I See You

By: Hitokiri Musei

Rated: T

Summary: A mission gone wrong brings a chance for a new life as a newly blinded Jim and his caretaker Spock head to a recuperation facility in the mountains of Montana. It is there that Spock finally makes the move, and Jim learns to see anew.

Alright, here we go…. This is my first big foray into the realm of Star Trek fanfiction, although I have been reading it for a while and have been writing a bit. I've seen all of TOS as well as the movies, and I've seen the 2009 film multiple times, so I think I've got a fairly good hold on their characters, but I will admit; I'm finding Spock difficult, I'm connecting a lot easier with Jim. If you guys have suggestions to help me, I welcome them with open arms, so to speak.

This story is partially inspired by "Avatar," which, if you have not seen, I strongly suggest you do. That movie is powerful; it speaks on a level I haven't seen in a long time. From that, the idea was born, and as such "I See You" was begun. As the story is inspired by "Avatar," I take the title, as well as any lyrics you may see, such as titles of the chapters, from the "Avatar" theme, "I See You" by Leona Lewis. It's a gorgeous song, and helped begin this fic.

This was posted after a chapter of my "word of the week" story, "Essence" was updated with a section of this story, and I got such a postive response, I decided to post this. I hope that my readers of Essence find this as entertaining as they do that. If you haven't read that, then welcome to this one!

I do hope I can offer you a good read, and I look forward to reading any compliments or criticism that any of my readers may have. I hope that you enjoy.

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I don't own the Star Trek characters, nor the song "I See You," or "Avatar."

Chapter 1

Breathing Hope of New Life

"You know, Spock, you really don't need to do this. I can survive just fine on my own."

"I find that statement highly illogical, Captain; as you are currently en route to unfamiliar surroundings and have no sight with which to guide you. As your First Officer it is my duty to ensure that you are safe." Spock replied, his dark eyes briefly flickering towards the blond man sitting at his side.

James T. Kirk sighed faintly at those words, his blank ice blue eyes sliding closed in a faint look of exasperation. "Spock… how many times do I have to tell you, call me Jim. Especially now, we're not even on the Enterprise."

"Jim." Spock repeated quietly, though he made no attempt to continue further.

The younger man shook his head faintly, opening his eyes once more, though the action proved to have no effect. He saw nothing but endless black before him, his eyes were useless. "Even so, Spock, there are a lot of people at this place that are there to help me. With me out, you should have stayed on the Enterprise."

"The ship will continue to function without me." Spock said, a hint of firmness that only Jim could catch coming through. "We are on leave for approximately 3 months until you are fully recovered from the shock to your system. Also, she is grounded for these months for repairs and renovations. She is not scheduled to leave for another 4 months."

Jim huffed faintly at that sentence, placing his chin in his hand and turning his face away from the direction Spock's voice was emanating from. "I'm not even all that shocked. It's not like I got injured that badly…"

Spock's disagreement was clear in his tone as he responded. "During an attack on the ship we were located in an area which was decimated by phaser fire. As a result of that you suffered a severe injury to your upper left leg, broke approximately 6 ribs, and were covered in broken glass and metal; as such…"

"I know, Spock, I can remember it as well as you can." Jim said roughly, cutting off his First. "I don't need you to remind me of it."

The young captain closed his eyes, pressing his eyelids together in an attempt to make stars burst in his blackened vision, but to no success. He knew that Spock would come with him no matter what he said; he figured that the Vulcan assumed that it was his fault that Jim had gotten hurt. This was and wasn't true; while Jim had been protecting his First, that didn't make it his fault.

The injuries Spock had been recounting were serious, but Jim didn't want to admit that he might be out longer than he wanted to be. They had been on a standard mission when they had been attacked by a rogue Romulan vessel, what Jim now suspected had been something left of Nero's deranged plans. The Enterprise had been caught unawares and damaged severely, only barely able to limp back to Earth for serious repairs.

Jim himself had been on one of the decks that had nearly been ripped open by the phasers from the enemy ship. Shredded metal had ripped through his left thigh, tearing away muscle and scraping the bone. The leg had been repaired to the best of Bones's ability, and some muscle tissue had been rebuilt, but now Jim had to rebuild most what had been lost, as the stress on him at the time had been too great to add more. His ribs had been fixed without much trouble, but his entire torso was still sore and tender. Other various cuts and bruises had been taken care of, but the one thing that Bones had to admit defeat on was Jim's eyes.

