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One Year Later

It was a beautiful day as Dean got up and walked outside to finish the car. He couldn't believe his life was real. It was something he only imagined.

One year ago the angels gave him a choice, go back in time before anything happened or to continued this life with Kelsey. He didn't have to think about that one. He had Sam, Kelsey and the twin and he wouldn't have it any other way.

The Camp was turned into more of a small community and everyone who was there stayed. They had all become family to Dean and Kelsey and he like it that way.

Dean was putting some finishing touches on the car when looked up and saw the beautiful house and smiled when he saw a Kelsey come outside holding the hands of John and Lizzy.

"Are you almost Done yet?" she asked

"Yeah baby, just finishing up the impala"

"Well finish up and come inside and get cleaned up Sam will be here soon"

"Just give me ten more minutes ok Kels"

"Ok but wrap it up. I can't believe you let it get so bad anyways."

"It was called the apocalypse honey. I was a little busy if you don't remember."

"Yeah yeah" she said in the and went back into the house. Dean just smiled as he shook his head and went back to work.

"Hey Dean"

"Hey Sam..... Don't just stand there hand me that wrench"

"Where's that niece and nephew of mine?"

"They are inside with Kelsey"

"Cool, listen man I need to talk to you about something. I met someone and she's meeting me here later"

"Why Sammy you sly devil......no pun intended" Sam laughed and ran his fingers through his hair.

"Yeah about that, listen can we not bring anything from our past up."

"You got it" he said and they heard a door slam.

"Guys don't make me come out here again now come inside and eat" Kelsey yelled from the porch and Dean and Sam were smiling at her.

"Dean can I ask you something…..Are you happy? I mean if you could go back, would you make the same decisions?" Sam asked

"Absolutely" Dean said and wiped off his hands and they went inside.


As years went by, Sam married a girl named Kate. He finally got his Law degree and got a great deal on the house next to Dean and Kelsey. Sam and Kate had one son and named him none other than Dean.

Dean and Kelsey opened a garage and it was great. Dean got to do what he loves while Kelsey got to take the now 3 year old twin. But they weren't done yet:

Dean was sitting back relaxing on the couch when Kelsey walked into the living room and sat next to him, "How was your day sweetie?"

"Perfect as always. Just real busy." Dean replied. "How was your day?"

"Good…I found out some interesting information today."

"Oh yeah? What's going one? You and Kate gossiping again."

"No not really." Kelsey said and got up to straddle his lap.

"Wow I can see someone is in the mood. Are the kids asleep?'

"They are but something tells me your mood is about to be killed." Kelsey said but Dean just started kissing her neck.

"Nothing could get me out of the mood now." he said lifting her up to lay her on the couch. He lay over her and started kissing her down her neck.

"Not ….Not even if I told you I …"Kelsey stopped, she was finding it hard to speak.

"Told me you were what?" Dean asked while continue sing his past downward.

"That I was pregnant." she said and Dean sat up.

"With a baby?"

"No puppies….yes a baby." Dean sat on the couch while Kelsey sat up.

"Wow…..I just…Wow." Dean said and ran his hand down his face. "I just have one question."

"What's that?"

"Is it just one this time because I cant handle four kids." Dean said and Kelsey could help but laugh.

"Yes Dean it's just one…so I think." she said and he picked up his beer and chugged it. "Dean are you ok?" she asked and he looked over at the beautiful woman next to him.

"Everything is perfect Kelsey." he said. He leaned over and cupped her face and kissed deeply. Kelsey pulled back with her face still in Deans hands.

"So you are ok with this?"

Dean lifted her shirt just enough to place his hand on her stomach. "This is perfect. I love you so much Kelsey."

"I love you too Dean." she said and kissed him again.

"But I have one thing to say….we are naming him little Dean." he said and Kelsey smiled.

"Are you still on that little Dean thing? And what if it's a girl?" Kelsey asked as he got up.

"it's a boy. I know it."

"Well I say it is a girl and we will name her Bailey."

"Whatever you need to tell yourself Kelsey." he said as he walked off. Kelsey just leaned back on the couch and smiled but if wasn't long before Dean came back into the room and pulled her off the couch picking her up bridal style.

"Dean what are you doing?"

"Well….I figured what the hell, we're going for twin." he said and carried her up the stairs and into their bedroom.

Most of the time in life there is a beginning and an end and usually in that order but for Dean and Kelsey Winchester, there was a End and a New Beginning.

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