Title: 101 Reasons Why Lucy Weasley is The Way She Is
Author: VictoriaRoseForever
Word Count:
Fandom: Harry Potter
Characters: Lucy, Molly, Tristan, Percy, Audrey, Scorpius
Rating: T
Summary: Reason #45: Believing
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Reason Number Forty Five: Lucy doesn't like To Believe

Lucy bent down on her knees in the Great Hall. It was silent except for the faint snores of one of her Professors who were supervising her for detention.

"Dammit…come off." She whispered and continued to vigorously scrub the sponge she held onto one of the Great Hall's walls.

She would have settled with correcting an interminable stack of tests, or help Madam Pince reorganize two hundred books. Yet Eric Archibold thought that the best way for her to learn her lessons, was to clean the Great Hall after dinner.

She looked behind her shoulder to take a glimpse of a clock that hung on the wall.

"Eight thirty." She muttered and ignored how her foot felt numb.

"Need a hand?"

She turned around and gave out a shocked expression as Scorpius, kneeled beside her, grabbing a sponge.

"What are you-," she began and was interrupted as her professor snored loudly once again.

"I have detention too." He said, and attempting to wipe away the eternal stain on the wall.

"Why?" she asked, raising an eyebrow. "What did you do?"

"Professor Binns caught me cheating on your cousin." Scorpius muttered, a sly grin forming on his lips.

"Which one?" Lucy asked curiously.


Lucy swore under her breath and scrubbed the wall harder. "Of course you did."

"What's wrong with you?" Scorpius asked, dropping his sponge.

The clock chimed nine and the professor snored loudly before waking. "Ms. Weasley."

"Yes Professor Jacobs?" Lucy called.

"You…you may go." He said groggily, leaning back on his wooden chair before falling asleep once again.

Lucy sighed in relief, and avoiding Scorpius's eye threw her soppy sponge on the floor and swiftly exited the Hall.

"By the way," Scorpius said, and struggled to keep up with her pace, "I have to tell you something."

"Go on ahead." She muttered.

"Rose asked me out on a date." He said, a grin forming on his face.

Lucy stopped herself from walking to face him, her cheeks where warm, and she clenched her fists before asking him, "What?"

"You heard me Lucy." He said sarcastically.

"And what did you say?" she demanded crossing her arms.

He smiled, rocking on his heels back and forth.

"What did you say Scorpius?" she demanded once again, "Well?"

Sighing, he leaned in and whispered, "Well if you want to know so badly, I said yes."

"What?" she gasped, "You said yes?"

"I did." He replied and turned around, "You coming."

That was all he had to say and Lucy couldn't believe it.

"Have a great Christmas Cilla." Lucy whispered, hugging her friend tightly.

"Are you sure you don't want me to talk to him for you?" Pricilla asked, looking behind her shoulder at Scorpius who was eyeing the two.

"It be better not to," Lucy whispered back, "Now go, your parents are giving me the stink eye again."

Pricilla laughed, hugging her friend one last time. "I'll owl you."

Lucy stayed planted on her spot for a moment before turning around to find her sister.

"Molly, where are they?" Lucy asked, sitting on her trunk as Molly paced in front of her.

"This is not right, they're late, just like last year." Molly whispered rapidly. "Why are they always late?"

"I don't have the answers." Lucy whined and in the middle of the busy throng of people she saw a familiar face. "That's not-,"

"Who?" Molly asked, freezing for a moment.

"Uncle Tristan." Lucy answered watching as her Uncle approached the two.

"Look who I brought." He said, holding out the jittery animal in his arms.

"Sadie!" Lucy cried out reaching out for the miniature dog. "You brought her!"

"Nice to see you to Lucy." He said, ruffling his niece's hair before turning to Molly. "Hi Molly."

"Uncle Tristan." She said, smiling a bit. "I'm assuming that you're picking us up?"

"You have assumed right." He said, grabbing the handles of the girl's bags. "And I'm not waiting on you two, so I suggest you hurry up."

"Same old, same old." Lucy whispered to her sister and the two shared smiles

"Where's our parent?" Molly asked her Uncle, as Lucy leaned in from the back seat.

Tristan smiled at both of them, shading his eyes with sunglasses even though it was too fogy outside.

"Well?" Lucy asked, after he didn't answer and turned a block. "Where are they? We've been on the road for fifteen minutes and you haven't said a word."

It seemed as if Tristan had no intention to tell his nieces why their parents had not come to see them when they came back from school. He just gave the two one of his dazzling smiles and the girls couldn't help, but give out a quick sigh.