Shattering glass and metal had rained down on the young captain, and, in an attempt to shield Spock, he had been blasted straight in the face. According to Bones, the shards had ripped through his cornea and down through the optic nerve. The lenses in both eyes had been torn apart, and the only way to help had been to remove the dead tissue so they wouldn't cause problems in what was left. An eye transplant had been considered briefly, but that would only replace the cornea.

Bones suspected that he may be able to completely restore Jim's sight with surgery, but it would be many, and most likely with some time between, as it had taken nearly 3 hours just to repair them enough to make them not so ugly to look at. There was a lot of damage to repair, including lenses, cornea, many of the muscles controlling movement within the eye itself, and the nerves connecting to the brain. Besides that; in the words of Bones, Jim just had to be allergic to something vital in half the surgeries that would normally make this a much easier problem to fix, and as such, they had to use many older procedures so they could go around any reactions that the young captain might have.

He could remain a Starfleet Captain thanks to the advances in technology; he would have no trouble captaining the Enterprise even blind. Many things could be sent directly to his mind; images on the main screen, statistics he needed to know and such. This was another thing that the Enterprise was going through; upgrades for her captain for the time that he remained blind.

In order to rebuild his damaged leg and to learn to live as a blind man for a while, Bones had sent him to a type of therapeutic facility in the mountains of Montana. While at first Jim had protested, he knew that this would be the best place for him to recover. Even though Montana was different from Iowa, a bit wetter and greener, the wild was where he felt free, much like being out in the dark of space; he felt like he belonged there. He would be able to roam free in the mountains and woods, building on not only his damaged leg, but his confidence in being able to move while blind.

He heard the engines of the shuttle they were on begin to tone down, a subtle sound he probably wouldn't have been able to hear before, and knew that they were nearly at their destination. Turning slightly, he faced Spock's direction once more. "And what about you, Spock? I know that you can't be perfectly fine."

"I received minor injuries, Captain…"


"… Jim, because of you. I am functioning adequately at this time."

The blond man waved a hand slightly in the Vulcan's direction. "Yea, yea, I got it." The shuttle shifted slightly beneath his feet as it hit the ground, and Jim waited impatiently for the signal that they could get off. While he loved space and being in the Enterprise, the small shuttle that they were in now made him nervous. The lack of his sight combined with the overly warm, close quarters was making him feel almost claustrophobic. He wanted to feel the openness around him.

Exiting the shuttle was a fairly quick affair, and as Jim stepped out into open air he leaned his head back, breathing deep of the clear air. Montana was one of the places that he loved the most; he had gone there many times throughout his life, as his mother's family had lived there at some point. He was tempted to ignore Bones's orders to go to the facility and see if he could go there if they were still around. At first that hadn't been part of the plan, as he had been to go alone to the facility, but with Spock with him… it opened up possibilities.

Speaking of Spock…

Jim turned his head slightly as he felt the Vulcan come up behind him and stop just short of touching him. "Well, which way, Spock?"

There was a moment of hesitation before a warm hand touched his wrist, lifting it so he could place his fingers in the crook of an elbow. "This way, Captain."

Jim sighed faintly, putting gentle pressure on Spock's bicep. "Jim, Spock, call me Jim."

The Vulcan gave no response, but Jim could feel the tension in his arm where they touched. Out of respect for his First, the young man tried to keep their contact to a minimum, but as they were heading into unfamiliar territory, he did need the help, not only in navigating, but also in walking. Before the accident, he probably would have relished in the opportunity to be able to touch Spock this much; the Vulcan was extremely attractive. If he wasn't, well… a Vulcan, Jim would have tried to bed him before.

Grudgingly, the young captain wrapped his right hand tighter around the cane in his grasp, carefully moving forward the way that Bones had instructed; the cane advancing at the same time as his injured leg. While the leg functioned normally, it was too weak to hold him upright, and so he needed the assistance of the cane.

Spock had at first tried letting Jim just follow him without contact, but he didn't make enough noise for Jim to accurately follow him, and with the standing cane, Jim didn't have the standard blind cane; which he refused to use anyway. After the younger man had nearly fallen several times, Spock had finally relented and allowed Jim to be led by holding onto his elbow, the standard escort position. Jim could still feel how tense the Vulcan was every time it happened, but it was slowly lessening as Spock got used to it.

