He was just a clump of oxymoronic attributes.

He was stupid, yet smart.

He was lanky, yet strong as a bull.

He was stubborn, yet relenting (though she had the suspicion that he only reserved this trait for her).

He was oblivious to her feelings, yet aware to all else.

He was short (rightfully so in accordance to his age), yet the biggest person she knew.

He was clumsy, yet almost as agile as she.

He was ready to face unimaginable horrors, yet unprepared for a relationship with her.

He was able to move so fast it appeared he was flying, yet he was the most down to Earth person she had ever met.

He was immature, yet so grown up she felt it hard to believe that she was a whole year his senior.

He was arrogant, yet so very humble.

He was young and naive, yet he had faced trials and gained wisdom far beyond his years.

He was the one with the least amount of training, yet he always excelled and therefore found a need to protect her.

He was awkward, yet he felt so... right.

Her musings were cut short as he snapped his fingers in her face and said loudly, "Earth to Aqua, you're gonna fall off the cliff if you keep drifting into space like that."

She shook her head a little and took in the scenery. She observed the night sky littered with thousands of twinkling stars and felt the smooth rock beneath her and realized that they were in their usual stargazing spot.

Terra snorted at her absent-minded face and laid his back to his own rock, isolated from the other two Keyblade apprentices.

She ignored her older friend and instead turned to look into Ven's deep blue, concerned eyes.

"You alright Aqua?" he asked in his childish, yet deep voice. Just another contradiction about him, and she realized that the kid in him was what she loved the most.

She took in his appearance for a while; observing his untidy, gravity-defying hair, his cerulean eyes that she could drown in, and his athletic body, fit for any type of endurance training that Master Eraqus would throw their way.

The only thing that was absent from the boy to mirror her dreams exactly was the goofy, unsure grin stretched from ear to ear. No, instead a look of worry was plastered to his face, and she found it somehow sweet that he would worry about her so constantly.

Aqua sighed and shifted her gaze back to the stars.

"Ven... Don't ever change."

AN: I will make drabbles for each of the oxymorons above.