing back here Dumbledore?" asked Lucius.

"After Ms Weasley was attacked the other Governors asked me to return." Said Dumbledore, "They told me how you threatened their families if they didn't vote for suspending me."

Lucius seemed to steam in anger.

"You seem almost as if you planned everything out." Said Dumbledore.

Haru realized it… it was Lucius who was the cause of everything… after the incident in the bookstore.

"There is nothing you can pin on me." Growled Lucius.

"However the other Governors have told me they plan to eject you off the bored for your conduct." Said Dumbledore.

"I see." Said Lucius, "Come along Dobby."

The man left the room with the poor house elf tailing him.

Haru smirked evilly as he got an idea.

"Excuse me Dumbledore… can I return his book to him?" asked Haru.

Dumbledore nodded and smiled.

Haru grabbed the sword, which now belonged to him for some reason and the book. As he was leaving the office he took his sock and stuffed the diary in it… the sock was grimy due to the fighting in the chamber.

"Excuse me Mr. Malfoy… I want to return this to you." Said Haru.

Lucius glared at the boy.

"Thank you…" he muttered.

He removed the sock from the diary, and tossed it over his shoulder, which Dobby caught.

Haru chuckled, he had learned about the laws of House Elves long ago, should they as given clothing they will be free from any services.

"Dobby is free." Said dobby, "Master have given a sock! And Dobby is now free!"

"What!" yelled Lucius.

He turned to the young pirate prince who gave a smile.

"Why you…" he growled, he took out his wand, planning to curse the boy, but before he could finish it, Dobby snapped his fingers sending him flying.

"Harry Potter, Dobby is eternally in your debt. Is there anything dobby can do for you?" asked Dobby.

"If you try to save my life again… don't do it in ways that will annoy me." Said Haru.

Dobby nodded…

"You did good." Came a voice.

He saw his family, he saw everything.

"Wow… you got a House Elf freed." Said Hina.

"So that man was abusing his house elf…" said Hancock, "Next time I see him, I will make sure I will make his life miserable in some way!"

Haru, Luffy and Hina all got scared.

"What is mom planning to do?" asked Haru.

"I don't know…" sighed Luffy.

"I hope mom never sees him again…" said Hina.

Her father and brother nodded… they all knew how vindictive she could be.

"By the way Haru… everyone has been healed." Said Luffy, "Everyone is fine."

"In fact I think I heard an epic show down between Zoro and Sanji is going on right now." Said Hina.

That was when a wall was kicked in and they watched as Sanji and Zoro fought past them… Zoro using Kyutoryu while Sanji used Diable Jambe.

"Damn that is epic… what happened?" asked Haru.

"Sanji insulted Zoro the second woke up." Laughed Luffy, "One thing led to another and well… they started using their strongest attacks."

"Yeah that would happen…" said Haru giving a nod.

"Does Nami know yet?" asked Hancock.

"No… not yet." Said Luffy.

"All in favor of her finding out for herself?" asked Hina.

The Monkey family nodded as it was never a good idea to give Nami bad news… she tends to fine the messenger.

After Nami learned about, and punishing both Zoro and Sanji. Dumbledore made announcements, for one thing all end of year exams were canceled… which everyone cheered about but Hermione.

"That really concerns me…" said Haru looking at his depressed (and cured) friend, "She just woke up from being petrified and she wants to take tests."

"Whatever." Said Ron.

Also in celebration of Ron and Haru's accomplishments a party would be held in their honor.

However in true Straw Hat manner it was an all night party! Halfway though it Hagrid returned from Azkaban! Happy to return Hogwarts Haru and his friends celebrated even more.

It was a wonderful party!

Although Oliver got depressed since they never reinstated the Quidditch games…

It then came to the last of school like the year before, shortly before the train left, any student that wished (expect for the 4 banned from doing so) were able to join the Thousand Sunny.

Everyone from the year before came, along with Ginny, Dean, Seamus, Luna, Colin, Justin, Ernie, Hannah and a huge group of Ravenclaw Girls who were all Cho's friends.

"Okay… for those who came on the journey last year, we will not be going to Amazon Lily this time around" explained Hancock, "We will head to Alabasta."

"Is it true that you're friends with the queen?" asked Cho.

"It is, it's a long story but it happened before I joined the crew, so ask one of the more senior members." Said Hancock, "We will this time approach the island much closely, you will be able to see the island this time. Unlike last time they won't be any monsters…"

"There might be a Sea Cat… but they're friendly… and we're not allowed to attacked them." Explained Hancock.

"Why aren't you allowed to attack them?" asked one of Cho's unnamed friends.

"They're a sacred animal there." Said Robin.

The students nodded…

"Is everyone ready!" yelled Haru from the lion's head adjusting his hat.

They went though the portal, and sailed very close the island of sand.

"The entire island is a desert." Said Hermione.

"Amazing." Said Hannah.

"Neat." Said Colin taking a picture.

That was when suddenly the ship was jumped by an unexpected group!

"What are these things?" asked Marietta

"But they're so cute!" said another of Cho's friends.

"These are Kung Fu Dugongs." Said Haru jumping to the bottom deck, "They're martial arts training animals that if you defeat one they will become the winner's disciples."

The Hogwarts Students watched as the Kung Fu Dugongs all headed to the captain.

"Dad beat one when he was 17, they still follow him to this day." Said Hina.

"A lot of things happened when dad was 17 Hina..." said Haru.

"I'm just informing them…" said Hina lightly glaring at her brother.

"Looks like they want to know some new moves!" yelled Luffy.

"This is going to get a little weird." Said Haru, "I think it's time to head back now."

And so the students went back to the train station… along with Tom for some reason.

Haru, Ron, Hermione Ginny, Luna, Neville and Tom went into the same compartment.

"So… what wrong with you?" asked Hermione.

"Since mom got better they've been having a lot of private time lately… a lot of private time… and I walked in on them this morning." Said Tom shaking.

"Oh come on… it can't be that bad… It's just private time… right?" asked Ron.

There was an awkward silence.

"My parents are freaks… and that's all I'm saying… and we will not talk about them for their entire train ride… all right…" said Tom shaking.

Luna comforted her friend while they all looked at Haru, almost wanting to ask a question.

Haru shook his head in a way saying "Don't ask… never ask…"

And so Haru's second year came to a close. Now all Haru had to do was figure out why Dumbledore gave him the Sword of Gryffindor… after all he was confused by that one move.

Oh well… he had a lot of time to figure it out… right?

All that matter is that he defeated the Basilisk and all was right at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry… at least until the next weird thing to happen there will pop up…

End of Chamber of Secrets

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