They walked quietly for most of the way, and Jim tried to focus himself to learn his surroundings. He could hear the soft thud of their feet against the ground, too light to be any type of man-made floor, but too hard to be grass or the like. He assumed it was packed dirt, with a slight uneven quality but not too difficult to navigate. A moment later Spock pressed back slightly with his elbow and Jim came to a stop, at which point he heard a door in front of them open and Spock led him through.

"Oh, hello Captain Kirk, Commander Spock! We've been expecting the both of you for some time now. I trust your journey went well?"

Jim turned his head towards the bright voice, letting a slight smile come over his features. By the sound of the voice it was a young woman, probably not over 25. "As well as can be, I never really did like shuttle travel." Jim said good-naturedly. He blinked as he felt a presence come close, and then the young woman spoke once more, this time right in front of him.

"I have to agree with you, I'm far too much one for open spaces. You'll like it here though, lots of fresh air and open sky. If you'll come with me, Captain, Commander, I'll take you to your home for the next few months."

Jim smiled, slipping his hand from Spock's arm to extend it in her direction. "Please, call me Jim, "Captain" sounds so distant. You'll have to forgive the left-handed shake."

She was smiling in her next words, Jim could hear. "It's no problem at all, Cap… um, Jim. Sorry, you're going to have to give me time to get used to that. It's not often you find a Captain way out here, so we try to be formal. I'm Kimimela, but you can call me Kim." Her hand was small and warm in Jim's grasp, and he tilted his head slightly.

"Kimimela? Isn't that a Sioux name?"

Her smile seemed larger. "That's right, good call. My mom and dad are both half Sioux, and I've pretty much been raised that way. How did you know?"

Jim couldn't help but return her smile. "My mom has Sioux in her. I know a bit of language, but not a whole lot. I came out here a lot when I was a kid."

There was a tug on his hand as Kim started to lead him, and he followed her without much persuasion. He could feel Spock walking quietly at his side, so he turned his attention back towards Kim. "I didn't know that bit about you." she murmured, just loud enough for him to hear. "You'd think with how many of us there are out here I would have heard about you coming to Montana when you were younger. You are pretty famous, you know."

Jim chuckled faintly, feeling pride swell in his chest. "Yea, well…"

Her laughter was light in his ears. "Not at all big-headed, too. Ah, here we are!" She came to a stop and Jim heard the rustling of fabric and then keys, and then a door was unlocked. "Not too big, 2 bedrooms, a kitchen, living room, and two bathrooms, all on one floor so you don't have to worry about stairs. We can work on those later if you want to; we have places to do that so you won't hurt yourself trying the first time. Although, with the Commander here, I'm sure you'll be fine. If you need anything, let me know, I'll be your go-to for whatever you need. Anything you want to know before I leave you to get all settled?"

The blond started to shake his head, but stopped. "There are horses here, right? Where are they?"

Again Kim laughed. "You are Sioux after all. I'll show the Commander where the maps are, but they're not far. There are people there around the clock that can help you out once you get there. Alright, anything that you need to know about the locations is right here, Commander…"

Jim let his attention wander away from the young woman, taking a step back outside of the door where she had led him. He stumbled briefly as his cane hit the doorstop, but regained his balance easily and took a few steps forward. He felt his cane sink into grass and let a smile come to his face, carefully lowering himself to the ground and burying his fingers in the cool green.

He loved space; it was a part of him, a freedom that he couldn't help but be drawn to. But the wild freedom of the mountains… that was another kind of love and another kind of free. Jim raised his head, closing his eyes as the sun beamed down on his skin, the fresh air filling his lungs and renewing him in a way that he hadn't experienced in a while.

"It was nice to meet you!" he heard Kim's voice from just ahead of him. "I have to get going now, let me know if you need anything!"

Jim lifted a hand absently in her direction, not knowing if she saw it or not. There was no response from her, and so he turned his face back to the sky.

"Shall we go inside?"

"I suppose." The young man said lightly, turning his head in the direction Spock's voice had come from. "No time like the present to start getting used to the house, right? You'll have to help me up though, nothing really to grab onto to help me."

He held up a hand, and it was only a fraction of a second before Spock's abnormally warm hand wrapped around his wrist, avoiding skin, heaving him upright easily and holding him there until he got his cane under him. "Thanks Spock."

"You are welcome… Jim."

Jim couldn't help but smile as he headed after Spock into the house, his hand in the crook of the Vulcan's elbow.

Here's hoping for the start of a whole new life….

As you've probably guessed, most of my medical type things were made up; I needed it to be this way for the sake of my story, so i took some license. I hope you guys liked it, and please review!\

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