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It's the same everyday. Every damn day. Get up, go to my hell-hole of a high school, drive home, get beaten and forced to stay in my room.

Ever since my father killed my mother when I was 10, and then committed suicide so he wouldn't go to jail, I've been raised by my asshole brother. He's been depressed and he only recently got abusive. Before my father went crazy and slaughtered my mother and then himself afterwards, my brother was a pretty happy person, and fun to be around with.

But now, I try and stay at my work as long as possible, or go to a little landing until it gets dark, then I drive myself home and attempt at avoiding my brothers cruel hits.

"Hey useless bitch! Get up!" My brother yelled from the bottom of the stairs. I jumped out of bed and went to the shower. After I carefully ran my shower pouf over my freshly purple bruises, washed my hair, I left the comfort of the hot water and the spicy scent of my matching cinnamon shampoo and body wash.

Wrapping myself and my hair in towels, I walked over to my closet. I let my body towel fall as I got into my closet and picked out my bra and underwear, I looked at my vast choices for an outfit. Half thanking my brother for only giving me bruises on my stomach and other hidden places; I can mostly wear whatever I want.

Putting on a spaghetti strap gray dress with a black woven belt attached to my waist, a black pair of leggings and a pair of matching gray sandals, I walked to the bathroom to do my hair and makeup. Taking the towel from my hair, I shook out my long curls. Attaching my diffuser to my hairdryer, I dried my hair and shook out my hair again. Taking my makeup bag, I merely grabbed my MAC liquid eyeliner and BadGAL lash mascara and applied them to my eyes. Brushing my teeth, I grabbed my backpack and my keys and ran down the stairs, not stopping to get breakfast. I said a quick goodbye to my brother, and left.

Getting into my black Lamborghini Murcielago, I left my house, trying to get away from my brother as fast as possible.

10 minutes later, I arrived at my hell-hole of a school. Bitchy, slutty and jealous preps hanging off of pompous, rude, and perverted jocks. Loners in the corner to crack-obsessed wanna-be Bob Marleys with blonde

dreadlocks, you name it.

Going to Calculus class was torture as always, no one really ever notices me unless it's the usual dirty look from a bitchy prep. My teacher is always late, and never has a legitimate excuse for it. His usual excuse is that the copier ran out of ink.

After sitting in the boring headache-causing class was over, it was time for AP Language. Boring people, boring subjects, and I swear can the teacher have a little enthusiasm when going over Preterite and Imperfect past tenses?? Ha, not.

Next was Economics, then lunch. In my opinion, lunch is the worst part of the day. I walk in alone, stand in line alone, sit alone, and eat alone. I walked past a group of loners who even shrugged away from me as I walked past.

I got to my table and laid my head in my hands.

'Lord, I hate this.' I thought as I heard footsteps walk up to me.

I look up to see a Juicy Couture-ed blonde click her heels up until she was right in front of me. Her gold bangles were going to drive me insane.

"That's my table. Move." She ordered as she rested her hands on her hips.

I'm so pissed today. "Can you make me? Because I don't think I want to move." I said with a fake smile.

"Bitch, don't fucking mess with me you fucking loner. That's my table. Now move your ass." She ordered.

"Or what? You're going to claw my eyes out with your fake nails? Dig your kitten heel into my neck? Bitch, try me." I snapped back.

"I have my ways of moving you, bitch." She stated.

"Listen here you slut hoe cock-sucking bitch, leave me the fuck alone. I don't do shit to you, nor have I ever."

"You're just asking for a slap in the face you whore." She added.

"Do it! See what happens you hoe." I said, crossing my arms. She looked at me for a second, rolled her eyes and left.

The jocks were looking over at me, for once without a weird stare. It looked like a stare of admiration. I rolled my eyes and left.

I slowly dragged myself to Anatomy and sat down in my seat. I heard another pair of footsteps walking up to me, thinking it was the blonde bitch, I turned my head around only to see a sleepy looking guy walk up to me.

"Hey, congrats on standing up to Ino at lunch." He yawned.

"Umm, thanks?" I said, raising my eyebrow.

"Yeah, she's a major bitch, no one likes her. Everyone just hangs out with her just so they don't get on her bad side." He explained. "She's so troublesome."

"Yeah, I kinda figured that out already." I answered.

"Anyways, you're Sakura right? Haruno Sakura?" He asked.

"Yeah, I've only been going to school with you since Kindergarten." I explained.

"Oh really? Well I'm sorry we haven't met before. I'm Nara Shikamaru."

"Well, nice to meet you." I said.

"Why don't you come sit with me and my friends over there? You look like you have the attitude to hang out with Temari, the shyness to hang out with Hinata and the looks to hang with all of us." He said. I giggled, grabbed my stuff and followed him.

Once I got to their seats, I was greeted warmly by a huge hug from a blonde kid with scratch marks on his cheeks.

"Heyyyyyy I'm Uzumaki Naruto! You're Haruno Sakura right?" I nodded.

"Well, that's Nara Shikamaru as you know, that's Hyuuga Neji, Kunai Tenten, Fujino Temari, Hyuuga Hinata, and that's Uchiha Sasuke." He explained, pointing to everyone. The teacher came in.

"Alright class, sit down, we're going to learn the bones of the human body." The class groaned. He ignored the class's groans and went on teaching.

The end of Anatomy came, and Gym came. The girls and the guys separated to their assigned locker rooms to change.

"Shit, my bruises! What do I say if people ask me about them??" I thought.

I lifted my shirt and Temari's eyes immediately averted to my stomach.

"Oh my God, what's on your stomach?" She asked with concern.

"Oh it's a birth mark." I quickly said.

Her eyes had a look of confusion, but she quickly turned around to put on her shirt. After I dressed myself in the gym uniform consisting of dark green shot shorts, and a black tank top with the Leaf emblem on the breast, Hinata, Temari and I left for the gymnasium.

We walked in to a see a man clad in a dark green jumpsuit and a black bowl cut hairstyle passionately yelling with a student about youth or something.

A loud whistle came from a girl clad in fishnets.

"Volleyball day, maggots!"

Over on the other side of the gym---------------

"Stupid bitch is going to get what she deserves for embarrassing me in lunch. The stupid whore." Ino seethed.

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