A/N So I was trying to finish up some chapter to my others story and this just kind of got stuck in my head.

As I walked the dark street alone I couldn't but think back on my life. Some would say my life was almost perfect. I was raised in a good home. My parents were great and I had a little brother I loved dearly. I was only one year way from getting my medical license and I couldn't have been happier. Although I had no one to come home and share it with, I was ok with that. I knew that Mr. Right would find me someday so I was fine with waiting. I always believed in a happy ending, that's until a few years ago when everything in the world seemed to change. I tried my best to ignore it but that was until 5 days ago. Everyone in my town seemed to go crazy. They were killing each other for no reason. The worst part that what ever was going on also happened to my parent and my brother. I came home to visit one day and they tried to kill me. I barely got away. I ran back to my apartment and packed a bag and heeded out. I needed to find help and I knew somewhere there would be someone to help me and save us all.

It was a dark, cold night as I walked thought the woods gripping my gun my father had given me a long time ago tight. I could hear screams all around me but I tried to stay as quiet and calm as I could. I saw a few lights coming from looked like an old camp. As I got closer I saw the sign Camp Chitaqua. There was a fence around it but I saw a small opening and went under it. I just hoped that someone there would know how to help me.

I walked slowly and looked around but it was quiet. I didn't like the looked of things so I turned around and was about to head back out but as I turned I ran into someone and he didn't look happy:

"Oh my God" I said as he grabbed me.

"Sorry sweetheart, not even he can help you. Believe me"

"Please Listen I just......"

"Shut up, I'll do the talking. Who the hell are you and what are you doing here?"

"I was.....I was just looking for help. I'm sorry I didn't know this was a private place"

"The fence didn't tip you off" the man said and pushes the gun further against my neck.

"I sorry just please let me go" I thought at that moment I was going to die.

"Sorry no can do now let's go" he said and we walked forward. I still hadn't seen this mystery person yet and I didn't really want to.

We walked into a old cabin and I was terrified. He turned me and pushed me up against the wall and I got the first look at him. He was very attractive but the look in his eyes scared me.

"If you're going to kill me just do it already.....please" I felt week for crying. I just wanted all this to be over with.

"Why are you crying, I'm the last thing you should be scared of"

"I just want to go home" he didn't say anything he just pulled out a pair of cuffs and cuffed me to a rod that was on the wall. He stepped back and looked at me.

"Where's home?"

"About 30 miles north from here"

"Sorry to tell you but there's nothing left up that way. What's your name?"

"Kelsey……..Kelsey Foster"

"You want to tell me why you are walking around the woods at 2 in the morning"

"I told you, I was looking for help. A week ago, everyone in my town went crazy including my parents and brother. They tried to kill me but I got away so. On my way out of town I ran into someone on their way in and they told me to head this way and get help. So I did."

"You're alone?"

"Who else do I have now; my parents are probably dead and my brother too. Please just let me go"

"Sorry I can't do that. One, you could be a crote and Two, if your not then I am not about to let some innocent girl wander the streets alone to be killed"

"What's a crote?"

"Never mind that right now"

"What are you going to do to me?"

"Wait and see if you turn and if you do I have no choice but to kill you" I could help but cry as the man walked out. I didn't want to die.

It wasn't long before he came back in with some water and what looked like to be a sandwich.

"Here" he said and handed it to me.

"What's this?"

"I thought you might be hungry, it's not much but it's what we got" I used my free hand to grab it. I was starving so I didn't hesitate to scarf it down. "When was the last time you ate?" he asked

"Almost 3 days ago"

"I guess that goes for sleep and a shower too?"


"What's in the bag?"

"Just some clothes, you are welcome to look" he did and I was a little embarrassed.

"Didn't pack much did you"

"I didn't have a lot of time, I just got what I might need for a few days"

"Well, if it turns out I don't have to kill you them I'll let you get cleaned up. I'll be back in the morning"

"Thank you" I said as he turned to walk out "Wait…… I didn't get your name"

"Its Dean......Dean Winchester" he said and slammed the door behind him. I sat down on the floor with my hand still stretched above my head. I wasn't sure whether or not to be relieved I found him or if I was regretting ever coming into this place.

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