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Chapter One – In the Eye of the Storm

Inuyasha strode through the snow. It was coming down harder by the minute.

I have to get Kagome out of this.

He was firmly holding the girl's hand, keeping her by his side so that she wouldn't fall behind in the storm. As he squinted, trying to peer past the swirling snow and ice, he spotted a small hut.

"Kagome, I see a hut!"

She didn't respond, though he guessed she probably didn't hear him over the howling wind. Inuyasha pulled her closer to his side as he pushed them onward.

Finally he managed to get them to the door of the small hut. He slammed his weight against the door and it gave in. Dripping snow and cold water onto the floor, Inuyasha shoved the door closed and helped Kagome across the floor.

The hut appeared worn-down and abandoned, but it was still standing. Inuyasha gently sat her down on the floor and began trying to start a fire in the middle of the hut.

"I-I'm s-so c-c-cold." The girl shivered.

"Pipe down; I'll get you a warm in a minute. I'm starting a fire."

He was concerned for her health, but he refused to let her know that. Within minutes a warm fire was crackling and flickering light in the small space. The half-demon carefully helped the girl over to the fire.

Kagome pulled off her gloves and lifted her hands up in front of the red flames.

"T-thank you, I-I-Inuyasha." Her teeth chattered.

"Don't get mushy. It's not like I could let you die, just think of how everyone would react."

The young priestess tried to hold back the smile that dared to pull across her mouth. He was always so stubborn.

"When do you think the storm will be over, Inuyasha?" She could feel her teeth slowing their race.

"I don't know, but we can't try to get through it now. I could, but you can't."

"Will we sleep here tonight?"

"We don't really have any other choice, now do we?"

When her hands and face had thawed, Kagome pulled out her bag. Inuyasha didn't act like he was cold, but he was obviously covered in melting snow. She crawled over to him and pulled out a blanket.

"What is that for?" He muttered.

"It is so that you don't catch a cold. Here."

She laid it over his chest and wrapped him with it. The half-demon only scowled.

"I think that I might have some chips in my bag from yesterday that you and Shippo didn't eat. Are you hungry?"


"Don't be so hard-headed. Take some." With that, she shoved her hand into the bag and pulled out a bag of potato chips.

Kagome opened the bag and pulled out a chip. She lifted it to his mouth and tapped it on his lips.

"C'mon. It won't kill you to put down your pride just for a short minute."

Inuyasha crossed his arms over his chest, still clinging onto his stubborn façade. She narrowed her chocolate-brown eyes and tapped his mouth with the chip again.

"Eat or I'll make you s-"

He quickly bit off the chip and swallowed.

"Thank you."


Kagome pulled out another blanket and wrapped herself in it, trying to warm up. Outside the wind was still roaring loudly. It sounded like two armies attacking and the small hut shook from the fierceness of it.

"If we are going to be in here for a while, we might as well talk."