Kazeshini's worst nightmare! What would happen if Kazeshini kept the baby, and he speaks his first word? Of course, that word wasn't what the Zanpakuto expected it to be...

"No" was a word that even made a sentence, but for Kazeshini's case he didn't let it count. Sure, the kid he had protected had spent the last few months coming to know him as a parent, but the only word he could say was that dreaded "NO".

Especially when it came to Wabisuke telling him to smile ever so often.

So when it came time for the boy's first words, the walking tombstone of a Zanpakuto, Haineko, and Hisagi himself were the only ones to witness such a glorious event!... Kind of.

"Hey, Kazeshini!" Haineko exclaimed, the kid on her lap, "I think he's trying to speak!"

Kazeshini kneeled down and stared the child in the face. It was true. His lips were moving and mumbles were spilling out along with his drool, attempting his first real words.

"Go on," Kazeshini urged, "Say something."

He was honestly expecting something like car or sword or death or a random phrase like 'Shut the hell up Wabisuke you depressing kill-joy!', which was conveniently the statement always running through Kazeshini's mind.

But fate wouldn't allow it.

The boy looked up, beamed, and after a second suddenly said, "Mommy!"

There was a tense silence. Haineko buckled over laughing, Wabisuke bowed his head, and Hisagi's jaw hung so low no one would have been surprised if it fell off.

Kazeshini slapped his hand over his face away, "This kid is going to have some major issues when he gets older..."