All the Colors of Love

"You ready, Jim?"

McCoy's voice was slightly hesitant, but confident at the same time, as he knew that he had finally returned Jim's sight. Spock hovered near his bondmate's shoulder, his fingers ghosting across the small of Jim's back in a gesture of comfort.

Jim nodded. "Yup, let's do this."

He slowly began to open his eyes, wincing faintly as his eyelids fluttered open before finally opening his eyes completely. He blinked, looked around sickbay, and then focused on McCoy. Spock raised an eyebrow as Jim stared for a moment, and the only warning he had was the burst of mischievous amusement across the bond before his mate spoke.

"Geez, a year of blindness and the first thing I see is your ugly face? Maybe I should have stayed blind!"

McCoy glared and cuffed Jim about the ear, making the blond whine before grinning up at his long time friend. With a fond smile, McCoy shook his head before giving Jim a rough hug. "Nice to see your eyes again, kid. I'm glad that I could finally get your sight back."

Jim returned the embrace, clapping the Doctor on the back. "Good work, Bones. And thanks."

"Least I could do." The brunet looked between Jim and his Vulcan First Officer before grinning. "I suppose the two of you will want to have some time alone?"
Spock couldn't help the faint smile crossing across his face, something that he was comfortable with in the presence of his bondmate and the Doctor who had been his friend for over a year now. "I believe that it would benefit Jim to have time to adjust to having his sight once more."

A snort was his response. "Only you would put it that way; I know perfectly well what Jim will be 'adjusting' to. Go on, get back to your quarters. You've got until tomorrow, Alpha Shift, Doctor's orders."

Jim grinned. "Thanks again, Bones!" He turned towards Spock, and the Vulcan was surprised to see that his eyes were closed.

Confused, Spock reached up and touched his fingers to Jim's cheek, tilting his head slightly. "Why is it that you have closed your eyes, ashayam?"

Another smile was his response. "I want to wait. I want it to just be you and me, all alone. Just like..."

He didn't need to explain, Spock understood.

Together the two of them moved through the ship to their quarters, Jim's eyes remaining closed the entire time. Spock could feel the excitement thrumming in Jim's mind, but he restrained the urge to open his eyes too early. Once the door to their quarters had been closed and locked securely, Jim turned to his mate, pausing and biting his lip.


The blond shook his head. "It's strange." he murmured. "I've seen you before. Hell, we were together for 2 years and I saw you practically every day. I can remember what you look like, but..."

Spock brushed his fingers across Jim's temple. "It is not the same. Open your eyes, t'hy'la."

Brilliant blue slowly fluttered open, and Jim's eyes moved up from Spock's chest towards his face. The expression was something that Spock had no words for as Jim raised his hands, tracing the familiar Vulcan features with gentle hands as he had done nearly every day for the past year, sure and easy.

Jim smiled. "It's nothing like what I remembered." he whispered, cradling Spock's cheek in his hand.

"Am I not what you wished?" Spock asked idly, raising an eyebrow.

A light laugh answered him. "Of course not."

Both eyebrows shot up.

Jim's smile spread into his eyes, his entire demeanor glowing like the sun. "You are so much more beautiful than my memories or our melds could have ever shown me."

Spock couldn't help the wash of amusement that flowed through him, and he took his mate into his arms, pressing a kiss to his waiting lips. He brushed a hand through the golden hair, and then smiled. "I see you."

The smile only brightened.

"I see you."