Title: 101 Reasons Why Lucy Weasley is The Way She Is
Author: VictoriaRoseForever
Word Count: 306
Fandom: Harry Potter
Characters: Lucy and Charlie Weasley
Rating: K+
Summary: Reason #1: Love, Lucy uncovers a different side of her Uncle
Authors Notes: Isabella Serena Toronto, I just made that up
Disclaimer: I own nothing

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*Out of Complete Boredom, I decided to make a new series. Since I have given up on, "My Deep Personal Thoughts, For Anyone Who Cares," I have decided that this would be better. I made a promise that I will at least try to upload one chapter everyday! WARNING: These chapters will be short, as so. Please do not say I don't have ideas. If they are short, they are short. If they are long then they are long. So please, just read, relax, enjoy and review, because Reviews make me smile! :D

Reason Number One: She Doesn't Believe in Love

Lucy never wanted to think love existed. Was it because she never felt love or the fact that it was with always with her, but she never paid much attention? Love to her was a temporary feeling, that nobody knew existed. She saw many people break because of love.

She witnessed her Uncle Charlie break down at Hogwart's cemetery when she was thirteen. At first, she thought he was crying over her dead uncle's grave. As she walked closer, it was a different spot. The tombstone was not her uncle's, but a woman's.

Isabella Serena Toronto

Loving Daughter of Lawrence and Cindy Toronto

Forever in Charlie Weasley's Heart

Died a Hero

July 29th, 1972- May 2nd, 1998

She couldn't help but only stare at her uncle. It was side she had never seen before and she felt as if a part of her died that moment. As her Uncle turned to leave, she fell to the ground, crouching behind a surprisingly large tombstone. She heard, loud footsteps, smashing on top of leach, crushing them. They stopped in front of the tombstone and Lucy held her breath.

"Luce?" Charlie asked, walking to the back of the tombstone, to see his nice giving him a small grin.

"Hey, what's up?" she said hesitantly as he crouched down to her height and Lucy recalled how his eyes were puffy and red.

"The sky Luce." He replied and paused, causing an awkward silence. She rested her hand on his and he pulled away, stood up and left her there.

Lucy knew a part of her Uncle died after his, "So called, girlfriend." was murdered. She knew he would be the same, and nor would she.

Lucy is the way she is because she doesn't believe in love.

Love is nothing to her.

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