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111111 Beldam's POV


It's not fair! It's not fair! IT'S. NOT. FAIR!!!!

I won the game fair and square!! Coraline belongs to me!! That lying, cheating, little…..

How dare she throw Richard at me? Richard of all people!! After everything that monster did to me….

After everything I went through, I deserve the child!! Why was Richard even protecting her? Did he care for her, or was he just trying to tick me off?

Well, I suppose he has nothing better to do, since he's a cat. Hm! He deserves to be alone after betraying me…

Coraline. I don't understand. Why did you leave me? What did I do to make you turn against me? All I did was ask you to sew buttons in your eyes so we could be together forever. Where was the crime in that?

I thought everything was going so well! I made a garden look like her face for Christ's sake! I gave her love and attention! I gave her everything her little heart desired! I did it all without hesitation!

…..Well, I suppose that's not entirely true. There was that….boy. What was his name? Wy…something. I don't know. O.K, sometimes I make copies without learning their names, big deal.

All I saw was a picture of him (through my dolls eyes, of course), and made a better version of him. It was simple really. I just took out his voice box, everything else was the same.

But something disturbed me while I was I was making the Other Wy- whatever. He looked strangely familiar. I certaintly have never seen the boy in real life before, but….His dark skin, his curly hair….hadn't I seen someone just like that before?

Oh whatever! I had no interest in such an ugly boy. No wonder Coraline hates him. Err…I sent my hand to retrieve her how long ago? Why hadn't it returned? WHY DOESN'T ANYTHING EVER RETURN TO ME!??!?

….Calm down ol' girl. You have other ways to get what you want…..

And what you want is Coraline.

It was short, but it was just a prologue! I left you with a lot of questions, didn't I? Now listen, I have my whole Coraline fic planned out, so I won't get writer's block! But I need at least one review to continue!