"You're so mean." Lucy said as she and Molly both shared hesitant looks. "Can't you say something at least?"

After a few agonizing moments, and several u-turns, Tristan finally said, "Lucy don't lean it, you can fly out the car if I suddenly break."

"Like that would happen." She muttered and he gave out a sly grin.

The two girls both shrieked as Tristan slammed on the breaks in the middle of the road. Lucy was instantly flung forward, and her body hit the seat in front of her, where Tristan was sitting.

"You're insane!" Molly yelled as several cars beside them, swerved, cursing their way. "Do you know how dangerous that is?"

"Well your sister doesn't know when to shut up." He snapped, and flashed the cursing driver next to him a rude gesture.

"You really have problems Uncle Tristan." Lucy said and allowed Sadie to rest his head on her lap.

"Well you are just lucky I love you two." He answered, pulling up to the house.

"Yes, we are so lucky." Molly muttered to Lucy as they followed him to the walkway. "So where are our parents?"

"On a date." He said reaching into his pocket for the keys to the house.

"A date," Lucy asked astounded, "What do you mean a date?"

"I mean," he said, letting the girls pass him. "Your parents are having a nice time out."

"Why?" Lucy asked, raising an eyebrow.

Reggie scampered toward the three, barking excitedly as they jumped on the girls. Lucy picked up Reggie in her arms, letting the small dog lick her face. Tristan attempted to pet Reggie's head, but was only welcomed with a snarl.

"He hasn't warmed up to me yet." He said and smiled, "Come on, I have to give you girls something."

Molly and Lucy both shared an uneasy look and followed him into the dining room.

"What do you think it is?" Molly asked her sister.

"I bet you it's something that's going to kill us." Lucy said, and gave out a grin.

Both girls sat at the dining table as they watched their Uncle sit across them and hold two, small, velvet boxes.

"Here," he said sliding the boxes toward them.

Lucy looked at her sister, waiting for Molly to open her box first.

"Open it girls." Tristan sighed impatiently, "It won't hurt you."

Lucy reluctantly opened the top, lifting it off the base of the box and her mouth slightly opened.

"Wow…" Molly whispered, reaching in. "Uncle Tristan, it's really nice."

Lucy held up the light, silver necklace in her right hand tracing the silver pendant which was the letter, 'L' with her left.

"Where did you get it?" Lucy asked.

"I have a friend in America who makes jewelry." He answered, "I thought you girls would…like it."

"We do." Molly said and paused for a moment before saying. "Thank you."

"I thought you hate us." Lucy muttered, sliding the box with the necklace inside back towards him.

Tristan stared at her for a moment, taking the box in his hand. Molly gaped at her sister, giving her an are you crazy, look.

"I don't hate you Lucy." He said, and pushed the box back toward. "I don't know if you believe it or not, but I do love you."

"Love is a strong word Uncle Tristan." She said, "And if you-,"

She was interrupted by the sound of the front door opening, and Audrey's quiet whispers.

"There they are." Tristan said softly, walking toward the hall.

"He's so weird." Lucy whispered to her sister.

Molly kicked her sister from under the table. "Can you stop being so rude?"

"How am I rude?" Lucy demanded. "I am not!"

"So thinking our Uncle is weird is not rude at all?" Molly asked, crossing he arms.


"I didn't know your Uncle had such nice taste." Audrey smiled, taking Lucy's necklace in her palm. "It's very pretty."

"Mum he's just sucking up." Lucy whispered as Audrey connects the necklace's chain around her daughter's neck.

"How can you say that?"

"Isn't it obvious he just wants to repay us back?" Lucy muttered.

"You need to just accept the fact that your Uncle is actually a good person." Audrey sighed and tasseled her daughter's identical hair. "You just need to believe it honey."

"Believe what?" Lucy asked, and stopped for a moment as Percy entered the dimly lit living room.

"Believe in what?" Percy asked, echoing his daughter's words.

"Believe that her Uncle is a good person." Audrey said.

"Oh I wouldn't blame her if she didn't believe that." Percy said and smiled.

"Percy!" Audrey cried out, pushing him slightly.

"Well it's true mum!" Lucy whined. "If I believe that Uncle Tristan really is a good person then I am practically lying to myself. And you and daddy told me that lying is never a good thing."

Audrey shook her head, but smiled.

"We raised a smart girl." Percy said ruffling his daughter's hair.

"She gets it from you." Audrey replied.

Lucy is the Way She Is Because She doesn't Like To Believe Things

Especially if they are bad things

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