Poco a Poco Chapter 11


Awkward silence descended over us, so I lightly fiddled with the sling, wondering what the bite looked like. Maria had bit the same arm she had smashed, and my fingers barely peeked out from the long sleeve of the sling. "I wish I knew what you were thinking." Edward said quietly, moving to left side of the bed to clasp my uninjured hand in his.

"No you don't, well, maybe you do, but it's not what you would expect," I continued to focus my attention on the sling. "I'll only slow you down. What did I say the last time? 'The worthless human'? Because that's pretty much right on the money." I said, and Edward lightly lifted my chin with his hand to look me clearly in the face.

"You never have nor will be worthless, not to me, or to anyone." His eyes were firm, but his voice was gentle. "And why would you ever assume that I would think you are worthless? Just because you were human, normal, doesn't mean that you are any less than me. You are braver and stronger mentally than I could ever be."

"What do you mean, Edward? Mentally stronger? If we are talking about being smart here, I'm pretty sure that you win hands down, considering you have the 100 year advantage and all." Edward was already shaking his head, starting to smile gently at a joke I obviously wasn't understanding.

"I'm not talking about intelligence, Lianna. I'm talking about how stable and sure you are with decisions that impact your life. I could tell as soon as Maria asked where Jasper was that you wouldn't tell. I thought, hoped that you would when she," Edward snarled slightly, "started to hurt you, but I was mistaken." We both got very quiet. I couldn't help but shiver as I remembered the knife entering the bottom of my foot, Maria jerking it back and forth, looking almost ecstatic that she was hurting someone…"Are you cold?" Edward asked as I shivered three times in a row.

"No, I'm fine." I said, and we lapsed back into silence that I couldn't stand, I had to break it. "Edward…I don't care how bad or cheesy this sounds, but you are probably the best thing that ever happened to me. If you hadn't have came to my town, I would have been hunted down and killed." Edward growled quietly at my last part. "I never would have talked, and I certainly would not have gotten over my fear of vampires. You were the last thing I wanted to see." I ended up almost mouthing the last part, but somehow, Edward heard me, and his head lifted in surprise from his close inspection of the floor. Then he got up and scooted into the bed behind me, and wrapped his secure arms around me and slowly, we reclined. "This is highly ironic." I murmured finally, and Edward perked up slightly.

"Ironic? I'd think that it was the exact opposite." Edward sounded curious.

"I wanted to kill you when I first saw you. I never thought that I would fall in love with you, out of all the courses we could have taken." I said, and Edward chuckled, his chest vibrating slightly through the blankets. Even with the blankets, I could still feel his strangely flat in temperature body. He used to be freezing, but now he was lukewarm; room temperature.

"When you punched me in the face, it surprised me so much, that I had to go after you. That was the first time a human has hit me in…a while." Edward admitted, and I giggled, then groaned. "What, what? What's wrong?" Edward panicked, freaking out, afraid he had bumped the arm in the sling, or that I was going to die or something.

"I giggled, like an annoying little twit. I giggled, ugh!" I said, mortified, and Edward growled a little.

"Don't do that again," He said, and I laughed, then started fake groaning, and flapped wildly with my free arm.

"Help, Edward, I'm a harpooned whale, and I've fallen and I can't get up! I'm bleeding all over the place, oh no!" I said in a mock groan, and Edward growled, but I heard at least three people start laughing in the house. "Edward, if I was dying, it would be pretty damn obvious. And it's not your job to wait on me hand and foot here." I said, and started laughing so hard at Edward's reaction. I had peeked lightly upward at him, and he had been pouting. Like full out frowny face and stubborn little kid glare. I was laughing so hard that Carlisle appeared in the doorway, looking bemused.

"Lianna, is everything alright down here, or are you really bleeding all over the place?" Carlisle asked carefully, giving the air a gentle sniff. I felt Edward lightly sniff my shoulder, and I resisted the urge to laugh hysterically, especially when he frowned.

"I could be…" Edward gently got out from underneath me again, and propped me neatly back up as Carlisle vanished, and I presumed he went to get something medical. Edward carefully untied the knot of the sling and gave it slack. I held my own arm up in as close of the original position as I possibly could, but when it dipped, shooting pains erupted in my shoulder, making my face twist.

"It's definitely your shoulder, Lianna. I might have to add more stitches." Carlisle turned to go, but then turned around again. "Or, if you wish, we could cause it just a bit more harm so that it would seal itself on it's own." Edward was shaking his head, but I ignored him.

"How much more would it take?" I asked, thinking hard. I really didn't want to deal with this stupid sling anymore, and if I had taken the pain that had gotten it hurt in the first place, I should be able to take care of it now.

"Your stomach only healed after an invasive surgery…but I can't be sure. I think you should wait it out. It's not like you are going to be having lots of strenuous activity to deal with," Seeing my face, he sighed. "Wait just a little while. Once the bottom of your foot heals, you can walk around the house, and it won't be so bad. He smiled, retied my sling and then left, leaving the door slightly ajar.

"Can I be moved?" I asked the air, and I heard Carlisle give permission from two floors up. "Sweet, Edward, can I hitch a ride to the living room, or do I need to hop there?" I asked, and he shook his head, smiling, and easily lifted me into his arms, not even close to jostling the sling I held close to my body, just in case. He carried me into the living room, where Alice was reading a fashion magazine, curled up next to Jasper, who was reading a very old looking book. Edward set me down on the free couch, where I curled up, glancing momentarily at my bandaged foot with a blank face. That bitch Maria, if she wasn't dead, I would have happily hunted her down.

"How's the ill one?" Alice asked, and I rolled my eyes, then smiled when I glanced at Edward.

"The ill one is doing pretty damn good." I said, and kissed Edward on the cheek.

Yay for short stories! You may happily assume that Lianna has a full recovery, lives forever with Edward, and plays duets with him on her violin while he plays piano in some sparkling mansion in the middle of the wilderness. ^^