Thank you for whoever's reveiwed so far! I decided to continue this fic in honor of everyone ^^

"Alright... So have you even thought of a name for the kid yet?" Hisagi questioned and bounced the baby on his lap.

The boy started to recite his only known word "Mommy!" but drool instantly spilled from the child's lips in a fruitless attempt. Kazeshini wiped the kid's mouth clean with a tissue and shoved a bottle filled with formula into his mouth. "What, now I'm supposed to name it?"

"Duh," Haineko commented from the couch nearby where she was sprawled out, "And the kid needs a birthday, too!"

"Great..." Kazeshini scratched his head, "Well... any ideas?"

"Cheesecake!" Haineko exclaimed.


"Is there something on my face?"

"Cheesecake, Haineko, really?" Kazeshini hissed.

"Hey, it's your kid," She retorted. "I'm just throwing something out there!"

Hisagi frowned, "Sigh... names are so complicating... How about Nekura?" He stared at his Zanpakuto quizzically, "Sounds like a name you would give him, Kazeshini."

Kazeshin faced the baby still slurping lavishly at the bottle. "Nekura." The baby paused and acknowledged Kazeshini's word with a curious stare. "Yeah, I think that'll do."

"And now for the birthday..."

"Don't push it, Haineko."