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Troy's POV:

"Where is he?" I yelled down the hallway as i entered the school. The sight of Gabriella laying on the cold ground was still in my mind. "Where is he GOD DAMMIT?" I screamed everyone was looking but no one said a word. "You!" i pointed to a short dark haired boy. He was one of the theatre geeks that was in one of the musicals starring Sharpay and of course Ryan. "Where the fuck is he?" I yelled at his face. " I don't know sir..i mean Tr-oy" He obviously terrified of Troy. "Don't give me shit kid, i know you know were he is !" I yelled at him " He went home OK! He said he had a head ache and left" he said quickly. This kid's a joke. "Whatever kid. Go away" I said immediately he quickly ran off. Then all of a sudden the thought hit me. The only way I'm going to get to Ryan. Sharpay. He older sister. She would know were Ryan is. I quickly made my way down the hallway. The crowd parted as usual and i opened the cafeteria doors.
everyone was there along with some counselors comforting others. As soon as i stepped in the Cafeteria it went silent. Along with some whispers."I hope Gabi's OK" " Troy looked so pissed.. i would be too" "Poor Gabby". I sighed , it's true i am pissed beyond pissed actually I'm pissed that i wasn't there to protect hr, to be he knight and shining armor. I suddenly saw the blur in my eyes. I started to cry. My poor baby girl. She had done nothing to deserve what she Ryan Evans i want to kill him. Beat him up the same way he did to me girlfriend. But i couldn't find him he's probably somewhere out there being a happy man. "Troy?" someone's voice ruined my thought.

"Troy.? Are you ok?" It was Megan. She was my ex and one of the cheerleaders here in East High. "What the Fuck do you think Megan? One of my classmates fucking almost killed my girl-girlfriend!" I screamed at her."You have no fucking right to say anything to me you cheap whore! get out of my face !" I screamed even louder pointing to the door.

Seeing the tears in her eyes she ran off out of the cafeteria. Everyone was looking at me once again. "Cmon dude lets go.." Chad said to me i looked up and saw he was crying too. His eyes were red and swollen. He walked towards the direction of the girls. I made my attempt to go to but my legs wouldn't move. I needed Gabby here, to tell me everything's was going to be ok.. that she was going to be ok. My legs felt heavy and i was having a hard time walking but finally i made it to the table and took a seat beside him. I look around the table and the girls were crying too. Seeing what was going on only made me cry more. I quickly wiped the tears off my face and turned towards Sharpay he mascara was running which made her look hideous, but right now wasn't the time for jokes. "Sharpay were is he?" My voice barley above a whisper." I don't..kn-know" She said quietly. I was enraged" Don't give me shit Sharpay WHERE IS RYAN!" I yelled. I felt the stares on me. But the truth was everyone was asking the same thing." I DON'T FUCKING KNOW TROY!" She screamed. And began to sob. And at first i felt sympathy towards her. Her own brother her own flesh almost killed her best friend. I looked down ashamed for yelling at her. "i-i'm sorry Sharpay"

I said quietly. "I didn't mean to yell at you" I continued. "I know this is very hard for you Troy but it's not as easy for us either!" She spoke loudly. I began to cry again. She was all needed each other.


Oh my God. Finally. Finally i get to see my baby girl. Everyone rushed toward the doors but parted way for Troy so he could be out first. everyone wanted to see Gabriella. She was a fan favourite you can say. I opened my car door not even bothering to put on my seat belt and speed off on to the road to the hospital. 10 minutes later i parked my car not even willing to lock it and ran to the front doors as fast as my legs could possibly take me. The doors slide open. I could see the depression in the room. "Dear God Troy!" I hear a familiar voice behind me i turn to see Gina. Gabriella's dear mother. Gina was like a second mother to me . And i love her just as i love my own. Her eyes were puffy and she looked pale it was obvious that she had been crying for hours. I gave her sad smile" Oh Troy there not telling me anything about her! Please do something!" I gave her a quick nod and a hug . I made my way towards the front desk." Gabriella Montez. I want to see her RIGHT NOW!" I said i bit too loudly. The nurse showed no emotion and just said "I'm sorry sir but we have no updates of her yet your going to have to wait." " I AM NOT GOING TO WAIT I WANT TO SEE HER NOW DAMMIT!" I yelled at her."GINA!" I looked behind once again to see Shapry and the gang hugging Gabby's mother and talking. The nurse was obviously taken back from my words "YOU SIR-" She began "Gabriella Montez?" I looked to the side and saw a doctor with a white coat and clipboard by his side. "Yes sir? Please tell me we can see her!" Gina said as she walked beside me. "Mrs. Montez if it's alright i'd like to talk to you alone for a moment? And yes you are allowed to See Gabriella she is in the 303 room on the second floor" I smiled and so did the rest of the gang. Gina soon left with the doctor down the other hallways as the rest of us made our way to the elevator and arrived on the second floor.

We continued to walk down the hall looking for the right number" 301,302 ..303!" Chad says i enjoyed that we found it. Quietly Taylor opens the door and we all step in. i was 1st to enter and so i had to close the door behind me . The girls were first to see her and gasped. As i close the door and turn around and the sight of my baby girl broke me heart. She looked pale and eyes were closed. I could see the bandages wrapped around her head arms and legs. He lip was cut and he eye was dark blue. My eyes started to blur and the hot tears ran down my face. "Oh my God.." I hear Chad say sobbing. I couldn't stand another minute in that room. The sight was too much for me to handle. I stepped out of the room for a few moments. I sat down against the wall and just broke down in tears , sobs came next and i couldn't control it it was to much for me.
In the hospital room.

The girls walked up to Gabriella making slow steps. Chad following close behind."Gabby?" Taylor says softly. "Gabby are you awake?" Sharpay says too. Her eyes began to stiff and there reviled her big brown eyes. "Troy?" She asked quietly turning her head to the side." No Honey Troy's not here .. but he's outside" Taylor says calmly. "i want TROY!" Gabriella suddenly yelled. "Shhhh Gabsters relax he's just out side ok?" Chad added quickly. " TROYY!" Gabriella tried to yell but her voice wasn't strong enough. "Here hun i'll get him for you" Taylor says as she quickly made her way out the doors.

Troy's POV:

My eyes are starting to hurt from the tears but i couldn't possibly find it in my heart to stop."Troy? Gabby needs you right NOW!" I hear Taylor say as she leans down to my level. "I WANT TROY!" I hear Gabriella scream from inside the room. I got up as fast i as i could and ruched inside. "We'll leave you two alone.." Sharpay says as the all walk outside." Baby . baby i'm right here.." I said as i walked by her side grabbed her hand and kissed it softly. "Troy...i'm scared" She said tears in her eyes. I suddenly felt the tears coming down my cheeks."Oh sweetheart there's nothing to be afraid of .. i'm here and i'm not going to leave you" I said with a smile on my face.

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